No More Taxes And Free Wifi For All. Vote For Me!

Politicians making empty campaign promises is obviously not isolated to the Philippines, but in the land of bullshitters, Pinoy politicians really take the biscuit. And why not hey? Filipinos won’t remember those empty promises, and life for the masses will probably just grow worse when these scumbags line their pockets even more.

Some of these promises just go beyond ridiculous.

binay-for-presidentVice President Jejomar Binay has come out with some real beauties lately.

An end to poverty. Free medicine. Free education. No more income taxes.



And my personal favorite – free wifi for the whole country.

So he’s going to put Smart and PLDT out of business? Sounds good to me. About time somebody did.


Not much mention, of course, where the money will come from to fund all these unrealistic promises. Maybe it will come out of his own pocket, which may sadly mean his little piggies will have to do without aircon.

Here’s a guy who has so many corruption allegation stacked against him, yet tackling corruption is top of his “to fix” list.

He’s recently been mingling with those in the slums, because he just wants “to be with the Filipino poor.”


How touching that a man who has no known businesses, but owns mansions, farms, orchids, condos, resorts and more, really cares about the filipino poor.

Yep, people will definitely vote for this guy.

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  1. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

    That fucking crook is so full of shit. He’s looted the fuck out everything from government projects to NGO’s, and now suddenly he’s a man of the people? If he even did 1% of the things he’s done as a US politican, his ass would already be sitting in a federal prison for 100 years.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      There have been a few federal people, but they don’t do a whole lot of time. I think most come from Congress and its not very public when they go to jail. I remember the guy Duke Cunningham during the Abramoff scandal and the Jefferson guy they found with $100,000 in his freezer, oh and scooter libby for outing the CIA agent.
      I can’t think of a lot of federal people who’ve gone to jail, but mayors and councilor wise, there are lots of them. The FBI has broken up entire corruption rings where all but one or 2 councilors go to jail. That happened near Miami and once in NY.
      At least most times, they are forced to step down. The governors of Virginia, Illinois, and CT (I think) were indicted and forced to step down, but I don’t know if anything happened to them.
      They would never let a mayor get away with the blatant shit Binay has gotten away with, and they would not have let him do it for 20 years only to let his family spread like a cancer. Not to mention, the FBI & DOJ, and Congress would never let him flaunt the ill-gotten wealth in the faces of the public like that. Filipinos are so stupid to keep electing the same thieves over and over, then to scratch their heads wondering why the garbage piles up around them.

      That is one thing about Filipino culture. They are worse than retarded or insane people. They can see exactly what is wrong and can see their “leaders” stealing money, not to mention how bad things are, plus can see movies and listen to OFW family members say how great other countries are with more opportunities for all. Yet, somehow they just say, “well, we will keep things the same and never change cause we are filled with pinoy pride”.

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    This dude is even worse than Bernie Sanders holy shit, does he not understand economics, no more income tax, what in the fuck

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I actually kind of like Sanders. At least he has been consistent for the last 25 years and said the same things over and over. Plus he is hated by Wall Street and has been speaking out about them for the last 20 years.
      I’m not down with the whole socialism thing,, especially if it raises taxes. However, I think his idea is there is so much waste and stupidity where our taxes are going to so he’d like to redirect those funds back into the USA and its citizens. Like $66 Million for the Philippines is a complete waste and would be better invested in American education.
      Not sure if he is getting my vote, but out of 18 candidates I can’t find a single one I like.

  3. Profile gravatar of marhead

    Every time i see this fuckers face on tv i want to scream. What is so pathetic is his unashamed corruption and his attitude about being investigated for plunder. What is even more pathetic is the fact that he used and taught his children to be corrupt. This is a perfect example of how the family dynasties continue to plunder the Philippines. His son and daughters are in the Gov’t and helped him amass his billions. He is considered a frontrunner to be the next president which proves that corruption is not an issue to the people of the Philippines. They will vote for him simply based on his bribes and ridiculous promises. These idiots deserve everything they get when it comes to corrupt Gov’t officials.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      They really are the poster family for what is wrong with the Philippines gov’t,, not to mention the Marcos Family, the Arroyo Family, the Enrile Family, the Estrada family, the Singson family, the Chavit family, and now the Duterte’s. Plus of all those outer provinces where the family clan rules, but no one seems to think further than MAnila in this shit-hole country.

      1. Profile gravatar of


        “, but no one seems to think further than MAnila in this shit-hole country. ”

        Just look on weather news. They will be 5 min talk about weather in Manila but once its about Visayas they make it in 30 sec. Sometimes I have difficulty with finding my city and the weather ther ewatching the news. Later there will be a chicka min (or wtf they calling it) and they will talk for 30 min about the celebtrities and who got the ultrasound,

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        These morons always forget there is an entire country, not just Manila. My fiance has to go to Manila to get her business stuff done and I’ve had to go there numerous times to get gov’t stuff done. In the USA, I think I have driven through Washington DC once and I’ve never been to my state capitol once in my life! Yet, it seems every citizen is required to go to Manila at least 3 times in their life if they need something done.

  4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    His crap eating smile reminds me of our pussy, smiling smirk that is on our Canada’s Prime minister’s face.
    no wonder animals eat their young

  5. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    I always wondered why Filipinos would allow and tolerate such corruption. After living there for about 2 years, I finally started to realize it. Basically ALL filipinos are corrupt. It is so embedded in the culture, they do not think twice. If they get to a higher position, it is their duty to take something for themselves. It resonates in any industry in the Philippines whether its private or public. There are no morals, no honesty, and the fact they can go to church every week and recite the 10 commandments every week yet never apply it to real life shows they are truly doomed.
    So I believe the reason Filipinos tolerate this is because they can relate. They would do the EXACT same thing if they were in that position so its more just, “well, can you blame him?” instead of “how dare he!”

    On another note, has anyone noticed how old some of these guys are? This guy, duterte, and Estrada are in their 70’s!!! Seriously, exactly how hard can the job be? If you don’t care, I guess its easy.

    1. Profile gravatar of Joe Smith
      Joe Smith

      I have asked my wife on numerous occasions since she has been in the U.S. what country she likes better, Ph or the States. She always says Ph without any hesitation. Why, because it is warm and it is cheaper she says. what about all the corruption in every level of government and inconveniences everywhere you go like things always being unavailable, not being able to get refunds and so on. She said the govt corruption never had any effect on her (and she was dead serious) and all the other things were just normal every day shit and she was simply used to it. I try like hell to break her of the just accept it because that’s how it is sort of thinking…..

    2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh Post author

      For most filipinos corruption is something to aim for. You want your business permit/driving license/foreign visa/marriage license issued in normal time? Pay a fixer. If you can afford a fixer you’re doing well, you’re above the scum who can’t afford a fixer. Are those who can’t afford a fixer going to complain about corruption? Nope, they’ll just cherish the day when they can join the masses of corrupt and then get on social media to boast of their accomplishment of joining the corrupt.

      Filipinos are corrupt because it’s ingrained in them to strive for corruption.

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Filipinos will talk about how much they hate corruption. Yet, they will jump at any chance to take part in it. How many Filipinos have you met with a “connection” that exempts them from something? They are so proud to have a brother/sister/ uncle/ BFF/classmate who works in pnp/customs/immigration/ BIR/ barangay captain/ mayor/ / judge/ gov/ councilor and they cannot wait to show off that connection. And that goes for ALL society levels of Filipinos. @Phil Doh, you are right. Filipinos love to show off and “be better” than the other people.
      Rich people have the attitude of “I’m doing fine here so things are just fine. Why would I go to the USA? I can’t have any helpers there.”

  6. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    And people may say, “well the USA has corruption too”. Yes, I will say there is some, but nothing is on the level of the Philippines unless you are comparing to Zimbabwe.
    For instance, Binay started out as mayor of Makati, got very wealthy and doesn’t even try to hide it. Meanwhile the former mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin is serving 10 years in prison for corruption along with the former mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      well everything is about the ballance. If you are stupid you will say yes yes in Scandinavia they have crime too, yes yes in USA people are also stealing and so on, YES YES in Hong Kong there is also stupid people. But than think, Is it really as many people doing that as here? Balance and limitation is the thing that is missing here.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Johnny, I can’t remember when it was. But remember when the NOPD was so corrupt that the FBI went in undercover and busted a lot of the cops? Cops were doing the murder for hire, running drug rings, protection racket and such. With the exception of the clean up, does it remind you of any place else?

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yep, like Polish King said, “Balance and Limitation”.
        How often does the NBI, DOJ, Ombudsman, or how ever many oversight departments actually would go undercover to stop such corruption? If anything, they would want a piece of it.

  7. Profile gravatar of JudgeDredd0621

    The catch is, Binay is full of “family values” bullshit.
    Give me 6 months in a Binay presidency, each and every one of his immediate family members will have their fingers in every juicy pie.
    That’s Philippine “family values” for you, being a country without a divorce law.

    Ha ha ha fucking ha ha ha.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Oh that doesn’t really matter. You can get an annulment. Being NPD IS grounds for an annulment. The problem is the money, grounds is almost guaranteed to be built in.