Noise Pollution “Can you repeat that?”

I am up this Saturday morning at 6am, not by choice but because the trikes are whizzing by my house and the noise from their modified mufflers has yet awakened me again, as they do every day.

Can anyone out there explain to me why (Bakit) do the trike operators have to make their small cc engine bikes sound like fucking Harleys? Why, (Bakit) would anyone want to take a relatively quite machine and make it as loud as humanly possible? Does it make them feel manlier? Are they compensating for a small penis?

Filipino Tricycle driverWhat? I don’t understand. Logic would dictate that you as a taxi-trike operator would want your customer to have the quietest and most comfortable experience possible, So that you could build a rapport for repeat customers etc., right (tama)? Instead I hear the fleet of Harley Davidson impersonators speeding by my house every day, all day, some so loud it drowns out my TV when I’m watching a movie or I have to stop what I am saying until the trike passes because I can’t hear myself speak.(”I’m sorry can you repeat that”) WTF, I am truly convinced the louder the bike, the smaller the penis. What other explanation is there?

Pollution is pollution whether it is the native Filipino throwing their trash in the street, or dumping their shit in the river, or just screaming at the top of their lungs all night (that is another blog), noise pollution is just as bad as the above examples. Where I come from there are noise ordinances and laws for disturbing the “PEACE” (a word that they have no fucking clue on what it means). Why don’t the local governments here pass such ordinances to reduce the noise, surely they can hear this shit, surely they have been awakened to the sweet serenades of the Harley Davidson impersonators. They must hear the cry of the penis challenged operators.

Bakit, bakit, bakit I just don’t get it.

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  1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    Damn Gern, you are so right on. Why in the fuck do these idiots have to make whatever they are driving so loud? It doesn’t matter if it is a tricycle, motorcycle, jeepney, bus or whatever. They want loud. It is so fucking annoying but Filipinos don’t seem to give a shit. Even the drivers of these piece of shit vehicles. Don’t they get tired of hearing loud noise all day long. I want my vehicles to be quiet and soothing. But Filipinos love loud annoying noise. Go to the mall and listen to the unintelligible music blasting from speakers in the front of every fucking store. Listen to Karaoke singers that sound like shit but think they are Frank Sinatra blasting away at 3 in the morning. Listen to tied up dogs howling all fucking night long keeping the neighbors awake. It’s never ending and no one seems to mind.

    1. Profile gravatar of Gern Blanson
      Gern Blanson Post author

      Wow heyjoe you must live in my neighborhood. because you just described exactly what happens on a daily and nightly basis, even my pinay wife gets pissed when the trikes wake her up. I am listening to all the noise right now as I write this and I don’t even live on a main street, their are trikes and women screaming, I can’t even listen to some soothing jazz music in peace. unbelievable!! There is a Filipino that lives across the street that will rev his trike engine for no god damn reason as he is going nowhere, just revs his bike to make noise. I call him rev master j, OMG he is doing it right now WTF!!!

  2. Profile gravatar of Kiwimuzz

    Tricycles, Jeepneys, Videoke, Screaming Filipinos, Filipinos trying to sell stuff. The worst is the roosters. Please feel free to add my list as you please.

  3. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

    They need to be noticed. Remember they have the intellect of a teenager at best. I used to have a catapult I fired at the backs of the riders of loud trike and bikes. Once they passed my place I’d pop up, fire off a stone, hit them in the back and then duck down. I got pretty accurate and while I had some close calls, never got caught. Pretty soon the trike and bike traffic past my house declined noticeably.

    I also used to make a tyre chicane so they had to slow down and weave through with barely enough room as the street was already narrow due to poor planning, lousy construction, piles of garbage and standby loiterers at the sari sari. Not once did anyone ever remove the chicane or query why it was there.

    Noise isn’t just the remit of trikes. I had a banca I fitted a tuned length exhaust to. It ran to the stern and then over the side into the water. The motor was virtually silent. I loaned it to an expat mate and his ‘boat captain’ removed it so the exhaust was now 3 inches long, virtually straight out the cylinder. He said it made the boat go faster! All it did was foul up the bore and slow the thing down and make it sound like trike on steroids. When I asked where was the pipe, he just giggled as they do. Apparently he sold it. I would have ‘filed a case’ except it was a very small island if you get my drift.

  4. Profile gravatar of JosephA

    Yeah, it’s exactly the same for me as it is for you guys. LOUD IS BEST! LOUD is all these people seem to understand. To be honest, I’d be totally embarrassed to be driving around on a 50cc and have it make as much noise as they do here. A Harley – sure, it HAS to be noisy, but a 50cc Filo moped…?

    Add to the noise of the engine – the sound of the beat box in the back of the tricycle (or moped). It’s like a fucking disco on wheels. WTF is that all about. 3 o’clock in the morning and there’s a disco on wheels outside my window, whizzing by. It’s insanity gone wrong.

  5. Profile gravatar of Disapointed

    Omg I hate trike and habel drivers

    Today i lost it on one i got a ride to where I was going for 100 p the return trip on a motorcycle the guys says 200 I proceded to let him know in bysayan I was not a idiot and he was a scammer and I should just rip him off and not pay

    I gave him my death stare and 100 p it felt so good by the way its 40 p for the same trip for a local

  6. Profile gravatar of carlosvander

    As a regular tourist to thePhilippines the noise is so over the top it is rather fascinating.
    Once at six am i was awoken to the pop music of bon jovi…all coming from the huge speakers set up by the locals who apparently were on holiday in the small huts next to the resort i was staying.
    Yep pop music all day until midnite and then start again at six.

    Just another example of filipino noise pollution.
    Like everything else they are completely ignorant of what they do.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      never again will i spend money on a ”resort” .. it had a swimming pool and koroke, so the shit head charges the local theieves to come in with their idiot kids blasting music all nite….. then the noise echoes up into the very fucking small pillow inot the rock hard bed,,,, ringht into my ears all nite,,

  7. Profile gravatar of Chuck

    please apologize my bad english, I am from germany.

    This “noice pollution” is something I noticed at first when I discovered Phils in 2010. Its totally annoying!

    We go to a restaurant and like to order. But the music is so loud that the waiter cannot understand anything. So i replied my order a bit louder. But he could not understand because of the noise. So i decided to leave the restaurant. I told the waiter (very loud) that they should at least decide whether to be a restaurant or a disco.

    We were in Palawan/Port Barton. We hired a small boat to go to a nice resort on an island about 40min away from the coast. The engine of the boat was such loud that I had pain in my ears! I consider the level more then 120dB. I tried to find something to put into my ears. After the trip I had a tinnitus for the rest of the day!

    My philippinean boyfriend is just right now here living with me in germany for the next couple of weeks. He so like our quit city here in germany. When he returned back to phils after his very first 3month stay in germany, he was totally complaining about his own country!! Such a noise every then and now without any reason!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Gern Blanson
      Gern Blanson Post author

      yes it is amazing that when a Filipino sees a western country for the first time , how they don’t ever want to go back to their own cesspool country.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        maybe for the educated ones that is true,, but a die hard nationalist flip,,, it would take generations of breeding for them to admit that the feelippines is a shit hole and western countries have an edge in technology
        been there and done that with my wife in another country,,, excuses,, yada yada,,

    2. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
      Pearl Of My Ass

      I can relate to your boyfriend, after 1 year in the Philippines, I am back to my home country, Switzerland. God, the quietness, cleanness, civility on the road… but heck, it’s f***** freezing here !!!

      1. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

        Just about the same experience as me. I was in the Philippines for a year and I had enough. Back now in the USA. It may be cold here right now in the midwest US, but I’d much, much rather be here than in the crap hole Philippines that the Filipinos are always saying is so “great”.

        The tragic part is that the Philippines SHOULD be an awesome place. Outside of typhoon season, you’ve got weeks upon weeks of gorgeous sunny weather. But the Filipinos fucked that place to hell and back.

  8. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I know I’m a lil bit late instigating on this topic, been busy with preparing for 3 days of exams. Anyway, I will be the first to say that “FILIPINOS LOVES TO BE LOUD!” It is impossible to turn a simple situation that doesn’t require yelling into a scenario where everyone is yelling and screaming at each other for no fuckin reason at all! I will give you a perfect example in regards to the college I go to: My course professor requested me to locate a student named Deluyas for her regarding an urgent matter. After asking around, I heard he was taking an examination on the 3rd floor. I proceeded to the room where he was said to be at, seen a few students inside but I can’t recognize the face to match the name of Deluyas. I gave 3 quiet knocks, and entered the room where everyone was testing somewhat quietly (due to the chatter of obvious answers being passed around, fuckin cheaters). Anyway, as I entered the room, on of the students who was taking a test asked me, “Hey what are you looking for?” I whispered to him, “have you seen Deluyas?” As soon as I said the name, he started yelling across the room, “DELUYAS! ANYBODY SEE DELUYAS?!” Then I heard a few others mocking him, “DELUYAS, DELUYAS!” Then one yelled to me from across the room, “Hey! Deluyas is sitting right over here!” It blown my fuckin mind how loud Filipinos loves to get for no reason, and keep in mind that they were testing too. Any normal person would’ve quietly looked across the room and whispered back to me, “yeah, he is sitting right over there.” But instead, these idiots were making a scene of it! Imagine if I was testing I that room? Wait, hold on. Scenarios like that already happened to me here when I’ve been interrupted by loud intruders while taking a test. Just loud for no reason at all! Can somebody please translate, “Shut-up” to me in tagalog please?! That seems to be the most useful word I should know in their language.

  9. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

    Anyone with a fucking whistle (traffic enforcers, guards, retards, etc.)… I just want to rip it out of there mouth and throw it away, but wait… never a trash disposal of any kind around, even in Makati, the business district of the Philippines!

    Another noise annoyance is the shitty “hsst” or “hoy”, i just think it’s extremely low class and personally just hate it.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      yea I hate that too, sometimes my idiot wife will try to get my attention with that stupid ‘pssst’ sound. It’s annoying and whenever I hear it, I think she is around, even when I am alone in public. I have decided to ignore it, because it never addresses anybody specifically, and I’m tired of thinking that it’s being directed towards me. Why can’t filipinos see themselves as being annoying? You just helped bring up one of many reasons why I despise them so much. I know there are many more, the list is endless!

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      well, the fr&&&&gin noise loving idiots are out with a drum parade every day now,, idk for [what,,
      maybe a sack of rice will fall from [the sky…
      they get the tambays and baklas to hand out envolopes from money!!!!
      i have not seen this morons in person, but a special place in hellis reserved for them

    2. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

      Oh yes…. I hate that ridiculous, and totally ineffective, sucking through the teeth they do after eating. It achieves nothing you dick wads! Is it not bad enough that so many of them chew with their mouths wide open like cattle? But that sucking sound drives me up the wall, and the arrogant way they sit there and lounge back as if they just ate a sumptuous repast when it was probably the same crap they have in every single friggin’ food stall in the ‘International Food Court’. What a joke. Forget the names, “Shanghai Express’, ‘Tokyo Eatery’ or ‘New York Diner’: every store has the same five pots in descending order of size, banana leaves for trays and the same selection of badly cooked crap.

      And what about the slurping? We have a Filipina friend who came to Australia when she was 2, she is now 40. She slurps, chews with her mouth open and sucks through her teeth. Yet she speaks with an Aussie accent. However, she is still face palm generating with her lack of ability to grasp the most basic concepts. It has to be genetic then! There is no hope!

  10. Profile gravatar of Uncle Boi
    Uncle Boi

    I’ll keep this real simple. I’m going to use my local Jollibee’s as a example. Where I live I have a Jollibee and a 7 eleven near each other. How do they compete for customers? They point 15 inch woofers at each other at high decibels!! WHY? That is how they prove themselves to be the more superior business entity. They don’t do it with lower prices and better customer service. They do it with the loudest music possible, and in their minds, the louder counterpart is superior.

    We all need to take a step back and look at the big picture. Gern and I talked about this before. These people are a step or two lower in the evolutionary ladder. Look at how two male gorillas stand off in the jungle. They can’t communicate like you and I. They are of lower intelligence and primal instincts super exceeds everything else. They will grunt, roll around in the grass, throw shit at each other, and the first primate/filipino that backs down, is the loser.

    So when you have several trikes that are competing for fares, the loudest mufflers wins and gets the most attention. When one Filipino yells over the next at 4 am, they are the winner. When one restaurant’s music is louder then the next, they are the winner.

    Take away the clothing, cell phones, and skin bleaching products and it will prove what they really are. A bunch of f*ucking mokeys!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      they had a prom dance 1/2 a block away from me last nite…
      The music was so loud it echoed thru the concrete right into my pillow… Of course with lots of bass. I wonder about the smartness of the teachers allowwing noise like that all nite.. This is a typical example of ”me first” attitude that they teach the school kids… never once do they think that somebody might not like the noise, or has a toothache,, or has to work next am.???
      anyway i am going back to work soon so i wont have to listen to these ingrates for awhile.
      I tried to go to work ,, but my work visa was expired. they would not let me on the plane,,, fair enough,,, my hr dep’t fault, but this filipino airline counter manager is turning the passport over and wasting my time for about 15 mins… I asked him a simple yes or no?? do I get on the plane??? finally he says no. Can i get a airline rep to come with me to make sure my philippine travel documents are in order?? sorry sir,, no staff!!!! I go to the 2 security gaurds about seeing an immigration officer,, sorry sir,, the airline does that…. They just stick to their rigid ways of doing business, and wonder why tourists do not come here..!!! They can not think outside the box.. I remember private companies used to bend opver backwards to help you…
      They could have led me to the immigration officer,, give him my documents and passport and return for me in an 1/2 hour,,,

      1. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

        We had a ‘church’ take up residence 400m from us in Bogo. They rented an open air shed and fitted it with huge speakers. Born again types. Needed killing again in my book. It was loud. Extremely loud. I figured they got the speakers and amps from a Chinese Psych-Warfare unit. I went over to protest but they ignored me, gave me the open mouthed stare, the giggle etc. Told me they were doing the Lord’s work etc. I called on the police, went to the station, cops couldn’t figure out what I had against Jesus. I realised I was getting nowhere so I gave in.

        Meanwhile, some other kano who looks like me but goes by the name of The Anonymous Bear, allegedly paid two of his Arnis students P100 each to unplug the amp and steal it during a brief halt in the noise. Did I mention they were having a 24/7 week long pray-in? This was Day 2, BTW. Anyway, they couldn’t get another huge amp and the substitute barely pushed any wattage through the humungous speakers they had. When they closed the ‘mission’ and prepared to move on, apparently two enterprising Arnis students sold them a ‘new’ amp. I guess it was win/win all round then. Praise Jesus.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          dats a good one,,,, bet the loss of those speakers ruined their day.. looks good on them
          one of the things that gets me is they can build multi million dollar churches..
          right across the street is a canal full of raw sewage and trash..
          as a south african would say ”they can grow corn,, but not grass”

  11. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

    Peace and quiet here during Holy Week, never felt so relaxed here in condo. No jeepney, motorbikes, or shitty cars honking horns constantly. I will never understand the constant horn pushing in even the classiest places in Metro Manila.

  12. Profile gravatar of

    I used to try to teach English online in Internet cafe’s, but that was long ago. That’s long forgotten! The café has about 30 units. It’s a complete chaotic mess of kids shouting to each other about the outcomes of their games. Then there are others singing karaoke while they stare at face book, like they are the only one’s there. Then there are the masses of kids shouting and laughing. Walk behind them? Is there anyone looking at anything besides Facebook or games? Of course not, that requires thinking skills! Fuck!

  13. Profile gravatar of Mike

    HURRY!! Google yahoo news about toilets in the philippines! The filipinos are getting tore up in the comment section. WHO issued a report about lack of toilets in the philippines.

  14. Profile gravatar of EC

    The typical Filipino is uneducated and believes in god. They have nothing, but 7 children and they all think they can sing. Every birthday and holiday means that the entire neighborhood must hear from a bunch of people who can not sing. I heard they do not do this as much in exclusive areas. I must not live in one, for sure. Just get out of the country ASAP. The population will double here in 10 years. Will they all come to the USA?