Noise Pollution

As you may have noticed da feelippines is a noisy piece of volcanic rock out in the Pacific Ocean.

Everything they do has to have noise,, fiestas, drums, speakers at malls and sorry sorry stores, churches,,motorcycles, jeepneys

I wonder if they are that noisy overseas, or does some fine expat knock them over the head and pound some sense into them?? I just moved from the old place right next door to a huge church. Of course they live in squalor and filth all week, but pray in a 250 million pesos church. Now, this afternoon I get woke up to some tumbuay across the street who has a speaker and  microphone and 4 of his idiot relations in front of him. You can hear this idiot 1/2 block away. DIRT POOR!!!!!!!!!! and a sqautter on some piece of land that nobody can pay taxes on!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing worse than a reformed whore  or religious nut!




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        Don Quixote

        Nothing wrong with the child brides voice at all, the trouble is the other ones, I even take her to karaoke competitions here in Australia, there is one where I can stop in a bar the karaoke is held in the smokers area and the fucking door to the smoking area is closed.
        Bliss. and she is happy and listening to the cater-walling of some of the others.

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          30-30 Post author

          To don,
          True, it is all the other drunks that cause the noise. I like to hear the song done by the original singer
          Take care mate

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    SPEAKING of church – i wonder if in the next century there will be an investigation into child sex and abuse in the religious ministries like most other countries have had (and are having) and uncovering masses of paedophilia, child sexual abuse and more.

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      Of course! It will be gargantuan! No places are like churches to attract psychopats to rule over naive, gullible idiots and making them their slaves! As the stupidity and naivite in ph is gargantuan, and the people mentally Sick it will be much worse than congregations in civilized countries! I wouldn’t even be surprised if they’ve mixed in cannibalism, sick, deprived, retarded as they are!

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    It used to piss me off people walking past my window at 4:30am with loudhailers praying and on go the outside speakers at 5am with church services and singing. Absolutely no respect at all for people and peoples sleep.
    Filipinos don’t sleep it seems. After all, sleepding is a regeneration process of the body and with half a brain one doesnt need to sleep much.

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    Don Quixote

    Get a big fucking dog and put it in the front yard that will keep the bastards away from the fence with the dog going off at them.
    Eventually they stay on the other side of the road, let it out every now and again just for fun .
    Exercise it chasing flips.
    They will never know when that gate is ajar so they will avoid the area.

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    Every time I return to Flipland, first thing I pack is a dozen ear plugs. You can not rely on the Flips to be nice and cooperative and not turn the gaddamn fucking Karoeke (spelling?) full blast! How can they communicate with each other with that much noise? I can’t even fucking hear myself think!!!

    Or do they do sign language that we are not aware of?

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        86. They sleep very well! It’s just people who care about stuff who don’t. Care free people can sleep anywhere anytime.

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    Phil Doh

    This time last year, living next door to a chapel, I nearly went round the bend. Woken up at 4am every morning by their Simbang Gabi bullshit. Nine days of devotion, the same songs and prayers over and over, all in the belief that if they commit to the full nine days they can then ask for any blessings they want from mother mary and they will be granted. It wasn’t just the singing and praying. Beforehand its bell ringing to wake the whole neighborhood, then the customary mic test. When it’s all finished it’s then three hours of christmas carols over the loud speakers while they scoff breakfast and talk and laugh loudly.

    Now we’re out of there this year christmas is cancelled in our house.

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    We get street kids singing god knows what and expecting money. I guess it’s some sort of caroling. The dogs love it. They bark like crazy. I don’t know if anyone else does. I just wish they would fuck off.

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    Don Quixote

    BAT ,
    It is” we wish you a merry xmas “over and over and over and fucking over again whilst they rattle their empty coke bottles with little bits of gravel in them fucking little assholes only learn five words every year on anticipation of the English Speaking Kanoe.
    Like everyone is hello Joe. you ,know every white man is a Sepo.?????
    Its like their Happy Birthday song five fucking words , just substitute happy birthday for Merry Xmas same fucking repetitive tune almost the same fucking words.
    OK they actually repeat a few happy birthdays twenty fucking times. and clap more .
    And never heard of a Horses Ass ?????????
    That really floored them when my mate and I started singing the Aussie version after a few beers.

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    Philippine hospitality:

    Travel 26+ hours.
    Arrive first destination 0100
    Be blasted out of bed by raucous “music” at 0500 WTF???
    And this at “family” residence!
    May as well post a “NOT welcome” mat at the front door.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Set the scene , first we live in a walled compound.
      Travel for 24 hours+, arrive go to bed and some asshole kids start fucking playing basketball hoops out the front of my house.
      No kids in my house , so out the front what the fuck are you doing, they had built a portable hoop that was 7 ft or so tall to shoot at, I did not see it before on on arrival as it was dark.
      Watch where the kids run too , then drag the portable hoop thingy down in front of their house. Back to bed.
      Father of asshole kid comes to front door complaining I moved their portable hoop thingy.
      Told him to let the kids play near his house. I am trying to sleep.
      He said they were annoying him so they moved it up to my place, can you imagine the fucking front of the prick.
      He was Bitching because his asshole children played in front of his house instead of mine.
      The next day it was back there just on sundown, then it dawned on me , they are using the street lights to play after dark, and the house where they live has no street lights.
      Grabbed a six pack and walked down to see the father again.
      Explained how the hoopy thing could accidentally catch on fire, and get crushed by a reversing 4X4 unless it was moved away from my fucking window whilst we drank my beer.
      All in all he took it well, last time I nodded to him whilst driving down the road , he was bashing his asswipe kid over the head. (sorry Sarah) I liked it to much.
      Thats when we moved up to the base, now looking elsewhere to move too, sick of the bureaucratic crap they inflict upon us.
      Where ever we move too this time it wont be near a street light.
      I can see a fight coming up with the child bride.

      1. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

        Was it Regan that said we once suffered from crime and now we suffer from laws?

        Well those are your choices in the Philippines. Quiet, nice and safe on base but expensive and mind numbing bureaucracy to deal with.

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    Ok, try this one. We have a catholic church a block and a half away. Now every morning at 3 am they set off 3 to 6 very loud booming fire cracker type fireworks. Loud enough that it can be heard through my closed windows and over the a/c in the furthermost room in the apt. Then after that they blare music starting as soon as done with the fireworks. Here it is 4 am and the music has been going on for almost an hour.

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      Phil Doh

      In every other culture a place of worship is quiet and serene. Not in the failippines. They actually think the more noise they make the more blessings mother mary will bestow upon them.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        You mean the virgin? Well when they come around me and start talking about the virgin I have something that chases them away with looks of horror and signs of the cross.
        Me: “Are you talking about the virgin mary?”
        Them: “Yes po.”
        Me: Send her to me and I’ll fix that virginity problem of hers.”

        They will leave you alone then.

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    30-30 Post author

    I have this poor as dirt moron across the street who can afford a speaker and mike. So he preaches 4 times a week, s loud i can hear it. There must be 30 of an extended clan there,, but dont pay land taxes,, so the title is all screwed,,,, also,, no running water,, pinoy pride no? 1

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    The music of my neighbor this morning was so loud the walls were vibrating. 5 am I was awakened by full blast music. My wife texted them and I was shouting but it just kept going. Absolutely unbelievable bullshit, every day I have to endure the bullshit noise. Now with Christmas here it’s even worse. I remember the SM cashier saying merry cristmas to me back in September, what kind of fucking bullshit is that?

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Get you a plastic coke bottle say about 20 ounces. Fill it half way to 3/4 with gleam muratic acid. Then take about foot and half of aluminum foil and fold/twist it so it goes down in the bottle. Put the cap back on tight and chuck it in a safe place by their house and wait about 5 minutes or so. be sure to wipe prints off the coke bottle.

        1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          @jackson Al.
          I have never done it the way Mike describes…but I WILL give it a try. I see opportunity for tons of fun with this one!!
          But I have exploded 2L pop bottles with the shop air compressor. How big a bang ??? well, enough to clean the shops 13foot tall rafters of all the dust.
          Looked like a mini snow storm in the place. 🙂
          Stay well clear of the plastic shrapnel

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    This country is absolutely un fucking believable. Every night for a month now the fucking little shit heads are at the door singing for money. That’s not the worst though, the thousands of fucking dogs start barking when they are here. Fuck this place is crazy! Everywhere you go for the last four months, Santa Claus is comin to town, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Fucking unbelievable.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30
      30-30 Post author

      We used to put a rubber 3 inch diameter seal inside a pipe and open tge rig air supply on it,,, works good if you trees to knock down.. g

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30
      30-30 Post author

      We used to put a rubber 3 inch diameter seal inside a pipe and open tge rig air supply on it,,, works good if you trees to knock down.. go on you tube ,,, type in saskatchewan red necks,, there is a home made cannon,, puts 4 inch holes into barrels
      No faces appear on the video, of course!!!!!
      That 2 liter pop bottlemust have loud!!!!!! Good ornight time work in the hood here

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    I just tried to webcam with my daughter at the internet cafe (connection is no good at home), not a chance, across the street is deafening karaoke, next door is bingo so loud it’s distorted, inside is kids shouting and babies crying, fucking insane. Gave up!

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I assure you Joe, you go to the mountains in the provinces, same loud, deafening noise. Where there’s electricity, the moron Flips buy (very likely with OFW /Kano money) every electronic gadgets there is, then abuse it. In the Failippines, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. Someone should make a movie with the same title featuring the inconsiderate baboons!

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    Dont stay at the Honeycomb Hotel in Dumbagueti
    Zumba dancing with loud speakers starts at 6AM across the street in the seaside park
    I told the front desk lady to come to my room . I asked her why do you think I called you up here? The noise? Hey she got it the first guess
    She told me they have a permit to turn on the loud speaker at 6AM
    the same hotel that charged me 30 peso for a packet of coffee creamer

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    30-30 Post author

    I stayed at a hotel in KL Malaysia, ,loud band onnthe street,the front desk said they had licence,, . I moved atkidnite to another,,,. These morons awlays give room at the streeg,, never in the bak,,

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    Don Quixote

    Same in Singapore too, the assholes are everywhere, the difference is over there you bitch they do something about it,in the PI they shrug say it is part of their culture

  17. Profile gravatar of tambok

    This country is so fucking crazy. I have cracked head and bruises from fight with neighbor, maybe I’m out but I fight till the end, this whole fucking place is crazy, I can’t believe the craziness here. They try to get me kicked out

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    Look you guys. You are all just bitching about music starting so early in the morning. Do something about it. Do what I did.
    I politely complained to the neighbor’s. It didn’t work. I complained again. It didn’t work. I complained to the landlord and then the barangay captain. That didn’t work either. So I resolved it myself. I bought 5000p speakers. The biggest I could find for the money. Each morning for four days I made my coffee, put my speakers outside, and went to work on YouTube.
    At exactly at 5:00 AM and on full volumn, I started blasting death metal music. The kind where the lead singer growls into the mic like he is demon possessed. Gurgling and growling. I also blasted the Dead Kennedy’s and the Sex Pistols. Barangay campaign came around and I explained I just want to live in peace and in order to get it I had to show the neighbor’s what it is like to hear their shit over the wall. I told the captain that each time I hear their music where I am being des turned inside my house I am blasting back over the wsll. Peace and quiet is golden. ?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Hey Joe,
        Before we had neighbors who would do the music very loud. Well wife had a store with a videoke machine out front so I got the book and went through the list. I wanted a song that sent a very clear message when I came across an “oldie” So coin goes in and song entered all is well. The best part this song is by far the loudest on every machine that has it. The song you ask?
        Alice Cooper “No More Mr. Nice Guy.”

        I never turned the volume up so it stayed at the level filipinos were using. Then after ole Alice started filipinos came out of the wood work saying it was too loud. Funny, filipinos saying something is too loud.

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    30-30 Post author

    Put some ararabic rap music on and tell them it is religous christian music from the middle east.. that stuff will drive them arund the bend.

  20. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    How about blasting some old-time classics from Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, and others of that era? Methinks that not only will those smooth-skinned baboons not understand–much less appreciate–that kind of music, but if you play it loud enough you might see them scatter like roaches in a kitchen when the light is turned on.

    And speaking of noise….

    On my last trip there 2-1/2 years ago, I decided to take the aswang on what I hoped would be a “romantic” getaway on Camiguin Island (which, sadly, turned out to be a disaster, but that is another story). She knew of a resort that she said was “very nice”, so we decided to drive there. Of course, as soon as the baboons at the front desk saw the white skin, all the less expensive rooms were “Sold out, sir”, so they tried to get us to accept an “ocean view” room at the top floor (even though there is no “ocean” bordering Camiguin, instead, it is the Bohol Sea, but I learned–a long time ago–that words mean nothing in that s—hole nation). The room cost about P4500 which is about $100, but I said that I wanted to look at it first. Well, there was no lift so we had to schlep up four flights of stairs, and the room was right at the edge of the resort. On the other side of the wall separating the resort from the outside world (which I could see from the upper floors) was some kind of festival which, as nearly all of you know, involves lots of drinking and lots of NOISE. Well, the baboons refer to that as music, but civilised human beings call it NOISE. It was so loud–and so offensive–it sounded like it was playing inside the room we were thinking of staying at–with the door closed–and the “beat” practically gave me a headache. The resort employee said that it would be “off at 5PM, sir” but I knew better. I politely declined the offer to stay at that place, and wouldn’t you know it, the aswang was boiling mad. I know I did not help things when I told her that I knew enough about her people that he was lying.

    They just hate it when you tell the truth about them.