Nope. He’s still a dick with a clueless following…

So, as the only signs of intelligent life on the island, we all had to sit by and watch the dog and pony show that was Pope Francis’ visit to this village of idiots.  All of us had to put up with a collective stupidity and awe all gathered in one place to be “blessed if I could just see him!” (read: I have the lack of ability to look any deeper than the cup of kool-aid they told me to drink).  During that, we got a chance to hear what we THOUGHT were progressive statements by a new kind of Pope.  I even wrote an article about it HERE.

As much as I hate to admit it, we were wrong.  Yeah, I know….but it does happen sometimes.  We jump on the first impressions without really digging deeper.  Except that I decided to dig deeper, and found an interesting article IN A MAJOR FAILIPPINES NEWSPAPER, no less.

The article is titled “Why I don’t like Pope Francis”, and it’s located on The Inquirer, no less. (Link HERE).  What did I learn from it?  How about:

  • Like every other Pope and Cardinal out there, he protects pedophile priests by hiding them in the vatican, away from prosecution.
  • He assumes authority over local and federal laws by holding his OWN hearing in the vatican for his priests.
  • He actually goes to bat and writes up “reports” to try and prove his priests’ innocence, without even considering the already damning evidence against them.


For someone who says he’s all about the poor and the children, I find it a little hard to see where his actions back up his words  In this respect, he’s just like every other bible thumper…the rules only apply to everyone else and not them.

And then it goes a little further.  Sure, he had some criticism for the Failippines while he was there, but as soon as he’s on the plane out of here, he’s back to his anti-poor rhetoric with his “Catholics don’t breed like rabbits” comment.  According to him, the Church has “natural methods of birth control available.”  Is this the “pull out” method that’s been proven to NOT work time and time again?  Is this a call for everyone to do the whole “abstinence thing” that kills most marriages?

The fact is, family planning requires artificial methods to be effective, and those methods have been proven time and time again to provide large, positive benefits to the poorest of areas.  It reduces the population growth and improves the economic standings of poverty stricken families.  For a Pope that’s all about fighting poverty, you’d think he’d be on board with this.


He’s not.  He’s just another mouthpiece for the church, no different than everyone before him.  Like the saying goes, no matter what dress you put on her, a whore is still a whore.

And despite the fact that there seems to be at least ONE Filipino that smells the manure, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll change the lemming mentality this place has.  They’re just going to love the guy because it’s a Filipino “in” thing to do.  It’s “cool” to love the guy here, and damned be anyone who dares look any deeper than that.

And they wonder why there are more and more Atheists in the first world countries?  It’s called an education. We use it, and that’s why we’ll always be laughing and pointing at the monkeys in the cage.

Here, Flip.  Have a Pope Peanut.

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    This country is fucking hopeless. Religitards abound and ultra-pious and sensitive morons drooling and willing to wait for a whole day just to get a glimpse of their fucking pope.

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    Barry Smyth

    I even saw a microcosm of it on the night Pope Francis was at Luneta. My wife and I dined in the Champagne Room of the Manila Hotel. It’s a truly fine dining room, and not cheap. So what was a table of about a dozen priests and nuns doing there? Didn’t they get their boss’ message of frugality and giving to the poor?
    This an extract from the Inquirer yep the parasites fine dine while so many starve but they have to remember most of the parasites are from well off families in the first place telling the poor how to live Filipino logic
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    1. Profile gravatar of Feral Aussie
      Feral Aussie

      Just goes to show you – The Catholic Church is a akin to a mafia, and an organization full of hypocrisy.

      Here you have nuns and priests – at least some of them native filipinos (who know only too well how rampant poverty is amongst their congregation) eating and drinking in a fine-dining restaurant (surely at their parishioner’s expense) – when they should be in the street with their followers, putting up with the rain, the humidity and the filth, welcoming their leader.

      And, in any case, what did the pope give his poor and needy and devout believers in the Philippines in return? A massive traffic jam, a wave of his hand, and a huge bill for his visit! No money for the poor, no projects initiated for typhoon victims – no nothing! If it wasn’t so sad it would be a joke.

  3. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    Seeing as incest is rampant in the Philippines, I think they would simply deny and “forget” any allegations pertaining to child abuse and pedophile sex rings affiliated with the Vatican. Hell, maybe they just simply accept it saying to themselves, “well, he is our holy savior who will bless us with the holy spirit! A little touching here and there can be disregarded, Pinoy Pride!!!”

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    Sorry Kaine, You took the Pope out of context so I have to correct it.
    After he uttered the magic Rabbits words.
    He said.
    Responsible parenting is what the Catholic Religion advocates well he does anyway.
    If you can house em and feed em and educate em breed like a rabbit if not use the pill method works every time.
    In the words of that Great Communicator Dave Allen. the great EXCOMMUNICATED ‘OR
    You can have the Pill just don’t swallow it.
    Put it between your knees and don’t let it drop.

  5. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
    Pearl Of My Ass

    i saw the visit of the Pope in the news (here in Switzerland) and the news ancors were joking about the “noise” during the “mess” (?) and they made fun of it…. God I am not missing the Failippines….