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noseyI know this is a stupid question.

But am I the only one to notice how Nosy Flips are, they can not just mind their own business.

You can not stop and talk in the street without someone inserting themselves in your face one way or the other.

If you are arguing with a flip , ten of them will surround you even though they have no idea what the matter is , but they will offer their unsolicited advice on anything.

You take the child bride to the airport, firstly the check in clerk goes through her rigmarole, I can just understand that as she has to know if they have an ongoing ticket from their destination, then you go to the tax counter they start on it again exactly the same fucking questions. Then when you get to Immigration it starts again, the same fucking questions. You wonder why there are lines everywhere, then they want to talk about everything, you note a kanoe goes to check in he is finished in minutes, a flip goes up even though they have never met they start talking about anything and fuck who is waiting next in line.Go to a bank its the same fucking thing. Why cant they just do their fucking job and just shut the fuck up PO.

Start work on your houseĀ  every body is a fucking expert except the poor kanoe , you would think having renovated 19 houses and having two university degrees and one of them in Engineering would trump their third grade education, BUT NO, the child bride will stop all work and listen to whatever the moron has to say to her. In the mean time nothing gets done. Whilst I get high blood and tear my fucking hair out.

Anywhere you go there is always someone who will come over uninvited and put forth their opinion about anything you are doing

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    The Filipino culture is one of almost a gang mentality. No one wants to be different and they must always consult in a large group to come up with a decision. Thus the one person with a differing idea from the group is automatically deemed wrong no matter if he is a subject matter expert or not. If you don’t agree with the group, you’re wrong.
    That is how, “Dis is how we do tings in dee Pilippeenees” come to be common place or how Duterte is about to become president.

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    Got to love too how even though they are sitting in squalor, and cant even rub two pesos together, yet are experts on business ideas and how to invest and make money. My wifes extended family have told me of heaps of great ideas on how to make a fortune in the Phils even though a $10 bet on a Greyhound paying $2 outweighs just about every idea I have had propositioned to me.
    When building our house over there we had an endless queue of people who had never worked a day in their lives telling us how we should do things, even though I have almost 20 years experience as a builder. I got a couple of guys to mix some concrete. They do it on the middle of the road and ran away while mixing it leaving a huge pile in the middle of the road. Also notice how no one ever helps anyone unless there is money for them, not like where I come from; I happily helped the neighbours screw their new roof down and while they shouted some beers after it was done I would never ask for a dollar. Even a couple of the wifes cousins, who I had given “loans” to would not help unless paid. If I ever bother going back to that shit hole a huge wall at least 3 meters high will be going around the house.

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      Exactly! Everyone expects money out of help or no help is given at all. A couple of years back we went to the city Bacolod and checked in at this hotel called “circle inn” . Before checking in, I asked for the lady in the counter if they have hot showers in the room, the lady said yes, so we didn’t bothered looking for any other place to stay. I was so excited to finally get a decent hot shower as I couldn’t get any on the previous week of island surfing in Visayas. But Guess what? NO hot water. I had to call the reception right away and asked why she lied about the hot shower, she apologized and told us, she gave us the wrong room.. and if we’d like to transfer to a room with the hot shower it’ll cost us more (she said it’s some sort of upgrade and blah blah bulsht, room upgrade just for hot water ha, oh joy). I did’t felt like starting fumes in the place so I bought the upgrade bulshit and we transferred to another room. With our awesome luck, the “hot shower” was broken in that room, I talked to the manager and complained. He then offered to refund the upgrade money and requested to call maintenance to fix the plumbing right away. The maintenance dude tried to tinker in the bathroom and after hours of calling other two maintenance people to do a one man job, they still couldn’t fix it. I had no clue what was going on, they said it had smth to do with the pipes. So this other maintenance dude had a wonderful idea and got us three huge buckets of hot water and a “tabo” for the mean time… After getting the buckets for us the first maintenance guy stayed there and waited while the other one exits the room, he was somehow looking for a tip… I took the only bills in my wallet which is a 50 peso bill and a 20 peso bill. He looked a little bit disappointed to see the tip (he was prob expecting some $$$). He mumbled something as he leaves our room, something of us being cheap! What nerve!

      Anyway we stayed there for two days, I never got my hot shower šŸ™

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      Had a realtor ask me my dream house here.
      1.) Outer walls 50 foot high and 40 foot below ground made out of solid steel.
      2.) Outer wall has 10,000 volts running through it 24/7.
      3.) Security cameras with sound recording 360 degrees 24/7 around the wall.
      4.) Generator big enough to run the house and all the above if electric goes out.

      So I get the blank look and have to explain it to the broker.
      Number 1 keeps the assholes out.
      Number 2 keeps them from pissing on my wall.
      Number 3 records them pissing on my wall while getting electrocuted and I can post the video on Youtube.

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    Don Quixote Post author

    Neighbor !!!!!!!!!!!! Are you the neighbor who jumped up on my roof and helped me in Robina in Queensland, because thats exactly what happened to me, freshly bashed up in a car crash I was still trying to screw a roof on when my next door neighbor jumped the fence and took the drill off me and finished the job in a couple of hours that would have taken me a week . A week later my sister came around the house I was laying on a old mattress pointing flagstones , she rang her boyfriend at the time he came around to help me and finish the job off.
    NO MENTION OF MONEY BY ANYONE, they just wanted to help a cripple fix his house.
    But we did have a great House warming shortly thereafter when everything was finished, we saw the sun come up the next day drinking $80 a bottle red wine.
    My technique for any business proposal is CAN YOU GIVE ME A BUSINESS PLAN SO I CAN STUDY YOUR PROPOSAL AND GIVE IT THOROUGH RESEARCH THAT IT DESERVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That fucks them off for months whilst they try and figure out JUST what is a Business Plan and actually write it up, an Aussie mate taught me that one, Bless him.

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      Random Numbers

      @donquiote You are probably better off just to pay pinoy, otherwise they will probably feel that you owe them free booze and food ad infinitum. The biggest problem is, everyone is an expert (in their opinion), but to anyone with experience (or a decent eye for detail) their work product is usually novice level.

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    Phil Doh

    When I moved into a sub division there the next day a questionaire from the residency committee came through the letterbox. The stupid shit these morons wanted to know was unbelievable, even down to what my salary was. I wouldn’t even ask my best mate or brother what their salary is, how the fuck can a complete stranger have the balls to ask?

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    Don Quixote Post author

    I posted about an estate I looked at to buy some land and build a house there, BUT one of the conditions was a similar questionnaire.
    Plus the developer a flip want all the houses to be flip style with too many gables, after sitting down with his manager I explained I wanted to build a single story ranch style we have in Australia for living in a hot climate, it would be bigger than min required and the roof would be over the minimum height limit.

    After an hour I gave up , he could not get it through his head that I did not want to build a FLIP house. even when I explained I did not need the two storey home because I was buying two lots to spread my fat arse out and have a swimming pool.
    As they had TOTAL DEVELOPMENT CONTROL over any building I could see this would be an eternal fight because he wanted me to build what he wanted not what I wanted.

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      Phil Doh

      What exactly is a Flip house, Don? A place we moved into the owner proudly told us it was designed by his architect uncle. This fucking bright spark put the switch for the kitchen light by the back door so you have to walk through a dark kitchen to find it, and then put the outside light ten meters away from the back door, so each time you’re stumbling around in the dark looking for the switch. But I’m sure the architect uncle blamed the sparky, and the sparky blamed the drawings.

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        In my apartment they have the same dumbfuckery. To turn on the light you have to walk into the middle of the room where there are 4 (2×2) switches. Now you might think that the lights on the left are controlled by the left switch and the ones on the right by the right switch, but not here in the Phillippines. To add insult to injury you have to dip the upper 2 switches down to turn the lights on but the lower ones upwards. An absolute inconsistent cluster fuck. How someone can implement such a bulllshit without commiting sepuku aftwards is incomprehensible to me though i dont wonder since i havent met anyone here yet who really takes pride and honor out of his work. For this you would need accountability, something that apparently is nowhere to be found on this 7000 islands.

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        Don Quixote Post author

        Phil where to start.
        We will not even go into drainage, where they run waste water into two inch pipes. Where they hide down pipes in walls so you can see if they are leaking until it fucking floods the house.
        Electricity well how we dont get fried is beyond me, no earth leakage device can work, why because they have no fucking earth.
        Roof, why can they not understand a Hip Roof with NO Gables, a skillion roof or even a roof with dutch gables. all these roofs are designed not to fucking leak,and they are simple and strong
        BUT sir you need the pointy gable and the gullies that are so poorly designed they will inevitably leak. But they are dagoinsh and they think they look good.
        As angel said he described a skillion roof, I had a fuckwit builder have three goes at making a skillion roof under the eaves, I drew it out showed him three time what I wanted twice he built what he wanted because he thought it looked good. All I wanted was a roof over the fucking dirty kitchen, I imported aluminum flashing to place in the joint.
        But NO twice he slipped the skillion up under the house roof, because it looked good, the only thing wrong was we had a Flip gully that wound up under the skillion instead of running on top of it.

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          they can not build a roof that does not leak… why have eavestroughs when there is no tanks to hold the excess water???? No slope for eavestroughs and made out of the cheapest possible.
          I hate gable roofs oe anything out of the ordinary. Becos it takes them decades to build something simple.. and dony get me started on odd shaped lots,,, must have hired all the tumbuays,, drunks to survey this hole of a place

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      I kind of had the same experience Don. I wanted the roof on the house to slope one way, a single pitch roof that would over hang the terrace and the pitch would help heat escape. Well f&%k me, it was like I was trying to explain Quantum physics to my dog. NO ONE, No one could understand what I was on about even after showing them many pictures of houses like that. They just could not work it out. After a couple of hours I just gave up and said “do it Pinoy style”. These people can not think outside of the box, they always do the same thing over and over again and never learn anything new.

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    Don Quixote Post author

    You want to try and explain them how to erect a corner out of masonry block with a pier built in out of the blocks for strength. Five fucking goes before I got down in the trench and did it for them. BUT SIR YOU NEED A CONCRETE PIER.
    They wanted to form up a concrete pier and butt the blocks up too it. they had never heard of staggered lay either. the assholes were just stacking them vertically one on top of the other and back filling them with very very boney slurry
    so you know how far that was penetrating the wall and the rebar.
    I lost three block layers before I found one who would do as I asked.
    And the fucking tools they were using, the Trowel for laying the cement was a childs toy 3 inches long . the level was two feet long , no string line .
    From now on I will just employ labour to do the lifting if I can do it ill do it myself. I will.

    1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

      My first construction culture shock was when I saw my first block wall. Not one joint was the same. I stood stunned and wondered why in the world someone would pay for a job looking like that. It looked like I could push it over. It wasn’t long before I understood that it is normal construction.

    2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      The bulk of my 20 years in construction has mainly been in Block walls, footing, formwork, steel work and concrete, pretty much foundations and concrete and block walls then hand it over to the carpenters. My construction culture shock started as soon as I left the airport on my first trip. Ive seen 7 story buildings built with 150mm wide blocks and the concrete piers, with about 10mm of concrete cover allowing the rust to seep through, keeping it all together; not the smartest form of building in a earthquake zone.
      When my house was built I could not understand why the walls were so out of plumb and would point to the squatter house over the road and ask why my blocks are so shit yet theirs are perfectly plumb and smooth. Also when the concrete piers were built after the boxing was removed they were all over the show and not straight even though every other place was perfect. Then to add insult the wifes moron uncle thought it a good idea to take to the piers with a hammer and pretty much remove all the concrete back to the steel cage because it will help the reender stick, even though no one else has ever done that and it makes the piers structually unsound.
      We have two lots next to each other so the first house is for her parents and family and we might build one later. I could not work out if it was envy or jealousy but everything was done so shit on the house. In the end I worked out my dumb as shit father in law was hiring people. The workers would tell him they had experience and knew what they were doing even though they had never done a days work in their lives. What took 6 men 5 weeks to do I would of done it all myself in one week. I have given the father in law a lecture and told him that this house is his one opportunity in life to have a nice home but if he wants to build it like shit then that is his choice as he will be the one spending the rest of his life living in it. When the roofing arrived they thought it would be best to put it in the cubo, even though everyone hangs out there all day long so when it went up it was all dented from people walking all over it and scratched from dogs and people on it all the time. I could not work out why it was not put aside. I asked the father in law if he was the one who paid 60k for the steel would he have left it there to get trashed? Ive told him when the roof rusts out I will not be buying another one. In the end I gave up and told them to do it Pinoy style it was just too much to watch. Now the bank manager is trying to scam us out of the house but that is an article I will write when it gets sorted, or not. Such a fucked up place over there, no respect, no thanks, no learning, no making life better. With a bit of luck Kim Jong Un might fire a nuke off towards America and hopefully it gets shot down, right over the top of Manila.

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    My wife was expanding her store and building rooms for bed spacers. What a fucking joke! I watched these “craftsmen” start laying the hollow blocks three high , fill them with rebar and cement, let it dry then come back the next day and knock a spot out that went down 2 layers and 3 foot wide for the fucking door! Not once did it occur to them to build the door opening into the wall as they went along. I’m not big on building things but even I know cut a block in half and build the door opening as you go along. Try to explain that to them and here comes the stupid look.