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    Unfortunately….the expectations in this country are So Fucking Low…..If the plane takes off at all, it is seen as a Plus.
    With every bones in my body, I believe all the large Fili-Fail companies get together a few times a year and agree to what low standards will be used.
    Cebu: “Hey AirAsia (RP controlled), PAL, you need to lower your on-time numbers, you are making me look bad”.
    Just 7 more days and I’m out of here for my Xmas/NewYears holiday outside of the country…on Cebu Pacific….grrrrrrr.

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    Phil Doh

    Whenever taking Manila-Davao flights and vice versa you can always guarantee that the later in the day the flight the more likely the chance of delay. The same planes just go back and forth all day, so when you ask ground staff why the flight is delayed they just blame the other airport for their late departure.

    They’re obviously making the same mistakes each day and are unable to learn from them. Quite scary really when you’re putting your life in their hands.

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      FHPS Post author

      @phildoh .. They keep repeating the same mistakes withput thpught as if on autopilot. Some actions are so basic

      You tell me.
      I bought a beer 37p this jpint charges.
      They only sell two types.. Both same price.. 37p
      Now what money would i be giving.
      37p exact
      …thats what all the filos give
      So i give 50.. He needs a calculator
      To work out
      50-37= change

      1. Why dont he fucking remember tye change feom tgise 4 options
      2. Or if he cant remember why dont he write it down?

      On cwbu-to- davao. In both flights i was 20 minues early .. Its got 1hr (give or take)on the schedule and we arrived at sething like 35 mins (give or take)duration!! Thats on time. So what about the rest.

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        Wow the future president has spoken. He should have said something like…”If I’m elected president, I will give everyone a free calculator so no one will every have to do math again”.
        I’ll admit I’m no math genius, but even I know that these higher math theories support and re-enforce the basics of Problem Solving…something this country is already lacking.

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    The fucked up thing is they don’t text your or alert you if the plane is giong to be late. You show up at the right time and just wait. Your time is wasted to them and they could care less. I’ve waited for hours on some BS they knew ahead of time.
    Now, on the other side of that, when the plane is on time, you better be there 45 minutes before it takes off or you’re not getting on. Now, in Manila I can understand this cause it takes a while for eveyrone to get through security and the last baggage cart getting loaded on the plane, etc. However, some of these little 1 terminal airports applied the 45 minute rule. I showed up for a 12:45 flight at 12:05 and they did not let me on. I was so angry and I said, “the plane is always late so I’m not going to waste any more time than I have to”. Of course I just got the bullshit filipino answer. I kept saying, “look the plane is less than 100 meters away and I can clear security in 2 minutes. We are fucking looking right at the plane behind this fucking counter!!” They still would not let me board. Once they have your money, you’re not getting it back.
    That is complete bullshit for them to be late 45% of the time and expect you to wait. Something tells me if the average was 35%, they would find a way to celebrate that as well. One thing about filipino culture. They have no ability to feel shame, empathy, embarrassment, or guilt. Its like their superpower.

    Btw, has anyone else noticed that going to terminal 3 you have to go ALL the way around where you even pass the airport just to wait in more traffic. I’ve even missed a flight like this. Its on that road they are doing constuction (a new skyway) on between the airport and Resorts World. You’d think they would have some kind of simple passenger drop off where people could simply cross the road and get to the airport so much easier to save time and traffic. Or you’d think they could apply some kind of airport express lane to get people to the airport faster, but no. It seems Filipinos intentionally try to make things more difficult for everyone.

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    Random Numbers

    The problem is Manila is way too congested, and many of the flights are back and forth between Manila and wherever. I think many of the regional airports only have flights to/from Manila. So as Manila gets backed up, so does the rest of the country. If you are going out of the country from an airport not named NAIA then you have a pretty good chance of being on time. Anything after noon involving Manila, well, good luck with that! Can’t really blame Cebu Pacific for how messed up Manila air traffic is. Unless you are part of the RP government of course, in which case it’s obviously the airlines fault!

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      Take a look at this video. This Filipino asshole complains and says he’s in the customer service industry. I’ve had very FEW good experiences in the Philippines cause the standards are so low. So he complains like its the first time its ever happened to him in a country that seems like they want to provide the worst service. I mean, 55% is cause for celebration?

      There is no mass transit to get people out of the airport in a timely manner. If there were some large buses that just got people out of the area and dumped them somewhere manageable that would be a huge plus. Instead, wait in the taxi line for an hour, have a friend pick you up (which he/ she will not want to do), call uber, take the upstairs taxis in the departure area, or I’ve even seen people walk from terminal 3 arrivals down the street to the first light cause traffic was so bad.
      There is no concern for the heavy traffic surrounding the area. There is no care that the airport in Manila is full and one issue fucks up flights for the entire country. The place seems to be surrounded by squatter villages so maybe there is room available, but the local leaders don’t want to fuck up their guaranteed votes.

      Not to mention, many airlines will send an auto text when the flight is delayed. Then people can budget their time a little better. With 1st world airlines, they will text or email you if there is going to be a delay.

      I swear, Filipinos just love problems. For them, problems like traffic, chaos, and congestion must be like signs of progress to them.

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        Johnny, I agree with everything you’ve said, but first this country need to learn how to Crawl before teaching them how to Walk.
        Unfortunately even if you Build It…you still need to build the road to get there. As the above article mentions, if you promote Clark to be the Gateway, how are you going to get the people there ??? Even if they build a MRT/Train system from Clark to Manila…Where is the Manila train terminal going to be built ? How do you keep the people moving without creating another bottleneck.
        Immenient domain (gov’t takes/buys your land) in the States is hugely unfavorable, especially for the one loosing their property. BUT…sometimes it has to be done for the betterment on the people.
        Picture how many single lane roads (not even wide enough for propper 2 way traffic) do you have to drive on to get to various NAIA terminals. Now imagine a shit load of busses trying to drive on these same roads. Fucking Chaos.
        Maybe one day there will be a LEADER who disregards the Political back lash and just start widening all main/semi main roads to reflect a modern city…not a city planned 200 years ago.
        Maybe a Dictator/Duarte canidate is the answer…”I take your house/land, if you no like…I kill you”.

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          Don Quixote

          The thoroughfare is there, the Pommies funded a rail line all the way, never finished all the steel stolen, but the pathway is still in situ.
          They just want someone else to fucking pay for fucking it again.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          They got the Chinese to fund it as well then never built it, the chinks wanted their money back, I only wish everyone did that.!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Northern Luzon Rail Corridor never built. Now they have conned the Nips into building the Southern Corridor Railway.
          What is the bet on how that works out???

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          Hmmmm, let’s see, make Clark the international gateway to the Philippines. One fairly small airport taking in all those flights, most of the surrounding land already occupied with businesses in the export zone on that side of Clark. Airport shared with the Air Force…. what could go wrong there? Then push all those people back down Route 8 toll road back into Manila, adding two hours by car, bus, or train if they had one.

          You know here in the U.S. cities fight hard to keep direct flights or hub status and Manila wants to shed their international flights? Who owns land at Clark or has a long term lease that we don’t know about?

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            Clark has really change over the last 2 year. Their was great hope the “Emirates/Persian Gulf” budget flights were going to be the start of something big. After about 6 month, Emirates and AirAsia either pulled or cut back operations I had heard loss of flights were because Fee’s were raised. Every flight I’ve flown out of Clark are usually at least 75% full.
            Clark has a 2 story terminal with enough ticket counters for 4 – 6 airlines, 6 – 10 gates (although they only use half of them on the bottom floor), The immigration area is 100% better than before, but the baggage pick up and “Customs” area is still bad.
            I would say that Clark is running about 50%. No way would I call it a Gateway, but if they were really serious, and with a bit more work, then they could turn it into the Budget hub.
            But again…driving from the Metro to Clark is 1.5 – 4 hrs depending on traffic. Because of where I live, Clark is the only place I’ll fly out of (unless it’s an emergency)…I can’t stand the driving and operations at NAIA.

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    I once made the mistake of booking a mid-afternoon flight Manila to Cebu. BIG MISTAKE! We boarded on time, but sat on the tarmac for at least an hour. Worse, you’re not even allowed to use the toilets while they’re waiting for clearance! I find from early evening to the last flight at night or early in the morning was less waiting time. But then, sometimes we don’t have much choice

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    Correct me if I’m wrong. But about year or two back didn’t a Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Mindanao lose a propeller during the flight? Seems it landed missing a propeller it took off with and all the crew said was “We don’t know where it fell off at.” Then nothing more said.