Ockham’s Razor

OccamsRazorOccam’s razor (also written as Ockham’s razor and in Latin lex parsimoniae) is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness used in problem-solving devised by William of Ockham (c. 1287–1347). It states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but—in the absence of certainty—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better.

So here is the story:

On Friday my GF had some street food as we returned from the mall. Naturally, I did not partake. After spitting out the bones and complaining about it, she then asked if she could get some more street food. I pointed out the spread of Typhoid fever through street food (which I have seen in an x GF). She then decided to eat at home.

That night she experienced stomach pains and back pains.

3 days later she informs me that she will be sending her clothes to her mother as she is still experiencing the pains.


“Why” I ask “because a ghost punched me in the back and stomache” she replies.

How do you argue with stupidity?

Tomorrow, I will take her to the clinic so we can use SCIENCE to diagnose the true issue.

Also, I find it funny that doctors are religious. Why not pray instead of prescriving medicine. If you are religious, why not practice blood letting? ugh!

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Mark Twain

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  1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    that story reminds me of houses and their contents nowadays,, b4 a house was pretty simple becos most people were poor and cheap with their money
    nowadays= the bathroom has to have 100’s of bottles of different shapoos , soaps, potions, lotions.
    filipino house are full of empty cardboard boxes that the rice cooker, etc, etc, come in and they are displayed like african hunting trophies!!!!!!!!!!!
    evry sales slip and paper from 10 years ago has to be kept in a special cardboard biox that is a good home for rats, mice,,cockroaches, termites,,
    does anybody get bugged by this?///???????????

    1. Profile gravatar of TheD
      TheD Post author

      How the hell does that remind you of contents in a house? Dude, pass the dutchie!
      But I agree. I am similar, however, I flat pack my boxes so I can get more money should I ever sell the item or need to locate the receipt and warranty card only to find that the only item that breaks is the one they dont cover FUUUCKK!
      Then I sell them on OLX to some fucker who thinks I issued a lifetime warranty and breaks it within months.

    2. Profile gravatar of Hooplos

      oh god I thought it was just me, my mom and sisters like to keep things we don’t use. Boxes, used bottles, used everything. I can understand maybe some used peanut butter jars we can turn into glass for water. But 10 year old microwaves, appliances, and those goddamn boxes boxes everywhere.

      One time I tried throwing them away when everyone had to leave the house. They went apeshit when they found out about the things I threw away. I just don’t get this attachment to useless things that collect dust.

      1. Profile gravatar of TheD
        TheD Post author

        Thats hoarding.
        One of my friends kept broken pieces of computer chipboard. “You never know when you might need it” he would say. Need what? Its not only not a whole thing, it’s fucking fried. What could you ever use it for?

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    …. hooplos,,, then they put up boxes on top china cabinets for display of the old junk they bought.
    but that is a good place for ants, cockroaches,, rats,, etc

  3. Profile gravatar of

    All of this is basically just a “display” of what they could afford to buy. This is designed to impress family, friends, etc.