OFW: Another Pawn Thrown In The Shark Infested Waters


I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I am when I hear, yet another Off Shore Filipino worker getting screwed and enslaved. It especially frustrates me when it’s a combination of the freeloading parasite parents and the employer, milking them for all they have. It seems worker’s rights in the western world are degraded to far below standards and governments are protecting and assisting big business and corporations instead of its own people. Well one such case is associated with my brother in-law and the more details I get about his situation, the more I get angry

So, this kid is only 20 years of age and had the opportunity to work in the hotel business for the last 3-4 years in Manila. He didn’t get many hours and he didn’t get much for money, but he seemed to survive fine and did what he could to get by. Well, given his circumstances as a part time worker, he was aiming for something that would give him more hours and more money. Long story short, he got what he wanted, except the money!

My brother in-law was given the great opportunity to board a cruise ship and work on a contract. Picked out of hundreds of others, he considered himself damn lucky! Here is a kid with barely any experience, probably never even seen a cruise ship with his own eyes and he gets to work there! An American cruise ship as well! So my guess was that this job was going to pay him well and he was going to be treated decently as an employee. Holy shit was I wrong!

Originally from what I heard, he was only going to get $720 American per month for his work as a servant, serving food and other things to the employees. This includes free room and board. I thought to myself, “Well that’s not bad, not bad at all, he’ll have no expenses. If he’s working 40 hour weeks Monday to Friday with weekends off, that’s not horribly bad for a rookie. He’ll have all that left over money to save and progress for a better future for himself”. But as you can all guess, that money will not be going to him. His life of living abroad is just prison walls closing in on him. It’s no wonder the Filipino natives prefer to just freeload and do nothing, because the other option is far, far worse.

Right now the situation is bad for my wife’s pimps (parents). Their murdering Auntie (who had her husband offed for money) is losing her health rapidly, soon to be entering deaths door. What does that mean for my wife’s parents? Well, the house they are living in is the Auntie’s and she is in major debt up to her eye balls because she is just another dumb Filipino Money Moron who has left her son and everyone else in a void. So that house will become the banks, which will leave my wife’s parents flat on their asses, homeless. Now, because they decided to FORCE their OFW daughter to pay for land without a house, they are stuck and desperate. I told my wife and her sister it is a stupid idea getting this land when they could get something cheaper in another area with a house. But NOOOOO, the mother wasn’t going to let that happen, “I want this land and if I don’t get it, I’ll disown you as my daughter!” As you’ve probably guessed, the future of my brother in-law is grim. Now he is expected to use all his hard earnings towards building them a house! Because they are running out of time, fast! That murdering Auntie isn’t going to be around for much longer!

So now the brother in-law I working steady on the cruise ship and what I thought was a decent deal, turned out to be a GOD AWFUL deal. He has to work 12 hour shifts EVERY DAY for 8 months. The shift is not 12 hours straight, there are big breaks in between. So by the time he’s done his hours and ready for bed, he’s got 4 hours left to sleep!!!! Yes, 4 hours! By the time he is finished work the guy can barely even walk. He has been trying to fit in sleeping time in between shifts to rejuvenate himself. Not only does he have these horrible long shifts, but he is going a 2 man job. The contract originally stated he would have a second co-worker working side by side with him, but that is not the case. He is doing it all on his own!

Imagine this. You work 12 hours every day, get 4 hours sleep each night, work a 2 man job, and ALL your earnings go to your freeloading parents to build a house? I don’t think it could be any worse, but this is the “culture” after all and that is what you are expected to do! I told him he should save that money for himself and use it towards training for a better position on the boat, but that was just wishful thinking. I should have known he would be throwing his fucking future away to the parasites. Now, because the pimps (parents) decided to buy land and NOT a house with land, they have put him and my sister in-law through fucking hell and I’m sure in no time this shit will affect my wife and I. It always does sooner or later.

I hope to God that it’s true the average life span is of age 65, because that would mean less than 10 years for these freeloading parasites and it would also mean our lives will no longer be ruined by them and their greed. Until then, my brother in-law is just another pawn being thrown in the shark infested waters!

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