OFW vs Native Filipino Worker: Why are they drastically different?


I’ve read posts here about the lazy, brainless, useless employees in the Philippines and wonder how that could be since here (in Canada) I commonly see the exact opposite (with a few exceptions). Could this mean they are a product of their environment? Because they feel more purpose in a 1st world, is that making them work hard and value their job? That is the question I have and I’m still sorting through solid answers.

I was first introduced to the Filipino lifestyle around 2007. I was hot on a Filipina and talking with her just about every night. She described to me a lot of info about her job as a nanny. A lot of them work 8-10 hr shifts. Many work overtime on weekends and from what I’ve seen, most of them complete their contract with employers satisfied. The Filipinos that manage to find better ranking jobs also seem to hold their positions and do a proper job. I’ve come to some conclusions as to why and figure I would share them.

  1. They are held ransom by employers with a contract.
  2. They are held ransom by their parasite family members back in the PI.
  3. They see purpose and progression since they earn a little more than they did in the Philippines.

Or maybe it is a combination of all 3. Whatever the case, I picture it this way: You have a dozen freeloading family members relying on you, you might (or probably!lol) have a kid back home, your employer who has you contracted could threaten to deport you if you don’t do a good job (which in many cases has happened) and Although all of this sucks, you would do anything to avoid going back to the Philippines.

You wouldn’t believe how some of them get taken for granted. They are easy to manipulate since any employer could wave deportation papers in their face if they don’t do as they say. It’s modern day slavery and Filipinos unfortunately are the new N___rs (my wife even agrees). I heard of one case where this employer from Tim Hortons (a big chain coffee shop like McDs) was driving his Pinoy employees every pay day to the bank so they could cash their pay and hand over a percentage back to him! Talk about slavery! And I bet they were left with nothing for themselves since more than likely, they were sending the rest to the freeloaders back home. So this threat of deportation gives evidence and reason as to why some of them work like dogs.

Another reason which I have seen with my own eyes is that they have purpose. There is no more living pay check to pay check for the successful ones, therefore life is more enjoyable since they feel they are getting something out of the work they do here in the 1st world. I worked side by side with a Filipino and I can assure you, he is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t even have a family back home to worry about nor is he on a contract. The only down fall is that he commonly allows people to walk all over him.

I also have a friend who is running a position as a manager for a company and he insists that his best employees are Filipino. So my big question is this: Are these OFWs just a stronger part of the gene pool and surpassed the stupidly of the Failippines? Or are they just products of their environment? Or a bit of both?

I thought that after getting a decent job and a PR they would end this cycle of outstanding work, but for many of them, that does not happen. They continue good work ethic and hard work.

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    Barry Smyth

    Tend to agree with you a good observation even here in Aussie they tend to work hard and achieve more than they ever would in the Philippines, here they seem to have purpose in the Philippines its just the same old grind every day just to buy a kilo of rice with nothing left over.
    When your pay rate for 1 month is around 9/10 thousand peso’s in in many case’s even less you never move forward just grind on trying to buy that 1 kilo of rice…..

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      From my understanding…???…the lucky OFW is groomed from an early age to become a Slave for the Family. The Brightest/Cutest kid of the the litter is who all the money is begged/borrowed/stolen for. 16 – 18 years later, the kid is fully brained washed into believing the lies…”it’s your job to provide for the family”.
      I’ve always thought the the OFW model is probable the worse thing that can ever happen to a country. The smartest one of the litter is to be sent out of the country during their most productive years. What if one of those OFW who had the drive and the smarts to better themselves after going to school, etc…could have been the next success story doing his part to lift the RP out of shit hole status…but instead….They’re brainwashed into believe it’s OK to work overseas as the lowest of the low for pennies…just as long as they support the family. While the other 99% sit around waiting for the gravy train check to arrive.
      I would love to hear a Native Pinoy/Pinay on this site give their OFW story how they were picked to be The Lucky One.

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        I’ve got a few full blooded Filipina friends here in Australia. They too are sick and tired of being used by the family. They complain that they’ve just send money last week and now more money is needed for “medical” reasons, or younger brother got robbed of his tuition fee ( I told her this was crap, more likely he spent it on girls etc). One time I asked one Pinay GF why she continue to send money then complain about it, why not say “no” altogether? Her reply was “I can’t. I owe my parents my life for bringing me into this world”.

        So that must be it. They were told that they owed their lives to their parents, who obviously enjoyed themselves conceiving her/him and they expect that kid to pay them back??? It just don’t make sense to me. One GF worked all her life to educate herself. The family used her as the maid/nanny/slave in between work and school, her parents used to call her “stupid, lazy, good for nothing”. Ironic that she’s the most successful in her family, she’s now a teacher here in Australia.

        I pointed this out to her, that her parents simply brought her into this world but did nothing else and she is not obliged to pay them back. But the brainwashing was so ingrained, she sends $400 a month of her wages to the family.

        1. Profile gravatar of beameup

          Yea, all children are taught to “thank their parents for the gift of life”. I’m assuming this IOU mentality is coming from P.I. Catholicism (a left-over from the dark ages). Remember, the P.I. is the only country that has no divorce (virtually no birth control or sex education, etc. either).

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            That might be so, but I think that is so twisted considering that the children did not asked to be born! After all, who’d want to be born in such impoverished, deprived, filthy environment? Besides that, how could parents expect their children to support them in old age if they don’t nurture and provide good education for these children?

            There is a little boy in my Mum’s province. He is illiterate because his parents won’t send him to school because he has to take care of the livestock, take care of the babies that his mother kept popping out into this world and any general work around the house.

            The boy is not even sure how old he was! My cousins thought he was 11 years old, but he was so tiny, he looked like a mere 7 years old. Children being children, they liked to play. So whenever he gets sent on an errand, he plays and therefore takes awhile to get back home. Then he gets beaten up for this by his own father. How can this kid support his parents when they get old? Futhermore, I doubt he’d have the desire to do so.

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            DON QUIXOTE

            They keep him on the farm for cheap labour, if the educate him, he would find out what assholes he has for parents. if he was a good looking girl we know where she would be working.
            I may be wrong about this one , but I doubt it.

            As someone who was beaten many many times by his father we never know the reason.
            So I would never criticize a father for that.
            Only twice did I get beaten for something I hadn’t done, the rest I DESERVED.

        2. Profile gravatar of TightWired

          My current GF was the pick of the litter growing up. She was made to go to school, and then spent 2 yrs at some small city “college”. Officially she has a Hospitality Management diploma…she’s qualified to work at a hotel front desk, cashier, or be a waitress.
          Since it’s her money….I don’t blink an eye when she’s send HER money back every 7 – 10 days. It’s her money after all.
          Anyway…I bought her a plane ticket (On sale) and will float her some spending cash when she goes back to the province for her birthday in Sept (She’s going to see her family, and I’m going to Hong Kong). She’s already started to collect all her Gift’s…she has a 20 KG’s luggage limit.
          I asked her “when was the last time her Loving Family ever gave her a Gift”. The Reboot Stare, and the non-commital answer told me everything I needed to know.

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            DON QUIXOTE

            I give the child bride an allowance so she doesn’t have to work anymore.
            BETTER than her last salary. I never ask how she spends it, just don’t come back for more, unless its an emergency.
            BUT if she was working she would NOT be sending her money to those freeloaders.
            We have discussed it.
            Even she understands a household needs money to run and a damn sight more in Australia than the Philippines.
            I’ve tried to educate her on managing her money. FAIL
            I have tried to get her to bank something, but nope.FAIL

            Its a worry for me later in life, I have seen too much waste from inheritances in the PI.
            I thought she was a better manager of money than most, but I was wrong.
            Its a good thing I have a good manager for when that time comes in Australia so they will manage everything for her and she will just get an allowance , and never her hands upon the principle.

          2. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            I’ve thought about telling her to quit her job, and just give her the Weekly/Monthly allowance, but….I’m not sure I want her around me 24/7. I like my Quiet time when she’s at work…LoL
            Also if she wants to give her hard earned money away, that’s her decision. I’ve told her I will not Directly support her relatives. Now…this maybe a lawyers response, because I know more or less anything I give her will end up going to those leaches in the long run.

          3. Profile gravatar of
            DON QUIXOTE

            24/7 god help me.
            To borrow a phrase ” just shoot me.”
            We have our separate friends and our separate rooms,
            ( for that flip tv. noise pollution)
            Have our different interests, and she doesn’t like fishing and boats golf etc.
            I took her once that was enough , never gone again.
            But we work it out.
            If she wanted money for the family she would be working and she realizes it.
            Maybe she is Smarter than the average bear!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover Post author

        I would love one big blog of all the OFW’s stories. I think many of them are too damn ashamed to tell the truth and would refrain, because that would mean excepting their grim reality, but surely, some of them will speak up so others can be encouraged because it needs to be heard so they can form as one and band together against the freeloading dumb-fuck families who are using them.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I agree with you. They probably vent to each other. Out of all the Filipinos, they probably get cheated the most. They feel they can trust family members with their affairs back home, but of course it backfire. They constantly have their property stolen, the funds they send get used for vices, and anytime they say they are short on funds or cannot send more they get grief for it.
          If they buy land or a house, the family will forge their name and steal it. They will never know until they come home to find another family living in their home with their spouse or family member having spent all the money.

  2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover Post author

    When I try to imagine myself living in that situation, I see some light on the life. I had a crappy part of my life where I just didn’t give a fuck about myself, the people around me, or where I was going because I didn’t have a whole lot of purpose when I was young. This was in a hopeful, “democratic”/socialist country with hand-outs. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like over there. I think I would have drank myself to death by now, if I were that same individual I was back when I was 20.

    I kid you not, the Filipino I worked with I would trust and rely on more than everyone else at my work place, that’s why when I hear all this talk about how shitty and unreliable Filipino natives are, it was difficult for me to understand this. So are they really a product of their environment or are these OFW’s just from the good gene pool and made it here because they were more stable, smart individuals? My co-worker is very bright….actually, a bit of a money moron, but far brighter than the Filipino’s I hear about in the Philippines. He’s come up with some really bright ideas at my work. I guess the only thing I wasn’t impressed with was his organization. He seemed pretty sloppy with filing and keeping things orderly, but I figure that’s common because they live in shacks which probably have a mess in them and nothing (from what I’ve seen) looks orderly in a typical Filipino home (correct me if I’m wrong).

    1. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
      Steve Declerck

      Sure, nothings look orderly with filipinos. Since I’m married to her, I have to accept we live in a mess. I don’t have problems to do my share in the household, but it just gets messy again the next day. The cotton buds she’s using to clean her ears just end up in her empty tea cup that is on the table when she’s cleaning her ears. So nice to wash dishes afterwards. Chairs full of handbags, jackets, clothes. The table in the living room full of her shit. Upstairs the same, bathroom floor and sink full of long hair, clothes everywhere. Everywhere you look, you see something. Asking already a 1000 times to keep things clean simply doesn’t help. She’s simply too fucking lazy

        1. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
          Steve Declerck

          Hahaha, in the beginning, yes the sex was not bad, but sex is non existing anymore and the only thing that is left over is that stupid bitch. I swear to God one day I will put her on ebay 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover Post author

            You should put her up on Ebay with the title “stupid bitch for sale” and put “free” as the cost, or better yet pay someone to take her away!

          2. Profile gravatar of
            DON QUIXOTE

            FREE TO GOOD HOME!!!!!!!!
            Seems to work for old shit in my area, when I want to clean up the yard.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover Post author

        Lol. I have the exact same problem at home. She leaves her jacket and clothes everywhere in the house. Seriously, this is the scenerio. I’ve given up on telling her what to do. So what happens when she comes home from work? I watch her put her jacket on the chair(not the hanger where the jackets go). Instantly after, I pick the jacket up of of the chair and put it in its proper place. What does she do after eating and drinking? She puts the dirty dishes on any place she can find that is shorter walking distance. For instance, today I found dishes left on the table in the living room, dishes left on the edge of he countertop, but none of them by the sink or in the sink where the fucking dishes are supposed to go.

        What else did I find when I went to use the washroom? Bath may still on the floor, piss in the toilet un-flushed, hairs everywhere, and it’s hilarious how hypocritical she is, telling me how messy I am when I leave some shorts on the floor in a closet in the bedroom unseen!

        So ya, I put the dishes where they are supposed to go, I rehang her clothes, I flush the toilet, take out the garbage, and say to myself “if I didn’t do this she would more than likely complain about her self induced mess and blame it on everyone but herself” an continue my day.

        It amazes me how much she is in denial about her messiness. Dunno how many times you have to tell them the same shit over and try never fucking learn. Teaching an old dog new tricks would be preferred.

        1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflip

          Teach an old dog new tricks? Hahaha…I would have a better chance of teaching my dog (a playful and loving yellow lab that is infinitely smarter than the collective intelligence of 100 million flips) how to sing like Luciano Pavarotti than one would have to teach those gooks how to turn from their backwards ways and live like civilized human beings. Sigh….

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover Post author

            Ha! You might have a lot of Pinoy’s competing with your dog, since the bunch of them all sing (or try to).

          2. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

            I dont have the brightest pinay in the world, but she does have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to keeping things orderly and clean in the house. I understand your pain as my ex pinay was the laziest person I’ve ever been with 🙁

          3. Profile gravatar of
            DON QUIXOTE

            I cant bitch about the child bride, she is clean and tidy and rags on me when I leave clothes laying around.
            The ONLY thing I could possibly bitch about and I have to be picky.
            I have come out early in the morning to dirty dishes A LOT MORE THAN ONCE in the Philippines.
            In Australia I taught her how to stack the dishwasher at night, white mans magic works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Although I had to buy her a wash basin in Australia so she can wash her stuff, the washer machine sounds like a jet fighter. She wont go near it.???????????????????

            Vacuum cleaner she loves it, BUT I had to buy a flip broom for her.

            Dishwasher OK , Washing machine Devils handy work?????????

        2. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Pinay Lover,

          I have the same problem with my wife. I’m told I’m sloppy and messy all the time. Well we have our own rooms but for being sloppy and messy mine is always cleaner. Clothes folded or hung up, bed made and such.

          It’s hard to take being called sloppy, messy and such when the one saying that leaves their used jelly rolls on the bathroom sink, in the soap dish, on top of suitcases in her room. Then to top it off use a chamber pot but not empty it until it almost overflows and scared to touch it as Creature from the Black Lagoon might have decided it’s a perfect place to set up house.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike


        She kinda sounds like my ex wife from Bulacan. We rented a house that was two story, full basement and full attic, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room and such. As with most filipinos that just means a place to store useless shit. Well it comes time to move to a different house so I start moving. It took me one day to move all the furniture, appliances, bedrooms, both mine and my daughters and wifes personal items. BUT it took THREE more days to move all the shit she had stuffed in the basement, attic, closet!

        So then later wife decides she’s moving to Reno and ask me to help go through her storage locker. That finished at around midnight only to be told there were two more storage units!

        Now talking to our daughter back in the states I found out the ex still has 3 storage units in Indiana, at least 2 in Nevada and at least 2 in Florida where she lives now.

        But what to expect from a woman who writes a check for 25 cents so can buy a pack of gum or buys remotes of no use just because they are on sale?

  3. Profile gravatar of Kiwi

    Without a shadow of doubt a product of the environment. Laziness, ineptitude and stupidity reign supreme in their country and most are astonished at the stark contrast to how things are done in the developed world. Still you get your fair share of garbage, mostly lazy child bride products found in bars and married by social misfit 20+ years their senior. I have encountered both here in Australia. I have worked/work with some amazing Filipino’s that are hard working productive and constructive members of society. I have also encountered some absolute trash who seem to have a common theme (previous bar work) that are nothing but parasitic filth. A couple of them encouraged my ex girlfriend to cheat on me with a younger unemployed guy while I was at work. They thought they were so fucking clever because they were doing it and their husbands were oblivious to it. Well I found out about her cheating, blew the gig on all of them and kicked my little bitch out with no ticket home (she is on a tourist visa). Last reports are her new unemployed young boyfriend has got her pregnant and she plans to marry and overstay her visa, thinking being married and pregnant is grounds to stay in Australia. Going to be funny when they deport her dumb ass back home and her new boyfriend dumps her.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      I was told it is the Philippine Mafia, and keep the child bride away from the jealous bitches.

      They fucked up their relationships, yup they got away from the PI, but then realized they need a breadwinner here to support them after fucking off the one that brought them here.The government cant support them and their families back in the PI.

      I’ve met some of the social misfits in Australia and your right, but they are WORSE by far when they go back to the PI, for a holiday I cant believe the shit they try and pull over there.
      Its like they haven’t forgotten the old days when anything went in Angeles,Manila or Subic and they INSIST on reliving that experience.

      Whether or not they get away with that shit now is up to the proprietors of the bars now, and I’ve seen quite a few thrown out of bars recently!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Phil Doh

    From what I have seen of the OFWs in the Middle East they have a much better work ethic and initiative than those back home. It’s probably a combination of them feeling lucky to be in the job and having competent managers who don’t put up with stupid shit like texting, giggling, sleeping etc. The biggest cause of all the crap in PH is the brain drain – all the best minds move away the first chance they get.

  5. Profile gravatar of beameup

    In the P.I. its strictly “who you know” that determines your position/job. “what you know” or “how qualified you are” has absolutely no bearing.

      1. Profile gravatar of beameup

        It’s called the “compadre system” and is a left-over from Spanish colonialism. You hire your relatives and “extended family” regardless of their “qualifications”.

        1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover Post author

          Very true. A co-worker of mine was telling me about a place he worked at where they had a Filipino supervisor. The guy hired ever family member he could and didn’t hire any Canadians. The majority of the women got pregnant within the first couple years so they were unreliable and a tax burden. I’m not sure what the men were like but regardless, they help their own kind whether they are qualified or not.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      This is very true. It’s all about connections and circles. This give clear insight as to why so many Filipinos in positions of leadership and higher responsibility are so completely incompetent to be there, thus explains why there is so god damned much failure attached to everything you do, buy, go to, etc. When you have people who are clueless to what it means to be responsible, when failure and problems arise, they are just failures and problems because they are failure and problems due to the fact they are failures and problems. Nobody seems to be able to figure out the next step after the discovery of a problem is resolution. Therefore failures and problems just continue to be failures and problems. Nobody feels responsible to resolve problems. They just want the paycheck and the title. Fuck actually fulfilling the role. Just show up and demand respect.

  6. Profile gravatar of Eric

    God I hate the expression “new n___rs”….seems like any chance some people get they can’t wait to use that word. It just will never ever die…wtf

    sorry to digress, carry on…

  7. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    im going to just post a rant from my experience with Manila flips today.

    I used the public transport for once in a blue moon, an FX specifically. Thought i would save a few bucks and the hassle of finding parking space and my destination wasn’t very far.

    I was in the back, its 3/4 seats filled, so the 4th guy comes in, he has 2 duffle bags that can fit 4 basketballs each and a backpack that was more like a medium camping pack. So this mother fucker is already going to be imposing his luggage on the other 3 passengers including myself. Hes mature in age with slight patches of grey hair and thick stubbles on his chin.

    That wasn’t enough, mother fucker takes out scissors, not tiny student scissors, or scissors with a plastic guard. 8 inch long steel scissors, almost as long as the paper in width, and starts cutting out his business cards from the usual A4 format paper to smaller business card sized sheets. Talk about the wrong fucking tool for the job. When they’re that big and unguarded they’re intended for cutting slabs of boneless meat or florist foliage and he has the dumbfuck mind to whip them out while riding in a steel trap. I asked him if he could put the scissors away while we were in transit, other passengers nodded and made various gestures of approving my words. The dumbfuck says “shut up stupid.” in tagalog and continues with his childish ignorance. Good thing my stop came shortly after.

    Needless ot say i took a taxi back home. Never, ever again.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover Post author

        Talk about rude. Brings practically his home with him on his back and decides to take public transit? “I’m more important” attitude just eats me up!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I have a 6 year old son and most of the time when we go somewhere we take our car or a taxi, rarely a jeepney. But here is what happens almost every time we do take a jeepney or multicab. My son will be sitting next to me or across from me.

      1.) Some asshole gets on and tells my son to move it because HE wants to sit there.

      2.) Some asshole decides to sit down anyway and literally sits on my son.

      But as soon as I say something then I am the one that is being rude. (Like I care).

      So once my son ask to sit across from me which I permit. There were three others on the jeepney toward the driver. I told my son if someone gets on and tells you to move you tell them no, you were there first. If they give you a problem I’ll handle it. Well everytime someone got on that jeepney the first three would tell them not to make my son move as his dad is right there and ready to kick ass.

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    MY GOD WHERE TO START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think that in all societies the more you give the more they want, its indicative in western society too.
    If you give people something for nothing or for doing their fucking job they are already paid for.
    Pay them peanuts and you get monkeys, take all their money off them and they will soon figure out
    It is why communism failed, human beings finally figured why should they be productive for the collective to steal ( Nationalize ) it.
    Sorry its my pet peeve.
    The aborigines I know , and I know a lot have a saying its called SIT DOWN MONEY. Why work when the world will give you something for nothing.

    William Simon, ex Secretary Treasury US, said it in his book, You Cant keep taking from the Productive and give to the Unproductive , before the Productive become Unproductive.

    I digress,
    I have friends now who employ Filipino workers in Australia as he could get anyone who would work with him here, and he isn’t cheap either. He has deep sea trawlers working the Southern Ocean south of Tassie., TOUGH COUNTRY !!!!!!!!! He loves his flip workers, They suffer the cold and sometimes hell on earth but they get an Australian Pay-packet. min A$50K a year, and never bitch so I can say get them out of the environment and they will flourish.

    BUT the MENTALITY thing is a problem.

    I have another friend who brought over his wife’s two brothers, on a tourist visa.
    They illegally got jobs, menial stuff but paid well. $800 a week.
    After a while my friend asked them if they were sending any money home to their Parents, as he and his wife had been sending $200 a month for years , and wanted a break as the brothers were here working.
    The brothers told him that was their SISTERS RESPONSIBILITY not theirs.
    The sister was not working, as she was raising their (mates) 3 children.
    So my mate told them that, HE WAS PAYING THE $200 A MONTH not the sister
    They said it was her responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Now both men were living under my mates roof.
    New Idea!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Well you can pay me board.!!!!!!!!! $250 a week each.
    We are ENTITLED TO LIVE HERE.!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The assholes would not even offer to pay some board to them from their money.
    I personally met these freeloaders, they had the best of clothes , Nikes , they looked like American PIMPS when they went out.

    My mate and I lodged a plan.(Drunk)
    Firstly he secretly changed their return Flights. He had bought them in the first place.(Naturally)
    We took them to the old system Duty Free Stores that were not at the International Airport.
    Used their tickets to buy two cases a scotch. One each!!!
    Then we took them to the airport with the clothes they stood up in.!!!!!!!!!!!
    Handed them their tickets and passports , took them to the check in and FUCKED THEM OFF BACK TO THE PI.

    The amazing thing was the sister never even bitched, maybe just maybe she had seen what parasites they were.

    The upshot is they are now barred from ever entering Australia again for failing to take out their 24 bottles of duty free booze.
    We enjoyed every drop of it..

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      SWEET JUSTICE. Fucking love these stories and good on the Sister for not putting up with their shit. Selfish little turds are more concerned about their status and material possessions than showing appreciation and living a standard everyday life like the rest of us. You think you chumps are higher than everyone now that you have your money? Think again! Bye bye!


    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I would have liked to see their faces when you handed them their passports and tickets,,, priceless,,, and then they have to face that shithole of PI…
      Looks good on them…

  9. Profile gravatar of juatin

    i used to have a staff who was working in our overseas company and he requested back to come back to the philippines because his children are of schooling age. reviews of him were good when he was overseas, so i thought , hey thats good. i have someone old and senior enough to know how we work.
    boy, was i wrong. he was always giving excuses to go out, family suddenly become so important that he cannot work over time,(whereas in the overseas company, overtime was never an issue) and productivity was next to non existence. and suddenly, he likes throw weight around because he is in a senior position.
    i seriously think the seniority thingy here is not good. why should someone address someone else as sir just because he is older? i thought they are very much into American culture? why is calling of first name not acceptable here? and when a senior says something, it is ‘definitely right’. there is no critical thinking here.
    Anyway, that guy felt inferior because he has to report to someone 20 years younger than him. but that inferior feeling never shows when he was overseas, reporting to someone who is 20 years younger as well!
    i cannot see how this country is going to improve if the current system is going to stay in this country. its a vicious cycle.
    But i do vouch, that most filippinos who work overseas are mostly hardworking, because they know that they have to succeed, otherwise they will be sent back to the shitland back at home. and shit happens when they are back in the shitland.

    of course, there are also some idiots who think they made it big just because they went overseas to work, and start to behave like kings.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      Ha! Responsible? Hilarious. First, pull out in time, second, stop procreating like roaches, third, don’t create offspring if you’re just going to ditch them to work abroad, fourth, stop looking in the sky for the invisible man to solve all your self induced problems, fifth, take some sex education for the love of GOD, stop having babies! sixth, learn to close your legs, seven, learn to be a REAL christian/catholic and not have kids until your married…sin sin sin! eighth, stop having kids, stop having kids, stop having kids, stop having kids, stop having kids!!!!!! 9th?!?!? STOP HAVING KIDS!

  10. Profile gravatar of DubaiGuy

    Been in Dubai for years so have a fair amount of experience with OFWs. A good majority of them are brought over for low end customer service jobs like cashiers, fast food workers, etc; it’s this crowd that generally are the mindless worker drones that just punch in everyday and just repeat whatever standard lines they rehearsed during their training. I call them the “service-bots”; none of them can think even slightly out of the box and solve the simplest of issues, they have only been programmed for taking orders, pushing buttons and giving you change. Anything slightly outside of their program capabilities and smoke starts coming out of their ears and they need to call over someone who can think and/or make a decision. The tier above that is your typical office admin drone; which are generally a little more switched on, and tend to be a bit more motivated cause there may be a bit more room to move up the corporate ladder vs say Burger King. However, even among this crowd… there can be challenges, and generally have to be “programmed” to do basic tasks exactly in the way expected with zero room for thinking or applying common sense on their part. The smarter ones get promoted to supervisory and mid-level management jobs however, you don’t see many reach this level. The smartest of the bunch start up their own businesses, and there are some entrepreneurs here that seem to do reasonable well for themselves, they are in the minority though.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      They think “haha, I’m replacing these citizens because they can’t do their job right. They’re just all lazy, I’m simply more important and better than them!” without acknowledging that the reason they come here is because employers can:

      1. Get them on a contract and lock them in
      2. Pay them peanuts
      3. Over work them and threaten them with deportation.

      But the majority are very gullible and don’t clue in until midway through their contract when they realized they didn’t get a raise, they cant transfer to another job, and they are working more than they would like to.

  11. Profile gravatar of DubaiGuy

    Yes, and I think this certainly has an impact on this crowd’s motivation and work ethic. The ones that are locked into some low end menial job don’t see much future prospect and their lives are fairly miserable. Working for 10-12 hrs/day 6 days/week for chump change. In a way they are kind of slaves x2 – slave to their employer and their family back home. I can’t imagine I would take much pride in my job given that situation, I’d probably just show up and grind through it everyday. Where as the ones that have more freedom and flexibility in their employment situation tend to be a little more motivated because they can see there is some incentive to work hard. I think most in OFW in Western countries would probably fall into this category, but could be wrong.

  12. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    A couple theories as to why the OFW’s are so different:
    1. They are the most motivated and determined to get the hell outta the Philippines. They know they their hard-work and talents can earn more money and opportunity in another country.
    2. They know family is depending on them.
    3. They have to be! The USA, Canada, Aussie, Germany, UK, etc would not put up with Pinoy behavior. They would not be allowed to drive the way they do, the laziness/ stupidity at work, the stealing, pissing on the main streets, singing karaoke all night in a neighborhood, etc.

    Many OFW’s have a difficult time re-assimilating back into regular society when they go back. They are the victims of free-loading friends/ family, cheating friends/ family. They actually get cheated more than the kano’s do. Plus, they see their country in a completely different way when they return. They see it as a dirty, corrupt place; Basically, the same way we see it.