Oh The Ignorance! Noise Loving Filipino Idiots

I normally wake up and startFilipino-idiots-drumming my day between 3am and 5am each morning. I don’t set an alarm or anything, it just happens naturally. I tend to be at my best mentally during the calm, quiet of the dawn. I’ve even gotten used to the sound of the roosters crowing.

But there is one day each week, when the calm stillness and quiet of the dawn is detonated with an explosion of pure idiotic noise at 4am, like clockwork, every Sunday morning. They choose the 1 morning that is a day off for most people. The one morning most people get to sleep in.

And the completely ignorant, inconsiderate baffoons choose to do it right in the middle of a residential neighborhood instead of meet in an industrial area parking lot or someplace where their mindless, non-rhythmic attempts at drumming and out of tune brass instrument playing won’t come exploding through people’s windows at ear-splitting decibel levels.


I have been hearing this every Sunday morning for a long damn time. Are they practicing? If so, they are no better today than they were 2 years ago. It’s the same mundane, un-synchronized, out of tune blasting of pure noise, never improving, never progressing to sounding anything like something you could consider music. It’s just like a bunch of brain-dead insomniacs decided to take their frustrations out on those who can sleep.


And then to add to it, to break up the afternoon sounds of honking horns and motorcycles with no mufflers speeding by, I’m sure you all love the idiotic procession of mundane elementary drum pounding as a huge group of Filipino idiots march around aimlessly with that caped crusader Chuckie Doll thing they worship like a bunch of ignorant morons who don’t know the first thing about the religion to which they profess to belong.

filipino-religious-idiotsI guess they feel after a week of lying, cheating, scamming each other, breaking promises to customers, stealing from their mothers, etc… they need to cleanse themselves with an annoying banging of drums and fucking up traffic by parading a piece of molded plastic adorned with a crown and a cape around for a few hours to show all those who are NOT parading around banging on drums like idiots how devoted and religious they are.

That’s not culture or tradition.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    Noise brought me here.
    That is why I found this site. I am incredibly sensitive to noise and years of shit like this caused me to look for a method of venting.
    I have dealt with just about everything these creatures have to offer in the way of obnoxious and idiotic behavior, but NOTHING has driven me to want to fuck the world up like inconsiderate noise making.

    The whole phrase, “Inconsiderate noise making” Thats such an alien term to me. ” Noise making”… How it even rolls off the tongue sounds annoying. “Hi, I’m a resilient Filipino…HOY!!! DID YOU HEAR ME? I’M A RESILIENT FILIPINO!!! LOLOL HAHAAHAHA , YOU LIKE DE SELPY FOR PACEBOOK, I LIKE ET ESO MATS!!!”

    Why is it like this? WHY GOD DAMN IT FUCKING WHY WHY WHY????????? WHY???????
    Of course, THAT is not really important is it? Asking “why” is what you do when the dividend of variable conclusions has inherent meaning. Pinoy noise making has no meaning, like so many other things they do; It is meaningless, mindless, and chaotic.

    Since I have lived here, I have experienced more horror stories of obnoxious noise levels than I can list. But some of the more annoying ones come from everyday occurrences.

    Example: Everywhere I have lived here there is always some large (Overly fucking large) family that feels it necessary to keep their front door wide open, and regardless of the fact that they live in perhaps 40 SQM apartment still find a need to shout to one another from 5 feet away. They LOVE noise, like a dog pissing on its territory they pollute the environment with the incessant sounds of clanking plates, banging, noncoherent vocal sounds, loud farting, loud belching, loud videoke, and much much more.

    At 7:45 AM I was awake and about to work out, I already have extreme irritation to mornings here, but thats not enough. The Philippines is a surplus of “FUCK YOU’s” all the time. When you think stress levels are at an all time high, that just translates into you needing a little extra stress on top of it; an endless fight in a war of attrition. So at 7:45, the people across the hall decide, Lets open the front door and turn up the videoke machine full blast. Ya know, because they can’t hear so good on account of mental deficiencies…..*Sarcasm.

    Immediately my first reaction is to ask….WHY? Why open the door and turn it up all they way? Do they really think I would want to hear that? What about the guy down stairs who sings in his shower so loud I can hear it from 4 floors above?

    Are Filipinos deaf? I would imagine they have bad hearing from a lifetime of being mired in shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt….. But still.
    The y often times talk to each other the same way someone talks who has headphones on and turned up loud. Almost like they don’t realize they are loud, or don’t realize how loud they are being.

    I miss silence, and I have looked into seeing if a doctor can make me deaf via operation. Thats is not a joke by the way.

    Oh…….Then there is also the fucking roosters. If you could only see the exquisite suffering I have envisioned for them all, the tingle of giddiness, bubbling up inside like a cute little fountain of black tar and beautiful hate, full of rusty fish hooks and various forms of Plague . Everytime I hear them crow my world goes dark and angry, and all I see is EVIL and all I feel is a strong desire to cause pain and torment the likes of which the world has never seen.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I feel ya Spart. I really do. There have been so many times that I have wanted to rip someone’s head off and shit down their neck. The utter mindless discourtesy….rather…trying hard to be rude and ignorant, it’s like they THINK about how fucking stupid and fucked-up discourteous they can be, as if it’s good, and proper, and what they strive to be. The complete opposite of intelligent people.

      Because it seems to me, to be THAT FUCKING RUDE AND IGNORANT requires purpose and thought. I can be polite and concerned and courteous without having to think about it. Without having to CHOOSE to be courteous. It just happens without any forethought.

      For me to do the things that dumbshit Filipinos do, would need to be “on purpose”. It would require me to think about it to be able to choose to be rude or discourteous. I can process my peripheral vision without much conscious thought. And I can react to it in a logical and courteous way without much conscious thought.

      How does one wake up at 3am, knowing he’s going to go pound the holy fucking shit out of a drum as hard as he can for a couple hours in the middle of a neighborhood full of sleeping residents, without a single thought of them and their peace?

      How can the average Filipino shit-for-brains shove you as he cuts in front of you when you arrive at a doorway at the same time without having any concern or awareness of how fucking uncivilized that is?

      How can the average brainless dumbfuck Filipino tether their dog with a 3 foot leash to a gate, and let it bark incessantly at ear-splitting decibels literally ALL FUCKING DAY LONG because it’s hungry and thirsty because they don’t feed or water it but every 3 fucking days?


      How can any human being be so tree stump stupid? I swear this drives me nuts to the point I really WANT to understand. I want to swap brains with an average Filipino for just 5 minutes, just so I could see what that feels like. I often think if it were possible, and the moment the Filipino brain enters my skull, I will hear this white noise like that of an empty TV channel at full volume.

      But to try to experience the utter non-thought and bare bones minimal processing, just enough to keep them upright and putting one foot in front of the other, that must be going on in the Filipino brain, would at least give me the beginnings of understanding. I want to understand. I really do. But I can’t. I can’t understand such epic levels of stupidity and ignorance. It’s just not gonna happen.

      Therefore, PhilippineFailBlog.com was created.

      1. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
        Barry Smyth

        What else can I say to your comments you have said it all these are the most STUPID RUDE human beings on the planet and they say they have a culture am I missing something here with these dumb shits Rude brain dead morons —-

      2. Profile gravatar of Eric

        Filo you crack me up I swear. You captured it perfectly with this comment. Just the other day I was in McD’s in BGC and I ordered two happy meals for my kids. The girl asks if my kids are boys or girls (of course I can’t have one of each right?)..and when I told her just that she was on the verge of blue screening before she told me that there were no more boys toys. I told her no matter, just put a girls toy in both…they are too young to care anyway – “CGE PO”. So she goes about her business putting my order together when no less than 2 mins later she comes back with a stink face and tells me that she cant complete my order because they are out of stock of boys toys. I explained again…PUT ONE GIRL TOY IN EACH!! She then said…”but sir you have a boy and we are out of stock.” After a loud head smack I explained that I made a mistake and my son was in fact a little girl and could she please just put a girls toy in the happy meal. I shit you not…her stink face went away and went back to that broad smile she had when I first walked up. She gave me the toy just as I asked and I was on my way. Unreal…

        I don’t think she had enough brain activity to motivate a butterfly

  2. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    the single sound of 2 stroke pedi cab 3 blocks away in a back street is my idea of the perfect background noise in the Philippines. Its seldom i hear such a lonely and heartbreaking noise, it brings me to tears remembering such a wonderful noise. I lived in Paranaque for a while, near SM mall at the back in the apartments FIELDS REZIDENTS , noise was 50/50 there it wasn’t on a main road or in a ghetto, rent was 16000 per month, but one block away was where hell started, even though I spent over 25000 US dollars at the casino just down the road, I loved getting away from the noise of that main road (which isn’t even bad by Philippine standards) so even though I was suicidal as soon as I walked into the casino from loss of finances and gain of girlfriend, who absolutely forced me get free coffee after I ran out of money because she was “shy”. The lack of noise was absolute heaven to me, people that begged got kicked the fuck out of PAGCOR (but it still happened people “occasionally” (total misuse of term) would ask for money to get home like an 80 year old woman once…as if I actually trust them.. hmm)
    There was a church near Paranaque heading back into manila central (wherever the fuck that is) its on a main road near the smaller PAGCOR hotel, and the kennnys road house, noise there was pretty fucked up.

    im so glad im out of that zombie hole, even though my wife still lives with me I broke up with her yesterday after she yelled at me asking where I was saying she would tell the police I abandoned the baby after I went out for 15 minutes to get money for her sister at 1 am because that the only time I can go out or the baby cries when i go..but baby doesn’t cry when the wife goes,,go figure true story. .so she yelled at me coincidentally this happened outside of the Philippines, but its still noise from the Philippines so it counts.

    the Philippines is bad roosters yes, church processions, main roads, beeping, 2 strokes on the main road, banging drums and clanging metal things, there is actually zero silence in the Philippines, and to make it worse there is smog everywhere that makes you choke after a few hours (if you are accustomed to it) its as if the people there think they actually have to make noise to attract you to their stalls too, like the markets which is literally insane, im always vomiting when I get out of church because I feel so corrupted.

    I am in a nice quiet 3rd floor apartment now with views of the mountains and total silence except for an aircon, and my wifes sobbing because she read that I split up with her on my very new post. ahhh life in the first world

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    What the frig are they doing at 0430 am in the morning???? Do they not have any brains or consideration???
    My neighbor was complaining about the smell of a sewer pipe to my maid. the house was build 30 years ago and nothing has changed.. Then the F99((((**tard complained about the water that the aircon drips onto the cement and causes mold…I told my maid to answer the same way the flips answer me. just nod your head like a monkey and say ”yes sir,, i will get my carpenter/plumber/electrian ,, the local asshole to repair it. Best way to deal with these people is LIE LIKE HELL… then they walk away happy..
    I live not far away from that sewer hole of EDSA..
    EDSA would take 10 years off your life in a hurry!!!!
    If I go back to my country and find one of these niose idiots making noise, I am going to ship him back to the flipland on a slow boat. And if I find flips anywhere in a business, I will call the manager and ask if Canadians are not good enough to hire.
    The gov’t and companies got together and enacted a law so flips could work there for two years,,of course it was done in a hurray cos money talks…
    get the local barangauy,, (thieving fucks) to give you a bylaw about noise or look it up on the net…
    I met a guy who gives flips both them barrels… but he has some awesome connections.cos he can get President Aquino to fone the government offices.
    dogs,,, cats, roosters,, churches at all hours of the night,,
    when i was young i learnt never to be on an island or work in a one company town. Many happy campers have got screwed by the local mafia on an island
    end of rant

  4. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Filo, seriously dude. How the fuck do you sleep in the morning? Thankfully you are already awake during that time, so it’s not too much of a disturbance (considering that you’ve been here 10 years, I bet you gave up trying to sleep in past 4am and just been automatically accustomed to waking up at 3 in the morning to avoid this noise racket).

    Damn! You could’ve warn me about the audio, my computer’s volume wasn’t even at halfway and my ears were already ringing, I can only imagine the shit you are hearing. I would’ve retaliated somehow or be sniping them from above, anything to shut them the fuck up. I know you can’t complain about it, because it’s totally unlawful to complain about Filipinos or Religion in this country, and that’s 2 in 1.

    I swear on everything I believe in that if something terribly bad happens to this country, I w ill be the first one laughing while munching on a tub of popcorn. It’s hard to take in this self-inflicted pain they bestow upon themselves as justice as I idly sit by and feel contented that they are getting what they deserve, because I’m sitting in this same shit-hole just like they are, and I know I don’t deserve to share the pain they asymptomatically feel. I don’t know, I’m just vindictive as hell, and it sucks because I know there is nothing I can do about it except to give them the same treatment in my country.

    I would LOVE to overcharge a Filipino at my future business 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      “I swear on everything I believe in that if something terribly bad happens to this country, I will be the first one laughing while munching on a tub of popcorn.”

      Hey man, I’ll be sitting right next to you with my own tub of popcorn.

      But that bad thing that happens to this country will not be by my hand out of an act of revenge. Revenge just isn’t my thing. It’s THEIR thing. Revenge is an act of INcivility, disorder, and counters due process of law (justice). I think there is enough disorder and countering of due process in this country, don’t you? Why do I want to join them and add to it?

      I go further into that point in my comment below.

  5. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Honestly, since you know that they walk that path every Sunday morning creating such a racket, how about booby-trapping that path. Blow some of those fuckers up if you can. OK, maybe you wont go that far, but damp that path with some disgusting obstruction so they are not walking by there again. I would’ve at least sabotaged that path with pounds of dog shit smeared on the pavement, so they smell as shitty as their mentality. Wouldn’t your mind be at peace knowing that they finally got a taste of their own medicine?

    If you take any of these ideas into consideration, I highly recommend that you delete this comment (bcuz it’s evidence) and take action man. It’s not stooping down to their level just for maintaining a balance of justice. And eye for an eye A tooth for a tooth. By doing what I said, you are barely just plucking an eyelid or scraping the plaque off their tooth in exchange for your eye and tooth, they still owe you much more even if you did what I said. Well if this was me, I would’ve been done something by now…. that’s just me 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      All very enticing ideas FAFI, honestly. Much of the ideas you think of, go through my mind as well because it’s human nature. Revenge is human nature. But evolution has given humans (well, most humans) intelligence far beyond that of every other species of life on earth. And the more intelligence and learning and discovery that evolution has given us, the less animalistic the human race has become. And what separates us from all other species is the intelligence to understand that we can make choices about our actions and behavior in spite of understanding human nature. It’s what has made humankind civilized. It’s what has brought order and process and progress. We are the only species on earth that has the ability to act based on intelligent and conscious choice over instinct and nature, guided by due process we developed in order to achieve civility.

      But if I lived my life on an “eye for an eye” basis, and tried to “maintain a balance of justice” here, I better hope I can get paid for it because I would not have time to do what I do that earns me a living here. Because there is not enough time in the day to keep a balance of justice here. Smearing the pavement with dog shit would require me to go gather dog shit…a lot of dog shit. Then I’m sure they would not learn on the first try, or the second, or at all. There is no guarantee they wouldn’t be perfectly happy with banging their drum while walking through dog shit and cleaning the shit off their shoes every time, and doing it again and again and again. I don’t believe they are remotely smart enough to make the connection, or see a message that was trying to be sent. They would just clean their shoes and continue banging their drums like mindless idiots.

      I would not have any time to earn a living and do what makes me happy if I will seek revenge for their stupidity and ignorance. My life would consist only of revenge taking. Besides, revenge is what THEY do. And revenge doesn’t make me feel good about anything. Revenge is an act of instinct, not an act of intelligence.

      Allowing the majority of trivial annoyances to be like water down a duck’s back keeps me sane. I tried the revenge thing during my first few years here. Found I had no time for anything but revenge and it wasn’t making me feel ANY better about anything here. It doesn’t work. It just makes you become like them.

      I’m not all butt hurt over most of these trivial annoyances that Filipinos call culture/tradition. It’s their country, and they allow it. Who am I to come over here and start trying to make them into civilized people when it’s their choice and right NOT to be, as a sovereign nation? It’s not my place, and it’s certainly not my position to serve vigilante justice. I chose to come here to their country. I discovered they are mindless dumbfucks with a culture of stupidity and ignorance. I could stay, or I could leave. But I won’t try to change a nation. It’s not what I came here to do. I have to accept most things I cannot change. Accepting things does not make them any less annoying. But for me, it DOES help me remain calm, cool, and much happier, less stressed person. Most of the time, just coming to this site and writing about it is all I need to do to get it off my chest and move forward with my state of peace and sanity.

      I choose my battles wisely, only fight battles I think I have a chance at winning without degrading myself or pulling myself down to their level, and do it in a manner that doesn’t degrade my humanity, or put me at their level. If we want to talk about never giving up your principles, that is a very important principle I hold that I won’t give up. I will not give up being civil and reasonable and using intelligence. And seldom is revenge very intelligent.

      Just because they behave like sub-human vermin doesn’t mean I need to. Why? Well, simply put, because I’m not sub-human vermin. Simple as that. There is nothing that they can do to make me choose to behave like them. That’s not justice. That’s revenge, and revenge is not justice. If it were, there would be no need for both words to exist. If revenge and justice were one and the same meaning, then the Pledge Of Allegiance could just as well say “with liberty and revenge for all”.

      So people need to understand the difference between justice and revenge. And the difference is HUGE. Some people think it’s a fine line, but it’s just NOT, and revenge doesn’t make me feel real good about myself or the situation. It only makes me feel like I’m joining them, or becoming one of them. THAT I WON’T DO.

      REVENGE: to exact punishment or expiation for a wrong on behalf of, especially in a resentful or vindictive spirit.
      JUSTICE: the maintenance or administration of what is just by law, as by judicial or other proceedings

      If there is no law against banging drums at 4am, then to do as you suggest is not “balance of justice”, because if the majority don’t mind it, and allow it, then there is no administration of justice needed, because no law has been broken. Therefore, it’s just personal revenge. If there IS a law against banging drums at 4am, then if I want justice, I go the route of due process of law.

      And due process of law is the principle I was raised to uphold, and one I am not willing to give up. But then we all know how slow the law and justice works in this country. So I will not go the revenge route, and I certainly don’t have time to use the justice system here if I want to have time to earn a living, so in most cases, the only thing I have left is the control over my own mind and dignity, and ability to acclimate to the environment, which I learned to do over time, AND which has given me much more calm and peace of mind.

      But yeah, sure they are annoying as fuck, and there are frustrations. So one must acclimate oneself to new environments. Because changing an entire environment without an army of support is not advisable nor conducive to maintaining sanity and personal peace of mind.

      So I come PhilippineFailBlog.com,… I rant,…. I try to laugh about it,….. I feel better. It’s the whole reason I started this website.

      (Damn, I went WAY LONGER on this comment than I had intended. Sorry it was so wordy)

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Yeah, unfortunatey the comment was wordy and I attempted to read most of it while I was in a rush (gotta leave in 10 minutes), but I promise to read the other half when I return. From what I’ve read, I want to quote you on one thing.

        “revenge is what THEY do. And revenge doesn’t make me feel good about anything. Revenge is an act of instinct, not an act of intelligence”

        Yes, they do have a tendency to exact revenge, but where is it considered ‘REVENGE” when they unleash their petty antics against us as if we did something? Initiating an act without reason isn’t considered revenge in my book, I would like to interpret that as ‘blind distribution of pain’ if anything. I’m affected, you are affected, and we are all affected by their daily nonsense in a painful manner, either if it’s physically or mentally.

        Revenge can be thought of as an instinct act of human nature, with no intellect value, but if one were mix ‘Revenge’ with ‘Intelligence,’ it wouldn’t be so immature and pointless. In other words, it is possible to be smart about how you exact your revenge on someone, in some parts of the world, that is called “JUSTICE.”

        Filipinos will probably never ever experience the meaning of justice since their justice system is all fucked up on every level. They can get away with committing every crime in the book and wouldn’t even get as much as a slap on the wrist. Any amount of additional pain inflicted upon them (besides their own self-inflicted pain) would be highly justified, and probably necessary. I have no shame in getting my revenge off a Filipino.

        You and I have may have different perception of the word “Revenge.” I don’t think of the word ‘revenge’ as extreme as most others would. Refusing to give to beggars is one of my signs of revenge. Tearing up the leather of a overcharging Taxi driver’s back seat is another one of my revenge methods. I got so much more.

        It’s like what I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this comment, I’m quite pressured for time right now, but I will get back to this later, or whenever I find the time. L8er!

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          “but where is it considered ‘REVENGE” when they unleash their petty antics against us as if we did something?”

          First of all, they don’t see banging on drums at 4:00am as any kind of act against anyone. It’s simply ignorance. They know not what they do. That’s why they’re idiots. And I don’t see banging on drums at 4:00am as any kind of act against me or anyone else. It’s not even petty antics. I see it as what it is; just mindless ignorance. Their motivation to go out and bang drums at 4am is not to annoy people. It’s to practice their marching and drumming. Unfortunately, they are not conditioned to consider others, therefore they don’t. Therefore, they bang drums at 4am. It’s not an act against anyone period. Yes, it’s an annoyance to me. And if I ever get to the point it’s infringing on my happiness or well being I will find out if there is a law against it, and go through the due process to have it enforced. Currently, that is something I just don’t wish to bother with. I just make mention of how fucking ignorant and annoying it is, and I’m ok with leaving it at that. It’s blog-worthy.

          Revenge is if I make the assumption that they are doing it as an intentional act against me and I spend 2 hours gathering dog shit to smear along their path.

          “Revenge can be thought of as an instinct act of human nature, with no intellect value, but if one were mix ‘Revenge’ with ‘Intelligence,’ it wouldn’t be so immature and pointless. In other words, it is possible to be smart about how you exact your revenge on someone, in some parts of the world, that is called “JUSTICE.”

          You’re exactly right! And one of those parts of the world is Philippines. But just because they call revenge as justice, it does not make it right. It’s like them calling their acts of stupidity smart. There’s not difference. Stupid is stupid, smart is smart. Revenge is revenge, justice is justice. If you want to redefine justice with the definition of revenge, it doesn’t change the definition of justice at all, except in your own mind. And the world is full of people justifying their unjust acts by calling it justice. It’s fucking unintelligent and wrong. It doesn’t change the real meaning of justice one single tiny bit. It’s just you redefining justice for your own purposes. It’s so you can have a hayday of revenge and feel justified.

          I’m gonna get real with you my dear friend and brother. Revenge doesn’t end. It starts with one thing you took offense to. The offender’s motivation was not to offend, the offender was just simply an ignorant dumbshit. There was no forethought or intention of offending anyone. It’s their culture. The people around them allow it, and have been raised with it. Therefore, they do it because they always have done it.

          But you, you take it as an offense, and exact revenge. Mr. Ignorant Dumbfuck is injured in some way by your act of revenge, and has no fucking clue as to WHY you injured him, nor does he interpret it as revenge, because he doesn’t know what he did to offend you. Therefore, THAT is the first ACTUAL AND INTENTIONAL act of offense, which you justified SOLELY BY YOUR ASSUMPTION that the ignorant dumbfuck banged on drums with intent to offend you. Now since he doesn’t know what the fuck he did to deserve what you did to him, he’s going to get revenge on you. Now you have to retaliate and get back at him, then it just goes on and on and on.

          It’s the Hatfields and McCoys all over again. (if you don’t know what that is, google it. There is a valuable lesson to be learned with this true story).

          I still stand my ground. Revenge is not only unwise, it doesn’t end unless intelligence intervenes. And that is why “in some countries” it’s considered “justice”. Look at the brilliant countries where revenge flourishes. They are countries like Philippines. Revenge is not intelligent no matter how you word it up. It is counter-justice, counter-order, and is almost always unlawful. If you stand for order and law and civilization, then live that way. If you come to an uncivilized country such as Philippines and start living as they do, then they beat you. They have taken you and made you uncivil just like them. You have signed on to their way of doing things. You have now started doing what you criticize them for doing.

          “Refusing to give to beggars is one of my signs of revenge.”

          How is that revenge????? It’s simply a choice you make. It’s not an offense, nor illegal to ask someone for food or money. Nor is it wrong to choose not to give somewhat what they ask for. How does revenge even play into that????

          “Tearing up the leather of a overcharging Taxi driver’s back seat is another one of my revenge methods. I got so much more.”

          Taxis have license numbers and ID numbers in full view. They are required to issue you a receipt. The LTO will enforce the law on those taxi drivers. Why do you need to be like them and exact revenge when there is real justice in place??? Most taxi drivers don’t own the taxis they drive. So you’re not getting revenge on the offender. You’re costing the owner of the taxi money, and he didn’t do a fucking thing to you. His driver did. Geez FAFI. If you want justice against that offender, simply ask for a receipt, take a snapshot of the taxi ID number and taxi company name, and report them. Making a few tears in the seat is nothing compared to that driver getting fucking fired for overcharging due to a complaint to the LTO. And that is justice.

          Tearing up a seat??? C’mon my friend, you’re more mature than that. That is what a Filipino with the mentality of a 9 year old would do.

          “Filipinos will probably never ever experience the meaning of justice since their justice system is all fucked up on every level. They can get away with committing every crime in the book and wouldn’t even get as much as a slap on the wrist.”

          I completely 100% agree with you on that. No argument from me there. But the argument you’ll get from me is, SO WHAT? Do you really think that tearing up a seat is going to make them give a fuck and change??????? I mean honestly FAFI, really????
          But maybe if people USED THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AS I HAVE DONE, taxi drivers would be less inclined to overcharge. I used the justice system when I not only didn’t get a receipt when I requested one, but was overcharged. I took the license number and company name, filed a report, and 3 weeks later that taxi driver was unemployed.

          Your method caused the owner of the taxi to just repair the seat, and his driver is still out there overcharging people. And you’re trouncing around thinking you got revenge. Real effective.

          “You and I have may have different perception of the word “Revenge.””

          Another point on which I completely agree with you.

          We may also have a different perception of an apple. But it really doesn’t matter what your or my perception of the apple is. The apple is still an apple FAFI. You can keep calling an apple an orange, but it doesn’t change the simple fact that an apple is an apple regardless what you want to call it. Call it a Mercedes Benz for all I care. Fact is it’s still an apple.

          Revenge is revenge. Justice is justice. Revenge is never justice. Again I say, if it was, why have both words if they are one and the same????

          It’s revenge, and will always will just be revenge no matter how you sugar coat it. Revenge replaces justice in societies that DISREGARD JUSTICE. It is ignorance and defiance of the law which makes revenge the surrogate, and you are simply repeating the process by joining them. This is why Philippines is the way it is. This is why there is no justice. Because they are so vengeful and ignorant and defiant to law. And nobody learns a fucking thing other than they need to repair a tear in the seat. But you go home feeling justified, vindicated, more secure with yourself….an eye for an eye…..you feel happy about that. And the process repeats again tomorrow………….and the incivility continues…..and nobody learned a thing again….

          This sound more like “How to fit right in with the natives”.

          Revenge eventually ends in two ways, the intelligent one stopping it or never initiating it to begin with, or one of the parties ends up dead. Hatfields and McCoys. Hillbilly justice. Lots of dead bodies….over a fucking pig.

          How is revenge ever really the right thing to do? Good lawful people don’t seek revenge. Revenge is the stuff of villains in comic books and gangster movies. It’s never conducive to order, it never encourages lawfulness. It is by it’s very nature unlawful and uncivil. And if you think revenge works here, why doesn’t anything change???? They’re still dumbfucks. Why? Because they have never grasped enough intelligence to see the value of laws and order which result in a civil society.

          And I refuse to fit in here. And if I resort to their ways of doing things, I am fitting in. They have sucked me in and me and my respect for law and civility is the big loser. There are times when “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” applies.

          But if you seek revenge because you think it teaches the offender something, you have no understanding of these idiots at all. You have not come to the realization yet that they are unteachable. If you seek revenge for purely selfish reasons, to feel you “got back at him”, (even though you actually didn’t) then you’re deluding yourself. These people live on revenge. They’re so fucking accustomed to loss and revenge it has absolutely no affect on them whatsoever FAFI. Not one bit. They live on their pinoy pride. And that is something nobody has ever been able to take away from them no matter how kicked to the curb they get.

          So what is left? Your good feeling? And does it really feel good? Fact is, you didn’t get back at them except in your own mind. They expect loss. And it doesn’t affect them FAFI. So what is left is, you doing something bad to someone to feel good about yourself. That is ultimately what revenge does.

          And it has no place in my life if I wish to effect a peaceful life here. It wasn’t until I realized all that, and eliminated revenge from my life here that I found peace.

          But I can guarantee that I would have thoroughly enjoyed gathering dog shit and spreading on the path had I been about 13 years old. But I’m 50 now. And I have to say, I absolutely love maturity.

          You know I love you man, don’t take offense to this. When I was 26, I didn’t realize a lot of things either. When I was 26, I disagreed with a lot of 50 year olds. Today I look back and can now completely understand what they were saying, and agree with them. Wish I could tell my dad he was right about all the stuff he tried to get into my know-it-all head that I disagreed with. But he died before real maturity came to me. But you know what? I can say he knew I would understand eventually. It just happens to most people. And it just takes growing older. It’s the only way it can come to you.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            I totally understand your position on the revenge topic, but I think you had put me at a great disadvantage by placing my definition of revenge into ONE scenario. Yeah, banging on drums before dawn may not seem revenge-worthy, and I probably wouldn’t invest my time collecting dog shit to get even with them if I had more important matters to take care of on a daily basis, like work.

            If you used other scenarios that affects us, like almost being hit by cars in pedestrian crosswalks, I think taking matters into my own hand to get even would be justified. If I got hit by a vehicle in a crosswalk, or nearly sideswiped, that is not only a sign of their own stupidity and discourtesy, but that is obstruction of human life. This is my life I am talking about, and if they can’t resist the urge to not ‘almost kill me’ whenever I walk a pedestrian crosswalk, something must be done about it. You and I know damn well there there isn’t a level of justice in Philippines that will prevent these ignorant dumb fuckin Filipinos from slaughtering people in crosswalks. The Police wont stop them, the court wont stop them, and I don’t think any lawful personnel at your Embassy has the power to put an end to it either?

            I personally define JUSTICE as a resolution to a conflict, to where the oppressor is rendered due punishment for his actions. Literally, I know this JUSTICE can only be issued be a legal official, or judge particularly. But do you find it likely for traffic issues to be resolved in this foul country of idiots? So since there is NO JUSTICE in Philippines, then who will do it? If you don’t wanna call it JUSTICE, then lets call it something else. Like PREVENTIVE MEASURES. If I had taken the preventive measurement of cutting tires of idiot Filipino drivers, it will reduce the amount of idiot drivers on the road, therefore it will reduce the amount of traffic related incidents.

            Honestly, if there were to be any kind of justice against a Filipino in their insane methods of driving, it would happen when a life is taken, and by that time, it’s already too late? So in other words, you are saying the only way I can get TRUE JUSTICE against a Filipino is when I’m dead? I would rather correct the problem now, and nobody in this country is doing a thing about it.

            (Just keep in mind that this ‘reckless driving’ topic is only one example, there are hundreds examples of how Filipinos endanger my day, and nothing is being done about it)

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            You still think you’re going to save the Philippines by slashing a few tires FAFI? Please.

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            “I personally define JUSTICE as a resolution to a conflict, to where the oppressor is rendered due punishment for his actions.”

            There you go again, redefining something that already has a definition. Look, again I say, it doesn’t matter what you define justice as. If it’s not the true definition of the word, call it something else man, don’t call it justice. It already has it’s definition. Find another word. Like revenge. Don’t call revenge justice, it’s just not what it is FAFI.

            Don’t butcher the english language. Isn’t that done enough here in Philippines by the natives?

          4. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Alright, I will give it a rest (I remembered what happened last time I didn’t give it a rest) But if any Filipino steps in my territory and deprives me of my liberties and freedom. I will take matters into my own hand if the legal system can’t save me, then I will make sure my corrections to the problem was justified. 🙂

          5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            “So in other words, you are saying the only way I can get TRUE JUSTICE against a Filipino is when I’m dead?”

            Justice isn’t something taken AGAINST someone. It is something that is served FOR THE BENEFIT OF A SOCIETY BY DUE PROCESS OF LAW.

            If there is no justice in Philippines, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING TO BRING ANY????

            You’re only bringing MORE REVENGE and calling it JUSTICE. And if you want to join them in their way of incivility, fine, I understand that. I totally get it. And I understand the deep seeded desire to not let anyone get away with anything that offends you to any degree, and the need to get even. I was there when I was 26 also FAFI.

            Hell I was there during the first few years here in Philippines! But I didn’t understand the scope of their ignorance and stupidity.

            Taking offense to a Filipino’s ignorance and feeling like you need to get even for it is just like taking offense to a dog who steals your meal, then kicking the crap out of the animal. It really is no different FAFI. And the dog lays there beaten and clueless as to why it’s been beaten. It doesn’t even ask why. If you didn’t kill the poor thing, it will recover and resume hunting for meals. It doesn’t even know it’s stealing! Because it’s become so ingrained in society here, stealing, coming within an inch of pedestrians, all that shit IS NORMAL AND NOT OFFENSIVE to anyone here. ONLY TO YOU AND ME. THEY HAVE NO CLUE THAT THEY HAVE DONE ANYTHING “WRONG”.

            And if they do, they do it anyway, and expect revenge, and they don’t learn from it. If they did, there would be less and less of it happening. And you think if you slash a few tires you’re going to reduce your chances of getting slaughtered? You’re just not being realistic my brother! You’re just being ridiculous.

            You know I love you man, and I am 100% certain that 7 or 8 more years in Philippines, and a bit more maturity comes to you, you’re going to look back at this conversation and say to yourself “I now understand what he was saying, and I agree”. You are not stupid at all FAFI, you’re just young. And it’s probably a complete waste of my time to try to get you to understand such mature thinking, as it was of time for my father trying to get me to understand back then what I now completely agree with today.

            Love ya bro, you’ll get there. Just be careful and don’t get yourself shot in your revenge disguised as justice here.

          6. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Just as quickly as you can get revenge, and get away with it, they too can get away with murder here. They know far more than you as to what they can get away with. Murder is easy here to get away with. And it doesn’t matter if they deserved it or not. You step on Pinoy Pride when you try to teach them a lesson. And Pinoy Pride will shoot you in the head when you least expect it.

            Be careful FAFI. I do care about you.

          7. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Well, if I get shot and killed in this country, I’m already doomed to go to hell anyway….. Oh wait, that’s right! I’m already in hell! LOL….. Dying would only make my life a lot better. Don’t get my wrong, I value my own life, I appreciate it more than John Cramer, but I don’t fear the inevitable, rather if it comes for me now or later.

            Yeah, it’s true that they are more aware of the parameters of their law, and that’s the scary part. I don’t know how many Filipinos are out there plotting against me, and they will probably get away with it too. I don’t fear death, I actually embrace it. My entire life has been a game of Russian Roulette, and I wonder why I’m still alive right now…. I’m one lucky bastard.

            If I die, then I die. It’s no big deal, millions of people had done it before. It’s not the first time anybody has ever died before… LOL. I already lost my eternal freedom by getting married to an idiot, so I’m good as dead anyway. Besides all this crazy talk, I’m not dying any time soon, so what am I talking about?

          8. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Well, with all the battles and revenge, I can understand the way you feel. And that’s why I decided I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. Obviously all this revenge and getting even doesn’t make you feel good at all. So not only does it NOT teach them, it doesn’t make you feel better.

            Just give my way a try. You will probably begin to find some peace. You don’t have to bend over and let them fuck your ass. But then you also don’t have to view everything as an attempt to fuck your ass.

            Don’t feel you need to “get even” with everything FAFI. It affects them not one tiny bit, and only makes you worse to the point you don’t care if you live or die. That’s no fucking way to live.

            I don’t care what others think of me. (Maturity is fucking awesome). And I am happy to let a flip walk away from trivial shit as the winner. He has stolen no happiness from me at all, nor will I allow him to.

            Stop fighting the environment and just find a way to live in it happily. Otherwise, shit man, get the fuck outta here. Why be here if they are beating your ass into the ground (and by the way you’re talking, they are winning. They own you.) Shit man, go back to installing cable in USA. But for god sake, find some peace where ever you decide to be.

            Life is way too fucking short to waste on being miserable.

          9. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            I don’t see Philippines as hell anymore. Heaven or hell is created in your own mind. It’s all about what you want out of life no matter where you’re living your life.

            This is an extraordinarily challenging place for a foreigner to be happy. But it’s not impossible, and it can be quite a bit better than hell. But will always be light years away from heaven. It’s all how you perceive things. You need to take control of your mind and the way you react and view things here. You can learn to be happy among the stupidity. If you can’t, why stay? If you’re stuck, then why not try different outlooks? Is your method working for you? Sure doesn’t sound like it.

            All I’m saying is, stop wasting time feeding your misery. Find a way. Dig deep. Chill dude. You don’t have to get even all the time. You don’t have to get revenge all the time. Let shit go. I don’t mean just force yourself to not do anything, I mean really just release it from your mind and stop being angry about it. Don’t worry, tomorrow will bring plenty more opportunities to get pissed off. Just muster up the maturity and self control to decide to take a day off from being Super-Revenge-Man. Tomorrow has plenty more opportunities to slash tires and tear taxi seat upholstery.

            See how a day off feels. Then if you like that “letting go” feeling, try it again. You may not like it at first. It takes practice. Just always be comforted by the fact there’s always tomorrow.

            When the Pinoy dumbfuck rears it’s ugly head and overcharges you, there will be plenty of opportunity to slip away to a phone booth, and become VENGEANCE MAN! Armed with his pocket knife, fighting for truth, justice and the American way in Philippines by shredding taxi seats and bringing libery and justice to all (or at least himself).

            Look! It’s a foreigner! It’s a dude! NO! It’s VENGEANCE MAN! Leaving shreds of auto upholstery throughout greater Metro Manila!

            I can just see CNN someday:

            The revolution in Philippines continues as corruption and the old ways are changing, all due to one man who shreds taxi seats and and slashes tires. They’re proposing putting his face on the 500 peso bill with the inscription: “The Filipino is worth shredding taxi seats for”.

            Just for laughs my friend….just for laughs. 🙂

          10. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Yeah, you totally gave me a laugh there! LOL. But just to get one thing clear. I’m not into the whole “slashing tires” thing, that’s the type of vengeance a girl takes on her cheating ex boyfriend. I don’t do any of that girl shit.

            But I tell you what, there was a time when I was in a taxi, heading from Mandaluyong coming back home. Then soon after I got in and the meter started, he demanded +100php. I had no choice, and if I demanded to get out, I would’ve had to pay for the fare where he dropped me off at. So to even it up, I decided to make his 100 pesos worthwhile. Cutting up his fine leather in the backseat might make him think twice about overcharging foreigners, if not, then at least I got that 100 pesos outta him by doing at least 100 pesos worth of damage to his car. My mind was at ease knowing that my 100 pesos was well spent 🙂

            My frame of mind is, if you wanna overcharge me, then there is a price to pay. The first time a taxi overcharge me, I didn’t have my knife on me, so I took one of his window display toys instead and gave it to beggar. You can tell that was a long time ago because now I would’ve stole a window toy and just throw it away. Fuck giving it to one of these ungrateful street kids! The 2nd time something like that happened, I decided to wipe his cab fare money all over sweaty roasted ball sack. Then I realized how disgusting that was because it could’ve circulated to one of you guys, so I only did that once 🙂

            For now, I just fuck up their leather. Sorry, but I can’t just let them overcharge me and not get nothing out of it. They fuck me, and I fuck them. It’s part of human nature. And this don’t relate to your beaten dog example, because they KNOW what the hell they are doing.

          11. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Thanks Filo, but the ultimatum of my argument is that what these Filipinos are doing is wrong (We can both agree on that part). And if we can agree what they are doing is wrong, there should be a way to fix what is wrong. If Filipinos are human beings, as you claimed, they should already had grasp the concept that they should already be able to fix their own problems, but since comparing them to a beaten dog, I think I already decrypted the subliminal message there buddy 🙂

            Turns out all these wrong these they are doing they don’t know it is wrong. But they know enough to know it’s wrong to impose rules and laws on things. Example, they park in non-parking zones, but they know to not park there because it would be posted as a non-parking zone. So they KNOW to post it, but they DO’NT KNOW not to park there? It’s almost as if foreigners had posted those signs so the Filipinos can object to them. If they were posted by Filipinos, then shouldn’t Filipinos obey them? Do they know to understand what these signs mean?

            I know it’s meaningless trying to analyze this into further detail to where it makes sense, because Filipinos just don’t makes any sense at all. But they grasped the human concept of making rules, but they grasp the animal concept of ignorantly ignoring their own rules as if it never existed, or was never made by them. Now if I was a dumb fucking Filipino contradicting myself, I would say,”Well Americans are the same too, they break their own rules too.” Yeah, we rarely do it out of ignorance, like speeding 5mph over the speed limit and getting busted for it, which happens like 1 out of 100 drivers in America. But when 9 out of 10 drivers in Philippines can’t follow the number 1 road rule of driving in ONE lane, that isn’t just plane ignorance, it’s stupidity tenfold! On top of that, who do you think painted those lane markers? Not Foreigners! Yet, it seems like foreigners are the only ones who tries their best to follow the rules that they don’t even follow themselves.

            They can’t even follow their own rules, I would have a better chance of winner the lottery if I found a Filipino obeying any of my rules, but that is not department. I think of them as worst than dogs, because at least a dog wont make rules for themselves and break it. They break it, and they do with my knowledge that they will knowingly break it, because it’s not a dog’s duty to follow rules. So you right Filo, Filipinos are not animals, they are a lot worst than animals. Thanks for the info 🙂

            (I feel my black heart getting darker and darker, tainted with evil)

          12. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            yeah, they are pretty bizarre creatures to say the least.

            “…because Filipinos just don’t makes any sense at all”
            100% agreed. It didn’t make any sense that my 70 year old American friend got stabbed 9 times and nearly died because he told his hired help who he caught stealing 2000p from his wallet that he was not welcome in his house anymore. Instead of taking the 2000p he stole and going on his merry way, his pinoy pride was offended, and he tried to kill him. Now he’s in prison for the next 35 years. Makes no sense at all.

            “They can’t even follow their own rules”
            because they don’t know them out of ignorance. And those that do know some rules have the sense that they are the exception to the rule (Pinoy Pride) They are too proud to be “under” anything, especially rules/law.

            “they park in non-parking zones, but they know to not park there because it would be posted as a non-parking zone. So they KNOW to post it, but they DO’NT KNOW not to park there?”
            Filipinos can write, Filipinos can post signs that state a rule. Again, they feel they are above the rules. And there are two reasons why they would park there. Either they wrote and posted the sign, and that gives them administrative rights to park where they don’t want others to park. OR, if they are not the poster of the sign, the most likely reason is they don’t read the sign because rules don’t apply to them, or they read the sign, and parked there because rules don’t apply to them. Get it?

            Filipinos are in a constant superiority battle with each other. “I don’t have to follow your rule, I’m superior to you.” OR, “I don’t have to follow the laws, because those that make the laws don’t follow the laws”. OR, “I am the exception to the rule, if I submit to rules, that makes me inferior.”

            You’re not going to change things here FAFI. And it is certainly NOT your position to make the changes. You are a guest here. I don’t care how stupid they are. They are a sovereign nation. You are here because they allow you to be here. It is not your right to be here, it’s a privilege they have afforded you. You are ALWAYS on their territory FAFI. You have no territory here. I don’t care if you’re married to one or not. That is not how the laws work here. You cannot own land here, and unless the law changes, you never will. You will ALWAYS be on THEIR territory.

            The only liberties you have here are those that THEY choose to give you. The only rights you have are those THEY choose to give you. And if they can’t follow their own rules, THAT’S THEIR PROBLEM TO FIX OR NOT TO FIX. And foreigners have been failing to help them fix their problems for nearly a century. And they did way more than slash a few tires and taxi seats amigo.

            Those are pure indisputable facts FAFI. Don’t let your superior intellect make you too superior to them that you behave like you’re invincible to them. I don’t need to prove my intellectual superiority to them. I don’t need to get even. I don’t need to get revenge.

            They may be stupid, but it’s not the wisest thing to think and behave like you are above their sovereignty. If stupid is the law here, then you and I are under it buddy. You ain’t gonna beat them. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Be very careful when getting even with these idiots. Each time you do, and the more you do it, you are increasing your odds of them serving YOUR brand of “justice” on YOU.

            Welcome to de pilippines.

          13. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            “You’re not going to change things here FAFI. And it is certainly NOT your position to make the changes. You are a guest here. I don’t care how stupid they are. They are a sovereign nation.”

            Be it FAFI, or anyone else, it has taken me years to come to terms with this.

            The best one can do is try to make a pocket universe wherein there is a moderate amount of peace. Being truly relaxed here is unlikely, but it took me a long time of living here to realize their problems, while they do affect me, really aren’t “My problems”. If they want to continue down the road of self destruction, more power to them. Will it likely cost me my life? Probably, be it from stress, or some stupid act, but I chose to be here; so I can’t blame anyone but myself in that event.

            The bottom line is this, I really dont give a fuck about this place or its people, and I’m not going to lift a finger to help it..ever. They proclaim “adulthood” internationally, then let them continue.

            The Philippines is now, and always will be exactly the same. Until the people make a quantum leap in cognitive power and general awareness and the way they think, what we suffer now will be the same forever.

            As for myself, I can only do what it takes to secure what happiness is attainable (FOR ME), I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that while I may hate it here, there is always some light at the end of the tunnel for me.

            I pay for extra convenience, Ill continue to do that if it prevents me from killing someone or myself, then it is worth it.

          14. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Spot on Spart. Stress is a choice. Controlling and dealing with stress takes great skill, more than 26 years of living, and practice. There is no way in the world I expect FAFI to understand what took 46 years for me to learn. Much of what I learned to achieve an acceptable level of peace and contentment in this hell hole happened over the last 6 of my 10 years here.

            It took me 6 years before I really finally began to “get it” and actually learn that I can CHOOSE to get upset or choose NOT to get upset. That I didn’t need to get back at everyone for everything. I didn’t need to win. It was low self esteem and insecurity that fueled my need or desire to get even and get revenge with every Filipino that put a bug up my ass. It was immature, it was tearing me down, and it only made me more angry and hot headed of a person. I was becoming someone I knew I didn’t want to be. So it was up to me to change it.

            I probably don’t have a whole lot of time left on this earth, and so I certainly did NOT want to spend it being all pissy and full of revenge for every little fucking thing a Filipino did. I had to find a way to be happy, so I had to look within myself. I knew I could choose to not get all angry and upset every time I encountered stupidity. So I stopped choosing to get upset. Because I was upset all the god damn time. And it fucking sucked. And the Filipinos go about their lives unaffected by me or anything I have said to them or done to them.

            I was losing. They were winning.

            Let them win in their mind. I go home happy. I was a hot headed old fucker my first several here. Today I am the complete opposite. And I have calm and peace most of the time.

            Yeah, I still get angry sometimes. But not nearly as much as I used to. And I’m happy about that.

          15. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Yeah I get what you guys are saying. Filipinos do have the home field advantage here, and I placed myself in a situation that forced me to oblige to more of their customs. I’ve placed myself in a submissive stance where I must be under them in the form of education. I don’t wanna give them the wrong impression that I NEED their education or that I am HERE for their education, because it goes much more beyond that. Spartacus, after reading one of your previous comments last week, you out of all people should know what I’m talking about. As for a little hint, I could hook you up with something, but I’m currently doing an experiment first, then I will let you know if I can hook you up or not. You should definitely inbox me for more details. 🙂

            I’m on their land, and I can’t change them, and they never will change. I can come to terms with that. But I just don’t want some dumb fucking Filipino coming into my home country with their “Pinoy Pride” bullshit trying to convince everyone around me how great Philippines is, and come across a problem when I oppose it. I just want the whole world to know how fucked up they are as much as Filipinos wants the world to think how great they are. At the end, we all know that it’s me who is speaking the truth.

            You speak of Territory as if I have no rights to this land. Technically, I don’t, but I can alter it to the point where it seems like I can claim some entitlement to this country. The world is only ONE entity, and it’s we “As The People” who decides how far down we wanna break our claims. The further down in territory we claim, the more ownership we tend to claim.

            Breaking territory down to the smallest unit, we have our own house. Nobody can claim your house except for you. Everything within the house is yours.

            Next level up we have your city. You can’t really dictate who comes in or out of your city, but you have the privilege of availing the city benefits.

            After City, it’s state/province. As an American, each state has it’s own state laws. Within my Territory in Texas, I’m not obligated to pay state taxes.

            Next unit level of territory is country. Country is probably the most proudest level of territory people claim today and they claim it as their own, as seen with Philippines and other proud nations.

            Now why can’t we go beyond that? If we were to go up a level, then why harboring the claims of the continent we stay in? Instead of Pinoy Pride, Korean Pride, Vietnamese Pride or whatever, how about Asian Pride? Why must the entire continent must be so divided that we are split up into countries? With that said, there is no reason why they can’t claim themselves as one continent, and one territory.

            Finally, and I know this will never ever happen. But if our world was more united today, then how about World Pride? This is my world, as well as it is anybody else world. And in this world of mine, Philippines just happens to be part of it. This world is my territory, and Philippines is in my territory, therefore, I am in my territory.

            I know this comment may have sounded super crazy, but I had to take it on a large scare to prove just that one point. You say that it’s not my territory because it’s not my country, but this is my world and this country just happens to be in it. It just depends on high your claim is. Some people may claim something as little as their house, and someone as wild as me may claim something as large as the whole world. I mean, why can’t I? People are already claiming their own countries these days, and logically, no single man in this world has enough power to claim and own an entire country, and if there is, then THAT really is THEIR COUNTRY! LOL….

            Yeah, this comment was super crazy, but I’m in a crazy mood right now. Thanks for reading 🙂

          16. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Damn! I just realized how many damn typos I had the comment above. No wonder why your reply seemed to be broken down into layman’s terms. This is not my day to be writing 🙁 Forgive me for that.

          17. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            LOL, yeah, pretty crazy FAFster. I have no clue where you were going with that or how that relates to the conversation.

            But it was pretty funny.

            But always remember:
            “The Filipino is worth shredding taxi seats for”

          18. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            I think its basically like this.

            Area is broken down into tribal sect. If you are part of the tribe, you are entitled to speak as one of them. If you are not, then you are not entitled though they may tolerate your presence.

            Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not attempting to condescend to you. I mention this because I have thought about it many times also.

            Its just tribalism man. People are tribal by nature, all the way down to sports teams. If you are not part of the tribe you are an outsider and subject to scrutiny and often times ostracization.

            In a fascist utopia there may be no need for borders and single planetary enjoyment,
            à la”Star trek”.. But thats just not going to happen anytime soon.

            I get what you are saying t some degree though. that its not really about whose territory it is, it is about being HUMAN in general. Common decency, reason, logic, and general consideration, that we as humans are all entitled to.
            THat I can agree to, 100%. Believe me I have wanted to fuck people up so bad her so many times, but in the end I only wind up just stressing over it. Better to walk off and go blow steam here or something and rant about how fucking stupid any given situation was.

            Like Filo said, fucking with these people really won’t change anything. General Stupidity is an unstoppable force in this world, more so in this particular geographic location.
            Believe it or not, there are places in the world that make Filipinos look like a land of Stephen Hawkings. LOL

          19. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            “But they grasped the human concept of making rules”

            They are like Mayna Birds FAFI. They are like children playing doctor. In this case, they are children playing country. They see other countries have laws, so they copy and make laws. But they do not have the honor, nor do they have the discipline to actually follow them or enforce them. It’s all about appearances FAFI. A country has to have laws. Philippines has laws. “Look! We’re big boys now! Look world! We have laws!” and that’s where it ends.

            yeah, you can learn the laws and get them enforced if you’re lucky. It takes a little work sometimes depending on the situation.

            In the example of tearing the taxi seat, you would have done much more justice by using the law by reporting the overcharge. LTO is pretty good at responding to taxi driver corruptions. They’ve served justice all 4 or 5 times I’ve made a report in my 10 years here. And in a timely fashion. And I feel great that things were done properly. It showed a good example of order and how one should live. THAT is the best way to help them. By being the example, not part of the problem.

          20. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
            Richard aka Dick Head

            “Unfortunately, they are not conditioned to consider others, therefore they don’t. Therefore, they bang drums at 4am. ”

            Very, very true. You will see this inconsiderate attitude everywhere. In supermarkets, at fast food joints, in ATM queues, at Immigration, in government offices. They acts as if they’re the only customers around.

            At Jollibee, KFC and McDo, they just leave their food trays on the tables and let the poor bus boys clean up their mess.

            What this country needs is a “NATIONAL CLEANSING” starting with the current occupant of Malacanang.

  6. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

    “It’s just like a bunch of brain-dead insomniacs decided to take their frustrations out on those who can sleep.”

    OMG. LOL. That’s comedy gold right there.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      One MUST learn to laugh and throw one’s arms up in the air and facepalm over the plight of these idiots and their ways, lest he go bonkers in his intelligent mind.

  7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    Today, every time I DON’T try for revenge, and and every time I DON’T try to get even, I experience peace of mind. I feel calm. I win.

    If you’re at a mental state of mind where you’re saying that you don’t care if you live or die, you are losing while you continue to delude yourself that you’re winning every time you get even, or inflict revenge. You’re deluding yourself if you think your petty acts of revenge changes anyone for the better. You are just contributing to the fucking problem.

    If you’re saying you don’t care if you live or die, that sure doesn’t sound like revenge and getting even is having much of a positive effect on you here. Quite the opposite. If you’re saying you don’t care if you live or die, and expect me to believe that is coming from a mental state of well being, then you’re really deluded. Because just saying that is an indication of a very unhealthy mental state of mind.

    I’ve been there, and my refusal to think there was another way of thinking and doing things here only made it worse. I never found happiness in getting even and revenge. I just found more anger and hate and resentment, which turned to depression, and eventually, well…. I still have traces of the scar around my neck to prove it. My partner heard the ruckus in the night after I came home drunk, and got up to investigate. Luckily he thought it was a burglar and had the switch blade with him, found me, and cut me down. I fractured my ankle and had to have a breathing tube for 3 days until the swelling in my neck was reduced. I could not talk for 3 weeks.

    And that’s what it took for me to either try again and succeed, OR find a different way of thinking and living here. I guess coming so close to death made me realize it’s NOT where I wanted to be, and I certainly wasn’t going to let Philippines break me. It was either find a way to be happy, or try again. If I fail again, I sure don’t want to go through all that fucking pain again. It was LITERALLY a pain in the neck!!

    I just hope FAFI doesn’t have to go through what I did to figure out there’s different ways of thinking, and peace and happiness CAN be achieved here. That’s all I’m trying to do for FAFI. I want him to live, and I want him to live happy and peacefully. That’s all.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Thanks buddy, but for real. This place already reminds me of hell and life can’t get much worst. I would never consider doing anything to myself, and if it was inflicted upon me out of blind Filipino anger, then I will fight for my life. If he wins, at least I went out with a fight. If I win, then I spend my life in jail for the rest of my life. I’m just saying, I don’t fear what will inevitably come to me in the future. What’s the different between dying in your 20s and dying in your 80s? It’s still dying buddy. LOL.

      We don’t have to change our writing style because I said something a little crazy. I’m still going to continue living my life the same way I always have. I’m just informing you that I don’t fear death, and I never had. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be more careless with my life just because I said something. Honestly, I’ve been careless with my life my entire life. 4 years ago while I was in vacation in Mindanao (can’t hardly call that a vacation), I drove my wife’s motorcycle 11 o’clock at night, drunk as fuck, on a bumpy dirt road, with no helmet on, and I was blazing through at about 50mph, almost 60! I don’t remember the exact speed, but I was driving fast as fuck and I should’ve died that night. Somehow, I still survived.

      Other than that, don’t worry about the crazy talk I just mentioned. I never give signs or hints of my vile acts anyway, I track myself better than that. Sorry to hear about your incident man, but I understand that Philippines could do something like that to a normal sane guy. There is no need to worry about me. You probably know that if I was crazy enough to go out, I’m taking one of these pinoys with me, and I haven’t gotten to that frame of mind, so not to worry 🙂 Alright, lets get on with the Philippine Fail Topic

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        “Thanks buddy, but for real. This place already reminds me of hell and life can’t get much worst. ”

        I’d say that’s a very clear indication that it’s time to change your way of thinking and the way you view things then. If it can’t get much worse, then the only direction you have to go is upward, right? So what could experimenting with a different view hurt? Can’t get any worse, right? And it got that way because of your way of thinking. So what makes you think it will get better if you continue the same way?

        Take a day off from anger. It really feels quite nice. And you might discover you have a choice. Life can be better here. I know first hand my friend. It’s all perception and control of your anger and learning to stand down a little more than you currently do. There are other ways to be a winner.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          I know I may sound really pessimistic and totally contradictory against what you were just trying to tell me, but taking a break away from anger is like telling me to take a break away from Philippines. This may sound hard to believe, but I was one that ‘happy-go-lucky’ positive attitude guy before. That attitude which I use to have had only led me down a path of constant disappointment and having high expectations for people, which what had molded me to the negative and aware person I am today. I once had the mindset where I thought everything was good, it was hakuna-matata to me everyday, I didn’t worry about anything, but once somebody had let me down, I was more disappointed and sadder than Eeyore from Winnie-The-Pooh (I never watched that show).

          This negative frame of mind kept me aware of everything. My guard was always up, and I was always prepared for bullshit and I saw it coming before it had a chance to hit me. The way I cope with stress and anger may not seem pleasant, but when I think of the naive alternative approach to life, I’m quite content with the way I am now. It’s one hell of a transformation, because I wasn’t always this way. Keep in mind, I’m only this way around filthy damn Filipinos, so when I’m back into the real world around normal people like you and I, I can be a little more trusting and open.

          Here in this shit-hole, I have to keep my guard up more than ever. Even when one of these fuckers just says “Trust Me” raises flares in my head. Same goes for words like “Promises” and “I will pay you back.” This Pinoy Virus has even gotten contagious that it has even started to affect some foreigners. My buddy has been breaking his promises a lot lately just like any Pinoy, and he is in deep debt with me.

          I know it seems like I’m talking about a list of other shit that may seem irrelevant towards what exactly you are telling me. But ‘Anger’ belongs to a family words like ‘Not Trusting, Saying “No” A Lot, Not Believing, and Having Limited Friends.’ Those category of words automatically gives people the impression that I’m angry, but those family of words is actually what had kept me alive here in Philippines so long. Can you try being “Happy” with all those words? Happy but never trusting anybody, happy but having 3 friends, Happy but not willing to try something new (introduced by a Filipino. Who knows, maybe I really am Happy and all that stuff. The few people I hang with sees me smiling and having a good time.

          I appreciate you trying to help me out Filo, but remember what you said this blog was for? It’s for venting out your frustrations. Well, I had decided to take it up a notch by using it to not only vent my anger and frustrations, but also to distribute my anger. Yeah, all my anger is written on here, and mostly locked up. Every negative feeling, everything bad I ever wanna do, is all written on here. I write it on here, and lock it up, then preserve my good feelings for when I’m out in public. Most of you would probably only see my anger side while I’m writing on this blog, but if you were to hang out with me in person with a beer or two, you wouldn’t even guess that I am the same FAFI as you saw this blog. I keep my anger here, and not out there (in public). The time you should be worried is when I’m not writing on here for a while, because that means I’m channeling my anger elsewhere, and if it’s not on another blog, then it’s probably towards a Filipino or an undeserving fellow foreigner (but lets hope I never take it that far).

          My point in writing this is; I’m a lot happier than you think, but since this is the perfect place to let out all my anger and frustrations on this bitching blog, that is unfortunately all what you see of me. Yeah, I do view this place as hell, and that will probably never ever change, but I’m still pretty happy as a person. It’s not all about misery and suffering hating an idiot wife I can’t get rid of. This blog is like the opposite of facebook, because I only expose my good side of life (most the time), but I’m actually more miserable than I present myself to be. You know the number one rule on facebook: Never bitch about your personal problems. So I’m thankful PFB is here to help me expose my negative side. I think I wrote enough, I’m gonna eat. L8er!

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            yeah I hear ya FAFster. As I said, having and maintaining a measurable level of happiness, peace, and contentment in this fuckin’ place IS about the hardest thing anyone can do. Being able to laugh off 100p rip off every day and view it as the cost of stress reduction takes a whole lot of self control and maturity.

            I don’t know. Getting pissed off about everything that I expect to happen just got so old for me, I just eventually gave up on getting pissed off about it. I couldn’t stand waking up every god damned morning and looking forward to getting pissed off over a Filipino rip off or stupidity.

            So I stopped getting pissed off. Because getting pissed off is a choice. I can choose to, or I can choose not to. And the great thing about Philippines is, I know that anytime I miss getting pissed off, and if I want to get pissed off, I can simply head out and go shopping, or do just about anything. A “get pissed off” opportunity is always right outside my front door on any given day if I ever feel the urge. That is one thing with which this country is NEVER out of stock.

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            That’s why I party so damn hardcore to supplement the amount of times I get pissed off in this country. Believe it or not (and this can be vouched on my facebook timeline), I got ultimately pissed off one day, and I was having the worst day of my life, and guess what I did later in the night? I sent a mass invite through text, and posted on my facebook, for everyone to hang out and party with me at the local comedy bar. That night, I was able to round up 14 people (I counted), and I bought a few beer towers. That really calmed me down for the night, it was much-much needed! Even though they were only pinoy friends, it was all I had at the moment.

            I always find a way tranquil my mind so I don’t overheat and explode. Just like what I had inbox you, sometimes stupidity will arrive at your front door, you don’t even have to leave the house for stupid shit to happen like with my wife’s LBC issue the other day. Their stupidity makes it hard to plan anything, and when you think you have a set day for an appointment to happen, stupidity takes over in this country and you are inevitably inconvenienced with an excuse as to why something didn’t happen as scheduled.

            I know I’m preaching to the choir and you are all victims of this typical Filipino behavior, but it’s one thing to fuck up, but it’s a big hot fucking mess when they royally fuck shit up and they say/think it’s the right thing to do, then have these false claims of being such intelligent and humble people. That sickens me so much to the point that just hearing them calling themselves ‘people/human’ pisses me off. Because I’m human and I’m nothing like that. OK, let me get back on track here……. Although these instances occur, games, booze, and bitches is all that I need to give me a peace of mind. Yeah, I did mention bitches, but I do stay within the parameters of loyalty and faithfulness, or at least I think I do….. (don’t tell her that).

            Well, it’s another week of mayhem with Filipino youngsters, I just have to endure 2 more weeks of this then I’m on break for 2 weeks. Whoop-de-fuckin-doo! But I’m not totally off the hook, gotta prepare for the wife’s birthday…. gosh dammit! Alryt, it’s my bedtime (I don’t have a real bedtime for the record), gotta get some sleep. TTY all L8er and Gudnyt PFB! 🙂

  8. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    i can hear the local renters/sqautters with their koroke.. they must have money to spend on tanduay…how it is the same old bass and out of tune drunks pretending to be like frank sinatra///
    when i get to my home country,, i am going to treat flips just like they treated me,,, stare at them rudlely.. call them hey joe or ”daddy”’

  9. Profile gravatar of

    Yes, or tell them you have a friend in the Philippines…his name is Louis…then ask them if they know him…..

    My dumbass brother in law, among others have done that to me….the brother in law says, oh my friend lives in Florida, he is a good mechanic, his name is peter, do you know him? …I just looked at him, smiled and thought…you are one stupid motherfucker!

  10. Profile gravatar of TheD

    It is 3:34am and the neighbor over the street has some people over. Front door wide open and the people are screaming at the top of their lungs like they are on a roller coaster.
    What the fuck are they doing? There is no karaoke, music or other noise. They remain quiet for a few seconds and then suddenly they all scream. What the hell?

    This is certainly a place of contradictions. When in a taxi a pinoy will speak so quietly to the driver that I am stunned he can hear or understand them. Yet when they are in their home, they are so noisy.

    Having observed this for so long, I believe that noise is a sign of wealth. They believe (like they see on TV and in music videos) that if you have friends over and make a lot of noise, it shows you are wealthy. The focus is on how they look from the outside, not how they really are. For example, I pride myself on my honesty and ability, I care little about what people say about me. Yet the average pinoy seems to mostly care how they look and how people see them. This extends to having the latest phone, best clothes and jewelry.

    I once complained to the guards in a gated community where I lived. The neighbor was sat on their front lawn drinking and making a shit load of noise. I politely asked if they could move it inside or into their yard and they just gave me a blank stare. The guard told me that they do not have any consideration for their neighbors and the association refused to enforce their own rules.
    They finally went to sleep at 7am and at 7:30am myself and my friend stood on the road right in front of their house, talking as loud as we could until they woke the fuck up.

    Another example was when the same people were smoking weed on their front lawn. The smoke was blowing into their neighbors house who asked politely if they could do it elsewhere so it didnt blow in his house. Their response was “Fuck you”. My friend exploded and shouted at them.
    At this point, I was inside my house and heard the noise, I went out to investigate and was immediately screamed at by the pinoy who shouted “and fuck you too” directly at me. To which my response was something along the lines of “ill smash your fucking head in, I have nothing to do with this situation you dumb fuck”.

    We can all give many, many examples, but I genuinely believe it comes down to a few base items. First they have no consideration and want to be as noisy as they can be to show or make it look like they are wealthy. Secondly when there is an issue and they are clearly to blame, they deflect the blame and point the finger at us foreigners. It is not their fault, it is our fault for complaining.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Damn right buddy, I honestly think that they post laws just for the sole purpose of breaking them. I mean, it’s like when a law/rule is posted, it gives them extra incentive to break it, rather than not posting it at all to see who will just break the law/rule anyway. Just the other night it was my pinoy drinking buddy’s birthday. We hit up a bar on my expense. The glass door of the bar had a sign posted that said: “No Venders Allowed.” Well, I don’t know what source of ignorance these pinoy venders get it from, which is they either; 1- Don’t understand English, 2- Never saw the sign, or 3- They get a hard-on for breaking laws/rules, but that bar we hit up has been recieveing venders all fuckin night. It wouldn’t be so bad if they just wounced right in and left, but they do their normal routine of insisting uninterested drinking customers to buy some under-rated pinoy street food.

      I’m quite surprised that the bar management does’t attempt to put a hault to this, because THEY are losing money if the customer decides to eat cheap street trash, rather than buying their freshly cooked Calamares and French Fries to go with their customer’s beer. Oh well, that is just the bar management fucking themselves, it’s not bothering me….. on second thought, yes it is bothering me. It’s hard to drink a damn beer and talk under loud music while I have this street vender waving a bag of peaunuts 10 inches from my facing begging me to buy them. Oh and speaking of begging, guess what else they ALLOW in the bar? Ok fuck it, this comment is already long enough, I’m sure you guys are smart enough to figure out the rest of what I gotta say. It’s after 4am and I need a rest 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of AJ

      That’s not a law yet, it’s a house bill that’s been stuck in congress for years now. Even if it does get passed no one will follow this shit. fuck this country.

  11. Profile gravatar of AJ


    I just had to leave a comment in this 8 month old post. I experience shit like this EVERY SINGLE DAY for about six or seven years now since this fucking asshole of a barangay captain was elected. They allowed built TWO fucking videoke bars just across my family’s residence which is just mere meters away from a church (not that I am religious) and a school. Recently, one of them just replace their videoke machines with fucking SUB-WOOFERS which are alot worse than the videoke machines, you can not only hear noise but you can practically FEEL the low frequency vibrations now. I have called the local barangay officials so many times about this noise and lo and behold they don’t do shit about it. The minute I call the people enforcing city ordinance, they’ll keep it down and then turn it up again once the officer leaves. The loud music blasting starts at midnight and did I mention that I called up the police so many times about this to no avail? We have been hearing rumors that those shitty establishments are owned, partly owned by the barangay captain or at least a friend or relative of his. I have been so nice in relaying my message to the authorities that they should lower the volumes but of course they won’t, they’re entitled to do their business as they please and we’re not entitled to relax and sleep in our homes after we come home from our jobs. Makes you feel really powerless. I have been to highly developed countries and even non-developed countries where people respect you and they respect each other, I feel more respected in those places than in this hell hole. FUCK THIS COUNTRY SERIOUSLY.

  12. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    lol i also recorded stuff at 4:30am …
    even 3:30am
    from passing religious parades with loudhailers and churches with speakers outside!!!

    they have no respect for peoples sleep in this country

    try sinulog rehearsals

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      How would you liked to get woken up by a brass band at 5am? Yep, that’s exactly what happened to us when we stayed in the province to attend the fiesta when I was still at primary school. For the first and only time, Dad agreed to come with us to the province. He never, ever went back and has since refused to go back for whatever reason. He says “not even if you pay me $1million!”.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        @jackson yea the only reason they get up that early is to supposedly pray. The reason to pray is to get more “blessings”. I’ve slowly deduced it down Filipinos are takers. They WANT WANT WANT
        they go to church to ask for more … more fucking help!

        if theyre not asking foreigners for help (money especially) they are asking
        God for help

        Lord … please .. I have been a good Filipino…
        please give me … more money, a better job… job for my daughter (so i can get money from her)

        Thats what its about ..
        devotion to chanting for money and need and want.

        They certainly don’t show any thanks for anything to do with the external environment
        BOTTOM LINE is they don’t care really
        about others around them
        about the cleanliness of the streets etc

        Its all one way — take and anyone who is
        hungry enough and desperate enough
        to “give it a go” in the “HOPE” as they love to use the word
        would get up at 3am, 4am …
        so they can receive “blessings”

        Filipinos are rodents.

  13. Profile gravatar of tambok

    Two weeks of Christmas hell just finished, four months of Christmas music in every public outlet just finished. I took a deep sie, but little did I know that the purok fiesta was coming. That means 10 days of dumdumdumdum for 12 hours. What is it with these fucking people and empty noise. I think I figured it out. I was an English teacher in Taiwan and Japan for fourteen years. There everything is silent from 5pm till 10pm because everyone is studying and doing homework. Here I have never even seen a kid bring anything home. So just a bunch of empty headed idiots with nothing to think about but dumdum dum and all kinds of other bullshit. Really a fucked up uneducated culture with no future and nothing to look forward to but more noise and NOTHING.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Is christmas really over there? Why the fucking church block and a half away is still playing christmas music starting at 0500 and for at least 4 times a day.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      That and they take 4 years of college to learn something,, They 1/2 days, all kinds of BS studies,, and maybe the 4th year they learn how to type