Ok, I Hear You

After a barrage of emails from folks who so eloquently expressed their thankfulness for this website and sorrow to see it end, and a long discussion with one particular core member whom I have come to like very much as a friend, I have been convinced that PhilippineFailBlog.com is more of a help than a hindrance.

I have heard you, and I thank you for expressing in your emails what this site has been and done for you. I had no idea how important this site really is to many of you.

So I apologize for so abruptly removing it without putting it up for further discussion.

This place called Philippines is a never ending and sometimes overwhelming influx of a range of emotions and frustrations. It can make one a little bit nutty at times, even to the point of pitting brother against brother, so I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all who emailed me, particularly to FAFI, my bro. We may not always see eye to eye, but we ARE friends, and if there’s one thing we have NO ARGUMENT about, it is the acronym of your Username: Filipinos Are Fucking Idiots. That we will always agree.

Again, thank you for helping me get back to my senses.

In closing, I have to say it was the combination of many emails I received after shutting the blog down that made me reconsider and put it back up.

But I wanted to share (he’s given me permission) one particular email that pretty much finalized the decision to restore the blog. If there was ever an array of hope for these people, it’s to have an attitude like this young man.

Hi Admin/FiloFail,

It is unfortunate that you are indefinitely ending your blog. I have read your blog over and over for several times. Peoples’ posts and comments on that blog are mixed with humor, heart aches, and learning. It shaped me personally after I went to U.S, it answered my question on why are filipino people suffering(why is U.S. very productive?). I have learned in the U.S where “no such thing as free lunch” and “there are mouths to feed” sayings. I thought this words are enough… This is just the one side of the coin… I guess.

Your blog thought me my mistakes and day-in/day-out I always try to improve myself… I am a believer of Kaizen. But how could I really improve myself I ask, nobody around me says I’m wrong thinking all along that I am doing the right thing with the right attitude. And I guess I was wrong.

I know it hurts being criticized and cursed… but hey! Learning is always painful right!? It is the proof that I am living today… I am living now! And I am learning as time flows. I am not hateful around my fellow filipinos, when something inappropriate happens I always stay back and observe… I do not argue but instead place failsafes or foolproofs around the event. I cannot say filipinos are stupid even though we are stupid and this is because I am a filipino. For the love of my country I wish I can change everything and in the end all I can change was myself. Your blog changed me for the better, you just didn’t know how.

With this I would like to request if I could have a copy of your archives/blog posts… I want to review and reflect on them from time to time. My mission is to improve myself no matter whether it is painful or not.

Your blog is really helpful and it would be much helpful for me when I decide to go outside this country to settle down.

I respect your decision and wishing for your happiness in days to come.

P.S. I am not planning on creating another blog or sharing your blog to others, this is for personal use for reflection only.

Thank you FiloFail,



Now how in the hell could I NOT restore the blog after that?

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  1. Profile gravatar of CGM@BGC
    [email protected]

    Glad to have you back !

    It’s become an almost-daily ritual of mine that, after a day here in the Office, I spend some time on your site reading new articles and the subsequent comments, going back thru the archives, having a laugh and shaking (and nodding) my head at the things/events described. It really is quite a stress-reliever and should be on the must-read list for every “foreigner” living (or thinking of living) in this crazy, fcked-up Country.

    Keep up the great work (please!).

  2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Thanks for the kutos FiloFail, I’m glad the blog is up and running again. I know I had contributed towards the blog to be coined as a ‘hate blog,’ but rest assured I will improve my writing style and toning it down a notch on the hateful comments. You are right, hate is ugly. I will try to be more geared towards releasing some substance in my comments/articles, instead of just trying to dehumanize them and lowering their credibility.

    Sorry, I just get so hateful and full of anger, and I usually write on the blog moments right after a negative situation arises, and that’s when I’m at my angriest. I will learn to take a time out before resume posting an article/comment, so my anger doesn’t consume my writing style. I will work on that.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      “Sorry, I just get so hateful and full of anger, and I usually write on the blog moments right after a negative situation arises, and that’s when I’m at my angriest.”

      That’s one of the reasons the blog is here. Better you release here than physically on someone else and get yourself hurt or in a world of shit out there.

      I sort of lost that perspective.

      But they dehumanize themselves plenty, way more than any of us can. So I’m straightened the fuck out on that. I’d rather you release the anger here than on one of them physically (Unless they lay a hand on you, then it’s time to tango).

      I think for the same reasons, I have come to remove myself as much as possible from contact with the general population. I’ve become somewhat of a hermit, because I think I just felt all the anger and frustration would fucking kill me off soon.

      And that is one reason I opened FAILipino.com. So we can cut loose in there, in private, unseen publicly, without this public blog drawing attention as a hate mongering site.

  3. Profile gravatar of Alcolol

    I’m glad the site is back. Some of us locals feel the same frustration and anger as you guys. Sometimes I end up thinking that there’s something wrong with me when I see other Filipinos around me smiling and seemingly content with the situation. Its like being a sane person locked up in an asylum.
    Reading this blog lets me laugh and sigh, reminding me that I’m not alone. Its one of the few things that keeps me sane.

  4. Profile gravatar of Bill

    Oh hell NO, don’t even think about it. Even though I’m more of a lurker than a contributor, I can’t live without this website. It calms me down the minute I get the urge to stab someone in the face. This website is a godsend, likewise, as yourself.