One thing you can say…investors are smart.

runningThis just in.  The Idiot In Charge is fucking up the economy with his brainless rants and love for dim sum and vodka.  Anyone surprised?  Of course not.  We’re all smart people too.  This just in from Business World:

Presidential remarks on China, Russia send investors fleeing

The peso hit a seven-year low to the dollar on Monday and foreign investors pulled out from local shares for a 23rd straight day, which analysts said was due to growing uncertainty over Mr. Duterte’s handling of what has been one of Asia’s best-performing economies in recent years.

“I will open trade alliances with Russia and China so all you other investors, just go. No problem,” Mr. Duterte said in a speech at the presidential palace.

Mr. Duterte has attracted widespread criticism from Western governments and rights groups for a bloody crime crackdown that has claimed more than 3,300 lives since he took office on June 30.

International credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s warned last week Mr. Duterte’s war on crime was threatening the Philippines’ economy and endangering its democratic institutions.

It also said his unpredictable foreign policy and national security statements were other downsides that meant a credit upgrade for the Philippines was unlikely in the next two years.

Mr. Duterte has responded with abusive comments against his critics over his war on crime, threatening to swear at US President Barack H. Obama at the recent ASEAN Summit and calling UN Chief Ban Ki-moon a “fool.”

The Philippines, a former American colony, had up until Mr. Duterte been one of the United States’ most loyal and enduring allies in Asia. The two nations are bound by a mutual defense treaty.

Mr. Duterte has repeatedly signaled he is looking to distance the Philippines from the United States, but his comments on Monday were his most explicit that he was planning to pivot toward US rivals China and Russia.

Mr. Duterte said he had already privately spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, although it was impossible to immediately verify when the conversations had taken place.

On Monday the Philippine stock market fell 1.18% to close at 7,632.46 points.

“Global funds sold Philippine stocks for a 23rd straight day amid nervousness about the fallout from Duterte’s anti-drug war and his outbursts against the US and the United Nations,” Bloomberg reported.

The local currency also fell 0.50% on Monday to P48.25 to the dollar, touching its lowest level since 2009.

“[The peso’s decline is] mainly due to politics, with the Philippine president’s ongoing war on drug dealers and his intent to seem to alienate all of their major trading partners,” Jeffrey Halley, a market strategist at Oanda Asia Pacific Pte in Singapore told Bloomberg. — AFP

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    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Are you really surprised that the filipinos are telling each other the world is wrong over the economy under child in chief? They go out of their way to defend each other especially the idiot in chief.

      Let’s say one day your house catches fire and the filipinos gather around and watch. You’ll hear them say “Look, Phils house is on fire and burning to the ground.” (while watching for their first chance to get in a loot). So sometime later let’s say a filipino neighbors house down the street catches fire. Well in the filipino mind (it seems anyway) That his house fire is not a house fire. “Hindi Phil, my house is not on fire. I just installed a central air forced heating system.” Amazing how they are smart enough to come up with these twist yet not smart enough to see the truth or make something of their country isn’t it?

      1. Profile gravatar of Lester P.
        Lester P.

        It is their coping mechanism so they don’t have a mental breakdown I guess. Reality isn’t reality, but what they think is. Get enough Filipino friends around them and they can convince themselves of any reality.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Reality can only be reality. Your reality and my reality are the same. Their reality and our reality are the same. Real is real. delusion is delusion. What’s going on here is best put in my rephrasing of your statement @lesterp

          Get enough Filipino friends around them and they can convince themselves of any delusion. It’s not reality.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        “No, its the worlds responsibility to cater to MY reality”.

        Think of the most powerful nations in the world. What leaders of those countries speak the way Duterte does? He is grossly overjudging the Philippines military, strategic location, resources, capability, worth, etc.
        As much as they tried to brand Aquino as a pussy and weakling, he chose his words carefully while the economy did much better than in the last 30 years and the peso appreciated. correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think Aquino ever blamed outside countries for the Philippines own failings. Dumtarde says anything he wants with cursing, stupidity, ignorance, blaming others, etc and of course the peso goes down. Basically he’s done the opposite of Aquino and the world has taken notice and investors have pulled out their money. Then he has the audacity to say, “its not me, its USA manipulation”. LOL!!

        If the dude had any brains, he’d realize the Fed might increase rates in December, which would result in higher $ and the anticipation of such might mean a lower peso. One of the Philippines Central Bank guys confirmed this as a response to critics who say Dumtarde needs to tone it down. Basically he said its not USA manipulation as a way to backtrak retard in charge’s statements.
        Then, more than likely, the sell-off is from expats, expats running businesses in the Philippines, and the most cherished group,,,, the OFW’s selling their positions and hedging against an idiot tyrants predictable leadership of the shit-hole nation.

        I guess every dumb, homicidal, megalomaniac, paranoid, ship is going to sink, tyranical leaders #1 play in the Leading a 3rd World ShitHole Further Into Hell playbook is to blame the West. The dude is in over his head, he’s already crazy, and it is only going to get worse. The first clue in his breakdown? Saying he’s “not a puppet, The Philippines is not a colony, and he has no western master”. LOL! No one was asking and that was only 2 months in; Only 5 years and 8 months until he is gone and the masses elect,, sorry sell their votes to elect Marcos Jr.

    2. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      I’m reminded of the first invasion of Iraq where they had that Iraqi reporter proclaiming that all was good, the infidels were being repelled at the gates and fleeing the country. A few days later, down comes the statue of Saddam.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Trying to outrun an Abrams. Yes it can be done in a car as the Abrams is slow compared to even a 4 banger. But it’s like the M1911A1 .45 ACP 230Gr FMJ. Once when someone was told that 930FPS was a slow bullet the SGT replied “Yes it is. But we have not found anyone who can outrun it yet.”

        2. Profile gravatar of Penance
          Penance Post author

          Which is much like Yasay now…trying to assure foreign investors that it’s all about context. The waters are just fine…feel free to invest all you want. These killings are just minor distractions. And if the Child in Chief gets control of all 3 branches of government, he won’t abuse it because his mother was an activist.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Duterte assuring investors it’s safe is like the lifeguard telling you it’s safe to get in the pool with thousands of hungry piranhas.

          2. Profile gravatar of Penance
            Penance Post author

            Actually, they’re not letting the child in charge near a microphone these days. There’s already too much damage control to do. Now with US Senators talking about withholding funds from PH, I expect they’re in full panic mode. Expect a LOT of spin, and when that doesn’t work, an outcry of how the US just “doesn’t understand the plight of the pilipino!” And when that doesn’t work, it’ll be “That’s ok! We don’t need you! We have Russia and China to give us money!” And when that doesn’t work, 100 million sad faces.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            The cry of “we don’t need you” has already started. Child in charge gave a speech at a marine base where he said the pi does not need the U.S. We can fight and win our own wars. Go to and look for article titled Duterte accuses US of undermining philippine peso.

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    I have lived here for 9 years and at first I thought “WOW” DU30 thinking like a western man. Clean up the streets of trash/basura, clean up drugs, allow foreign investors ban noisy motorcycle, Karaoke after 10 pm AND MORE, but on reflection now I can only see the Philippines sinking deeper into poverty. Still daily I try to learn how to communicate with dumb ass Filipino who are in ore of the president but yet fail to see that the country will seek deeper into trouble. It is all well and good a man speaking from his heart. F**k the EU, F**k the united Nations, Obama, The pope, did I miss anyone? But not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you.
    I read this recently on facebook Quote: Some people are so consumed by their hatred towards Duterte that their eyes are blinded to see the PLAIN TRUTH.
    Anyone who cannot appreciate the following developments do not deserve to live in this country. Get out of the Philippines, you have no right to live here. How many times have I heard this when I would quote something about the Aquino administration and yet now after Aquino has gone they now all agree with me. DU30 said that the Philippines is a Democracy and people should have the freedom of speech.
    Really! Can you imagine if I was to confront someone in Authority and tell your president DU30 is destroying your country with his dumb ass political views and ways. I would probably be in Manila bay fed to the fishes as he once quoted. So in reality quotes of if you don’t like the country “Get out” are true and daily I am still learning how to, just get along with the dumb ass ways. I hate being angry here and dare not suggest a better way of doing things, you are just wasting your time, but how can a country progress move forward with backward rules and regulations. Do Filipinos not think we suggest a better way of doing things cuz we want to waste peoples time? Please forgive my text as I am not the best at grammar. Oh and have a good day if able. 😀

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      You know one I really get a laugh at and facepalm at the same time? You quote something to them word for word what Du30 said, then show them the video of him saying it and what will they say? “President Duterte did not say that. The international media misquoted him.” So then you point out to them that it is on GMA, ABS-CBN news, in all the newspapers and not in the international media. “I don’t care. The media misquoted him.” So you ask how did the media misquote him when he is right there on video saying it from his own mouth? At that point you will get a blank look and after a reboot “The media misquoted him.”

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Filipinos are hard working, always tell the truth, pay back their debts and have very high IQ’s’
        Never argue with an Filipino. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

        1. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

          Also, for those who can’t understand tagalog, the video basically means that Duterte gave Scarborough Shoal to China to prevent a war planned by the scapegoats AKA yellow oligarchs which are controlled by the Americans that’s controlled by the Jews. And the Jews are controlled by Illuminati. Because if Duterte goes against China there will be war and the US will have to step in so they can take over Philippines easily. He also claims that god himself made him able to see this message. And pinoys are actually buying this hullabaloo.

          This is “lizard people” tier conspiracy theory and this is a stuff that you’d only hear from trolls or legit loonies. But given how the concept of irony and satire in PH is absent, I’d say this guy is likely serious.

  2. Profile gravatar of

    Maybe DU30’s plan is to let the Russians build military bases in the spratly islands as Duterte don’t give a flying f**k he disputed waters of South China
    China, Russian, Filipino army to fight against the USA. Worth a thought as his speeches seems to vent anger at the Americans.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      But if you read his quote he said cut ties to the point of no return with the USA except for defense. I waiting to see how that works. He wants Russia in the philippines and keep the USA for defense only. He has not noticed that Russia and the USA are enemies. I mean that would be like Poland being allies with both Germany and Russia in 1943, it won’t work.

  3. Profile gravatar of Lily

    I say to the investors “Keep away from the PHL while the turd is still president.” the only investment and business that will be booming are his families and friends.

  4. Profile gravatar of

    Rodrigo Duterte’s Obama insult costs Philippines stock market hundreds of millions
    Funds to pull hundreds of millions from country amid Filipino leader’s increasingly volatile behaviour, after he called Barack Obama a ‘son of a whore’ and threatened to pull out of UN.

    Foreign funds pulled $58m (£43m) from local equities on Wednesday, the most in almost a year, and have sold a net $333m in an 11-day run of outflows. The index is down 2.3 per cent this quarter, the only decliner among major Asian markets.

    Seems 92% of Filipino can;t see where the country is heading. Oh well All the warning sing was there.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Please allow me to explain it for you if I might according to Du logic. If someone gives you $70 million USD and you lose $333 million USD you have a net profit of $263 million USD.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Let’s examine Du math a little closer shall we? A native American Indian once said the following, ” Only the government would think if you cut a foot off the top of a blanket and sew it on the bottom the blanket is a foot longer.” That fits Du PERFECT!

  5. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
    Random Numbers

    Russia and China, eh? Apparently he doesn’t realize that Russia can’t afford crap with oil under $50 a barrel, and as for China, why would the Chinese invest in the Philippines when they can hire Chinese and not worry about the 40/60 crap of the Philippines? Or, for that matter, the Chinese can invest in the USA, as several companies have been doing recently, opening manufacturing facilities with Chinese managers and American employees – anyone working there might want to watch the ’80s movie “Gung Ho” with Michael Keaton to get a feel for the culture problems they might face.

  6. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Your article forgot to mention the part where:
    – He blamed America for manipulating the currency
    – He said the currency fluctuation was NOT due to his foul mouth
    – The finance minister or someone like that said it was due to the Fed reserve most likely increasing rates in the USA
    – typical fluctuations in the Fx bc of Christmas time and end of year.
    – of course usually they say the peso gets stronger around xmas time cause of all the remittances coming home, but we don’t want to get caught in the Philippine logic vortex do we?

    Not a single single one of these people said, “holy shit! We are at a 7 year low! WTF!” So, another 6 years of Filipino culture and leadership avoiding responsibility. Great!