Only a Filipino Can Turn Krispy Kreme into Krispy Krap

My partner brought home a couple boxes of delicious, dreamy Krispy Kreme donuts last night. He does this once in a while, and I certainly love it. But the previous time he brought them, I had asked next time to bring some of the chocolate covered standard donuts.

Stupid Filipinos turn Krispy Kreme into Krispy KrapSo last night I open the box, expecting to see those shiny smooth rich chocolate dipped donuts. And what do I see? Beautiful Krispy Kreme donuts covered in a tasteless chocolate spread that comes out of a jar bought from the supermarket. It’s put on so thick, spread marks all over it, and it’s dull and rough texture made it look like someone took a diarrhea shit all over them. It was very unappetizing to say the least.

Although very disappointing (I’m used to disappointment here in Philippines), it was not surprising one tiny bit. First thought that came from my mind was, “Typical Filipino ignorance of standards.”

They use this chocolate hazelnut shit from a jar called Nutella. It’s tasteless crap. It tastes more like watered down cake frosting than actual chocolate. And who the fuck puts cake frosting on a raised donut??? Only a Pinoy! So I took the box and gave it to the house help and of course, they gobbled it down without a complaint.

And it’s completely understandable why so few international food chains and retailers refuse to come to Philippines and allow Filipinos to manage their stores.



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    Marius O.

    >> it’s completely understandable why so few international food chains and retailers refuse to come to Philippines and allow Filipinos to manage their stores.

    Well, I don’t think they actually refuse to come. Filipinos are so full of themselves that they genuinely think they can build a country without any interaction with foreigners (and we all know how well that’s working out). There are probably loads of companies who’d like a slice of the pie, but retail trade is basically off-limits to foreign companies unless they have a local partner; as you said, you really, really don’t want a local partner having anything to do with the running of your business.

    Thing is though, I don’t think they’d succeed, even if they were allowed in. Most foreign food supermarkets have standards. Quite high standards. Pinoys don’t. They want to fill their basket with stuff that costs 8 pesos, has no nutrition in it, and is made largely from flour, sugar, salt, and MSG. They don’t buy it because they can’t afford anything else – they fucking love it. Give them proper food – say, fresh vegetables that haven’t been drenched in magic sarap – and they’ll pick at it like it’s something the pig left on the floor.

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      ah god bless the Filipino, its true I feel for them not eating properly, 8 peso meals until they hit a foreign country!! then its prawns all day…grape juice haha and sweets don’t get in the way of a Filipina woman who wants a sugar rush, because u get screamed at for hours

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      Thats it exactly. They really believe that Pinoys can make it on their own and are doing so. Then why do they constantly receive money from other countries in the form of donations, OFWs and international aid?
      It really boggles my mind that they believe they are better than international companies, yet they exclusively buy from international companies because they believe it to be better quality.

      I think the real issue on this item is greed. They want the international brand so they can charge more money yet they want to cut corners to save money and increase their profit. FiloFail, why dont you contact the international brand? I did that when KFC had no problems delivering raw chicken and claiming it was cooked. When I contacted the international brand, they freaked out and within a week the local branch had new staff and management.

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    you should have taken a pic of that crap and posted it on everywhere you could find….
    nowadays food is full of chemicals, crap,,,,, ;the vegetables and fish and meat sit out on the street with flies ,ewwwwwww

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    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    Had a similar experience with Mrs.Fields here. While the ingredients are legitimately imported from the US. i waited 2 months for them to stock macadamia white chocolate cookies for my gf and got the lowdown from a US representative. The final product was hard and dry, as opposed to soft, warm and nearly melting chocolate chunks, cookies that crumbled as the clerk put them in the bag. 50 pesos for each fucking cookie, so the same price as back home, just shitty bakers.

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      Their flour sucks,, so if you bake something that smells like moldy wheat,,,,, it tastes like moldy wheat… they cover everything up with suger, msg, and salt to cover up the fact that is basically crap food.

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    Entrusting a global franchise to a Filipino market will only depreciate the value of that business, which is why most corporations don’t trust fuckin Philippines to host their business. Besides, Filipinos has their heads so far up their ass they think they can compete with any foreign product we import here. We give them OREO, then they came out with their fucked up version called ‘Creme-O.’

    Filipinos don’t really give a shit about QUALITY, as long as they can remake the same product with the taste being a little bit off, and offering a lower price for it, it drives away our foreign businesses anyway. That’s why some of our other foreign corporations aren’t here because Filthy Filipinos had drove them away with their cheap, under-rated, generic version of it.

    If anything else, Philippines also gives a bad name to other global franchises. I feel sorry for those who tried McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and other restaurant chains here for the first time in Philippines, because I swear up and down that it’s not this way in America, and I’m sure some of you can say the same for your own respective country. That’s why Taco Bell wont release their franchising rights to fuckin Philippines because they are afraid Philippines will fuck it up and give ‘Taco Bell’ a bad name. Man, I’m dying for some Taco Bell right now. Awww I fuckin miss it!

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      I went 3 years without taco bell only to find a franchise two Taco bells in gateway mall in cubao. Then another one in Trinoma Mall.
      The first thing I did was stock up, I literally purchased maybe 2,500 pesos worth of taco bell shit, and shoved it in my bag.. OH GAWD,, Chalupasssssssssssssss…. So anyway, I got the craving again after about 3 months, and decided to go back to one, not more than an hour from my condo. I go in and what do I FUCKING SEE? Nothing but fucking rice meals and that about it.

      Like these fucking lunch trays with chicken and rice, or taco and rice. I was standing there waiting to order and I didn’t see anything worth ordering! they changed their menu to this stupid shit where you can only order whats on the menu for fucks sake. I was so pissed!

      I didn’t check the other taco bells but maybe they are the same, I dont know, its worth a looksee. The same thing happened to Subway here. When they first opened you could choose your sandwich like in the states, but that system was abused and now you have a strict menu to choose from. FUCK THAT!

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        What the fudge!? Are you actually saying that there is ACTUALLY a Taco Bell here? I just researched that Cubao city you mentioned and found out it’s in Quezon City. Even though I am forced to order my tacos with rice, I can always give that rice shit to my rice, she is fuckin rice-a-holic like every damn Filipino here, as long as I get the main course. I’m good.! 🙂 Chalupas, Burritos, Enchiladas, and Cinnamon twists….. Mmmm Aaarrggghhhh *The Homer Simpson growl*
        Alright, I will make plans to go there the next time I get paid. They better have that Fire sauce like they do back in the states! Thanks again for correcting me Spartacus, I thought I was gonna be shit out of luck with no Taco Bell here. I would also recommend eating at ‘Mexicalis’ if you ever visit MOA. It’s on the ground floor in one of the alley restaurants. I HIGHLY recommend their Quesadillas, but I warn you, don’t settle for the Mexican rice as your side dish, my pissed off Filipina friend found a dead baby roach in their once, get the nachos instead. Other than that, the food is pretty good.
        Geesh! I can’t believe I’m promoting restaurants! That’s not why I signed up for…. LOL

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          Yeah m an, as far as I know they have 3 franchises here. The one I usually go to is in Trinoma mall. If you want the good stuff you need to go to the ayala malls. I used to go to TGI fridays every other day, that and chilis.

          Chophouse has pretty good steak if interested. Im from texas so Im picky about steak, anything they have here sucks but chophouse was a god send.

          Yeah man, good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for at the taco bell, either way Im waiting for the story that will come out of it, so keep us all posted bro. LOL

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Dude………………. What the Fuck…….. Now you are telling me there is a Chilis here too? You are probably gonna reply to this and tell me there is a Red Lobster here too….. LOL (that would be fuckin awesome). So you are from Texas too huh? Yep! Same here buddy! I got a Texas Lottery shirt, valid Texas Driver’s License (still valid), and other shit to prove it! I’ve been all around the central part of Texas. Austin, Houston, Killeen, Katy, Temple, Waco, you name it!

            OK, we can meet and greet and talk about Texas another time….. I will get back on topic (sorry about that). I’ve always been a big fan of Outback Steakhouse, by any chance is that here too? If not, then I will check out that chophouse you are talking about. I will even wear my Texas Lottery shirt when I go up there so you can recognize me if you see me in that area.

            I don’t know if I will stock up like you did with Taco Bell, so I’m just gonna make my visit to QC an all-day-event. Taco Bell for breakfast, chophouse for lunch, and whatever the fuckelse I find good to eat for dinner.

            You are pretty fuckin awesome Spartacus, I’m gonna add you to my friend’s list here on PFB, please accept 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            Yup, there was an outback a few months ago. No shitting you, I drove right past it on my way to pick someone up.
            Though I dont remember the actual street, Ill ask my GF she may know. It may no longer be there, Ill ask though.

            Not sure where you live exactly, but I’m assuming that SM mega mall is probably closest to you, there is a chilis there on the ground floor. Its kind of tucked away in the back in this large atrium area. Their south western egg rolls are pretty good, and I always wind up getting their chips and queso. I was on a chilis kick for a while, after I blew probably 5,000 dollars at TGI fridays over the course of a year. lol

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          Marius O.

          hahahaha stupid Kanos, no wonder they so stupid, they don’t eat rice! Not strong and clever like Filipinos! Rice is gud for you! The government says so! Bet you Kanos don’t even know rice was invented in the Filipins, huh? That how stupid you are! hahahahaha!!!!!!!

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        Thanks for the heads up volksair. I guess it’s my fault for not using ‘Google’ as much as I should. Now that I checked it out, I see it. I just relied too much on my eyes and assumed that if it wasn’t at MOA, it’s not anywhere. MOA has McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendys, KFC, iHop, TGI Fridays, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Cinnabon, and Krispy Krap….. oops, I mean Krispy Kreme. But they don’t have a fuckin Taco Bell?! WTF! What other high-end restaurant is fuckin Philippines gonna make me scavenge for? Hearing about Philippines hiding Chilis from me had already pissed me off enough…… Oh well, that’s my fuckin fault for not being resourceful.

        =FAFI FAIL 🙁

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          Captain PFB Post author

          I went to the TGI Fridays in Cebu a couple years ago. The interior and exterior was just like in USA….GREAT! Hopefully that’s a sign the food is the same.

          Ordered the Ribeye steak for 1,700p. What I got was a slab of tasteless, dry rubber that my serrated edge steak knife could barely cut. The color of it was a dull grey, instead of a deep dark brown with the char marks. It was about 1/4 inch thick and dry as a bone. It was NOTHING like the food at TGI Fridays. Once again, give a restaurant with standards and quality to a Filipino, and it will turn to utter shit. To the Filipino, it’s just all about illusions. They put all kinds of quality in the look of the place, but serve shit on a plate. I honestly don’t know how TGI Fridays could possibly allow this.

          Needless to say, after the one bite of that slab of rubber disguised as a steak, I asked for the manager. He came to my table and I told him to look at this steak, and I cut off a piece and told him to taste it, and to attempt to chew it. Then I looked him right in the eye with a smile and asked him if he’s going to continue to charge me 1,700p for this. I told him if I want this kind of meat, I could easily choose any shanty street eatery and get the same shit for 30p. Who the fuck are you trying to rip off? It’s certainly NOT going to be me! Then I told him I am not going to eat it, and my partner is not going to eat his, and you are going to cancel the bill, and we are going to pay for our beverages that we drank, and then leave this rip-off establishment.

          Blank stare.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Dude! I can definitely relate to that experience when I went on a Valentines double date with my buddy and our wives on February 14th. I’ve always been a Salmon person, so I ordered that. My wife is in love with steak, so I got her the same thing you mentioned. I remember it costing around 1,600+php because I teased her about it ever since, because I can cook up a better steak, and it would cost me a whole lot less. Same with my salmon, that was pretty tasteless, and I’m a master at cooking salmon, trust me on that!

            Well anyway, my wife’s steak was as rubbery and unattractively tasteless as you described yours to be. I thought TGI Friday was supposes to uphold high standards, but unfortunately not this one. On top of that, she ordered well-done. But it came out to be pink as a salmon in the middle. I understand they were busy that day trying to serve endless amounts of customers, but that doesn’t give them the right to completely fuck up our order with tasteless shit. We vowed to NEVER eat there again, or at least not order those meals again there.

            It’s so sad that Filipinos has the ability to fuck up something that was meant to be so good. What a sad culture full of inferior minded idiots…. tsk-tsk

          2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            Blame the BIR for this sort of shit. Back home (a country in Asia, incidentally) I can get a nice, quality three-course steak dinner at a local eatery for the equivalent of PHP500. I can go to TGI and get something similar for PHP1200. You pay more, and get less, in the Failippines, mainly for one reason: the BIR has it’s hands so deep in every businessman’s pockets they should probably sue for sexual harrassment. Every penny of turnover (not profit – turnover) that appears on the books of a large-ish business will be seen by the BIR as legitimate takings.

            The effective tax rate in the country is far higher than the stated 30% purely because it’s not levied on recorded profit: it’s whatever the BIR thinks you can afford. If you compared like-for-like with other countries, the business tax rate would be well over 50%.

            So companies have no choice but to buy the bare minimum product that will make it look like they’re providing the advertised service. If they attempted to do it properly, they’d be out of business at the very next tax assessment.

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            This is 100% true. I have found that when it comes to some things, especially steak, its hit or miss.
            I have gone to a number of places for high end quality only to be offered shit. Then I would go back and try again and it was really good. Granted, TGIF isnt exactly 5 star dining, though it is expected that it has far higher standards than your average Filipino eatery. I only buy what I trust and 9x out of 10 thats simple shit, ei fish and chips, nachos, chicken tenders, basically all the childish shit I should have outgrown by now. It seems they rarely get those things wrong. Also, it depends on what restaurant you go to.

            For example, I went to the TGIF in MOA and it sucked compared to the one in Trinoma Mall. Then I went to another one in Eastwood, and it was deplorable and also loud as fuck as a large group were watching basketball, and thought it was a sports stadium instead of a sports bar.

            These days Im happy just to eat recognizable food, regardless of its overall quality. Because I feel that even though its not great, it beats eating jolly bee chicken rice meals, or hunts pork and beans and rice.

            But I do agree, steak is the one thing this country can’t do, no matter how hard it tries. I got a decent steak from chop house, I am 100% certain that was merely a fluke though and probably won’t happen twice.

            The biggest joke on foreigners is when you go to say SM in the meat market section, and for some reason you get a wild hare up your ass to buy “beef” and you see one labeled as basically the local generic shoe leather, and another labeled all officially with words like Australian, to make it seem more exotic and better in quality. It is even nearly twice the cost. It’s the same SHIT.

            I need to start a thread on fucked supermarket practices, but there has been so many threads on shitty customer service already. But whats with telling me you cant slice my sirloin been thinner so that I can actually cook and eat it?

            You stand there ask for a large amount of beef and then ask nicely if they will cut it very thin. “Uh, no sirrrrr, we cant do that.”

            Or, can you grind this sirloin please? “Eh, sorry sirr, we cant do dat.” Clearly they need approval from higher ups to do their job. I can’t stand even walking out of my fucking door these days.

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            I have been to that TGI Fridays at Ayala Center, and i they are way overpriced same as in the u.s. here. And by the Robinsons in Cebu i do eat at the Pizza Hut once in a while, but oh my god that fukin sauce is horrible, what is that stuff. I told the staff please change the sauce and use the real shit. OMG it is horrible and tasteless and dry as shit.
            OF all the places thats ok I would have to say any Duncan Donuts are ok, but the prices OOOohhh the prices for those tiny donuts and the horrid coffee is very very high. Best Duncan Donuts I tried was in Ormoc City, but doubt it is still there now after that massive typhoon last year. Glad i was there a few months before it hit and left before the carnage.
            My favorite Filipino place is the regular Mang Inasal, any of them seem to be on par as the other Mang’s and the prices are reasonable. I go there so much that they usually start speaking tagalog or visayan to me, no shit.]
            And the best way to confuse a filipino cook is to find a fish thats bigger than their rotating grill and they say omg it wont fit hahahahaha….. they dont even think to cut it in half …….riiiiiiighhhhhht

          5. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            I have always enjoyed Andoks actually. Honestly I was first introduced to roasted chicken in this country. It is important to note that I came here when I was 20 years old. So I spent I guess the better part of my adult life here. While I have gone back to the US every few years and served in the Army for a while in 06 to 09, still, the majority of my experiences as an adult have actually been here, strange enough.

            I never even went to a TGIF in the US. lol
            They are expensive, I think between the years of 2012 to the end of 2013 I spent something like 10K dollars there., seriously. Then found a chilis and took a break. I worked at a chilis in Texas when I was 18 and I thought the food SUCKED! I was skeptical, but the Chilis here was great.

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      I never been a fan of Nutella, but I don’t have the right to criticize it being that I never tried it. But I do like the Choco Iced glazed, Cinnamon, and the regular classic glazed. I never liked the JC.O donuts either. It’s full of fancy varieties, but it lacks flavor to me. It’s like Dunkin Donuts, but with more choices.

      To be honest, I NEVER tried Krispy Kreme in America even tho it’s probably 10 times better, so I’m missing out on a lot. I first tried it in Korea, and i come across it EVERYWHERE here in fuckin Philippines. I can’t WAIT to try to American version of Krispy Kreme.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        FAFI, the Krispy Kreme doughnuts taste the same here as in the USA…..until they put tasteless shit like Nutella on them. But order the standard raised glazed doughnut, it’s the same as USA.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      You don’t put cake frosting on a raised doughnut. You just don’t. Nutella has it’s purposes, there are a lot of people in the world that like tasteless crap, and that is fine…to each his own….and so Nutello is for those people.

      But you don’t take tasteless crap and put it on the world’s greatest most flavorful doughnut….unless you’re a stupid Filipino.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        That’s why I never tried it bcuz I was afraid that it may taste as bad as it looks. It seems that they just smeared an over exaggerated amount of chocolate pudding over a donut. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure if that was chocolate, because I’m already a big fan of the choco iced glazed donuts, so Nutello must’ve been a different flavor. Or I was afraid that it was the same flavor but with TOO much chocolate.

        Well, whatever the taste is, you totally killed my curiosity in ever trying it. I will just stick to the same 3 donuts I’ve been liking this whole time.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Yep, We tend to learn what’s good and not good and just stick to it. My favorite has always been the Krispy Kreme standard signature raised glazed doughnut. That you can be sure is to standard (most of the time). Sometimes they try to slip a few “day old” doughnuts in with the fresh, which is expected of the naturally dishonest and deceitful common Pinoy business practice.

          It really doesn’t hurt them anyway, because the ordinary gutless Pinoy customers will just bend over and take it in the ass without a complaint. Thus when corruption, dishonesty and deceitfulness commonly goes un-opposed, it just becomes standard practice, and it flourishes.

          So not only are they idiots, they are gutless idiots.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Day old? Ha! That aint shit compared to these other bakeries with their “fresh baked” bread served everyday. Haven’t you ever stumbled upon some of these shitty doughnut joints like “Mister Donut” or some of these random donuts that are served at these 7-elevens? It appears as if these donuts had been baked a few weeks ago.

            Every time I pass one these overstocked doughnut stores that has the same full inventory everyday, I pretty much know damn well they are selling the same shit that didn’t sell a few days in a row, and they don’t even switch them out. I doubt they have courtesy to toss out their old and corroded donuts and replace them with ‘ACTUAL’ real fresh ones.

            One time coming home from the gym at night, I saw this doughnut shop close up for the night with their inventory of doughnuts on the shelves, and saw them open up the next morning with the same stale donuts being left over night, on the shelves for business. I’m sure some of them are fly-infested with maggots, or with some form of toxins that would make them unsafe to eat. Well anyway, that’s fuckin Philippines for ya1

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    Go to J.CO for the best donuts in Manila, in my opinion at least. php575 for 2 dozen.

    locations in Metro Manila:
    – Trinoma
    – SM Megamall
    – SM Mall of Asia
    – Greenbelt 3
    – SM Fairview
    – Alabang Town Center
    – Eastwood
    – SM North EDSA
    – Glorietta 2
    – Araneta Center
    – Greenhills Promenade
    – U.P. Town Center
    – U.N. Avenue
    – SM Southmall
    – The District
    Cagayan De Oro

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Jesus Christ dude! Why don’t you just tell me all the branches in all of Asia? JC.O in my opinion isn’t all that great in terms of quality and taste. But like stated earlier, we all have our own tastes. Even my wife didn’t like Krispy Kreme at one point because she thought it was too sweet, but she loves them now. I admit that JC.O is a whole lot cheaper when buying them by the dozen, and they have a shit load of varieties, but they taste almost no different than a Dunkin Donut. Try this experiment: Start with the default. Order the original glaze from all 3, and ask yourself which one taste the best? That should definitely determine who wins in the taste contest. But I admit JC.O wins when it comes to price and variety.

      Remember, you get what you pay for 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of dutchy

        lol I just copy-pasted it from the jco website. Aside from the best taste, they have great stores. I always get some before work at the JCO in Eastwood, Libis that store is about 150sqm big with good quality couches and nice place to hangout and eat a good donut. I wouldn’t stay longer then a minute in any of the 10sqm dunking donuts places.

    2. Profile gravatar of

      This exactly true. The donuts are very similar, in quality, to Krispy Kreme, but the flavor selection is far more diverse and imaginative.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        JCO donuts equates to sugary ball sack lickery.

        The only reason it has a line is because filipinos love trends and they facebook that shit six ways to sunday. Look at everything they do, its all based on trends. A few years ago that had this huge trend with this ice cream called Magnum something or other. It tasted exactly like the other soft serve shit. The only reason it became so popular was that some pinoy celeb posted it on their face book.

        No doubt this also happened with JCO, and Im fairly certain their shit will start to stink soon enough and the trend will die down. Your opinion is fine though, I personally dont like JCO, though might have been the batch I received. Everyone has their own taste after all.

        Filofail HATES Nutella, I actually like it the times I have eaten it. All comes down to personal preference I guess, but I don’t think filipinos have such standards of taste to be able to make sound judgement; at least not the majority of them.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          uuuhhhh huh huh huh….you said ball sack lickery…..huh huh huh cool.

          “…I don’t think filipinos have such standards of taste to be able to make sound judgement; at least not the majority of them.”

          I honestly don’t think Filipinos have taste buds. I mean, if they eat chicken heads and intestines, well…………

          Anyway, my point is, Filipinos do not choose a restaurant based on food. It is exactly as you said Spartacus, they are motivated by trend. They really pay no mind whatsoever if the food is good or ball sack lickery. The Filipino wants to just simply be seen in the trendiest restaurant at the moment, or a restaurant that gives the appearance of trendiness or high class.

          And we all know how the Philippines is all about illusions and facades. I have been to so many restaurants that look absolutely divine and so classy. But soon as you walk in the door, you might as well be in a filthy steetside eatery that was polished up on the outside. The food and service is nearly the same, the only difference is you’re just going to pay 10 times the money than the street eatery.

          But that matters not one tiny bit to the Filipino. As long as their peers and public see them in that fancy restaurant, they are happy to pay the price. It’s not about the food. It’s about the trend.

          In other words, I agree with you Spart

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Yeah no shit it’s about the trend. Philippines has chosen that balut shit as their national favorite street food. They try so fuckin hard to make me eat that shit. They come up with bullshit reasons why I should eat it, like how it’s good for you and makes your knees stronger. Well I have no problem in having crippled knees if that means NOT eating balut.

            I only like my chicken two ways. Fully grown and deep fried, or freshly still inside of the egg in it’s yolk form. I don’t settle for anything in the middle. I don’t see anything attractive about eating a premature dead baby chick. I know I may be speaking against some people here who actually likes that shit, but you can count me OUT!

  6. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Every aspect of Philippines is blog-worthy believe it or not. We already covered the main shit in previous articles. Look! I’m even complaining about damn little centavos! LOL…. Well this blog still needs life, and this country is what gives it life, no matter how petty the issue is. This country is just so inferior in every way, and even on the little shit, but nobody here has the balls to admit it. If the locals could admit it themselves, then we probably wouldn’t have to be the eye-openers to point out shit that is obviously wrong with this country.

    But I guess you prefer to remain being a sleeping sheep, and pretend that everything perfect just the way it is. Well sorry dude, but Hakuna-Matata doesn’t fly on this article buddy! There are worries!

  7. Profile gravatar of jeff

    I pretty well hated all the fucking “food” cooked in the failopines unless I prepared it myself. Even then with what I had to work with often made it questionable. I lived off of chicken, fresh fruits and veggies,and egg sandwiches. Living in a mountain brngy resources were few and restaurants non-existent.

    As stated by all, when I did go into a city with a “chain” , disappointment followed. Im happy to be home 🙂 where the pork and beef from the slaughterhouse is fresh and flavorful! I grow,can and freeze my own veggies. As far as fresh fruits , its a summer time event only…..watermelons, cantaloupes,strawberries,apples ect…no coconuts,mangoes,bananas or tropical fruits 🙁 I’ll survive here !

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      I pretty well hated all the fucking “food” cooked in the failopines unless I prepared it myself. Even then with what I had to work with often made it questionable. I lived off of chicken, fresh fruits and veggies,and egg sandwiches. Living in a mountain brngy resources were few and restaurants non-existent.

      This is my current life. I just finished a freaking egg sandwich. *Facepalm….Sigh
      The only difference is that I live here in manila, I still don’t want to go out of the house and deal with shit. I have become a hermit, not really my style, but I have been driven to it. I feel safe and secure (sort of) within this shit hole apartment.

      Another thing is, I also had to cook all my own food, simply because I don’t trust a filipino to do it. Literally everytime I eat something prepared by a pinoy its like playing russian roulette with whats going into my mouth. What will it be this time, A hair, a rock, a sharp shard of bone from an unwashed piece of meat, a fucking tooth?? I realized the only way to know my food is prepared cleanly is to do it myself. I have for years now referred to all my food as needing to be kosher, and I’m not even jewish, I just want clean food.

      1. Profile gravatar of jeff

        Indeed and possibly some taste?? There were few dishes there that I actually liked. My wife makes them for me, flavorful and sanitary!

      2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I can relate to you buddy! Especially on the topic of those egg sandwiches. I eat them religiously. But we probably have own different reasons for eating them. For me, they are quick and easy to make when I’m rushing throughout my busy day, especially when my lazy wife doesn’t cook anything, an egg sandwich is pretty much what I have time for. Plus I find them pretty tasty.
        I only need to add butter to a batch of scrambled eggs. No salt or pepper is needed for me 🙂

        I can also relate to the idea of cooking my own food. I’ve been doing that a lot recently. Partially because I don’t trust Filipino food, but also because I don’t like most Filipino food, even if I cooked it myself. Most dishes, which are Filipino, that wife cooks I also don’t like. I gotten so use to buying frozen prepared food in America, I missed having some of those thing here. So I ended up looking for recipes online to know how to cook em. Believe it or not, but I’ve been making restaurant quality food lately. Gosh I love the internet, without it I would be munchin on fast food almost everyday.

      3. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

        why don’t u start having sex with your computer.. even though it may smell bad after a while it sounds like its best for u man. I can u send u a vegemite sandwich in the mail but it costs $100 just to get it to you. by the way no one fucking swims in the Philippines like what the fuck is that, just scooters and oily food out of the door. I don’t blame you for closing it …ahh 1st world

  8. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    Now, lets see if we can keep comments on-topic. If I wanted critics/trolls commenting on posts, I would open a critic’s corner page. Look around…do you see any requests for Article critiques? NOPE!

    If you don’t have anything to add which relates to the post topic, then move on. We don’t want your criticisms of the post itself.

    This way people can share their day with us without fear of some dumbfuck calling your article unintelligent….etc.