Only YOU Can Protect Your Identity Online

The issue has been brought to me many times now, so I guess it’s time for an informative article on the matter.

There has been a handful of members over the past couple years who send me an email, angry, upset, and shocked that their personal email address, in which their real name is associated, and their name and email shows up in notification emails sent by this site.

My reply to them is always the same;


They somehow are under the impression that their anonymity is my responsibility.

Sure, there are some types of websites, usually owned by large companies like banks and the like, that hold some level of responsibility for protecting your personal information. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE SITES.

Yes, I do all I can to avail the tools to secure this site. But this site, if each member chooses in their email settings, sends out notification emails when someone comments on their post, as well as other types of email notifications. This site is run on the WordPress platform, and that is the way WordPress works.

I don’t know of any website that does not log user’s IP address and require a valid email address in order to sign up.

Protecting your identity here is YOUR responsibility. And the best way you can do that is like this:

Create an email account on yahoo, gmail, or any of the dozens of other free web based email providers out there using an alias name, and alias information. If you do not enter your real name or any personal information, then it will not be revealed when used. Very simple.

As far as IP address anonymity goes, I know of no way to cloak it. I didn’t invent the internet folks. But there IS one way, which I have been using for years. It’s call VPN (Virtual Private Network). There are free VPN’s out there, but they often slow your speeds down significantly, and are loaded with ads.

strongvpn300x300Going with a paid VPN is cheap. I pay $21 every three months ($7 per month) and when I’m on the VPN, I have a USA IP address. That means I’m surfing the web completely anonymously. Every website I go to logs my IP, and it logs a USA IP address. Emails I send have a USA IP address. And there’s another added benefit; You can view sites and other things that are blocked in Philippines. You are virtually surfing the web from the USA, or where ever the server your VPN is connected to.

Many VPN providers offer several different countries and locations to connect from. If you want a good VPN that does not slow down your speed, I have been using StrongVPN for the past few years. Sign up, and It’s as easy as downloading their Client software, and when you want to surf anonymously, simply click one button, and VROOM! you’re surfing virtually from another country.

I will continue to do my best to provide as much security and ways for you to remain anonymous on this site, but there are some things are are completely beyond my control. And that is where YOU must take steps to protect yourself. First thing to do is DO NOT SIGN UP TO WEBSITES IN WHICH YOU WANT TO BE ANONYMOUS WITH YOUR PRIVATE, PERSONAL EMAIL. Create an alias email to use.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    I have not gone to that extent but use never use my main e.mail account I use G.M.X its worth a look name fake address fake and everything else as well,I log on via lastpass always again security plus. THANKS FOR THE GREAT ADVISE –BATMAN

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I don’t use real names or personal emails either. I just don’t like to display which emails I use and this has never happened before. Anyway, no biggie. Strange though that I never used to get any notifications from the previous email?

      VPN sounds ideal. Will have to look into that. Thanks for the tip. 🙂