OPINION: The Philippines Should be Listed as a Terrorist State

I posted this thought as a comment to FHPS’s recent entry but want to share it as a main posting:

“It’s important Westerns out there realize how degenerate the Philippino culture and society is regardless of the “I’m not like that” or “not all Filipinos are like that” bullshit that they all seem to claim. When the problems are that systemic, it doesn’t matter if you were born, raised, educated elsewhere because I’ve experienced Filipinos in North America and East Asia reek havoc by bringing their cultural weapons of mass destruction with them. Whether it’s the corruption, lack of civility, denial, lying through their rotted teeth, no consideration or respect for others, constant selfish behaviour, they’ll come into a community or family of trust and abuse it with their callow stupidity and utter greed. I really don’t know why industrialized nations don’t wise up to these people and label the Philippines a terrorist nation.”

It’s troubled me for some time how the Philippines has been allowed to run their scams and take advantage of people in North American, Europe, Australia, East Asia and other industrialized nations.

It’s bad enough Filipinos falsely promote themselves as a great vacation destination but when exploitation and corruption become their main industrial base and their biggest export is their own citizens, do other countries SERIOUSLY want to allow their citizens to vacation, conduct business, adopt, or marry people from that kind of culture let alone let them immigrant and spread their cultural toxic waste!?!?

In the Philippines when the most basic principles of a civil society, whether it be the simplest transaction, government regulation or conversation is met with greed, stupidity, exploitation, threat of reprisal or revenge when berated or confronted, and aggregate that hundreds if not thousand of times over to the point where a person is continuously in fear of not being ripped off or not able to have peace and quiet in his/her own home, it is a destructive act that terrorizes people’s lives and should be considered an act of terrorism.

The cultural terrorism the Philippines spews out puts Jihadists from the Middle East to shame.

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    You are so right. I don’t know how many thousand times I have been on my walks and I get the heey where you going Joe, fuck you Joe, Kano, why you walking, are you ok, ha ha ha…………………… fucking bullshit harrasement, for what, why, to whom?????? My neighbors play music 12 hours a day and don’t give a shit about the noise, that’s harassment! Their whole fucking behavior is abusive, bullying, jealousy, no manners, no thinking bullshit

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    It really is a sociopathic culture. “the simplest transaction, government regulation or conversation is met with greed, stupidity, exploitation, threat of reprisal or revenge when berated or confronted”.
    The lack of punishment or calling people out on their BS has created a nation of sociopaths. How can a “devout Catholic” lie, cheat, and steal so much without any guilt? Ever watch the news? When they accuse someone, he just denies it flat out and the accuser is now the person who is guilty since they love to turn it around so much. Then if they are caught flat out and can’t deny, lie, or deflect anymore they all do the same thing. They put on the saddest face, start crying, and saying they have kids so please have mercy.

    I have always used the quote, “the worst kind of liar is someone who believes his lies”.

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      I’ve paid the victim fee several times, luckily relatively small in cash but still big hit on health, so twisted I just want Al to shoot me dead.

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    G. Hueb

    When I was in the navy back in the 1980s, my roommate and I spent two years on legal hold, confined to the base but not imprisoned due to the current SOFA agreement.

    Charges were: attempted homicide, frustrated homicide, malicious mischief, and assault on persons in authority.

    The Story: We both worked the night shift and went to the Mariposa bar on Magsaysay after work to drink some San Miguel, at about 4 a.m. we jumped into a tricycle to go home (there was tricycle queue across the street) I was 6’4” 200 lbs. and my friend was maybe 6’2″ 220 lbs., he sat behind the driver and I got in the cab. We lived in an apartment complex behind the Bahoc Bahoc Market so we told him where to take us and off we went, about half way home I noticed there were a bunch of tricycles following behind us and about 3 blocks away several tricycles came from the side roads and blocked the intersection in front of us, our driver then stops his tricycle right in front of them….not good, I don’t remember if either of us said anything, but we both knew what was going down, he hopped off and I got out and fists and elbow started to fly…total instinct and adrenaline, it was impossible to knock them off, all you could do after a while is grab them and try to swing them off, as I was engaged with several of them in front of me I was hit in the back of the head with a rattan club, twice in the same spot behind my left ear, both times it was a like flash of bright light and I went down on one knee, the third time as I got up I turned my head, caught the club and yanked it from his hands, I clubbed that dude so hard he went flying into one of those ditches with that smelly green water in it, I didn’t know at the time he was a barangay, he was the assault on person of authority charge. He didn’t have any uniform on.
    Well fortunately back in those days I played a lot of softball and I had a pretty good swing, so I went about cracking some skull like it was batting practice and managed to back them off. After gaining some separation we started slowly making our way to the complex but they kept us surrounded and started throwing pieces of broken hollow block and rocks at us, when we were just about to the apartment they rushed us again, I was tripped from behind somehow and went down and as I’m getting up I was stabbed in the chest, it literally stuck in my bone long enough for me to grab his wrist and whack him in the head with the club, I was able to back them away from me again and notice my friend struggling to free himself because they had a hold of his arms and legs and one of them was in front trying to stab him in the chest. I ran over there and hit him pretty hard and my friend was able to break free, we made it into the complex and the guard close the gate (asshole had a gun too, didn’t try to help us) Both of our girlfriends were awake because they heard the noise, I went upstairs, grabbed my spear gun and like an idiot went running outside ready to kill someone, fortunately the police were already there and soon the OPM (military police) showed up. The local police wanted to take us to station alpha and the military police argued that we needed medical treatment at the base hospital, meanwhile we’re both bleeding like stuck pigs, scrapes on our arms and legs from the rocks and the back of my head had a lump about the size of a grape fruit…and I didn’t know but I had been stabbed in the back five times, didn’t feel it at all. They took us to the hospital after the ambulance showed up, fortunately none of my stab wounds were very deep, mostly superficial and my roommate had one deep that just missed his heart and a nasty slice on his neck. As a side note, while we were in the hospital the filipina nurse screwed up my I.V. somehow and I almost bleed out on the floor, it disconnected somehow during the night, good thing they were waking my ass up every 2 hours for possible concussion and it was discovered.
    Anyway…after the NIS investigated what happened, charges were filed on our behalf only to have them reversed by the Filipino authorities.
    For the next two years we were marched out to town for court hearings wearing our dress whites, we had a Filipino lawyer to represent us who worked for base legal, he somehow finagled a deal with an amnesty group that payed off whomever they needed to get the case dropped, it was quite a bit of money, something like 30,000 dollars, I don’t remember exactly, but it seemed like a lot. I had orders to San Diego the next day, my friend was processed out of the Navy shortly after.

    Now my wife who is the girlfriend I referred to in my story above, wants us to move to the Philippines next year, money isn’t a problem but I still worry about the scammers, corrupt police and terrible legal system. I’ve been back many times and every time there’s been some B.S. to deal with, the noise from dogs, karaoke, and roosters. I’ve had to pay off airport customs, traffic police, and wife has had her purse snatched, I was almost abducted at the airport by some Pilipino dudes with a jeepney who knew my first name, I thought they were my relatives, I have so many I can’t remember them all, my wife said they were picking me up in a jeepney so I got in, thank god there was an honest airport employee that ran out waving his arms to alert me, if you ever have to jump out of the back of a jeep remember your going to roll backwards and it hurts.

    Sorry for the long story, I’m addicted to this site, but I still feel a little guilty, my wife was craning her neck trying to see what I was doing earlier, she’ll think I have a girlfriend of course and I’m sending love messages, which means she’ll treat me better for a few days.

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      G. H,

      If I was in the states and my child bride kept nagging to move back to the pi, I would get her a ticket and say have fun. Moving here would be one of the biggest mistakes of your life, I know it’s mine. Since the 1980’s this country has made no progress in any positive way, corruption is worse as is the crime rate. I did find a site a few years ago where I could compare crime rates of two countries side by side with the crime listed in a column on the left. In every area the crime rate U.S. vs Pi the pi had the higher crime rate with 1/3 the population of the U.S. No, just when you think filipinos could not sink any lower as a people, country or nation they somehow manage to surprise you and fuck things up even more.

      I too was in the navy back in the 1980’s, gator navy and battleship. On the LST we would always pull into Subic so we could experience the pick pockets, over charging, corrupt police and other adventures that only the pi could offer. Maybe you remember this one. It was between 1982 and 1984 that a marine went and got a haircut and shave off base by a filipino barber. The pinoy leaned him back in the chair then slit his throat with the razor. Never heard if the pinoy was charged but most likely not.

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        Joe Smith

        My wife sometimes mentions that we should move to the Ph. I say ok and what exactly will I do for a living there as I’m decades away from official retirement age. Oh we can open up a business. First suggestion was a sari sari store, then a restaurant, then a salon, then a gas station. I wanted to go along with it at first but now I realize it will just be a huge goddamn headache with the corruption, incompetent workers, and the inconvenience of just about everything there, not to mention all her relatives will be trying to suck our stock away along with any profits. Then I have to hear all the time about how our daughter will be a celebrity there. I just tell her sorry but I’m not moving there permanently. I love hunting, fishing, peace, and quiet too much, and she lets it go for a few more weeks.

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      WTF happend there? Try to look positive on it; It will be a story you can with proud say to your grandchildren 🙂

      But seriously… My man! Respect for it! No advice for me about the wife and so on. You are oder than me, I dont know the whole story so I guess I should not comment on it. But again, a fucking great story.

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        Polish King,

        Back in the 80’s it could be said Olongapo/Subic were a bit like the wild west of old. Filipinos viewed the sailors as walking money machines and done all they could to get the cash. Had the pick pockets, scammers, thieves and so forth. One favorite of theirs was a jeepney driver would not accept passengers until a sailor got in. He would then start driving down the main road and would not stop to pick others up except for a select few, all pinoys and all his friends which would get on at different stops. Then they would try to rob the sailor while going down the road and the driver in on it.

        One guy on my ship worked out and was very muscular and into martial arts. So one day he gets in a jeepney and off the driver goes just as above with the sailor sitting behind the driver. Well they started to rob him as they went down the street but got more than they bargained for. As the jeepney went down Magasaysay the sailor was throwing filipinos out of the back of it until none were left and the driver bailed out. Said sailor then took the jeepney and went to where he was going and abandoned it. When he got back to the ship he told us what happened so it was decided if anyone asked that said sailor was on the ship with us that night.

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      Tacitus Post author

      Great story, G. H.! If anyone decides to make a documentary or write a book based on this website, I hope they’ll have you be part of the team because your writing and narrative is superb. Thanks for sharing.

      As someone who appreciates the historical perspective, it’s interesting to hear about how the country was back in the 80’s. And to think Theodore Roosevelt wanted to make the Philippines a U.S. colony!?!? I could understand the geopolitical strategic value but when you’re dealing with an indigenous population that’s morally bankrupt and have no sense of honor, it’s a huge liability if you ask me and reeks of imperialism by the wealthy, which our fore-fathers even argued against and which the U.S. should have no business in whatsoever because it ends up being the poor, middle-class boys and gals who end up having to enforce those policies and serving overseas and in the frontlines for dumb-ass decisions politicians make and let’s face it there are plenty of those around.

      If the Philippines was that bad back then, people probably don’t realize how bad it is now because they only see the fake veneer that hides the rot within and unfortunately technology has made it easier to put makeup on that pig.

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          Tacitus Post author

          Lol, babysitting is right. Don’t get me started on the public urination/defecation problem there and the need for adult diapers 🙂

          I stand corrected. Thanks for the clarification, Mike. It’s nice to know there are knowledgeable people out there who appreciate history.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I have to correct myself. The U.S did not call it a colony. They called it a territory. Hell, still babysitting though.

        2. Profile gravatar of Tacitus
          Tacitus Post author

          No worries, Mike 🙂 I actually felt like I needed to clarify myself regarding Rommel as well because if I’m not mistaken Germany military officers had to be Nazi party members also during WWII. However, having said that, there was a big difference between the political organization and the military one to the point where most people probably don’t realize that Rommel was forced to kill himself by the Nazi party. It’s like I always say, being conservative doesn’t mean you’re a Republican.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Rommel started his military career just before WW1. Later after the Nazis came to power he refused to join the Nazi party several times. He was involved in a plot to kill Hitler and neither Rommel himself nor any men under his command were accused of war crimes.

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    G. Hueb

    Mike I do remember hearing about the barbershop incident, it must have happened before I got stationed there in 84. I was an airdale stationed in Cubi Pt, VRC50 FooDogs. Back then we didn’t have debit cards, so on a payday you might be carrying extra cash on your way home to pay the rent or make a commissary run the next day, along with your 3 gallon jug of clean water from on base. I don’t know what their motive was, but success or failure they still got payed, that’s how the justice system works for foreigners, lose lose situation, no incentive not to commit a crime on a foreigner. If not for the status of forces agreement we would have been in jail and our lives most likely changed. The U.S government better think twice about rotating troops thru there in large numbers without protecting them legally. I don’t stress about the incident back in the 80s and to be honest it’s never felt like a survived a life or death situation, no PTSD at all, it was fight or flight, no thinking just reacting. I can logical dissect it now and come to the conclusion that we probably could have been killed. Real stress for me is long term, the stuff that eats away at you and you think about it over and over in your brain, it eats away at your very core, your soul, for example being married to a filipina for 25 years. I’d take the mob assault that lasted only a few minutes given a choice between the two any day…but I wouldn’t want to know about before hand because I would stress waiting for it to happen.
    My wife and I are going to move to the Philippines, looks like winter 2017/18 but I’m going to keep a place here and leave my motorcycle with a friend, I still have dreams of traveling to central and South America on my bike and the isawa won’t stop me. I think that in the end my wife will be the first one to break, she’s not very healthy, she’s survived stage 3C colon cancer and she’s diabetic from a bout of necrotizing pancreatitis (insulin dependent), she actually went under the knife on 9/11 as the twin towers were going down, most likely the heat, noise and begging relatives will take their toll. Definately renting and not living in one of her houses, too close to family

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      Tacitus Post author

      Agreed, being able to face an enemy and knock some heads is preferable than a death by a thousand cuts where you’re nickeled and dimed to death by some bureaucracy or corporation where people act like cowards hiding behind their computers, phones and some stupid policy make up by some no name office monkey. That’s the worst aspect of corruption, lies and abuse of trust. It’s like a cancer that slowly eats away at you from the inside out and you can’t fight it head-on. And that’s what the Philippino culture is: a cancer.