Outsourcing = The Secret To Philippines’ Statistics

Here I am once again swimming in the belly of the beast, where corruption, stupidity, and dishonesty is in its purest form.  Right at the academy where they learn it all from.  I’ve always been tired of Fuckin Filipinos boasting out about their false claims, and how their claims doesn’t reflect what I see in them every single day.

Well it was just lately where I was selected with a small group at my school to participate in this ‘English Proficiency Test’ being conducted this Friday (19Sep2014), which I’m SUPPOSE TO HAVE OFF!  “Oh fuckin great, I have to deal with 5 days of these idiots” I thought to myself.  Then I heard that this test was being held by the International English Center here at my school.   So I decided to take it upon myself to approach some of the other foreign students to find out that they were also selected to take part in this English Proficiency Test as well.  I only asked 2 of them, only a few foreign students here who have ENGLISH as their primary language just like myself.

So let me get this straight, without asking me if I was interested in taking this test to make THEM look good, they pretty much forced it on me?  On top of that, I already had Friday plans.  Being that this is the INTERNATIONAL English Center, I assume that these results will be recorded into international statistics so fuckin Philippines can continue to brag to the world how superior their English is, when in actuality, they have been outsourcing foreigners like myself to take their exams to boost their global statistics in their English fluency.  I mean think of it, where else would they get these statistics from?

– Employed Filipinos who are hardly working at all for their money, I doubt they have the time.

– Street Filipinos who works for scraps, yeah I bet they are likely to pass the test! LOL

– The OFWs, who are not even present in their own country to take the test.  Enough said there.

OR they can require people who are already in school, who has their mind gainfully employed, and just choose the smartest ones amongst them to represent Philippine’s international statistics?

I’m not gonna lie, there were some Filipinos chosen amongst us, but it wasn’t based on random selection either.  I noticed that the ones who had the highest level of fluency were chosen.

Some of you already know me pretty damn well to know that I wont allow a Filipino to deprive me of my free time to help THEM out.  As much as THEY fuck me over on a regular basis? Ha!  I tell you what, I will attend this examination, and as they said, “This will not affect any of my grades.”  I promise to fail the shit out of this exam!  My results alone may not be enough to influence the ranking, but at least I’m doing my part to show some truth to the global statistics of Filipino’s English fluency.  Filipinos already have a bad habit in claiming the success of others, and I will NOT allow them to claim any of mine!

Outsourcing has always been a common practice of the Philippines, just check out their basketball players for goodness sake.  They contract foreigners to play for their teams, because they know damn well that a team full of natural born Filipinos isn’t worth shit in the PBA, where is the “Pinoy Pride” in that? Ha!  My school does the same shit.  My varsity team is halfway composed of foreigners who are slaves to the school basketball team.  They get all their tuition paid for, but in exchange they must practice 3 hours a day and win a few games to make their school look good.

It’s amazing to know the extent a Filipino would take to boost their public, national, and international image.  All I know is, I refuse to be in any part of it!

If you ever hear a Filipino boasting about how good their English is and how it’s one of the top English speaking countries in the world, just think about all the foreigners that were forced to take their English Proficiency Exams for them, which allowed them to obtain those stats.

*With every good lie, there is always some truth to it, and here is the truth folks*

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    The philippine senate gave an american citizenship so he could play basketball here. This was done in record time. But I read where South Korea contested the player because he was not a resident in the phils for years.

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      FAFI Post author

      The priority of a foreigner is depending on the national interest of the Philippines. If they can use you to boost the credibility of their country, they wouldn’t hesitate to expedite your visa process, but if you are just an ordinary foreigner like me trying to apply for a visa to stay longer in this shit-hole. Expect a lengthy wait and the chances of your visa visa being denied.

      There was one valuable thing I did learn in grade school during my years in American while we were having a discussion about international politics. “There is no such thing as allies, only interests.” Now that I think about that statement today, then what are these possible interests that my country have with fuckin Philippines? I apologize to other foreigners on this blog for my country (America), because they have a bad habit of sticking their nose into other people’s business. That’s probably the most fucked up thing with my country. It’s trying to run it’s global justice system.

      I appreciate other countries not getting involved with Philippines’ conflicts. If my country finally learned to say “fuck it’ and let Philippines handle their own business, I’m sure it would’ve been overtaken by smarter people by now to make it a better place.

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        I agree with you. I think the USA should ignore the Philippine’s current problem with China. Not saying I side with the Chinese but there comes a time that the Filipinos must take responsibily for themselves instead of relying on the USA to bail them out and for the USA to pay them for the priviledge of doing so while the Fils complain and insult every step of the way! Filipinos say it should be that way because it’s more in America’s interest to do so. America’s interest is only in keeping shipping lanes open. The Philippines are looking at losing territory and/or invasion. Who’s got more at stake here? They claim they don’t have the resources to defend themselves. That’s their own fault. They’ve had numerous chances to upgrade their military but failed every time to do so.

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    Can you just opt out? Just wondering.
    They seemed to elect you for the test, but wasn’t sure if it was 100% mandatory or not.

    Honestly I can’t imagine doing that myself, I still have GI bill money I can use for school here and would have enough left over every month to be “ballin”. I haven’t done it because the thought of schooling here is like slowly tearing my fingernails off. I don’t know how I would handle it. I know full well how they are here and how quickly you will be “volunteered” into just any random shit without them so much as even asking if you are interested. I don’t think they could pry my free time away from me if they tried.

    But I agree, fuck it, if they want you there I would also fail the test. Not letting these people brag how good they are based on something they didn’t do.

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    This story of manipulating facts/results reminds me of a story here in Puerto Princesa where I live.

    There was a web site owned by a travel agency based in Austria. To get interest and traffic to their site they had a contest where people from around the world would nominate and vote for their top 8 natural wonders of the world. Whichever 8 got the top number of votes would be published on their site. There would be recognition from some type of word body just recognition from that particular travel agency.
    Puerto Princesa, needing more tourists, went all out to get people to vote for the Underground River “for the glory of the Philippines”. Signs were put up all over the city telling people how to vote. Schools were letting students out one day a week on their promise to hit the internet cafes to vote (up to 50 votes per person). City employees in their offices were given time to vote, vote and vote! The mayor also made a nationwide plea for all Filipinos to join in the voting. Most of these people had never been to the Underground River so they had no idea whether it was worthy to become one of the top 8 natual wonders of the world. But hey? Who cares if it is or not? If it’s for the glory of the Philippines then VOTE!

    They made the top 8 and was recognized as so by that travel agency. The City threw a great fiesta to celebrate the victory of their united efforts, their newfound fame and the tourist dollars they now expected. Hotels galore were invited to begin construction to house all these tourists and many heeded the call. But they didn’t do their logistical planning.
    The first tourist year many tourists did come. Almost all were Filipinos from other parts of the nation. There were so many in fact that many were unable to see the Underground River – too booked up and the red tape one had to go through prior to visiting the site turned many away.
    Numerous hotels got their building permits but were in for an unexpected surprise. The next tourist season numbers dropped considerably. So much to the extent that hotels that were partially built were abandoned. The number of daily flights coming to Puerto Princesa was reduced.
    But hey! We are world famous now! And they claim this with pride.

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    totally amazing they can organize a campaign like that , but can not keep a street clean!!!!!!!! I read that article, and I should realized it was a scam…..red tape, B/s, noise, late planes and disillusion are a trade mark of this country,

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      FAFI Post author

      Nah, it’s a saying that I usually say sometimes buddy. Maybe it’s just one of those coincidences of our words crossing paths. I’m sure if you checked out the post date, it may have been earlier than whenever day I probably heard that from ya. But if I accidentally steal another quote from you in the future, then I will pay ya one beer per quote. LOL. Alright TheD, TTYL8er.