Paquiao Loses Fight, Philippines Calls National Day Of Mourning??? WTF???

You know you have no life as a country when you call a national day of mourning over a lost boxing match.

I’m not saying the Philippine Government declared it. But I had to laugh when I saw the top google result about today’s fight on

“National day of mourning: Pacquiao loses by devastating KO”


“I threw the perfect punch. I saw he was going for a 1-2. I stepped into the right and hit him,” a vindicated Marquez said of the devastating blow that broke the hearts of millions of Filipinos. – Dino Maragay,

Broke hearts? Paquiao got up, he’s fine. He will live to fight another day folks. My god! You can’t win them all. Are you not happy he became known as the greatest fighter in the world for some years? That isn’t enough for you? You make me laugh. Broken hearted?……such drama!

I mean, let’s look at the reality. Manny Paquiao is merely a guy who is really good and a winner at punching other guys in the head. For this he is loved and therefore wins the votes of the majority to become a congressman. WTF???

But I had to laugh and get on the blog with this “National Day Of Mourning” hilarity. Get a life Philippines! HAR HAR HAR HAR!!

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    You have to wonder how Marquez is “vindicated” when he has still lost all but one of his fights with Manny.

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    Manny……the great saviour of the PI….What a load of rubbish. Now he has managed to get himself into Congress as he probably recongnised (or someone told him) that there is a gold mine of money to be made. How well does he represent his people in Congress when he spends most of his time overseas with his boxing etc. He and his family throw a few pesos around they think he is GOD. He is a waste of time just like the rest of the “actor” politicians they put into office over there.

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    indeed, pinoys are so morbidly insecure that in order to sustain any sense of value, they insatiably feed off the meaningless superficial victory of a boxer with a double digit IQ to compensate for their culturally devoid selves. pathetic.