Philipina Women, Entitlement, and Money Grabs

This is the first time it hit me, but I’ve noticed this common thread now with Philippina women. They tend to be over focused on money, defending their “turf”, and how to take it from others. I went to a hair salon; the Philippian women there would always try to upsell me and get extra cash by waxing my eyebrows. I let her, but found out later she wasn’t even certified to do it (she ended up burning me), she just wanted whatever extra money she could get. Later she had an argument with the health inspector (good luck with that bitch) and ended up being shut down.


A Philippian woman I know was recently “caring” for two elderly women in her home. They both paid her something to the tune of $4,000/month (this was a rate she negotiated); this means she was probably making around $7,000-$8,000 a months for a work at home job. She would work in her pajamas and spend most of her time gardening and putting together puzzles. One elderly woman was left to sit in her own urine with dirty clothes. The other one (who had dementia) was literally locked in her bedroom; the doorknob was removed by Philippian lady and she used a sheet to tie the door shut, treating her like some animal. Despite all of this money, the Philippian lady bitched that she could do much better than taking care of these women, that she could get rid of them anytime, and that they were lucky to have her. One elderly woman (the one without dementia) decided she’d had enough and wanted to give her 30 day notice so she could go to a better caretaker (who charged much less). The Philippian lady flipped out, and at the end begged the elderly woman to stay. She didn’t. When the elderly woman (a family member of mine) decided to follow through on leaving, the Philippian lady made criminal threats and placed harassing phone calls to all members of the elderly woman’s family, making up stories about different people stealing large amounts of money from the elderly lady and causing all sorts of problems. The police literally had to help the elderly woman move out for her own protection.


So yeah, all in all, I’m fed up with this Philippian bullshit drama, and their money grubbing ingratitude. They should go back to their own shithole of a country and quit taking our jobs and positions, which they obviously aren’t happy with (even though they’re damn lucky to have them).


Even though it’s not quite the Philippines (but close), these situations remind me of documentary Daughter from Danang:


A half white half Vietnamese baby was adopted out and basically grew up completely Americanized/Westernized. When she went back to visit her Vietnamese family of origin, she was shocked by the cultural differences, some of which included relatives who would demand money, even though they barely knew her. Even though she sought them out, she ended up so offended she did not want to maintain contact with them (she understandably felt used at their entitlement mentality). A really interesting documentary to watch, well worth the time.

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    In the film the term: “this is the way we do it in Viet-nam”…. now where have I heard that before?;-) ‘twould be strange if countries which racially, culturally and climatically were so similar should not have many similarities.

    There are more similarities between phils and other s.e.asian countries than is usually admitted here. The reason is that this site is concentrated on letting out steam about the deficiancies in phils, and not of whole s.e.a.

    If we started comparing objectively the similarities would grow more appearant than now. Some times I miss this….augmented angle, but I respect that the main purpose is to blow off steam of ” philstupidity”!

    The quality of the site would doubtlessly rise but it would also lead to frustrations about “loss-of-focus”! 😉

    At least this article is a start to possibly broadening the Scope of the Site, which would make it more interesting and readable.

    The Mufazzza is driven more of curiousity and want to blow off some steam, than directing that steam spesificially only to the phils! This has been mis-interpreted by some to that M. is a pinoy encroaching on this site. (Wrong! and God forbid!!) Mufazzza would Never lower himself to such despiccable behaviour!)

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    ….anyway, to comment on the film; I agree that the family are greedy and insensitive(like flips) but this american lady is also very naive and emotional. She Expects to be greeted in a special way (Entitlement!;-) Knowing Nothing of the culture she expects this and that, she has (naturally) not used a calory to investigate vietnamese culture before she left.

    And this horrible crying, american women didn’t cry for the slightest thing 70 years ago, now they do! Every time they dont get Their will they start crying, horrible!

    We also see her family reacting negatively to her “overly emotions” like every asian culture would, becose she “embarasses them” by not keeping her cool.

    So this could really be viewed in more ways than one, not only painting american behaviour as “perfect” which it is not! Most americans would automatically take part for the “poor crying lady”, which would be culturally biased.

    If the family had been a little….”smart”, they would have let her settled-in before starting to make their “needs” obvious, but maybe they are just as short of time before fleecing as flips, I dont know!

    With these cultural differences and poverty this scenario was bound to pan out as it did!
    Both parties had expectations and none where met! If this mixed-race woman had been a little smarter(which she obviously wasen’t) she would have constrained her expectations and things would have moved a little smoother. You cannot expect (poor) vietnamese to behave like americans!

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    Skywalker Post author

    I agree with what you say, about the huge cultural clash that occurred between the mixed raced woman and her native Vietnamese family….I mean, wow. For what it’s worth, I think there might have been a culture clash between her and another fellow American, like say, a New Yorker or Californian. But I digress 🙂

    Both sides should have had some touch up with cultural anthropology, because by the end of that documentary they were just saturated with offense and driven apart, perhaps permanently. The American woman was pretty naïve, and not at all prepared to handle the way people from that part of the world act. The Vietnamese family…..well, some of them were pretty cool in their own way (her birth mother), and some of them seemed like asses (the money grabbing sister).

    Overall I kind of felt for the Vietnamese mom. She seemed like the one who had been making the most effort. She gave the baby up as a child for her own safety. At the end she was saying that she didn’t hold her behavior against her because she wasn’t raised in that culture, and she just wanted to get to know her daughter. Overall, very sad. I wish the daughter would give at least the mom another chance.

    But back to the Philipino thing–Vietnam, geographically, is close to the Phillipines (separated by a bay of water, I think), so it’s not inconceivable that there are some cultural similarities. I was just struck by how the sister acted–like Heidi gave her some money, and she just grabbed it (without even looking up or thanking her) and put it in her pocket. And at the end, the family was all like, “I know you just met your mother, but can you take her home and care for her, and send us money, and, and, and….” I can see how she got overwhelmed. That would have driven me away too.

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    The “Daughter from Danang” documentary reminded me of the Filipino boy who was adopted by an Aussie couple 15 years ago. The Aussie couple originally only wanted to adopt the youngest sister, who was only an infant at the time. But they felt sorry for the boy, Daniel who was only about 9 or 10 years old at the time. The couple did not want to separate the siblings, so took both of them in. The Filipino was apparently murdered by the Muslims in Mindanao.

    The infant girl thrived in Australia, but Daniel struggled at school, started university then dropped out to work at menial jobs, then decided to return to the Philippines to find their other siblings. Huh? They had siblings?? So why did they allowed the 2 children to go to an orphanage? There could have been extenuating circumstances that allowed the older siblings to have the 2 youngest children to go to an orphanage, so I shall not pass judgement to their version of “close family ties”.

    So Daniel found the older siblings, had a big family reunion. BUT, guess what the outcome of that family reunion? Daniel ended up working 2 jobs in Australia so he can send money home to support his older siblings, even though he himself had married and had 2 children and a (Filipina) wife to support.

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    Skywalker, Indeed we agree! ’tis sad though that the mixed did not have it in her heart (as you said too) to talk alone with her mother to see if there were grounds for connection there.

    Then I want to bring thanks to filo (now the Captain) to let us exchange thoughts here!

    In our Time there are plenty of opportunities to interact digitally, but most of those are tainted by lowlifes (swearing, “hahahaha’s”, typically sick, twisted, stupid, defensive, lowlife flips,(and the likes) ” politically correct” assholeidiot “moderators” who curb any serious try of open creative communication! These p.c.’s are the scourge of any true, democratic exchange in any society! God give this evil Menace upon our Planet will contract some disease to remove them from the face of the Earth! They are as harmful and bigot as IS!!!

    Thankfully we have this little heaven where we can discuss freely, the same time as Lowlife’s be evicted as quick as needed!

    I Do enjoy the Site! My only hope is a….broadening of experience and views to encompass the Whole of east asia, and not only limiting ourselves to bashing flips (though rightly deserved!;-)

    There are a Good amount of knowledgeable people here, who are not afraid to say their heartfelt meaning! Which is why I am comfortable at this site!:-)

    Though the phils be a horrible place the influx of info about thailand, vietnam, cambodia, japan for that matter, would only work to augment and enlighten the understanding we here exchange, I think. Pinoy are without doubt the most hopeless case of s.e.a. or pribably Whole Asia, but variation in diet is healthy too!;-)

    Furthermore the view of the whole region, discussionwise, will not retract from extracting personal frustration of life in the phils, but augment the understanding of expat, and thus work to relieve the frustration felt by many. At least that’s how I see this.

    The differences and similarities, racially, environmentally, politically, psycologically and environmentally, discussed actively and openly here would only contribute to the Quality of this Site! (I know the Knowledge is already at hand!:-)

    This is the only place where We can discuss these topics freely, so let’s not miss this exellent Opportunity! There will still be plenty of opportunity to some healthy philbashing inbetween!;-)

    ’tis Good there are still Oases like this, where toxic p.c. activity is held at bay!! Thankfully!

    I wish Us all a heartfelt Anno Domini 2016 in creative discussion and productive philbashing!:-)


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    Recently I found a solution to money grubbing, lying, scamming flips. I just tell them to fuck off to their face. And I’ve had a 100% success rate!

    One flip kid tried to steal my phone and followed me. A brief “fuck off” from me and he left!

    A man followed me down the street from my hotel and approached me with the “Hello! I’m from your hotel” line. “Fuck off”, I said. And he did.


    I used to be more subtle and tell them im not interested but THEY DONT GET IT. Most of em are too stupid to understand being declined in a polite way.