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Hello once again everyone, it’s just your buddy FAFI with another story about Filipino ignorance, based on my true experiences in the land where WORDS contradict ACTIONS.  Well, I am finally deciding to post this story since I am already getting personal demands about it.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide the video I intended to use with this article for the sake of my anonymity and security, but I am more than willing to share this video, which I had personally taken, with you all by uploading it on a later date on youtube.

We are all aware of the behavior patterns of Filipinos.  Always late, hard-headed, disrespectful, me-first attitude, crab mentality, psycho-religious, and they naturally take shortcuts (cheats) for their own personal benefit.  Well I had confirmed that most of these aspects are also present in their schools, specifically, their college.  The Filipinos that we encounter on a daily basis had most likely inherited these traits from school.

First, let me touch on the difficulty level.

Most Filipinos starts college around the young age of 16, a little early for college don’t you think?  If you ask me, I would suggest that they wait until they are at least 25, because they are not mature enough to take college as seriously as the rest of the world.

They have a huge curve in their grading system that makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to fail.  There is a minimum grade of 60%, which is the lowest possible grade you can achieve if you did NOTHING at all and did everything possible to fail, you will still get 60%.  They don’t believe in 0% as their minimum cut-off grade.  Gaining that extra 15% doesn’t require much effort since you only need 75% to pass most subjects.

Obviously most of the material I learned in high school are being repeated in the colleges here.  We are still going over ‘Stem’ and ‘Leaf’ plots in Math, and learning ‘nouns, adjectives, and verbs in English.

There are useless courses that counts as college credits which has nothing to do with your academic studies.  Such as Physical Education, and Social Orientation.  The orientation is nothing more than just a session of socializing, and performing kiddy projects which is worth 1 credit, but is a mandatory subject for each semester (at least at my school it is).  P.E. would normally consist of swimming, dancing, or doing karate, and somehow they think that will help them in their field of study.

Other Factors that makes it dummy-proof

Integrity is a rare or non-existent trait amongst most Filipinos, and same with Filipino students.  Students openly cheat on exams, tests, and quizzes, and the professor allows it (I have video proof of this).  Some professors openly allow it, and some would indirectly allow it by pretending to be busy making a phone call, or stepping out of the classroom during an exam and trusting them not to cheat, which they will.  At the end, nothing is done about it.  It’s frustration to spend hours studying for a test, when Filipinos just gets it easy by cheating.  It’s their rules, their country, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

We know that Filipinos have a holiday for almost EVERYTHING.  A day off from school at least 3 times a month commonly happens because of some religious holiday, it’s some VIP’s birthday, or rainy days.  Sometimes we get days off for no apparent reason at all.

Integrity Strikes Again!  It’s common for lazy professors to not grade their own test papers here.  In most cases at the end of a quiz or exam, students would correct each others test paper.  Now we can already assume what happens there.  There are too many opportunities to get whatever score you want at that point.  Either your buddy gives you a perfect score, or if he doesn’t do it for you, sometimes I catch a student altering his score after the corrections and before giving their score to the teacher.


With all that said, it seems like colleges here would have a 100% passing rate….. WRONG!  There are a few factors that does make it slightly difficult, but these factors shouldn’t be existent in the first place.  Here are a few below.

Students behaving like circus animals in the classroom and disrupting the peace is very common here.  There have been times where I couldn’t hear the lesson or assignment being delivered due to the Filipino’s inability to shut the fuck up while the professor is talking.  They are extremely rude, and destroys any possibility for others to concentrate and focus.  Therefore, I wasted my time in class.  Teachers here are too damn chicken to kick a student out of class for this type of misbehavior, they just let it happen.  This contributes to some of my failures. I have a video on their classroom behavior as well.

Teacher stupidity is another factor, but it’s rarely a problem.  Being a Filipino and unable to foresee anything in the future, and have any remembrance of what they said in the past.  They often fail to provide accurate information to the students by planning something that doesn’t happen, and giving out assignments that they forgotten to issue.  There have been times where an assignment was issued, but since everyone is Filipino.  the professor forgot about it, and sometimes the students forgot about it too.  Me being the only one with the brain capacity to remember, I ACTUALLY do the assignment, but the day it was meant to be collected, nobody does it, and the teacher can’t recall assigning it.  So I ended up wasting my time.  Sometimes the students don’t hear the assignment because of their reckless noisiness, so I normally ask the professor to repeat what was said at the end of class.  But I end up getting fucked anyway if I’m the ONLY one to do it.


I can’t possibly make any of this shit up in case there any Filipinos reading this.  If you had visited my school, every word I had said will match the actions that I am speaking of, and it’s absolutely nerve-wrecking to deal with these idiots.  On top of that, school rules that they ‘pretend’ to enforce, are never enforced.  School uniforms, being late, and being absent. They ignore all that shit. I knew a student last year who did all that shit and still made it to the next year level.  There is no classroom enforcement, most of the teachers are too lazy to discipline students, and they don’t give a shit about nothing else other than being present for their 90 minute period and getting paid for it.  After that, it’s deuces for them!  I can say a lot more about the education here, but I think that’s enough said there.  Let it soak in.

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    Filipino reader here. I did primary school in this country and I’m amused to see the same noisy brainless idiots at my school are the same ones in “college”. To tell you the truth, most of the things I learned during those years I learned reading by myself, not in “school”. I only hope my secondary and higher education in more decent places makes up at least a little for that serious handicap during those very important formative years.

    Thank you FAFI for this interesting article. Most if not all you say is probably true for most colleges in the Failippines.

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    Charles Conrad Godinez

    Hey FAFI! I’m Charles and I’m new here.
    First of all everything that is said here in your article is 100% true.
    I also been schooling here in the Failippines as long as I remember.
    Education here sucks, so as this generation of students.
    Everytime I go to school its like been hell.
    Their so noisy and disrespectful to the teacher.
    Also the teachers here are also Filipinos which makes education crappier.
    Right now the president of the Failippines is spending BILLIONS of money for education.
    He thinks education can make things great here in the Failippines.
    I like to say this idea is dumb, He spends billions of money in education and the filipinos are still
    retards. Filipinos in this generations are like the new “whatever, since I’m attending school I’m smart”
    Filipinos think they are smart since they base it to their grades.
    What if I told you that “grade doesn’t define intelligence”.
    Living here in the Philippines is like HELL seriously!
    Its like a zombie outbreak here, I think the virus that cause this was the PP-Virus.
    Right the Pinoy Pride Virus or PP-Virus.
    PP-Virus makes the filipinos retards and retards going to get more retardier year after year.
    I’m trying to survive in the Failippines without getting infected by the PP-Virus.
    I seriously hate this country and I want to get out of this zombie infested country.

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      Charles Conrad Godinez

      I forget to mention, that this stupid president is spending a lot of money in education that he forget agriculture, all food price here are now expensive.
      Are you kidding me Mr. President!
      You’re gonna feed us with education!?
      I prefer to have a meal first than to study first.
      Filipinos here only feeds on the education ignoring their hunger, which cause them to get retard.
      Hunger affects the brain, more like that is why they get retard.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Welcome to the blog Charles and I appreciate your comment. I’m glad somebody else here knows exactly what I’m talking about and is able to back me up on this. It’s truly sad to know that the education here can be so inept and inferior to other countries. I had been approached by my department head to discuss my true feelings about the school, but she advises me that I should just EMBRACE their culture and get to know them better. She tells me that they are just being ‘HAPPY.’
      OK, I know she wants me to socialize with them, but there is s time and place for that, not during fucking class where I’m suppose to learn something. She is completely delusional for saying that stupid shit, and she seriously does need a reality check. It’s like she forgot the entire purpose of what college is for. It’s not a damn playground where you are suppose to mingle and meet friends. Although, I already had met friends here, but I don’t fuck around with them during class lectures.
      I’m totally outnumbered there, and my logic will never reach through to them, no matter how reasonably accurate it sounds, it just can’t beat idiot Filogic! So I have no choice but to remain as a silent victim of this stupidity until this shit is finally over with.

      Just remind me to never hire a Filipino in the future, unless it’s some low-end janitorial work that doesn’t require much brain power. It’s such a drag being around them. I’m feeling stupider already.

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    mother teresa

    My son did kinder, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade here in a provincial government grade schhol here. I really have no idea what was going on during class time. What i do know is it use to freak me out how nobody seemed to know the scheduled days of class. Maybe one month before school started i would ask the yaya to go to the principles house and find out exactly what day school started and get a school calender for the year. The principle didnt know but it would sometime in whatever month. In all those 4 years they never had a calender. Like a week before class was to start the decision would be sent out. Many times he would go to school with the yaya only to return shortly after. I would ask what happened? No school. I would ask nobody else was there and he would say no there were many people there for class but they didnt open up school. WTF?.?? Another thing that freaked me out one time was the school had a dance show done by all the students for the parents. One of the skits was they had this huge group of say second grade girls dancing on stage to “Dont need no short short man, dont need no short short man”. It wasfunny but it creeped me out at the same time. All the flips thought it was so cute.
    After 3rd grade we went to the States and I put him in school there. He had to take a placement test. His math scores were shockingly low. He was pretty much straight A in fil school. His math score was 60% in the states which really freaked me out. Again this was in a provincial public school in phil. which i knew i couldnt have expected much.

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    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    Lowest grade possible is 60%? No authority against cheating on exams? This education system should be considered a crime against humanity.

    This explains why flips are so full of themselves and bluescreen when asked to do simple tasks and forget appointments.

    philippine college educated = middle/high school level everywhere else in the world. YOu can say they aren’t even qualified for a fast food employment.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Yeah, this sad but true. I have a video of it, and the only way to prove that it was a quiz is by shooting a clip during the video at my test paper, but I accidentally revealed my name during the shot, therefore it’s not safe to upload that video for my own safety. But if you get with me later in PM, I will be willing to share this video with you through email.

      The schools here are so pathetic, but it’s like obtaining a free college degree for literally doing absolutely nothing. I don’t feel so bad about it since I know my background intelligence should already qualify for a degree, I just have rough it out for 4 years for that knowledge to be officially recognized.

      The entire educational system should be on lock-down, or at least not be allowed to be recognized globally. These idiots don’t get any more smarter or mature after college, from the first day they enter college. OK, maybe a few had matured a little bit since I do see a difference in discipline from the graduates and undergrads, but my experience with this just shows that their education value does not compete to the rest of the world on a equal basis.

      If they were in my country, none of this shit would ever fly.

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Failippines issued educational qualifications are good ass wiping material. I am yet to employ ANY Failippines educated graduate (and I’ve employed a lot now) who had the slightest fucking idea what they need to do, to perform the job for which they have allegedly been trained.

    It’s no wonder these fucking idiots end up working in call centers. It COMPLETELY misses them that one of the primary reasons they work in a call center, is because no foreign employer would take the risk of having them do anything else. Call center staff can be easily micro-managed, and the systems required to monitor and report on that are easy.

    That’s not the case with graphic designers, programmers, webamasters and the myriad other completely incompetent IT graduates that pump through their higher education system each year. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to employ medical or engineering graduates.

    Nothing you said surprises me FAFI. I’d have been amazed if it was any different.

      1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        Typical stupidities? You mean like aside from just being Pinoy…

        1. They graduate with completely deprecated knowledge. I have no idea how old the text books are that they use in Pinoy universities, but I’m guessing really old. I’m guessing that the “professors” never upgrade their knowledge either, from the moment that they graduate.
        2. They know how to pass exams. They have ZERO idea about how to solve real world problems in their field of “expertise”.
        3. They are completely incapable of working without direction. That’s too mild. They are incapable of working without micro-management.
        4. They are incapable of performing any work which is not “task oriented”. Don’t even think about giving them a job to do to, without first breaking that job down into its component tasks – including the order in which they must be completed – and the standard to which they must adhere.
        5. They are unwilling to take responsibility. Whenever they fuck something up (which is frequent) somebody else is at fault.

        I could go on, and on, and on, and on…

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Call Center employee, Security Guards, Fast Food Joints, Drivers (Trikes, Jeeps, and FX), SM/HyperMarket employees, and Sari-Sari store owners are some of the most common low end jobs that Filipinos apply at because their inferior intelligence isn’t sufficient enough to work at any job of high reputable standing. These jobs don’t require brain-power, and they pay like shit. Even some of these college grads have a hard time finding a job of this degree, because their degree don’t really mean shit if they are not up for the task to actually fulfill the duties of the job description.
      I already know the true value of a Philippine College degree, and I am not at all impressed. As a future employer if I get any Filipino applicants, I will treat ALL college degree earned in Philippines as less significant than any high school diploma earned in some of our first world countries.
      My college speaks of obtaining global recognition, but the only recognition they had obtained in my book is for being a group of talentless, lazy, incompetent idiots who will show up to work late, piss off customers with their behavior, and take numerous shortcuts to get a job done. I wouldn’t want that kind of scum working for me either.

  6. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

    Thanks FAFI for confirming my theory. No need to be smart to notice that Filipino Professionals are so fucking Unprofessional. Once I been in a hospital in the Failipines and the employees were only playing around, telling stupid jokes, taking pictures of patients and making cute smiles here and there lol. When you see some hospital personal acting like such a bunch of clowns you’re like: But how the hell they made it here? You got the answer FAFI. I don’t know if you’ve already played to Tropico on PC? A classic! I spent hours playing it. In this game we are the dictator of an island like Cuba or Failipines. We build stuff and change the law. Among all those possible laws we can change there is an Edict called: Alphabetization: No student can fail school. Just like in the Failippines

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Well, we can’t really call it ‘FAILippines’ if they make it impossible to ‘FAIL’ school, but I’m on the same page as you man. Their school is a failed system, they graduate with the same knowledge they had before they even first enrolled in college. They act like clowns in school and doesn’t take anything seriously, therefore I am not at all surprised at your story of how these so-called ‘DOCTORS’ and ‘NURSES’ be clowning around during work. People lives are at stake and they would be more concerned with going on break on time, than taking REAL PRIDE in their work by working through lunch to save a life. I’ve worked at a high end job before and I know the feeling of working through lunch a few times to accomplish an important task, and I feel good as hell with a feeling of self-accomplishment when I do it.
      I’ve heard stories from my wife during her trips to the hospital lately how her doctor is not on time, and she ends up waiting a few hours until he shows up to start her appointment. This may not have to deal with the educational aspect, but I heard how hospitals here wont take care of you until you made the initial full payment first. In other words, if you don’t pay, they say ‘fuck it’ and refuse to render you aid. They don’t believe in helping you and sending you a bill in the mail. So much for the whole saying of “The Filipino is worth dying for.” I guess that was all bullshit after all.
      I can only pretty much speak for 2 courses since I had only enrolled in their Criminology and Business programs, plus some of my subjects now have a mixture of Physical Therapy and Accounting students. From what I’ve seen of them so far is pure incompetence and disregard for their education. So I’m sure that applies to the rest of the departments as well (Nursing, Information Technology, Computer Science, and etc). If they act that way in school, they are sure to be that way when they graduate and work at a job that corresponds to their studies. In other words: don’t expect much from them.

      1. Profile gravatar of Jmac

        Hi FAFI, I’m new to this site but I have been lurking and reading articles here, including some of yours, for a while now and I have registered recently.

        You mentioned about the hospitals, which reminds me that for the past couple of days, local news media was airing news about a hospital in Butuan city in Mindanao that refused to admit a child patient with a critical heart condition who has been transferred from another hospital because they said that the hospital in Butuan has better facilities that specifically cater to the condition the kid had. The hospital staff in Butuan Doctors’ refused to admit the kid because they demanded P30,000 upfront, which the mother reasoned was impossible because she doesn’t have that amount of cash with her at the time and because it was late nighttime and the banks were closed so no transactions are possible. She promised she could pay the next day so long as they admit her daughter right there and then due to it being an emergency. The hospital staff still refused, and so they went off to find another hospital that will admit her. Tragically, the girl died along the way. It was later revealed that there is a law here in the Philippines, Republic Act 8344 that prohibits hospitals from refusing admission to patients who are in critical or emergency situation. I have heard plenty of people say that hospitals all over the Philippines do that all the time, that they refuse admission even in emergency situations. The mother posted about it on Facebook and circulated it around, until it went around far enough and became news. Now she’s mulling filing legal action against the hospital.

        So I thought to myself, if this has been going on for a long time, why hasn’t anyone complained nor done anything about it? WTF is wrong with people? And the government doesn’t seem to know anything about it until it made the news.

        As regards to the state of education here, your description is spot-on. I also studied here and I can confirm that a lot of what you said is true, and I know a few who have graduated by cheating and slacking their way through school. I expressed my frustrations, and people’s reactions can be summed up as ‘it’s unfortunate, but that’s the way things are, nothing we can do about it’. I know some whose theses were written almost entirely by their thesis advisors! It’s frustrating to think that I had worked hard and had several sleepless nights writing my thesis proposal, and some bozos had their theses written for them by their advisors, all without paying a cent.

        1. Profile gravatar of Charles Conrad Godinez
          Charles Conrad Godinez

          Seriously though, this so called pro-nurses will only think your in a critical condition if you got hit by a car and got shot by a bullet even though your still okay that you only got hit by the arm or leg, or you just appear in front of them covered with blood.

        2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          I’m glad that you read the entirety of my post and this comment. It’s completely bullshit on how careless the hospitals are with human life here (on the contrary, I can barely call them human). But we are ALL familiar with the ways of the Filipino and I’m sure the hospitals has their reasons for being this way, since the ‘Filipino Word’ hardly hold any value in this country. I’m sure the hospitals here had issued many debts to patients who had promised to pay, but like with any promise made by a Filipino, it literally just translates to “FUCK YOU.”

          In a ‘LIFE OR DEATH’ situation, I believe that nobody should be turned down for aid, or they should at least do enough to the point where the patient survives long enough to make the initial payment at the very least. I would hate to visit one of these hospitals near the end of the month when I am dead beat broke, and I get denied for a ‘LIFE OR DEATH’ treatment that can save me, and I am just days away from getting paid. But since almost EVERYONE in Philippines is a lying sack of shit on promises, I can’t blame them much for not taking my word for it.

          But I’m dying for god sake! Can they really just watch me take my last breath? Filipinos are truly heartless animals that cares for nothing but money. Anybody with a soul would have enough heart to give aid for free. What a bunch of savages!

          1. Profile gravatar of Charles Conrad Godinez
            Charles Conrad Godinez

            I call Filipinos; “Zombies” or “A.I.”

            I know how you feel FAFI, Me too somehow I feel like I want to die than to live in Philippines. I seriously wish that I want to die early than to live longer to suffer here.

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            How can you even call them “A.I.” LOL…. A.I. stands for “Artificial Intelligence” and there is nothing remotely intelligent about them. You are better off calling them “A.S” for “Artificial Stupidity.” But their stupidity is pure “NATURAL,” so I think “N.S” would be a better word for them.

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    FAFI Post author

    During my time here at this Philippine College I am attending, their literature is merely proof that Filipinos don’t have ANY contribution to global knowledge. My college is required to speak in English during class (which rarely happens) for one reason only, and that is to understand what is written in the text books that were written by great authors. Knowledge comes from great intelligent people, and do you think that any of these intelligent fucks would happen to be a Filipino?
    Some of the first inventors, philosophers, and founders in life were mostly non-Filipino, and the only way to read their works is to understand English in order to read their material. I haven’t heard of any great success stories where a Filipino had changed the lives of people globally. I haven’t heard about a Filipino inventing anything useful, flying to the moon, discovering new land, or having any contributions towards any technological advancement. Can you imagine Philippines leading us into the Nano Age? Hahaha! That’s gotta be a big laugh!
    This school I am at is always saying how Filipinos are a global asset because they employ Filipinos all over the world….. but for doing what!? Its most certainly not to work at some high end job that requires intelligence. I’ve heard of some these jobs they get employed to do around the world; Maids, babysitters, factory workers, KTV bar girls, waitresses, and some other manual labor low end job. They only get the job because they are willing to work for scraps and chicken-feed, which is like a fortune compared to any job you can get in Philippines. The best job I probably heard of a Filipino getting abroad is working as a nurse (in other words: a doctor’s bitch), and that doesn’t really require much effort except to just do what you are told. I never heard of them going over seas to be a doctor, a real engineer, or assist in some high tech computer programming designing. None of my video games says “Made in Philippines.” I never heard of any popular cartoon made by a Filipino. They just poorly translate them and have Filipinos think shows like SpongeBob and Dragonball was made in Philippines.
    The point is that, Philippines needs to learn English for the sole purpose of understanding books that were written in English by these great authors, because there isn’t an educational book written in Tagalog (at least not many) because there are so very FEW great Filipino authors. If Filipinos changed the world into a greater place, and made all the best books, then maybe the world would have a reason to learn Tagalog to read their books. Case and Point!

    1. Profile gravatar of Charles Conrad Godinez
      Charles Conrad Godinez

      Speaking of English.
      My English Teachers from Past to Present are freaking stupid.
      They state this rules.
      1.) When Class Starts everyone MUST SPEAK ENGLISH
      -Students still speak Tagalog, so as the English Teacher

      -They answered with Filipino language and get a correct answer for it

      3.) You’ll PAY FINES if you don’t speak English on my class
      -Why am I the only one paying!?

      4.) You must LISTEN to my explanations
      -Explain everything in FUCKING tagalog

      Well I must say, they are really stupid. My English Teacher don’t even bother reading my answers and always give me a perfect score. Because…
      1.) I written all my answers in English
      2.) They know I speak English very well
      3.) They don’t know what I’m saying in English
      4.) There are some English words that they don’t know like Facade.
      5.) They wrong my Facade and change it to Parade.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
        FAFI Post author

        I have to admit that’s most the reason why I had always got a perfect score on my Political Science exams last year because the professor had always been too lazy to formulate 50 multiple choice questions (school standard), so instead he just gives us 3 or 4 essay questions. Of course my answers were in English, and he barely understood anything I wrote. With this knowledge, I took an advantage of the situation to utilize my English fluency to the fullest by purposely using words I’m sure he didn’t understand. Sometimes I just made words up to see if he will catch me. Every time I had received a perfect score just for writing a ton of bullshit.

        I can relate to your numeration you stated above, except for the penalty part. I don’t get punished for speaking English, but my teachers do enforce speaking English, but like any other Filipino hypocrite, they break their own rules and start speaking Tagalog themselves. Of course if the professor breaks their own rules, it just encourages the other shit-for-brain students to start speaking Tagalog too. This is in every class.

        I’m not gonna jump on them for speaking in their own native language since they can converse better in it, but they should’ve fucking make up rules just to break it. It’s like Filipinos gets a hard-on for breaking as many rules/laws as physically possible. Their traffic laws is a prime example.

        It’s just as I said in the first paragraph of this blog,”The land where “WORDS” contradicts “ACTIONS.” The one thing I love most about Filipinos is that they keep proving me RIGHT through their own predictable actions.

      2. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        Here’s what’s really happening when you speak to a Pinoy in English;

        1. Pinoy nods head a says “Yes Sirrrr” [TRANSLATION] Yes Sirrrr, I can see that your lips are moving.
        2. Pinoy nods head some more and says “Yes Sirrrr” [TRANSLATION] Yes Sirrrr, I can hear that you are saying something.
        3. Pinoy nods head a bit more and says “Yes Sirrrr” [TRANSLATION] Yes Sirrrr, I think you are speaking to me in English.
        4. Pinoy nods head even more and says “Yes Sirrrr” [TRANSLATION] Yes Sirrrr, I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.
        3. Pinoy nods head more enthusiastically and says “Yes Sirrrr” [TRANSLATION] Yes Sirrrr.

        You have been warned!

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    mother teresa

    Unprofessionalism in hospitals in philippines? HUH? The failipines is trying to promote medical tourism to attract porigners. In the clip below this was taken if i remember correctly at cebu doctors hospital. Note how many people are in the room laughing, and taking pictures. There are probably many interns LEARNING from their superiors in the room. This is the operation of a gay man who got a can of deodorant stuck up his bum and had to have it surgically removed. Remember its more fun in failipines..

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      I just saw the first minute of this video and it’s making me sick. Not because of what happened, but for the mere fact that these so-called ‘PROFESSIONAL SURGEONS’ are filming it and posting it on youtube. For one, that is an invasion of privacy, regardless who the patient is, and two; it’s highly unprofessional. Instead of filming, shouldn’t that fucker be there trying to help out with the operation? And if he is of no use, then he should get the fuck out. There is no telling if some people already knew about his problem, and now his business is out there on youtube already with 2511 viewers. I’m aware that this patient is most likely Filipino, and it sounds like I’m actually giving a shit, but out of principle, someone’s personal business in a (suppose to be) professional work environment should not have to be further exposed to the public. But what can you expect = Filipino surgeons….. Remind me to NEVER go to a hospital here if something really fucked up happens to me, because it’s not ‘youtube’ that will be giving me all the attention, everyone is gonna hear about me on ABS-CBN beating the shit out of a few doctors (if that’s what they call themselves).

      Fuckin Philippines dude…..

  9. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    I know an Indian guy that went to a provincial hospital in failipines and needed to be knocked out for a surgery. The bla bla bla going around was that pictures of his private parts were being texted around the commuity. True professionalism.

  10. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    I had an employee get hurt and i had to take him to cebu for a special emergency operation. Im not going to go into details because i dont want to be identified here. Because i didnt know of a good doctor off hand to do this special operation i had a doctor where i live make arrangements with a doctor in cebu to do this operation. On the way to cebu i thought to myself “these PROFESSIONALS are gona take me to the cleaners.” I get to cebu and check this guy into a different hospital. I didnt show my kano face because i knew the price would go through the roof. I had a flip helper who checked him in and keep me updated. This was before cell phones and waited and waited in my hotel room for a call to know what was going on. I kept calling the hospital and the nurse kept telling me he had checked in but was not in the room and she didnt know where he was. Finally my helper called me. The doctor who i had originally made the apointment with had searched all the hospitals in cebu and found my guy. The doctor went to the hospital and SNUCK HIM OUT THROUGH THE EMERGENCY ENTRANCE!!!!!!!! Took him to his hospital!!! In the end the doctor did the job but for some unknown reason he never got paid(LOL). TRUE PROFESSIONALISM

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    We sort of adopted my wife’s niece, pulled her out of local public school where she was some form of genius.
    We enrolled her at a private school, and I had to pay the annual fees up front.
    We also engaged a private tutor 3 afternoons a week.
    Her own room and study area computer etc, Well she was a genius!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well from the time she moved in I got the feeling I had been had.
    Surprise Surprise.
    Every other fucking week was a holiday or a fucking excursion,I refused to let her go on excursion unless it was what I considered educational after all since living with us she gets to go to shopping malls every week.Why do they need to go on a trip to look at another one.
    Teacher told me she wont graduate unless she goes on excursion.
    As her grades got worse and worse since I was actually checking on them not some fucking teacher.
    I told them to fuck off, as she is going back to the public school as its a waste of time and money with them. See if I cared, LOTS OF CRYING
    The niece wanted to go home too she was lonely , there was too much pressure on her.
    I sacked the fucking tutor as well.
    I took her barhopping once so she knew where her future lay if she didn’t knuckle down.
    Now in high school she will be finishing soon, I’ve got NO IDEA what will become of her. ENGLISH GOOD. but lazy will not use it TAGOLISH
    We haven’t given up on the three year old, maybe we got to the elder sister too late, too hard headed. the three year old id fucking too smart.

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    Charles Conrad Godinez

    BTW students this generations is more like… what can I say?
    Um… when I was a 3rd year Highschool student, there are a lot of bullies and drug addicted students. I’m having a hard time with bullies though. but Drug Addicts are the worse. Also what worse is that the Principal announce this before that if someone caught using drugs in school is automatically drop out from school.
    Then a few months past by, I saw a 1st Year Highschool student was caught in the act by a teacher.
    It was in the 3rd floor at my school, I really think that kid is getting expelled soon. The next day I saw him back like nothing happen. What I heard that he get only a warning out of it.

    Right now 2014…
    College students has a new way to cancel exams or class.
    They just call the police and announce that is there is a bomb that is planted in the school. This happen twice.