Philippine Fail Blog Has Given Me The Confirmation I’ve Always Needed

I am half Filipino/half German who was born and raised in the United States.

Many father was in the Navy and my mother clung to her Filipino culture for dear life.  We were the odd family out (even among other Filipinos!) because my mother could not change from trashy to classy, no matter her financial status.  She remained unapologetically ignorant and despised Anythjng American.

I hated being around her other Filipino Navy wife friends because all they did was talk about money! Every 1st and 15th they’d gather round to complain about how they’d have to have sex that night because it’s payday.  I grew up thinking marriage was the highest form of prostitution; trading of goods for services.  They also ragged on anything American. I always thought, if America is so dirty/greedy/unhealthy, then why did you marry a guy you didn’t love to come here?

My father began molesting me when I was four. I know in my heart of hearts that my mother knew. She once walked in on us in an inappropriate embrace and yelled at ME; telling me that I was too old to be sitting on my dad’s lap like that. I truly believe my parents strategically chose each other to feed some perverted symbiotic relationship.  My dad must’ve known that being Filipino, she wouldn’t care if her kids were abused.  And my mother must have seen me as a sacrificial lamb; some small price to pay for the “American Dream.”

I stumbled on this blog completely by accident (Google) and am so glad I did. This site has confirmed for me so many ideas I’ve had of Filipinos for so long: that they’re greedy, uneducated low lives who’d soon sell their own flesh and blood up the river before doing a honest day’s work.

When I told my mom (8 years later) about my abuse, she dragged me to my father and forced me to forgive him. Then we prayed the rosary together because “the Devil had gotten in him.”  She told me I provoked lust within him. For all the Virgin Mary statues we had lying around the house, my mother was the least Christian person I’ve ever met. Needless to say, I am no longer Catholic and really despise the religion.

While reading a post on the Pope, someone commented on how incest in rampant in the Philippines and how no one cares.  To all the other readers of this blog, do you mind elaborating? There’s still a part of me that wonders if my mother didn’t like ME and that’s why she did nothing. Maybe if I knew it was in her genetic DNA, I could let go of the notion that I was some bad child who deserved what I got.

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    Barry Smyth

    Will be interested to read some interesting stories on this topic I have heard this as well even my girl it seems was abused buy someone when she was around 9 yrs old in the village she came from in Leyte but never mentioned it to anyone I believe its rampant as well…

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    My ex pinay wife was abused by an uncle and my current pinay fiancee was almost abusedby her uncle, who was high on meth. I would say if the father or uncle hangs around all day drinking red horse at home, theres a high chance he’s messing with the little ones whens hes drunk. Pretty high chance from what i’ve witnessed, seeing as how most older filipino dudes are jobless here.

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    Pinay Lover

    My heart goes out to you. That is just horrible and demonic that your fucking Mom would make YOU apologize for being a helpless innocent boy trapped and dominated by a sick adult who deserves to GO TO JAIL. Your mother was nothing but a mere child brained idiot to neglect and leave you vulnerable. And to have the NERVE to further diminish your good spirit by asking forgiveness from an abuser that probably messed you up for life? I guess since incest is highest in the Philippines, she probably thought nothing of it….had seen it before. This country and the culture is so fucked up, who the fuck knows what they except….I mean, they yell “Pinoy Pride” about everything and run to the Pope who is just a pedophile sex ring leader.

    This just makes me sad and very fucking angry. If I were you, I would not give them any of my time, since they do not deserve it. I would completely forget about Mom and let Karma get her! She deserves a long slow, painful death, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. That kind of shit just makes my blood boil soooo fucking much! ARRRRRRR!!!

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      Eve Was Framed Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      I should probably clarify that I’m female and I think that made it more acceptable for my mom. I think had my brother been abused, she would’ve stepped in. There was definitely a discrepancy in the level of care that my sisters and I received and that of my brother’s.
      I once asked her if she was abused and she LAUGHED. Denied it and made it seem like only the weak get molested.
      The older I got, the more appalled I became at her reaction. She sided with him because he was where the money was at. She treated me extra horribly after the reveal because she viewed me as “the other woman.” She kept referring to the abuse as an affair.

      I’ve heard of other Filipino moms having similar ideas of abuse. If they keep quiet, the money will still come in and the child that they are jealous of gets the “punishment” they deserve. Filipino mothers are so very jealous of their daughters, especially if they’re half white and LOOK like it. They despise any opportunities their daughters have that they didn’t; but the irony is, they’d be horribly disappointed if we turned out to be bums.

      I really could write an Appalling list of what Filipino women think of foreigner husbands/sex/children/God/money because I grew up surrounded by Filipino military wives. In fact, I am still among them. Their nastiness is astounding.

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        Iva said this before , I thought the Chinese had LITTLE EMPERORS the fucking Filipinos could give them a run for their money.
        I can almost understand why the girls want to get the fuck out of the PI the first chance they get.
        They have to do what the can to get away.
        Maybe just maybe the Chinese do have a right to take over the Philippines their habits seem to be ingrained maybe they were here first. Not the Spanish and Americans

        The Mother in law said the other day she had another son, now meaning me.
        I shook with fear,
        Ive never heard her say one good thing about my wife, indeed they fight constantly, which is great it keeps her away from ME

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        Pinay Lover

        It just goes to show the majority of these natives are purely shallow and empty souled “people” (animals?). Her status, money and materials were more important to her than your safety and protecting you. Heartless is the only word I can imagine. What kind of SICK PERSON considers her own flesh and blood competition with her husband? That’s purely deranged and psychologically unsound.

        Please, if you can, submit some of your experiences with these Filipino Wives, because my wife’s aunt had her husband killed for money and it seems this is rampant with women in the Philippines. I’d love to hear your knowledge on these women.

      3. Profile gravatar of mira

        i’m sorry to hear that. i’m new to this site and please be stronger. i was molested by an uncle and his wife who was my aunt just made him say sorry to me.◘i know you will not feel safe. but be strong and when your old enough you can stand on your own feet. if i could hug you right now i already did because i know how it feels. its true that filipinas are submissive to their husbands regardlessif its filipino or foreigner. they have an inferiority complex that’s why they feel threatened.i believe me my stepmom was like that to me even if i had no such relationship with my dad and she always puts me down as well and she alwasy favors my brothers even if they were stupid. anyway be strong and when you can move, just move. telling someone is the first step. for now just establish your self on being a better person because in the future you will have your own life and make sure that future is a better self with or without them. i supported my self for my studies and i am in japan now married to a japanese happily. away from all of them.

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    I commend you for your courage in even writing this post. You seem to be a nice young woman and I don’t wish that experience on anyone. Sadly I have a similar story involving my wife’s youngest sister. Her parents (both Filipino and from Manila) are seperated because the father is a jobless, abusive, religious nut. But the youngest daughter stayed to help take care of him. Apparently this was part of the agreement. Well it wasn’t one year before this little girl showed up at our doorstep asking if she could live with my wife and I citing sexual abuse at the hands of her father. I just don’t get it…i don’t understand how so many men could be wired this way. I hear many stories exactly like what you have mentioned and it sickens me to the core. I applaud your courage and wish you nothing but happiness going forward.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover

      It’s the “gift” that keeps on “giving”. The abuse is passed on through the generations and becomes a “norm”. That poor little girl…stays to help her Father and abuse is her reward? Just a shame.

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    Bethany Elizabeth Kirkland

    I am not fully Filipino either and I do not follow the faith majority of the Filipinos follow.
    I’ve been here all my life and yes, not everything here is perfect. There are filthy low-life people here, lazy, ignorant, mindless and the list goes on. This country has awful and power-hungry people.
    And I guess you were just one of the unfortunate people who were abused by a Filipino woman, who was clearly a hypocritical beast. I’m frankly a native here and… Yes, I have encountered those kind of women that talk trashy and such. And yes, there are a lot of Filipino women who marry for money (or the opposite) and I would see them trotting in beaches here with men twice as old as them.

    But not all Filipino women are like that. At least, I am a Filipino woman. I do not interest myself on those kinds of things, nor do I make it a hobby to constantly gossip about things that are unnecessary or disgusting such as that. My mum either (perhaps I was lucky to have a mum who wasn’t money crazy). I suppose that your mum grew up in the awfully wrong side of town, since not all Filipino women are like that.
    This country is drowning in poverty and I suppose the way she was raised… Where she came from… He surroundings; they were all to blame. Even personality type (yes, psychology) affects the way she is.

    I cannot blame you for being so disgusted with your mother, but you, being a Filipino yourself…
    You aren’t like that, see? Even if you do have some foreign blood, you still have Filipino blood in you.
    And goodness, I’m proud of how you didn’t turn out to be one of those Filipino women in the States that married for money. Being surrounded by those kind of people must have made you hurl because I would have.

    My aunt is living in the USA, is Filipino, but is a doctor.
    She married an African-American who she was proud to be with; and if I am not mistaken, they truly loved each other.
    They lived a happy married life until she was cheated on. Sigh.
    Now she lives independently in the United States and does not hate the place (though she did confess that it had quite some flaws).

    In summary, not all Filipino women are like that.
    In fact, some other races might be equally worse.
    But I understand your pain, your mother was a total wretch that might have been lured in by your father using his money.

    Now, off to why your mother despises you.
    The answer is: probably your nationality. You are not fully Filipino and… Many Filipinos would pay to get their nationality changed. “Filipino Pride”? Ah… No.
    There must have been something with your skin, hair and eyes that she wanted but… Couldn’t get even if she bleached herself.
    Now, you do not deserve all of this abuse and I congratulate you for making it this far.
    Really, I am proud of you. Now…

    Someday, no matter how impossible…
    You will break free from this mental and emotional torment and forget about your blasted mother.
    Just remember that she does not hold your life. You do.
    And not all Filipinos are sick and cruel people, even if our country is overshadowed by the evil that is consuming it. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Selene Pratt

    I am half European also, but lived the early years in the Philippines. My Uncle works as a Statistician for the PNP (Philippine National Police), compiling crimes statistics. On a recent visit to the Philippines, I was struck at the number of incest cases in the provinces. I asked him why these seemingly humble people have such horrible statistics for incests and child abuse (one mother from the mountains repeatedly sold her 14 year old daughter to men for sex). My Uncle replied “it’s close proximity communal living. Grandpa, Uncle, and even Dad watches as the young girl develops into a young woman and often could not resist when alone in the fields or in the huts in the mountains. Often, if mum is an OFW, the eldest daughter is used by fathers as substitute “wives”. Despite the Filipino’s great show for religiosity, it’s all for show. They are the biggest hypocritical liars I’ve ever come across, always hiding behind religion, attends churches every Sunday, sometimes several times a week, but most have never read the bible all their lives! I bet if hell is real it would be over-populated by Filipinos.

    1. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
      Steve Declerck


      My wife is also going to church every sunday. Afterwards, her bullshit attitude is back immediatly. But at least she was forgiven….

      About these filipino men and their sex drive: I’m wondering already many years about this one : “The filipino male has the highest libido of the world”. It’s sky high, it never fades, it’s always there. They are capable of having sex whenever they want, even multiple times without much break. And their penis is always like an exclamation mark, rock hard, whenever they want. They are insatiable.
      Is this another example of pinoy pride ?? reality or utter bullshit. Somehow I can understand their high libido: they do nothing the whole day, being lazy only, and no stress, so normal your libido goes up. But the rest of the crap sounds again like pure pinoy pride : we are the best fuckers in the world ! 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of

        I never seriously believe any Pinoys/Pinays who claimed they are religious, goes to church every Sunday etc because it is all for show.

        My Uncle’s Filipina wife is probably the biggest sinner in my mum’s town. She goes to Church three times a week and yet she is the biggest bitch in town, has fought with just about everyone including my mum, is condescending, status conscious and likes to flaunt their pathetic million pesos. She is very, very jealous of my mum who is a high achiever, humble and helps the poor people in her town.

        The Priest in that town is no better. At the end of each mass, he reads out to the church attendees how much money was donated by who. Needless to say, my Uncle’s wife liked to show off and gives P1000 every Sunday and yet won’t even lend P1500 to her sister to save her young niece’s life who was very sick.

        I’m surprised that church has not been struck by God for being so sinful. And oh, it is common knowledge that some of the Priest has a child or two with a parishioner. And one priest from years back even robbed a store, but died during get-away. I kid you not.

        ” “The filipino male has the highest libido of the world”.

        I don’t know about that one. I do know that both males and females will have sex anytime, anywhere, even if it’s behind a coconut tree!! No kidding here! And why do you think that even where there is communal living, the young couples are able to have sex (as evident by the female being perpetually pregnant)? It’s because they do it even under cover of a flimsy blanket. Primitive is what comes to mind…..