Philippine Politicians Not Allowed To Touch Relief Goods (Gosh, I wonder why?)

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November 15, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan relief goodsU.S. Marine C130 planes carrying international donations from United Nations have successfully landed in Samar and U.S troops were ordered not to allow Philippine politicians to touch the relief goods.

Department of Foreign Affairs or (DFA) confirms and assures that these relief supplies and aid will not pass through any Philippine government agencies.

“So far, except for Indonesia, all international donors that have pledged monetary donations are coursing the money through their aid agencies, or through NGOs, charitable institutions, and foundations of their choice,” DFA Spokesman Raul Hernandez stated in a press briefing on November 13. He explained that donations will go through different channels and systematic process.


“Furthermore, pledges of financial support were subject to the rules and processes of the donating government or agency. Therefore, it takes time for the actual funds to be released to the recipients,” he stated.

The international community considers DFA as their first point of contact regarding their pledges, then the information is passed to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC ) and other units involved in relief efforts.

Donations in-kind were turned to NDRRMC and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Some donors are reported to have started the distribution of their relief goods directly to affected communities, while the European country Belgium have deployed teams for medical and search and rescue operations to badly hit areas.

On Tuesday, United Nations Undersecretary General Valerie Amos arrived in the country to launch and implement the UN Action Plan for Typhoon Yolanda.

“Trying to get to #Tacloban. Stuck at airport. People can’t take any more. We need to get the aid in but weather against us,” she wrote from her twitter account noting the difficulty of bringing the aid to the people to target areas due to bad weather.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    This might be a little off topic, but maybe you or someone knows the answer. I always heard those Ukay-ukay stores that sell used clothing are part of a scam. From what I hear, the clothes are all collected and donated from other countries like USA, UK, etc. The people donating think its,,, well donations, to the Philippines. However, the clothes are either seized by customs (or they are in on the scam) and then sold to distributors, who sell them to the little retailers. Basically, they are selling goods that were for the poor and supposed to be free.
    Any truth to this?

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Sure as fuck sounds like something they would do. And they call us haters. Damn, look at the way they treat each other….they are the ones that are doing all the hateful activities to their own people.

      To answer your question:

      If you heard it, and if it looks like shit they’d do, smells like shit they’d do, it’s most likely shit they’re doing.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yeah, I read your response to one of the Filipino guys asking why you hate Filipinos and you said, “You want to see hate, just look at the way you treat each other”. I’m going to steal that.

        I’ve heard it from a few people and my girlfriend says it all the time as well. I’m just not sure If its like their version of the salvation army. However, I would not doubt goods meant for giveaways are stolen and re-sold.

        They actually did this with pallets of MRE’s the UK donated for typhoon victims. It was clearly marked, “For Donation Only. DO NOT SELL”. Well those MRE’s ended up on store shelves on Manila and made the news. The UK Charity was really angry, but I don’t know whatever happened from there.

    2. Profile gravatar of Anne

      This is true. Also in-kind donations that are more expensive than usual canned goods that are distributed are actually kept and sold as well (sometimes the members of the relief operation just keep it to themselves too). Worse, some donations are also repacked by government officials using plastic bags with their faces and names printed on it. They would do anything to get the hearts of the needy and their votes with this simple tactic.

      Also ‘smuggled’ items and balikbayan boxes are sold in the PH when no one claims it. From what I know, they sell it around 3,000/box even if some boxes are worth ten folds. Some boxes even have TVs, iPhones etc.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        I honestly cannot see how human life can get any lower and closer to vermin than that. As a nation, as a people, both the perpetrators and those that gutlessly, mindlessly, and so willingly bend over and take it, I have never seen a lower form of humanity than Filipinos. Almost to the point it’s hard to even consider them human.

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    And the most mind-boggling thing about the Filipino is, he will stand on a hill, know the whole world is watching, squat down and shit on his countrymen right in front of the eyes of the world, then when the world expresses their shame and criticism, that Filipino will call them haters, racists, and will deny what he knows everyone saw him do.

    That is the Filipino. Mind-boggling stupidity, deplorable, unrespectable behavior, and demanding respect.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      The worst kind of liar is one who actually believes his own lies.
      – That is the typical Filipino and definitely the politicians of this country. Imelda Marcos will say with a straight face she never stole anything. Her and her husband never imprisoned anyone and people are making it up. Yet, the atrocities are documented on film, testimony, bank accounts, and just basic reality. Each politician is like that.

      They really are so low on the human life scale. Dirty, deceptive people claiming to be religious to mask their evil.