Philippines’ Cops Murder…..Might Get Fired!

Hey all, I’m Marc.  FiloFail and I hooked up over our shared love for hating on stupid shit in this country.  He setup a guest poster account for me months ago and today I finally found something retarded enough to make me throw up a post.  You can read more of my rants at Anyway on to the good stuff:

Filipino’s, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves at this point. That you 1) let this shit happen and 2) are DUMB enough to fall for such blatant media manipulation. Look at this headline in today’s paper:

Piss Poor Reporting

So the Philippine National Police said that the story these dirty cops have been spewing about how they killed 2 gansters in self defense is bullshit.  Great.  And the headline says “14 cops face raps“.  Oh, so good justice will be served, right?  WRONG:

“The officers will reportedly be charged with grave misconduct which could carry a maximum penalty of dismissal from the service”

Well woopty-fuckin-doo!  You asshats MURDERED two people and you MIGHT get fired!?!?!?

First, screw you for such a misleading headline (read full article here).  “Face Raps” should mean they’re going to get prosecuted to the fullest extent of he law.  If you gave a DAMN about fair and balanced reporting this should have been your headline:

“Crooked Cops Committed Murder: Only Face Losing Their Jobs!”

THAT should be the story!  Not a story that at first glance would appease the ignorant masses too lazy to read the article but instead a story about how in the HELL can police murder in cold blood and only face the possibility of losing their jobs!

Come on Filipinos.  TRY a little bit.  This county is never going to get any better if you blindly accept this stuff.  I read the newspaper every day.  Daily there’s articles about corrupt politicians and cops “facing raps”.  WHERE are the articles about them actually getting CONVICTED!?!?!  You never see them.  All these corrupt fuckers have to do is play the song and dance for a month and it all just goes away.

Anyone remember the Amputuan clan slaughtering 58 journalists (wikipedia link to remind you) ???  That was almost 4 years ago.  Anyone gone to jail?  NOPE.  Anyone sitting in a courtroom right now?  NOPE.   You will NEVER stop all this corruption and murder if you don’t start actually putting some people in jail!

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    The other day on Facebook some Filipinos moaned about how shaming corrupt officials should have been done in private and not publicly. They had no idea of the concept of transparency in public office; just hiya and embarrassment by proxy. Filipinos will feel embarrassed for the corrupt official being outed and think less of the person exposing the perfidy than the criminal who did the crime! OIDP! Only in da Pilippeens! Erap is Mayor of Manila. Imelda Marcos still owns shoes by the ton and people are still starving in the streets so nothing has, nor will it ever, change. As for the standard of journalism in the Philippines, one could be forgiven that is the reason so many journo’s here have been murdered but it is not the case. The reason is because they upset the mango cart and told things in such a way the oligarchs couldn’t ignore them and trust the catholic church would be able to distract the massa once again with some miracle… please, don’t get me started

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      MarcManila Post author

      Wow that’s ridonkulous. Post the link if you see that I’d love to go in there and have some fun. Got MANY extra facebook accounts for work stuff 😉

      But yeah, I blasted the facebook comment of “Miriam Defensor Santiago” the other day. Appeared in my feed and HAD to be a paid/promoted post b/c I damn sure don’t follow her. She was saying she will propose a bill that’s a dress code for the State of the Nation Address b/c the tacky / bling clothing worn by the politicians was bad.

      Yeah, I don’t know 100% it was really her post. But if it was, REALLY? THAT is what you care about as a Senator? As I said in my reply, stop grandstanding, do something actually useful with your time as a legislator. You can’t legislate away bad social values. Improve the education system. THAT would be helpful!

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        I know man…Philippine legislators concentrate on the most worthless crap I have ever seen. I think I saw GMA pass a law not too long ago that outlawed sex with a corpse. REALLY?? I mean…you spent TIME on that?? Your so right…concentrate on the educational system. Improve the nation’s infrastructure. Build ONE project that the kids could benefit from…like a LIBRARY. Legislators are beyond a joke here

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          You mean until a few years ago you legally could have intercourse with a corpse? Talk ab out missing my window of opportunity! I could have sent my ex-wife to Manila, she would have made a fortune because trust me, she was a dead root!

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            HAHAHAHH…i just spit out my coffee on my keyboard

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    Ah glad that someone finally has something bad to say about the Failippine media! Failippine media is full of bullshit, pure bullshit, its bullshit factory! EyBiEs, JeeEmEy, INKwayrer, their news sounds like a regular news right? FUCK NO! Pinoy can’t detect the subtlety in it, sometimes if not often, it is suggestive, selective, bias, lace w. personal opinion hidden/burried somewhere.