Philippines Fail Blog Follower Thanks Filipinos For Their Stupidity

Hi Filofail, I am a Filipina whom left the Philippines when I was 5 years old. I grew up in California and spent 35 years there before moving back to the Philippines to take care of our family’s land.

My husband and I decided we would move to the Philippines because of the numerous business opportunities. We have many successful businesses here but it was and still is very frustrating employing local Filipinos. To deal with and understand our workers as well as Filipinos in general , we started doing lots of research and purchased various books to help us understand why it is the way it is here in the Philippines.

Recommended books:

1. A Management Approach “Understanding Filipino Values” by Tomas D. Andres

2. “Philippines Damaged Culture” by Poch Suzara

These books truly helped me understand why Filipinos are so stupid and why the country is the way it is. You can grab these very inexpensive books from National or Fully Booked. I recommend everyone to read these books before migrating to the Philippines.

I thank all the stupid Filipinos in the Philippines, because if it weren’t for your stupidity we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Due to the stupidity level in the Philippines we “Westernized Filipinos” have the upper hand when it comes to business.

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  1. kabayo944

    So You Want To Own A Business Huh?
    Jobs here are done ever so slowly, as the thinking of the workmen is, if we finish the job, there will be no more work to do. In any other country, of course they know if they fiinsh quickly, they can move onto the next job and their reputation for doing the work fast will help get them more work. Let’s examine this further:

    On a daily basis, many comments are uttered, sometimes in a constructive manner, sometimes just as a complaint or expression of frustration directed at foreign business owners and managers, as to job performance or customer service. I wanted to shed some light on the “WHY” of “why can’t this place be run professionally”.

    You may come to the Philippines from ANY backround in ANY business, military, entertainment, human resources, whatever. You have NEVER run into what you will experience here.

    Believe me or don’t, as a business owner or manager you are dealing with a whole new dynamic, and whole new set of rules in dealing with people, that you cannot fathom. At first you go into denial, then shock, and usually fall into apathy when trying to accomplish the simplest compliance to RULES and REGULATIONS with Filipinos.

    I’m generalizing here and there are exceptions to this. And I generally LIKE Filipinos and hold no ill will against them.

    You, coming from any western society, have some basic tenants. After getting the job, you show up on time. You work while you’re on the job. You learn as much as you can about every aspect of the job so that you can handle anything that comes up. You make suggestions to make the workplace, product, delivery, and customer service aspects BETTER, etc, etc…You strive to make your customers happy so that they wil return again and again, and you do all of the above in an honest and pleasant manner, and take pride in doing so…


    Imagine living and working in a society where they have not learned these things, and do not necessarily agree with them, or even understand why you would want to act in that way, and in fact, it’s DISCOURAGED!!!!!! You know that little talk your parents gave you when you were about 9 years old, about growning up and acting like an adult? THAT NEVER HAPPENS HERE.

    The Filipino work dynamic goes more like this:

    1. Having a job is the goal….not actually performing any tasks.
    3. It is perfectly acceptable to lie, cheat, steal, bare false witness, even sabotage the workers, and the workplace if you feel in ANY WAY, you have been insulted or asked to DO SOMETHING beyond or different then what you (or others before you) have been told in the past, or if being told makes you lose face, in the slightest way.
    4. If you DO a good job, you will be told you are boastful, or a showoff, and you will be alienated from the rest of the employees, and attempts will be made to get rid of you.
    5. ANY CHANGE is immediately rejected and complained about.
    6. Getting the salary is the MOST important aspect of having a job, with no thought to earning it, or deserving it.
    7. Show up late, if at all, then take a meal, take as many breaks as you can get away with, and sit on your ass as often as you are not being directly supervised, then leave work early.
    8. Do not find out about, or learn anything else about your environment, so you will have fewer responsibilities.
    9. When asked ANYTHING, say YES, or OK so you will stop being asked, with zero intention of carrying out the thing asked of you, or knowledge of what was being asked.
    10. There are no consequences for doing things that would normally get you fired in western society, so do whatever you want to.
    11. The BIGGEST CRIME you can commit as an employee is RAT OUT ANOTHER FILIPINO for doing something wrong.
    12. Yelling ANYTHING across a room is the norm.
    13. Interrupting is normal and the next person to say ANYTHING misdirects the conversation or task. If called to task for interrupting, saying “excuse me” FOR THE PURPOSE OF INTERRUPTING will now be standard.
    14. At any point from A to B during a task, the task may be interruped or even forgotten about if ANYTHING occurs in the environment, such as, a friend talking, a loud noise, a sudden movement, or anything else deemed more FUN occurs etc…
    15. Tagalog ALWAYS takes presidence over ANY other language especially if there is an ongoing conversation.
    16. Cutting in line, or bumping others to get to where you are going is normal.
    17. The foreigner owner or manager is “RICH” so this justifies any theft or income related problems.
    18. It’s all up to “GOD’S PLAN” anyway, so there is nothing one can do to change anything and ZERO precautions should be taken
    19. If it rains on Monday, Tuesday many persons will be absent because of the changing weather.
    20. Reasons to be late or absent for work: too much traffic, rain or puddles of water, washing clothes, it was dark, no transportaion available, no electricity, no money, dead, sick or hungry baby or relative or next door neighbor or the slightest fever, headache, runny nose, or bad mood, had to travel somewhere to give money to family, or friend.
    21. Superstitions are TRUE and the REAL reason for bad performance or low income is due to whatever superstition was not observed.
    22. The environment MUST be noisy.
    23. If told to do the duties of the job too many times, a mutiny, coup, or strike is necessary.
    24. If Friday is a Holiday, then expect things to start falling apart on Wednesday, as workers get ready for the Holiday. BTW, they won’t ALL return to work until sometime around Tuesday.
    25. If your business closes at 9pm, then wrapping up work and getting ready to go home begins at 8pm-8:30pm. This includes putting the cash in the safe, so no change is available, all the way to locking the doors, or pulling down the security shutters. AT 9pm the building will be absent of employees
    26. If you try to fire someone from their job, they must be given verbal warnings, written warnings, and suspensions, and all have a certain number of issuances that comply with the Dept Of Labor, or the person can sue for damages.
    27. Staff is to work no longer than 90 days or 6 months on the job (depending on the job) so that they are not eligible for benefits. This explains why it’s no one knows what they are doing, since they are new.
    28. Anything considered childish in Western society, is cute and fun and desired in local society.
    29. Anything not chained down or padlocked is free for the taking.
    30. Any new manager or owner that asks anything of any employee is now the target of gossip and rumor. Usually along the lines of, the new manager/owner is not nice, and I wish the old one would come back.
    31. If employees are EVER rewarded by management, it will now be EXPECTED and comments will fly about as to management being cheap if the same reward is not repeated. No thanks will be given for the reward.
    32. If something gets broken or is stolen, there will be NO witnesses. If broken in the vicinity of a customer, the FIRST thing that happens, is a long pause in activity to determine who is NOT at fault so as to avoid blame and re-payment.
    33. If a regular customer orders the same item/drink/food, time after time, no matter what he orders on his next visit, he will get what he ordered last time.
    34. When spoken to by management, staff really hear something similar to the Peanuts TV series when adults are talking. Imagine a muted trumpet/trombone wa-wa sound….”Ok, here is what I want you to do. Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa. Ok?” “Yes sir.”
    35. Every comment/request to get compliance will be answered with a justification or excuse.
    36. An argument with staff, will escalate to “Go Back To Your Country”, or “I will report you to Immigration/NBI/Police” within seconds to get you to back off.
    37. If items A/B/C are sold in the store. And those items are the main thrust of the business’ sales, unless acted upon by a manager or owner, those items will not be re-ordered, or “in-stock” and no one will notice or comment on the fact that there is an upcoming shortage of those items.
    Hope I haven’t left anything out, and the longer you live/work/shop here, the longer your list…

    Note: To retain one’s sanity, you are only allowed to ask ONE “why” question per day…

    1. Profile gravatar of

      You missed an important aspect of 32. If anything gets broken, no one will ever step forward and mention it, or fix it. It will always be put back to it’s place for yourself to find out. Which means, to find out it’s broken when you need it.
      E.g. a power drill gets broken. Not necessarily anyones fault. It happens. A worn out carbon brush or whatever. Wouldn’t be a big deal if it was mentioned and fixed right away, so it’s working when I need it. But I get f-ng mad when I find out that f-ng power drill isn’t working when I need it.

  2. filofail

    This is utterly, undeniably the most true thing I have ever read. You hit the nail on thhe head, and I am going to repost this as an article. Thanks so much!

  3. tonymontana69

    Fuck you and your family! Dont you ever go to the Philippines! Putang ina mo minu-minuto! You are full of shit! Identify yourself if you have the balls anyway! We will kill you!

    1. filofail

      This is exactly the point I’m making. Instead of realizing and addressing their stupidity and ignorance for the sake of change and growth, filipinos just continue to deny it, backlash with threats of violence, and stay in their unchanging state of stupidity. Tsk tsk tsk….

    2. justjabari

      @tony for the love of GOD…read what these people are writing! They are proud Filipinos just like you! Sick of the nonsense..sick of the insanity that is every day life here! Make a change! Start with yourself! Break the ignorant cycle that is going round and round…passed down generation to generation! This is such a beautiful country and the potential that I see is UNREAL…

      The people that are writing and commenting in this blog want that for themselves and their families just as you should. You sound just like my wife’s father…afraid to look in the mirror and too proud to do ANYTHING about his situation or his attitude.

      Im sure i will get a more obscenities thrown back at me in your reply…or nothing at all just like the stares I get when speaking up if someone cuts me in line. But I know you heard what I said and I know it made you least I can only hope

  4. tonymontana69

    Why don’t you come here and change the Philippines instead of hiding behind your condescending, insulting and degrading blog?! Look yourself in the mirror… Albeit you’re some middle aged loser who cannot identify himself if you are a Filipino or American or whatever. Who cares about your blog and your pathetic opinion?! What have you achieved in your LIFE? Remember this, YOU will always be a minority wherever you are! Why don’t you suggest something nice and helpful to the Filipinos worldwide instead of putting us down. Don’t forget… KARMA is going to get you anyway!

    God bless and keep the Philippines.

    1. filofail

      Why don’t I come here and change the Philippines? Dude, change is impossible in Philippines. Why don’t YOU change your country?? Why don’t you listen to criticism? Tell me what I say here isn’t true, go ahead, tell me you’re all intelligent and everything is just fine in philippines. OR grow some balls, face the truth, like many other HONEST filipino commenters here on this blog, and say it’s true.

      Change the Philippines, ME alone??? uuummm hey idiot, you know it takes the people to change a nation, right? It takes a change of mindset. Maybe this blog will wake some people up and start changing their mind about how they think (or rather, not think at all, and start thinking). Maybe this is my way of trying to change Philippines eh? You idiots won’t listen to logic and reason which the rest of the world has tried to impart to you, so maybe now you need people who point at you, shake there head and say “tsk tsk tsk, what a nation of dumb fucking idiots”.

    2. justjabari

      @Tony after reading your comments/replies I must say that you remind me of wife’s father so much that sometimes I wonder if you are actually him!! He has got to be the most hard-headed man I have ever known, and as someone that loves this country just as much as you apparently do, I really crave to understand why Filipino men are so resistant to change and self introspection! You seem to be very intelligent so I don’t understand how you can’t see the overall goal of this blog. Every single reader and contributor to this blog (and the hundreds of others like it) obviously have a vested interest and a genuine love of this great country. Otherwise they wouldn’t be WRITING ABOUT IT!! They are merely venting their frustration at the things that are holding back progress and preventing the citizens from achieving the greatness that they are capable of. The issues are SO simple to identify and the solutions are even simpler. Why the anger? why the lashing back? The things written here in this blog hurts because its the TRUTH and I’m positive that you know that. Change has to start from within before it can become contagious enough to spread to other people around you. Only then will this awesome country become what it should be! THINK ABOUT IT!!

      1. filofail

        I have to interject….this is NOT an awesome country. It’s a pathetic country. It’s pathetically corrupt, it’s pathetically illogical (filogic), the people are scared of their own shadow and paranoid of their own family members….It’s filthy as fuck, people piss like animals anywhere, and they are typically hypocrites when it comes to their religion.

        But it CAN be an awesome country if, as you said justjabari, the people would grow some balls, discover humility, identify the issues, inject an ounce or two of simple logic and reason, and they’ll have solutions. They need to stop pointing their fingers at their fellow countrymen, calling them corrupt, but excusing and justifying their own corruption, learn what pride is (honestly, there IS NOTHING WHATSOEVER about this country to be proud of), then make the changes first from within, to turn the country into something to be proud of.

        I can be done so easily. But unfortunately, the general mindset is that of Tony, which makes something so simple become impossible; change.

        tsk tsk tsk….

      2. justjabari

        @filofail you are ABSOLUTELY correct. Forever the optimist I try my best to be objective as possible and see the good in most situations. I have been lucky to work with some great people here (and not so lucky on some occasions) so I see both sides of the coin. However, as you said I will NEVER understand how some citizens of this country can be so aloof when it comes to the cleanliness of their surroundings, basic thought, or just pure common sense.

        Im still amazed (and PLEASED) that this blog exists, so I will leave you with two questions that have been bothering me for a while…

        Just the other day I was behind this couple on the sidewalk eating Jollibee fries and chicken while walking. As they finished their meal they simply tossed the plastic and chicken boxes on the ground like thats what you are supposed to do in FULL view of other people who of course did nothing. I picked up their trash, caught up the couple and said..”excuse me, i think you dropped this?”. The guy of course just stared, but the girl said something amazing to me….”just leave it, its ok!” — WTF??? ITS OK?? So she laughed at me and actually had a small hint of embarrassment but they walked away leaving me with the trash. Unreal…what is up with that??

        One other issue that I will never understand is this thing with whitening products. If I see that awful non-singing-Anne-Curtis commercial again where she is peddling whitening soap and lotion (so clear and so briiiiight), I swear Im gonna toss my LCD out of the damn window. Do Filipinas realize that they are beautiful? The natural skin tone of Filipinos is so exotic and desirable…am I missing something here?? That whitening crap makes the skin look WORSE. Be proud of your appearance and for GOD SAKE…look in the mirror!! The women are STUNNING as is! I don’t get it man…

        1. filofail

          Yeah, well look at it this way…

          I’m currently writing a series of posts called “Philippines, LAND OF ILLUSION”, and one of the items that I plan to write about is why are these people so aware of their personal appearance, getting all doated up and pretty, and the boys got their hair wax and hair-do’s and their pseudo-generic counterfeit fashion clothing, and yet they step outside into the utter filth, and unmaintained roads and sidewalks, cringing at the aroma of human piss everytime they walk by a nook or cranny, and not do anything or say anything about it? It’s really awkward to see a really well dressed person walking down the filthy, run down, unkept public streets. The vast majority of houses are bare concrete, and never get finished, usually because the contractor skipped out with their money, or because the contractor decided to double the price regardless of the fact there is a contract. Fuckin idiots man, just fucking dumb fucking idiots…mind boggling dishonesty, corruption, and blatant disregard for their country, culture, and each other. It’s just only all about themselves.

          Filipinos know this deep down. They don’t feel they are good enough to deserve better, so they keep themselves wallowing in the shit. And they can’t stand to see a fellow countryman rising up and getting out of the pit. When they do, they reach up and drag his ass right back down in the mud with them, where they feel he belongs. It’s truly pathetic. And it’s truly true, and TONY knows it, but will never admit it. And that’s another illusion.

  5. Damian Sousa

    I tried running a business in Philippines for 3 years , but eventually got fed up and returned . All the points you mentioned ARE MORE TRUE THAN ANYTHING ELSE ! well put . . .

  6. kimpiet

    As I (John) was reading your blog, I thought I was on my wife’s (Kim) blog! It’s as if she was writing exactly what we talk about from day to day living here in the Philippines. ALL OF THIS IS SO TRUE!!! Yet to speak of it to any Filipino, they are as dumbfounded as to what we are talking about.