Philippines Has Record Month Of Dumb-Assing All Over Themselves

Wow! It’s only half way through January, and Philippines has made complete inhuman dumb-shits out of themselves in the international media at least 3 times! More for the Pinoy Pride morons to be proud of. I mean, we all expect them to dumbshit all over themselves a few times a year at least. But they have really pegged the stupid-fuck meter for January 2015!

stupid Filipinos think they captured US spy drone LOLFirst they “capture” what was actually just washed up on their eastern shores, what they believed to be a “US spy drone” painted bright orange, and had no cameras on it. Turns out it was simply an exercise target, an empty shell.

Then the brainless idiots come up with a plan to reduce gridlock in Manila during Pope Francis’ visit. They’re going to make the traffic enforcers wear diapers. No breaks. Just piss while enforcing traffic (which they only do when a big event is upon them anyway). But we all know that the REAL reason is so that the Pope won’t see what uncivilized morons they really are because everyone just whips it out and pisses on a post or a wall out in public.

But if you thought making the Manila trafficPhilippines traffic enforcers wear adult diapers to prevent gridlock in Manila. Stupid Filipinos enforcers wear diapers to keep the Pope from seeing them pissing on walls and posts in public was inhuman and undignified, wait till you hear this. Now they are treating the street children like hardened criminals, sweeping the streets of Manila clean of them so as not to give the almighty Pope the RIGHT impression of their pathetic despicable country.

And for even more Filipino stupidity, they think the Pope doesn’t know what goes on here? They actually think they are pulling the wool over the leader of the largest organized religious institution on earth. But then again, they think they are doing that with the whole world also.

I can’t tell you how many times some of my employees have told me about some dishonest or underhanded thing they did, and I’ve asked them, “Well what if you get caught, or found out?” They always reply, “I’ll just deny it”. That’s it! Just deny it, and all wrong doing made right. And that’s the way the idiot Pinoy thinks.

The stupid fucks think the Pope doesn’t already know what goes on here? Man oh man Filipinos are more delusional than I thought.

Philippine Police have been gathering up street children as young as five and detaining them next to convicts in centers notorious for brutality, abuse and neglect.

Street children locked up and abused during Pope Francis visit to The PhilippinesIn recent weeks, hundreds of children have been rounded up from shop door-ways and roadsides by police and officials and put behind bars to make the city more presentable during Pope Francis’ five-day visit, which began on Thursday. In a blatant violation of the country’s child-protection laws, the terrified youngsters are locked up in filthy detention centres, where they sleep on concrete floors and where many are beaten or abused by older or adult prisoners and, in some cases, starved.

Rosalinda Orobia, head of the Social Welfare Department in Manila’s central Pasay district, confirmed officials had for weeks been detaining street children as young as five in the areas the pope will visit.

“We should all be scandalized by the government’s artificial campaign to keep the streets free of poor children only for the duration of the papal visit, with no cogent plan to keep them in schools or their homes, where they belong, and to instil discipline among their parents, who should know better.”

There is no question that children should be kept off the streets, but a campaign to do so just for the duration of a dignitary’s visit helps nobody except the officials who want to put on a show and pretend that all is well in our cities.

The practice of locking up street children ahead of major international events in Manila dates back to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Leaders’ Summit of 1996, says Catherine Scerri, deputy director of street children charity Bahay Tuluyan.

“There has been a pattern of this happening before big international events. It happened before [United States President Barack] Obama’s visit to the Philippines in April last year,” says the Australian, who has worked for 11 years to improve the lives of Manila’s legions of street children. “When we tried to have them released we were told they couldn’t come out until after Obama had gone and the children were very much given the impression that they were ‘rescued’ because of this visit.”

Will The Philippines EVER grow some brains, or human dignity, or common-fucking-sense? I don’t believe they ever will. They just seem to be getting more and more stupid, ignorant, and inhuman every year. And if they think they’re poor now, just wait until they get kicked out of the UN. That will severely affect the OFW program, which is a HUGE source of money. Thank goodness they’ll always have their useless Pinoy Pride. Man oh man, they are a sad, pathetic bunch.

Philippines continues to show the world just how utterly incompetent they are to govern themselves.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Why.Why.Why

    See how fucking retards these people are. Why’s the lock-up? It just doesn’t make sense! My fellow Fail-Noise(pinoys) are just hiding the problems, problems should be exposed and fix!

    Why do these people keeps violating everything in this country? WHY? WHY? WHY?

    This is just very stupid…

  2. Profile gravatar of Kiwimuzz

    As much as some of these kids can be irritating little fucks, I really do feel very sorry for them. With their brain dead parents or some fly by night boyfriend breeding irresponsibly you can’t blame the kids. They never asked to be born, and here they are being treated like shit. God fearing religious county, my arse.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover

      I hear ya. The kids are brought into this world by child like adults who cant even afford toilet paper to wipe their ass let alone food to even feed their children or themselves and these kids end up nothing more than street rats littering the city. Sad country.

  3. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    The ofw is the ultimate debt slave. When the un stops the hand outs the ofw will likely be worse off than the black slaves of the 1st worlds long ago.

    Native Filipinos greatest destructive problem is their sexual organs and treating their kids as resource debt slaves. If the government mandated one child policy it would easily end the problem. Or at least create a major penality for procreating.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover

      The busiest maternity in the world (Manila) and the majority of these parents have little to no money. Little to no education and they just keep getting busy like jack rabbits. And what is even more disgusting about this is the fact the parents get rewArded for procreating. Showered with gifts and money from their over worked ofw slave children.

      Imagine this. You are a fuck up and have lots of children that you cant even afford and take care of. You beat your children and make them work abroad because you feel they owe you because you created them. You get a house land car business and endless money for merely having sex and being a fuck up. That is the Filipino culture in a hand bag.

      1. Profile gravatar of Josh Randomtino
        Josh Randomtino

        spot on. I’ve had a falling out with my dad because of his endless guilt tripping that I owe him everything. Nobody put a gun on his head and forced him to have children.

  4. Profile gravatar of

    Not just the Philippines, Australia did similar shit.
    Before the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, they transferred as many Aborigines from the city of Sydney to Ballina on the North Coast of NSW as they could without creating a ruckuss.
    Guess what NO CRIME whilst the Olympics was on in the Inner city of Sydney to speak of..
    Ballina the crime rate jumped 1500%.
    Then to make matters worse for Ballina locals the Aborigines liked it better there then Sydney and didn’t want to go home.
    So now there are Tribal Conflicts.
    Fucking Brilliant.
    The law of unforeseen consequences.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder how many of these street kids will wind up like Artful Dodgers.

  5. Profile gravatar of Penance

    I especially liked the part where the Palace responded to this by saying:

    “This never happened. In fact, we have street children performing for the Pope!”

    Yes, because the street children are naturally theatrical, and can break out in unified dance and chorus upon request. Why watch a movie about dumb old India? We’ve got Slumdog Millionaires live and in action right here on the streets of Manila!

    Just one surprise visit from the Pope to RAC. I swear I’ll put up with shitty luck all year long if I could just see that happen!

  6. Profile gravatar of

    This shit finally made the TV News in Australia. 24 Jan.
    The Palace has apologized AGAIN.
    They cant have foreign donors finding out what fuck up they really are.
    It seems their Bullshit Propaganda got ahead of itself and it has finally hit the WALL
    Throw enough it will stick.

  7. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    I’ve seen these jail cells in PNP HQ’s throughout metro manila. They were meant to be mere holding facilities until the detained can get a trial date and transferred to the big prison in Muntinlupa. However this is not the case, these detainees are held in these cells meant for 20-40 people max and stuff them with up to 105 detainees. I know because they kept track of the number of detainees on a whiteboard. Said room was no larger than 40×30.

    Most of these cells are filthy and unkept. The warden and higher up PNP officers pocket vast majority of funds meant for the prisoners. Even so the funds theyre given are meant for 20-40 people not 100.

    If a detainee is lucky they will get their asses in a cell where theres a ganglord that sees to the order of things, and they actually assign cleaning chores to the newer detainees, while offering a fairly comfortable stay if you pay the ganglord a reasonable amount of pesos. Many times the ganglords will have a fee for visitors before they can talk with their loved ones.

    Source: corrupt head of a PNP HQ thats im acquaintances with.

    1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      i forgot to mention. If you aren’t familiar with due process for the lesser courts here in Manila, it takes 2-9 months to get a trial date. Unless of course you hire a lawyer or pay your way out. I know a pinoy that was in prison for 9 months because he was being accused of theft, it was only suppose to take a month, but the complainant didnt show up to the first 2 arraignments, then he didnt show up at all to the scheduled trials. spanning over 9 months. Then he was finally released.

      So if someone doesn’t like you they can call their corrupt PNP friends to arrest you and throw you in prison and make you wait out the due process, on mere accusations, with no physical or visual evidence of a crime committed.

  8. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    we are building a new house.. i knew it to happen in da feeippines.,, some dumb fuck flip of a barranguay tanod or what ever pays us a visit.
    he demanded we do something about the ”live wire” that was dangling someplace. my neice says” wait until the engineer gets herwe.. but no he is demanding,…
    whatever that fuckwit wants,,, i am not giving that twat anything,,,,, meanwhile across the same street there is a goat fuck of wires hanging onto a power pole.
    whnever they see constrution,,, they come out like flies

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I had a friend of mine from church ask me for some steel roofing.. It seems he fell through his roof becos termites ate it.
      Well, he does volunteer for the church. The church they go to would cost 250,000,000 pesos+-.
      Why ask me for steel roofing when the church looks like a mansion???????
      something is wrong somewhere??
      shoot me dead is alive and kicking

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      had to get a baranguay clearance for a building permit..500 pesos so some moron idiot, jerkoff can pocket the money…anyway the local tonod (tambuy) was complaining about ssome sand going into a drainage sewer line,, it might get plugged up,, never mind the garbage that gets thrown around every day,, his mom owns an apartment building next door, so it might be competion for her apartments,,,,ignorant as fuck
      give them both barrels