Philippines Jeepney Riding: Packed Like Pigs For Slaughter

I really don’t understand the lack of dignity and self respect that I see daily in the average Filipino out in public. I’m sure if you ride on a jeepney, you’ll know what I mean. The Philippines crowded Jeepneyjeepney operator will never realize that his vehicle is full. There’s always room for one more in his mind, and he has no qualms about telling his paying passengers to squeeze in even more, or climb on the roof of the vehicle and ride up there. And on a hot summer day, it is about the most nightmarish experience for anyone with any measure of self respect or human dignity. This is why I no longer ride Jeepney. I have dignity.

You are not a human being to the Jeepney operator.Pigs For Slaughter You are like a pig for slaughter. The more you can squeeze in, the more you can sell to the slaughterhouse. That’s fine for pigs, pathetic for human beings. It’s disgusting having to be sandwiched between two sweaty, dirty persons squeezed up against you, suffocating you, dripping sweat on you, their sweat soaked clothes transferring their sweat and odor into your clothes, and getting sprayed in the face every time someone near you sneezes.

Yet Filipinos just pile in. No sense of courtesy, they’ll just push on you, lean on you, shove you, and stare at you and not think anything about it. Whenever I ride a Jeepney, I feel very undignified and inhuman, and often if I do have to ride a Jeepney, I end up with a cold or flu virus within a couple of days. It’s truly stupid unsafe filipinos jeepneynauseating. What blows my mind is that people even ride by standing on the back, sometimes with just enough room on a bumper or rail for their toes, and hanging on for dear life. This is absurd, unsafe, and uncaring. I can’t believe it when the jeepney is obviously way over-loaded and you’re already squeezed in with only one ass cheek on the bench, the other overlapped on the person next to you, and the driver stops again to pick up that family of 4 more people, as if his jeepney is empty. I think, “WHERE THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE GOING TO SIT???” It just seems like there is no value placed on sanitation, health, or human life in general here in Philippines.

Therefore, I take a taxi. I do realize many cannot afford to commute by taxi. But in my opinion, when all room is gone with each person having BOTH BUTT CHEEKS firmly planted,Philippines crowded in jeepney and at least and inch or two between them, the Jeepney is full, and no more passengers should be taken on until a space is vacated. This is called community respect and human dignity. That is something that just doesn’t exist in Philippines. It really saddens me. These are human beings, yet they don’t treat each other like human beings.

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    Hi. I’m a new member of your great site.

    I live in Canada and I have alot of Filipino stories that I’m sure you would love to use on your site. I am not Filipino myself but that doesn’t really matter in this situation. The Filipinos here are pathetic. Like everything you have said on your site is dead on. They are so cheap that they let their own kind go bankrupt. What I mean is there was a Filipino store here run by Filipinos. Instead of the Filipino community helping their own they watched it go bankrupt because they would rather buy their goods off the black market.

    What does that say? I have so much more to tell. People need to know the truth. And I understand they are not all bad. I’m not that ignorant. But the vast majority are. And they are hurting our country. They are hurting our society in Canada. They are stealing all the jobs that students used to have. Canadian Tire (A major shopping store chain in Canada) in town here is staffed by 98% Filipinos. It is so out of place. I have no problem people coming here for a better life.

    My Grandparents came from England. But they worked hard for everything they got. They didn’t just show up and have the red carpet rolled out for them. Filipinos in Canada are treated in Canada almost like God’s by the Government. You can’t criticize them or open your mouth to them. Because you will be fired or charged with a hate crime.

    It makes me sad to see my country be flushed down the toilet by a race of people who are just here to use this country for their own gain. They don’t care about our traditions. They don’t care if they speak their language in front of English only speaking Canadians. It’s just plain rude. This is not Canada. We are not a rude country ask anyone in the world.

    What makes me like this site even more is that is run by a Filipino. I bet that pisses alot of other Filipinos off. They would expect some old white racist doing that. The truth hurts them. I’ll be writing more after. Thanks for taking the time to get the truth out.

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      Captain PFB Post author

      I have no problem with immigration, or people immigrating to another country to better themselves. If the host country welcomes them, and if it’s a democracy, then they have a right to be there. If your government is forsaking the employment of it’s own people and allowing immigrants into the country to have those jobs, then that is not the Filipino’s fault. I certainly do not blame the Filipino for wanting to get the fuck out of Philippines. And it’s usually the smart ones that succeed in doing so.

      But one thing about the FOW (Filipino Overseas Worker), they do go and take jobs in other countries, live minimally and cheaply, and send those Canadian dollars to Philippines to support their relatives at home, instead of fueling the Canadian economy. But if this is allowed, then you cannot blame the Filipino. You need to do what you can to change the laws in your country which allow this.

      Filipinos work for everything they got also. Probably more so than many in industrialized countries. Only thing is, there’s not many who have a lot. That’s why the main goal of the Filipino is to get the hell out of Philippines. But I say stay and fight and change your country into something you want to stay for. Something you can REALLY be proud of, instead of the blind empty pride they spout off so mindlessly, and cannot give valid explanation for what exactly they’re proud of. Personally, I don’t understand this nationality pride thing. A filipino, or a Canadian, or an American or anyone from any nation had nothing whatsoever to do with their nationality. They were born that way. Pride is something you have for something you have accomplished on your own. A parent can be proud of his/her children because they raised them to succeed. I can be proud of myself for succeeding in business…etc. You get my point. But I had nothing whatsoever to do with being Filipino.

      Another correction; Filipino is not a race. It’s a nationality. Asian is a race, and in encompasses all from Asia. But anyway, if your country is being flushed down the toilet, you must blame the institution or administration which allows it. I don’t blame the Filipino for wanting to find a better way to make a life and living. Because it’s nearly impossible to do it in their own country.

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        i do not know where the politicians brains were when they invented the foreign worker program.
        their rich friends thought that one up.
        i would like to outsource my utility bills, cel fone bills, give the politicians jobs to immigrants for 1/10 of the cost.
        if i retire in canada , i am going to live in a place where there is no flips,,, preferably in the bush, so i wont hear a flip with his koroke.
        the only reason why the rich cos. can not hire people is becos they do not a ”living wage”.. companies like walmart, mcdos, etc expect people to live on 9 dollars an hour. cheaper to put 20 flips in 1 room, charge them for expenses.

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      Ahahahhahahah you totally deserved it because you’re Canadian.

      That would be what our govt has been telling us in the last few years.
      Don’t like filipinos? You’re xenophobic !
      Not happy ? You can always migrate . D
      Don’t be a racist !
      It’s so darn funny to see someone else with the same plight half way round the world.

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        yes,, we have affirmative action (jobs for lazy, stupid morons), white middle class people are gone,, special programs for immigrants, then the immigrants block vote for their own mafia,, and all the other things we used to laugh at the other countries for having.
        the whole world has gone to pot since 1980. thanks to thatcher and reagon, 1980 seems to the year when the stock markets took off and the politicians looked the other while while rich scammed the people.
        then to put the icing on the cake,, the flips invaded and infested all the low paying jobs and drove the cost of living up…

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    I totally agree with you. The thing about being proud of something you’ve accomplished is something very important to me. And what you said about you can’t blame them, yes and no. They have no right to trample on our traditions and our way of life. They are guests here. They have not proved themselves. And what Ive seen is they don’t want to. Would I get treated like a king if I moved to the Philippines tomorrow. Would they pay for me to learn their language? Would I get a government job just because I’m an immigrant from Canada? Would I get subsidized child care? Would I get free education? Would I get transportation and housing subsidizes? No, no, no, no. So why do they get that here? Why as a Canadian do I get none of those things when I’ve paid taxes my whole life? And the argument of giving people a helping hand is bullshit. Before you come to any country you should have money and everything you need to succeed. Look at Australia’s immigration policy compared to Canada’s. You actually have to prove you would be a benefit to their country before they even consider letting you in. As you said, they send the majority of their money back home which doesn’t help our economy. Another thing is, if you don’t want to learn English, LEAVE. They or any other nationality is of no use to Canada if they can’t speak our official languages. That’s not being discriminatory, that’s just our way of life. And yes as a society we need to all stand up. But everyone is too scared to open their mouths. What can I do about that? As I said I have no problem with people coming here. But when it’s having a negative effect on our society in general its my right to say something. Is it fair that employers won’t hire Canadians anymore but import “Temporary Foreign Workers”? So they can pay them a lower wage? Which in the end will drag alot of wages down with it? And it’s nothing about them working to get everything they have. Everyone does that. Me caring enough to speak my mind shows I actually care about my country. But I can’t do it all by myself. Nobody seems to care anymore.

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    And what I said. I know I can’t blame Filipinos for everything. Most of it’s the government’s fault here not theirs. But not assimilating into our society is their responsibility. Canada is giving them a better life for them and their families. It’s the least they could do. SHOW SOME RESPECT PLEASE. What would happen if I went over to the Philippines and started disrespecting all their traditions and culture? I would probably disappear into a jail or put on the firing squad.

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      Captain PFB Post author

      Yep, don’t acknowledge the problems and poverty and suffering caused by the stupidity, dishonesty, corruption…(the list can go on forever), just give your default response; “if you don’t like it, leave”. Thing is, I like it here. You see, no matter where you go in the world, there’s always going to be something about it you don’t like. The wonderful thing about free speech is, you can express your criticism and disgust with injustice, stupidity, and whatever else you don’t like about it. The difference with the people here and 98% of the rest of the world is, if the criticism and complaints about what’s wrong is true, people with a measurable level of dignity will acknowledge it and admit it with honesty and humility, which helps to begin to find solutions to problems that cause human suffering. Sad that is impossible here. They’re just too god damn stupid and ignorant to see it.

      Yep, I’ll stick around a while. I know this blog really hurts you. But one reality that is universal: THE TRUTH HURTS.

      Have a nice day!

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    The PI will never progress to 2nd world status while they continue with the use of the Jeepney. While it may serve a good purpose in the proviences it certainly does nothing for productivity in the urban/cities. They continually stop wherever they like and in most cases in the centre of the lane moving most traffic. While they allowed them to stop and pick wherever they like I have seen Filipinos’s stand 10 feet away from a parked jeepney but will not make any effort to board until the jeepney has moved the required 10 feet to where they are standing…..much to the enjoyment of the passangers who are trying to get somewhere before the day ends. These things should be removed from the road and replaced with buses capable of carrying 50 or more passengers and only allowed to stop and pick up at pre set locations. I know the Filipinos would think this to be outrageous expecting them to have to walk to a bus stop or similar. I see in Pampanga that they are widening McArthur highway to three lanes to improve the traffic flow. This will fail for the simple reason that the jeepney will stop in the middle of whatever lane he is in and “fuck the rest of you”. All the road rules and any other rule made in the PI applies to “everyone else but me” thinks every filipino.
    Like many others I have spent the past 30 years visiting the place and in recent years made preparations for retirement there. I enjoy the place but the locals need to understand that they need to make big changes if they want the country to be competitive. How do they think that Singapore and HK got to where they are today??

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      Sir i believe from what i heard, it is because of the filipinos that Singapore and .HK are where they are.
      Without filipinos we racist,lazy,dumbfark Singaporeans would have starved to death on the streets.

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      money is like water, it goes where it is the easiest to go..
      in flipland,, there are fees and tong for every known paper trail ..
      imagine if the usa or canada put in a law where immigrants could not own land,, there would be flips with rent a crowds in front of every gov’t office,, yelling racial discrimation,,, etc..
      If Canada had the Bituan jail for immigration law breakers,, they would have in teh world court suing our asses off,
      as for the much talked about B/S economic miracle the flip politicians are shoving down the throats of the massa,, I do not see any progress or any extra construction done in the massa barangauys. Flips are too smart to build houses just so the squatters can infest them.
      Sure, there are lots of condos being built by super rich people,, but that will go bust one of these days,,just every other real estate bubble.
      a flip knows if he builds something in the poor hoods, the tambays will get off their sorry asses from their chairs in front of the baranguay hall and demand money for ”noise”, dust,, fees,, etc.

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    Taiwan took all the trikes off the streets and gave the owners subsidized loans for buying taxis. The govt knew the country would never modernize if they remained stuck with trikes. This was 1969. If the Pinas took off the jeepney… nah… never happen because the rich don’t ride them and they have drivers so they don’t care about the traffic. To make change you need to hurt the change makers.

    The reason the Pinoy’s business failed in Canada was because he is only ‘Filipino’ outside of the country. After a while all the ‘Filipinos’ form a Filipino-Local Country association. Then they get political and splinter back into Ilocano-Local Assoc and Tagalog-Local Assoc and Visayan-Local Assoc etc. So the shop owner wasn’t supported because he was say a Visayan and the community were mostly Tagalog. Plus the crab mentality, envy and pride and the usual run of bullshit emotions.

    One thing is the OFW taking jobs away etc. I agree the govt shouldn’t allow it and if it is such an issue then vote the mongrels out. Easier said than done. But what about the ‘Standbyes’ waiting for the remittance? Whole layers of family not bothering to work because the one OFW will soon remit Dah-lars! To the point where the family back home begin to feel entitled and then get angry if the amount doesn’t keep up with inflation and their increased spending habits.

    All I can say is so glad I no longer live there! A great place to go a get laid for cheap but otherwise…. forget it.