One of Banco De Oro’s slogans is “We find ways…”

So I’m enrolled in online banking and bill pay. Seldom does it work. I call BDO yesterday to complain again. Today, the problem is still not solved. Their solution: Go to the payment center to pay your bill.

So then what is the point of online bill pay???? It’s an illusion!

Is that the way “they find ways”???????

Again, in Philippines, as long as you have catchy slogans and words, actions mean nothing.

As long as you say you’re honest, you don’t really have to be honest. Because nobody seems to back up their words with actions around here. Nobody takes responsibility for their actions, and nobody seems to think they need to be accountable for their stupidity. If they do something stupid or wrong, they’ll get mad at you for pointing it out. It becomes your fault for having the balls to call them out on their lie or wrong-doing.

That is the filipino way.

Pathetic….utterly pathetic. ¬†And they all seem to be “Proud to be filipino”…..what the hell is there to be proud of??? Most can’t even back up that statement. Just another catchy thing to say, with no substance to back it up.

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  1. justjabari

    LOL that’s awesome…reminds me of my experience at Fed/Ex in Makati during the end of Ramadan (no disrespect to Islam – my uncle is Muslim). I paid for international first class delivery which assures 2 day delivery as told by the clerk. 4 days later the package is still sitting in Makati and when I got there to inquire they were shocked I didn’t realize it was a holiday hence the delay. WTF didn’t you tell me that before offering me first class service and taking my MONEY for it…dumbasses

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    i sent the wife to arrange a transfer of 75000 Thai Baht to another bank in bangkok… But we needed to change us dollars out of our bdo account..
    Now,, in this day and age, that should be simple. go to p/c with mouse and find a n exchange rate and voila the Us dollars becomes baht and sent it on its way.. No sir,, can not do that..
    do these morons realize that billions of dollars are sent around the world every day with the click of a mouse>>>>????
    if i was a banker, i would fire anybody that let a customer out of the door, if he wanted something as simple as that.
    of course there is a cut for them on exchange rates..
    I do nto not go out,, as their ways of doing busines are straight out of the stone age.