Philippines: LAND OF ILLUSION (Part 2)


PLDT: When your phone connection or internet connection malfunctions, for those who realize they actually can call and report/complain, the first standard operating procedure from the customer service rep is to try to blame the problem on you or your equipment. They really have a very difficult time accepting that the problem could be on their end. As with any complaint, it usually turns into an argument, and PLDT will deny resposibility until they are blue in the face. But that doesn’t work with me anymore. I made contact with the President of PLDT, and all I have to do is a little bit of name dropping, and people then jump. They know me now, and when I mention who I am, most of them know I have a line of communication with Cesar Enriquez (PLDT President), and I now get what I pay for MOST of the time, and quick response and corrective action with all my issues.

GLOBE TELECOM: Should be wiped from the face of the earth. They are nothing but the dumbest of the dumbest idiots on earth. Useless. That’s all I can say about them…….NEXT SUBJECT!

WARRANTIES: They are one of the biggest illusions of this country. Most appliances and gadgets you buy come with a standard warranty. Now try enforcing that warranty when the product fails. I bought an emergency back up light if there is a brownout, automatically turns on in the event of a power failure. It’s essentially a battery, a relay switch, and some light bulbs. Warranted to remain illuminated for 8 hours before going dim. Warranted for 1 year.

3 months after I bought it, had a brownout and the light lasted 2 hours and poof, it was dark. So I took it back to Ace Hardware where I bought it, and I was told by the idiot manager that “the battery is not covered by the warranty”. I said, “WHAT??????? THAT’S 90% OF THE PRODUCT! THE ITEM IS A FUCKING BATTERY WITH LIGHT BULBS ATTACHED! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS COVERED BY THE WARRANTY…IS IT THE FUCKIN LIGHT BULBS? THE CARRYING HANDLE?? MAYBE ONLY THE BOX IT WAS PACKAGED IN IS ONLY WARRANTED? You’re a fuckin idiot!” ¬†And I proceeded to pull out the warranty statement for him to read.

THE FILOGIC: Since he’s wearing a manager’s badge, whatever he says is right, regardless of anything COMPLETELY MINDLESSLY STUPID AND NON-THINKING comes spewing from his idiot mouth.

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  1. justjabari

    dude..don’t get me started on PLDT. What a useless company that is void of any semblance of customer service or knowledge of what it takes to run a business. When we moved to our new place we we filled out the app for new service (as instructed by their illustrious website mind you) and thats about where it ended for us. After that it was just an endless stream of useless customer service calls and 2 months of promises to call us back after 48 hours while they checked on availability even though our whole subdivision seems to be PLDT customers. Each time I called back to check on our “case” it was just mind numbing question after question asking our personal information and such even though i had provided our case NUMBER at the beginning of the call AND they would read the shit back to me! My wife and I got fed up and went to their office and she finally asked…”ARE YOU GUYS EVEN IN BUSINESS ANYMORE??”. Crickets and stares is what she got….i must say I expected no less.

    I have had more success with Globe and actually have fantastic internet using their Tattoo USB modem. I have since wised up and went with Cablelink for television and Internet service and I must say its been pretty fast, reliable, and not that expensive (1899/month for 1.5 mbps and two connected televisions)

    You mentioned warranties and I almost fell on the ground. Not sure if most stores know what an actual warranty IS much less be counted on to honor one. I recently purchased the ishield protection for my phone and right on the ad sitting on the desk it says LIFETIME WARRANTY. It also says it on the blaring television commercial looping on the adjacent counter (which actually is what drew me in). Anyways…I specifically asked what the LIFETIME WARRANTY actually means and the girl clearly stated that in the event my screen protector comes off due to normal wear and tear they will replace it for free. If it comes off due to a fault of my own they will replace it for something like 250 pesos…COOL – do it. She says it will take 20 mins…NO PROB. She finishes, gives the phone back..have a nice day. The VERY next day when I woke up the damn screen protector has a huge bubble in the middle and is peeling off on the edges. Pissed off I bring it back and thank God I had the original receipt in my wallet. No matter though..she says they can’t honor the warranty because the phone is incompatible with the screen protector!! iPhone 4S?? The packaging said FOR iPHONE 4S!! —
    “Sir, this is not the correct screen protector and you applied it wrong so you cannot avail of the warranty.”

    No YOU applied it wrong!! I don’t even have the tools to put this thing on…and it was the right one!! Crickets and stares…

    Long story short, I got hold of the booth owner and I got my screen put on properly by someone honest. The bottom-line is she tried to sham me first and for no apparent reason

    1. filofail

      Filogic 101. What an ass-backwards country. Idiots.

      Filipino customer service, be it PLDT, or any service oriented company love to use the ILLUSION that they are actually doing something, by using their favorite vocabulary words.

      Follow up

      So many times, I have heard that word, “sir, we will follow up on this….” and I constantly ask them, “So this is a follow up of the follow up of the previous follow up on the first follow up that you were following up on. Do you think I could get a fucking solution instead of endless follow ups? I mean FUCK MAN! It’s not that fucking hard! I just need one of your stupid fucking idiots you call “technicians” to bring another modem here to replace my modem because the mechanical switch failed. It’s really fucking simple, it’s not brain surgery or rocket science you stupid fucking excuse for a person with a brain! How many follow ups does a broken modem complaint need??????

      I swear to god, I really have to wonder if the average filipino even knows how to wipe their own ass after taking a shit.

      It’s mind-boggling!