Philippines: LAND OF ILLUSION (Part 3)


“Proud to be Filipino” is an illusion. ¬†As much as I have tried over the past several years of living here, I have searched and search for something……anything at all to be proud of.

When I ask my countrymen who so easily and mindlessly spout out the words “I’m proud to be a Filipino”, what exactly it is that they are proud of, I either get an instant backlash of anger, regardless of the fact it is a legitimate question, and one that should be asked, or a general “it’s a beautiful country full of natural resources”, or I just get a stupid, “I’m just proud because I was born here”.

First let me say that I have never understood the concept of being proud of one’s nationality, no matter where you’re from. You had nothing to do with being a Filipino. It wasn’t anything you accomplished. You just happened to be born a Filipino. I see pride as something that one has accomplished, or been involved in accomplishing. A mother or father being proud of their son or daughter, fine. Being proud to be a college graduate, fine. Those are things you accomplished. But what did you have to do with being Filipino? NOTHING! So what’s up with the pride over something you had nothing to do with?

Ok, I know that’s not quite what they may mean when they say they are proud to be filipino. So let’s talk about what there is about being Filipino there really is to be proud of.

Are you proud of be inherently dishonest and corrupt? Are you proud of being able to whip out your pud and piss on the power line pole in public? Are you proud of not saying a fucking thing to your barangay captain about the filth in your neighborhood?

Here’s the most common answer I get when I ask “what is it you are proud of?” “We are loving and caring people”

WHAAAAT???? Is that why you cut in front of people in line? Maybe because you just assume they are so loving and caring, they won’t mind if you ignorantly cut in front of them. Is that the kind of loving and caring you’re talking about?

Or maybe it’s the loving and caring drivers who just won’t fucking let you cross the street, or come within an inch of smearing you all over the pavement while they’re blaring their horn at you. Is it the loving and caring way you all just allow yourselves to be jam packed into jeepneys like livestock, people hanging out the windows, hanging on the back of the jeepney, and the driver still stops to pick up more passengers?

Is it the loving and caring way you borrow money from people and never pay it back? Or maybe you again assumed they were loving and caring enough to not expect it back. When you get elected to office, is it the loving and caring way you pocket the people’s money, stealing jobs and well, making Philippines look so unkept and filthy? How loving and caring is it to be one of the countries on earth with the fewest public services, and the most impoverished and homeless population? How loving and caring is that?

“our families are loving and caring”

Ok, so how is that something unique? I love and care for my mother too. How does that make you special? If you didn’t love and care for your family, I would think there’s something wrong with you.

Filipinos have this really idiotic mindset that if they say something, regardless of how obviously untrue it is, that they can convince you it’s true. If there’s a red balloon, and they go over and pop it and pick up the pieces, then tell you it was blue, and that they didn’t pop it, EVEN THOUGH YOU WATCHED THEM DO IT, AND TOOK NOTICE IT WAS RED, they will never admit to popping it, nor will they admit it was red. That is their illusion of pride.

’nuff said.

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