Philippines Land of Illusions: Hiding the Truth

I posted the above image on Facebook a week ago. A bit of searching through Google after a particularly bad traffic day. Loved the dog.

My wife got pissed off at me for doing that. “Why do you want to post a picture like that? To give people a bad impression of the Philippines? So they won’t come here?”

I said to her, “But that’s what it’s actually like. You know that’s what EDSA looks like every single day. It’s not a lie. It’s honest.”

And I think there you have it in a nutshell. Nothing will get fixed because no one will admit it’s broken. Better to hide things and pretend they don’t exist.

Remember the old TV ad from car rental company Avis? “We’re #2. We try harder.” Here such an ad might say, “We’re #2. Why try harder?”

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    Don Quixote

    Now I almost appreciate why the jeepnees and trikes don’t get off the fucking road to pick up passengers , they are afraid they will never get back on the fucking road.