Philippines Murder Statistics Are Out, You Will Be Surprised!

You might be asking the question-

  • How safe is the Philippines?
  • What are the murder statistics like in the Philippines?
  • Police reports on crime in the Philippines?
  • How does crime in the Philippindees compare to the US, UK or Canada or Australia?

The crime statistics for the Philippines are out and things are looking sick.  In fact, the crime statistics show what a disaster law and order is in the Philippines and just how lawless Filipino culture is and the fact no one really cares about anything – neither the country, its people or the rubbish they throw into the environment!  Statistics were released by the Philippine National Police or PNP as its commonly called show:

  • Murders are at a record high (who knows, gun control has increased and statistics may be less than once was)
  • Break and entry at sickening highs
  • The list goes on….

Why are the PNP releasing bad country crime statistics when Duterte has come into power?  Why are the PNP coming out now after all this time when it was said Davao was safe etc.

Im sure the whole country is looking sick.  People dying in hospitals needlessly, car accidents, prostitution and drugs.  Just looking at the break and entry statistics, the B&E’s are shocking (some areas on a rate per 100,000 people for theft is 6% – those are the reported statistics, how about the unreported crimes!).

The country with the sweetest, kindest people in the world 🙂 also have some of the worst people in the world – and the percentage of bad apples
in this country will shock you.

Many foreigners coming to the Philippines think that they are safe.  The newbies are bedazzled in the so-called and often self-styled “sweetest, kindest people on earth culture” and a culture so proud of itself driven by the Church values.  This is bullshit, well, in part.  To a large degree the Philippines is safe if you keep arms length from Filipinos, don’t enter into financial arrangements with them, keep hungry leeches like family members at bay and stay away from any former police or army murder crime statistics in Philippinespersonnel who may have served in Mindanao.

 As you live longer in the Philippines you will come to realise that Filipinos are largely self-centred, narcassists, focused around themselves and their own needs and will harass the fuck out of you to get their means to an end.  Many if not all put themselves first.  This is largely stemming from their lack of education, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, lack … lack … lack…. Lacking budget, out of stock and so the mantra goes on that when opportunities are presented they will resort to anything, lies, cheating, estafa, swindling, theft and even murder to get what they desire.

Unfortunately, the broad brush label of Filipinos as scammers get used, someone asking for money, lying and cheating you as discussed in this forum cannot be quantified in a statistic.  It’s impossible and many long termers living in the Philippines who know what the scene is after having been burnt by Filipinos twice, thrice or many times feel FRUSTRATED at trying to explain to outsiders, newby foreigners, people living in other countries what Filipinos can be like. FUCK ITS FRUSTRATING as most people who have never been to the Philippines say – “not all can be like that, surely?”  I guess thats why this blog was built – to express the frustration that cannot be otherwise expressed through statistical and scientafic means like the PNP statistics.

Well trust me, not all spastics are spastic.  But a spastic in the 98% of cases is a fucking spastic.  You have to hang around spastic people to understand them.  As one person said to a question “how do you find living in the Philippines” the guy answered “I grew up with a retarded brother so it’s no problem”.  Point being, when you can’t quantify EXPERIENCE of living in a spastic culture, surrounded by spastic people, trying to explain to the outside world is FRUSTRATING.

 There is no valid statistical evidence that reveals what liars, deceptive and misleading cheating arseholes Filipinos can be.

At last! Statistics – Real e’fen Stats That Filipinos Should Be Ashamed Of!

What I can tell you however is REAL RAW FACTS – The Philippines is a KILLER COUNTRY.  It appears Filipinos have had a gutful of murder, rape and crime and elected Duterte to be president.  They have literally bypassed the church and its teachings of “thou shalt not kill” in favour of a murderous and hard-hitting approach to dealing with crime.

Take note at these statistics –

  • Past travel insurance statistics showed that the country Australians were most likely to get murdered in was the Philippines.
  • Over 100 Punjabi / Indian money lenders killed in a five-year period in the Philippines.  Many get killed, in excess of four in a month in this article.murder rates in cebu philippines
  • Jealousy drives a lot of murders.
  • Many Koreans have been killed and South Korea issued warnings to its nationals about travelling in the Philippines. This is in addition to the kidnappings that happen in Manila, Mindanao of Koreans by Police and department officials themselves.
  • This article doesn’t even touch on the over 115 people currently held by kidnappers. This is a fraction, compared to unreported cases where people have been kidnapped in the Philippines and the ransoms paid and the police not involved.  In some cases, the police are involved with the kidnappers.  Kidnapping happens not just in Mindanao but also in Manila.  Look up the amount of kidnapping cases of Koreans in Manila where cops are in fact the ones doing the Kidnapping.  I’m not even touching on the countless cases of cops extorting money from foreigners in Angeles City.  Search that as well!

People largely don’t talk about the murders in the Philippines.  They live in their compounds and nothing happens therefore, doesn’t affect me, why worry?  Well,  The press is 100% owned by Filipinos given the laws around media ownership.   How can the press be considered free when the number of journalist murders in the Philippines ranks amongst the highest in the world?

Tourism keeps a lid on stats.  The Philippines wouldn’t like these stats going out to the world!

There hasn’t been any decent reliable statistics.  Given the struggling countries reliance on tourism, I think they would want to push a lot of the statistics under the mat and forget about it.  As Filipinos do, they love to bury hard issues they cannot handle and deal with or are highly embarrassing to the country.

Mindanao Bob says Davao is safe.  Everyone has been on about Davao’s safe city status.  Its all bullshit.  There seems to have been some error.  Why have recent statistics shown that Davao’s murder rate is worse than Los Angeles, South Africa, Chicago, Mexico or the US?

Davao has a so-called “safe city” status yet its murder rate is 71 people per 100,000!

People, largely Filipinos generally take a small bit of information and magnify the statements without asking – what made up the “safe city” survey?

Some people have even declared this tag as “hogwash” such as this article.  Mindanao Bob took the survey as gospel.  I would have thought a guy making and selling reports would have known better to take anything stated by Filipino’s with a grain of salt until verified independently.

There has never been really a breakup and analysis of the safe city statistics.  I can never find a real comparative discussion, just people regurgitating gospel so to speak and requoting the mantra that Davao is safe.  In a large part, I found Davao safe in the city but tell that to the Canadians who got kidnapped just off Davao at Samal?  Fighting and clashes between rebels and police or military does happen on the edge of the city.  Why the fuck would you want to live in a city and be held prison to the city and not be able to go to the country side and not feel safe?

There are many surveys – unfortunately Davao doesn’t even rate a mention on many.

Why was Davao considered for the survey anyway?  Is it because of some vested interest to promote, I mean, there are many other cities that could be put into the list.

The feeling test – It never happened to me, therefore ….

ffMindanao Bob sells reports about the safety in Mindanao.  A lot of people compare other countries to “what feels” – I never got robbed, therefore, its safe because I used common sense.  But don’t forget there are many others out there in different situations in the Philippines.  Mindanao Bob is in ONE SITUATION.  There are other guys who are in OTHER SITUATIONS.  You cant apply a one blanket fits all approach to every foreigner in the Philippines when it comes to safety.  Most foreigners find trouble when they deal with Filipinos when entering a Filipinos bubble (this is worth reading).  Most problems are centred around being fleeced for money, having a scammy Filipina, being slowly sucked dry financially and someone who is married and under the screws of a jealous pinay may not experience or get into a nasty situation as many foreigners have encountered.

Bloggers and spreaders of the Filipino bullshit mantra

The other trap is to hear what these bloggers say.  Apart from the test of “looks ok, feels ok, never had a problem therefore its safe” test is that people LOVE to make comparisons with THEIR EXPERIENCES overseas OR what they read online.

Remember this;

  • HOLIDAYING IN A COUNTRY IS DIFFERENT TO LIVING IN A COUNTRY.  living in the country is at the coal face of dealing with government, hooking up services, going about daily business that you wouldnt otherwise do from a hotel.
  • WHAT IS REPORTED ONLINE, IN A LOT OF CASES DISSAPEARS FROM GOOGLE IN 6 TO 12 MONTHS.What is most annoying is generalised statements without fact, such as:
  • Things can’t be as bad as LA – (sorry they are worse in the Philippines by a mile!)

  • Things can’t be as bad as the US. – (sorry the US has much lower murder rates than the Philippines).

  • You get that everywhere, even London

  • It happens all over the world

  • But in Thailand, there was an earthquake and Tsunami and people were killed.

What the fuck.  Stop.  Stop generalising and comparing and catastrophizing the situation.

This is real.  The statistics show, the PHILIPPINES IS A MURDEROUS COUNTRY.

Something is wrong…. SERIOUSLY WRONG!

imagesThe break and entry statistics are shocking and need to be dealt with in another article.  This article focuses on murder in the Philippines and murderous the country is.

The first step is to stop generalising – don’t use the statement “it happens all over the world”, “it cant be as bad as America”.

I have been in the Philippines over a decade and can tell you.  As a foreigner I feel safe but take necessary precautions.  For many Filipinos some live in complete fear.  The rule is “you don’t piss off a Filipino”.  Life is cheap.  Recently they started offering 50,000 pesos (over $1,000) to kill criminals and 5,000 pesos for a wounding.  This was extended to both police and citizens to do the nasty job of liquidating criminals.  The other thing is you can get hitmen to do your work for you reasonably cheaply.  I have seen quotes in the papers that amounts of as little as $200-$250 when converted is payable to “guns for hire”.

Have a look at the table below.  The murder rates are broken down to a rate per 100,000 people.  Some areas in past years, I have calculated higher, near 100 to 120 murders per 100,000 people.

What is the clean up rate in the Philippines.  Let me be real.  Its very low.  Normally, money drives the solving of cases

Cebu, Philippines 93
Illigan, Philippines 82
Zamboanga, Philippines 81
Davao, Philippines 71
General Santos, Philippines 71
UK 1
Chicago 15.65
New York 7
Los Angeles 6.3
London 1
Venezuela, South America 62
Honduras 84.6
Mexico (country wide) 15.7
South Africa 33
Thailand 3.9

As you can see the Philippines ranks has one of the highest rates of murders in the world – In fact THE HIGHEST.  The statistics for murder in the Philippines is worse than Thailand AND THE US.  Snoop dog, Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy and all the crips and bloods eat yer hearts out, take a look at Cebu in comparison to Chicago or Mexico or South Africa!

Show us some pinoy pride – your fucking countries murder rate is nearly 6 times that of Chicago!

picture of a recent murder in San Fernando, Cebu. Man found in garbage bag and body taped in a

picture of a recent murder in San Fernando, Cebu. Man found in garbage bag and body taped in a “mummy” style bind. Note on body refers to Duterte – DU30.

Ok, Ok …I have felt safe in the Philippines.  In fact I have travelled throughout the Philippines and felt reasonably safe all around the country.  I use “reasonably” lightly in areas I have had the vehicle attacked by a mob of 20 guys in Tondo and travelled into rural areas of western Mindanao as well as into slums at 3am in the morning around drug dens, in between people in dark alleys and smoking shabu etc.  Stupid you may say – YES,  but also I am seasoned enough to feel and comfortable in these areas.  I have gotten out of situations as soon as the energy changed and I could feel the “get the fuck out” buzzer going off – I read vibrational energy very well but would not advise people to do that.  100-250 pesos in pocket, a cheap mobile phone and ID is about all i carry.

Lastly, theres one muscle in the brain you have to exercise when in the Philippines.  That’s Common sense.  Unfortunately, the place doesn’t go too well for nice people and Filipino’s love to latch onto nice people like leeches.  Be careful, that’s all I can say and this is where I concurr with Mindanao Bob – use common sense.

Sources used for statistics – Wikipedia

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  1. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I’ll be the first to comment. Since in the Philippines I have had:
    1.) My house broken into 4 times.
    2.) Attempted break in 2 times.
    3.) Jump by 10 Filipinos at once. Yes the PNP were called and knew who they were. Noting done as they were assets.
    4.) Over 50,000 pesos in items stolen by wife’s brother alone. DVD player, power tools, welder, my hearing aids from states, camera memory cards, cds, videos just to name a few. This after wife gave him a job and let his wife and son stay in our place at our expense.
    5.) False charges filed against me and the court ordering me to pay 360,000 for the case to be dismissed. That or spend years in jail while the slow wheels of injustice turned then ground to a halt.
    6.) Kidnapping threats to me, wife and son.
    7.) Son kidnapped once.
    8.) Philippine banks refusing to release any of my money.
    9.) Central Bank refusing to release any of my money.
    10.) Get “invited” to the police station because drinking a beer on my own property. PNP tells wife I can leave once they get 1,000. U.S embassy showed up and they changed their mind pretty fast.
    11.) First car vandalized.
    12.) Hospital refusing to look at son “because injury did not happen that same day.” Yes, that was the excuse.

    Now today I was told that 3 houses in our subdivision were cleaned out by thieves. They walked up to the gates and cut the locks with a hack saw blade. Yes there is armed guards at the subdivision entrance. See, Filipinos don’t steal to live, they live to steal.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Oh, I forgot. I posted a comment on YouTube that gave facts on D30 along with his quotes. One reply from a pinay is that D30 should take me out to the square and behead me in public. So, they say stuff like that if you quote D30 which they know he said or done and your the bastard? Welcome to the land of retards.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Sure did but they done it the filipino way instead of flat out refusing. They just kept making excuses.
        They would make the appt for wife and I to go get it then cancel about an hour before the appt. Some of the excuses:
        1.) Had a meeting to go to.
        2.) Out of office.
        3.) At lunch.
        4.) Special non banking holiday.
        5.) Special city holiday.
        6.) President declared a holiday on that day.
        7.) Some of the notes are counterfeit.
        8.) Some of the notes are old and need replacing. (That was 15 $100 bills that were printed in the late 1990’s)
        9.) No one in office because traffic is tied up and they can’t get to work.
        10.) Electric out.
        11.) Have to have special permission from the president 60 days before or after an election.
        12.) Bank manager is out of the office.

        The list goes on but you get the idea.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          Be very careful about your foreign atm cards and using ghem here,,,, After that fiasco with the Bangadesh govt money,,,, ossie banks froze a friend of mine atm caRds …….. even though he told them he was was coming here…….SORRY SIR from the ossie bank

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Al, here’s how bad it is. Tried to get my bank in the sates to send my new atm card and they would not send it, not even through FedEx. They said the Philippines had a very bad reputation with U.S. banks. My bank also told me if leaving the philippines never accept a bank draft, managers check or cashiers check from a philippine bank. They said if you accept and once out of the country the bank those were issued by will refuse to honor them. My bank said always insist on an international money order.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        There’s a guy I know up in AC, a member of VFW post 2485. He is a retired major and had been living in the pi for years. He had his check direct deposit into PNB for 2 years straight and would get his money to pay bills the day it hit the account. So after 2 years he goes into the bank to get money and they tell him he can’t get his money. When he asked why he was told there is a 30 day clearing period on it. Now bear in mind it is from the U.S government and has been hitting his account for 2 years straight.

        When he asked why 30 day hold/clearing all of a sudden they told him they need to make sure the money is there before they release it. So in effect they were holding his money just so they could make 30 days interest on it. He switched his account to BPI. That’s how these pricks work. Delay, stall and make excuses.

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Good article. But one thing is missing I think. Would have more impact if it listed how many killings/shooting there were that were election related.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      That would show how ingrained killing is and how cheap life is in this country. It also takes away the argument someone might try to make claiming the the elected officials are trying to stop the killings.

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Maybe they got the definition of Murder wrong – just like when they say (sic) “can i b0rrow s0me m0ney sir, i’ll pay you back next salary” – NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS – 100% FAILURE rate, Mhullier seems to have worked it out. No ones ever paid me back nor my friends. The word borrow in the Philippines is GIVE with no intention to repay debt.

  4. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Excellent article as always, @foreignerhardpinoysoft. Did you see the recent tourism campaign video in London where “‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’ takes over London railway station”

    A small booth takes over an entire station??? The classic “filipino fix”. Instead of handling the issues which cause potential tourists concerned about kidnappings and beheadings to not visit. Let’s do fuck all about fixing the problems, but instead go out and tell everyone how wonderful the place is.

    I’ve always thought the philippines is quite unique with its murder stats. In most countries the majority of killings are down to gangs, drugs and turf wars. In the philippines if it’s not political, business or journalists it’s often the most petty things. Every week I’d read a story in the papers where friends would murder each other over the outcome of pacquiao’s last fight or because somebody was hogging the karaoke mic.

    And now they have the perfect dear leader who is blessed with filipino logic in droves. We have a lot of crime in this country. Solution: we must murder more people.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    hey @phildoh – thankyou for the feedback …
    yes, i saw that London campaign and the blithering, ignorant idiots on there mentioning that NOW Philippines is safe
    They keep going on about the place but look at it for fact

    7000 something islands, only a handful of places feature to international tourists:
    1. boracay
    2. palawan
    The rest a smaller grade dive spots and tourist spots which are more long term stayers eg. 1-3 months and regulars
    eg. Bohol.

    No one seriously gives a fuck about visiting Mindanao. Its a nice place people, dont get me wrong. Davao, CDO but these aren’t regular places, regular tourists go. No one is raving about Leyte, Samar etc – sure, theres some surfing in Siagao but outside of Boracay and Palawan – theres little left. GET REAL FILIPINOS – you have a lot of islands and you promote only 2 really at the end of the day. The rest like MANILA BAY are a fucking disgrace.

    If Filipinos were proud of the Philippiens they would not trash it with garbage.

    they defend themselves over the trash but have no reference point.
    After all, arguing with someone who hasnt been outside of their provincial area or up to Davao or Manila let alone been outside the Philippines to draw a comparison how BAD the trash is — is making things up and talking out their arses.
    Yet Filipinos love talking as if they know it all when they have no life experience to draw from.


    Jealousy runs high with filipinos.

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        I love how in every commercial advertisement for tourism they show the country being a clean safe place.. They always forget to add the people shitting/pissing everywhere. Or the trash being thrown everywhere.. I was in Palawan this weekend and Witnessed countless monkeys throwing trash out their car windows..

  6. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

    @foreignerhardpinoysoft so accurate! They’ll defend their trash throwing and feces on C5/edsa.. These people have nothing to be proud of at all..

    1. One of the worst education systems on the world.
    2. The place is literally a dumb.. I mean it’s look like a dump yard for trash.
    3. The women have 5 kids with all different fathers.. I see so many kids wondering the streets alone.
    4. Even most of the smart ones are retards. (Example doctors here suck for the most part)
    I could go on and on but I’ll be on here all night..

  7. Profile gravatar of Mike Gutierrez
    Mike Gutierrez

    I’m actually saving up and hoping to move to Detroit while the property prices are low. An american guy told me it was unsafe and crime was high. I just laughed and told him he has no idea how peaceful Detroit would be compared to where I live.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Yea, now when you look at the Philippines and the murder statistics being amongst the WORST IN THE WORLD, past countries such as some in South America, South Africa and the US. Filipino people are a disgrace.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote


  8. Profile gravatar of tomas

    Murder in the Philippines is very easy to accomplish… worse yet even easier to get away with. There are no “good guys” you cant or never should trust anyone… watch your back at all times. If a foreigner there does kill someone in self defense they will have a very serious problem… which is one reason I myself would never consider living there. 3 or 4 weeks is about all I can take!

    1. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

      That’s my reason to come on separate dates and times of the year.
      I don’t come on a fixed schedule at all – and once there move around.

      Though staying in Balanga for quite some time always, I do keep moving around from place to place in nearby towns and villages.

      I’ve tried to discuss the numbers of murders mentioned in this post with various Flips, but to no avail.
      They simply don’t believe the numbers are true.

      You can’t fight stupidity, but only see it every day in FlipFlopLand.

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        DU as their president shows you how stupid they really are… The guy wouldn’t be qualified to be president in any other country on this planet except for the Philippines.. The guy literally is not qualified for the position nor does he have the intelligence to run a country. He also doesn’t have the temperament and common sense. A great example is how he’s treating the western world ( how are you going to talk shit to countries that are pretty much holding up your economy) this alone shows you how unqualified he is for the position.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          But as most Pinoy with Any position are unqualified he will feel at home! Tis not good if the Leader is intellectually raised miles above his people. Luckily in this instance it is not so!;-) He shares the weaknesses of his people so there will be wonderful harmony, if not serenity..

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Any filipino with any position will get a big ego right off the bat. At least bigger than their already big egos are.

  9. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

    90% of these people are literally not qualified for
    Their position. Most of the well paying jobs here are given out like a popularity contest. Also if they are somewhat smart they’re still only average in their position compared to the western world. The colleges here are paper mills for degrees. A great example is the QS world rankings for International upper education . UP is ranked 500 out of a possible 600 universities worldwide. So their smartest people are pretty much the dumbest people in any other country. Mexico university is ranked 200th so that kinda gives you an idea of what we’re dealing with on a daily basis.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Consider the following:
      1.) The Philippines has a higher crime rate in all areas per capita than the U.S.
      2.) National average IQ level is 86,
      3.) In 2014 the Philippines ranked 59 on the failed state list. In 2015 they moved 7 spots to 52. The lower the number the worse condition of the country. I just went to and they list the Philippines at 48. They are doing WORSE than Papua New Guniea! How does that happen?
      4.) Philippines makes the top 5 worst on most list ie, worst airport, worst traffic and so on. Rarely do they make it in the top 50 of any positive list.
      5.) Survey found that Filipinos are among the most racist people on earth. 36% said they did not want a non filipino living next to them. Survey showed 36% to 39% said that compared to approx. 14% in the U.S who said the same thing.

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        I do apologize, because I do not understand what you’re trying to convey to me. After reading a few of your post,I noticed a remarkable resemblance between you and filchi. Are you pinoy mr polander?

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike


          Jan there is an old member of PFB. A good guy. Jan is Polish and sometimes a little hard to understand until you get to know him. Jan is being sarcastic to John. What he is saying is that in todays PC climate whites are the only racists and not blacks, filipinos, mexicans and so forth. He pointing out that John freely calls everyone racists name while John does it and John exempts himself from that label.

          1. Profile gravatar of Attila

            Let me explain why we Eastern Europeans sometimes struggle with English. Eastern Europe was part of the Soviet block. Meaning commies were running the show and some countries were also occupied by Soviet troops. By contrast the lucky Pignoys were colonized by the USA. I don’t have to tell you guys the difference between the Communist and the USA. Pignoys also got lucky compared to us when they were conquered by Spain and we were conquered by the Islamic Ottoman Empire. You know the original ISIS; doing what they do best: Slavery and killing turning the country in to a wasteland, that kind of things. I wish it was reversed but lucky Pingnoys again got it much easier then us. Dammit, how I wish they lived under the Soviet Union and we under the USA but tragically it didn’t happen that way. In schools the only foreign language we could learn was Russian. Western Europeans didn’t have these problems but we did. Our English may have more typos and our sarcasm may get lost sometimes but we try anyway. JanIIISobieski is Polish because Pignoys wouldn’t know who John III Sobieski was and use it as an avatar. But I know as most Eastern Europeans do, because he freed Hungary and Europe from the Muslim invasion in the battle of Vienna that the West already forgotten. Thanks for understanding.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Though not Hungarian or Polish have to give an honorable mention to Vlad III.

          3. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

            I am a German and my English is also BS.
            Mike did mention it in the past in some post…The western World suffers of political correctness.
            The Flips call me Kano or Joe,but they are too stupid to understand when I ask one of these Idiots sometimes * Do you know Kuya Adolf from Germany ? Do you know what we did to people like you , in Germany ? Answer of these dumbfucks : Ah your from INDIA ? ( I do look absolutely not like an Indian)
            Hopeless…It will take decades to get into this culture and 95% of them education.