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    Captain PFB

    I have had people send ordinary letters via standard mail from different parts of the world to me many times in the past 10 years. I would estimate 10 to 12 times. So far, out of those 10 to 12 letters sent, I have actually received 3 of them. And it took AT LEAST 8 FUCKING WEEKS to receive them.

    I warn everyone, personal and professional, who plan to send me anything, to send it FedEx, or another reputable worldwide NON-FILIPINO Courier, WITH TRACKING. Because anything that does not have absolute accountability attached to it, once it gets in the hands of a god damn dumb fuck Filipino, it’s gone. It’s shit, forget about it.

    To put the words “Filipino” or “Philippines” and “Reliable” and “Fast” in the same sentence is absolute bullshit.

    I am always telling my partner “There’s nothing fast in Philippines”

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      I only had one credit card originating USPS thru Phil Post not show up for over 4 months. Of course it had been cancelled and already had replacement well before then, just had it registered and took it less than 30 days. Registered is pretty cheap comparatively ($5). FedEx is like $75, only when replacing papers is more than $75. USPS Priority I think around $40 approximately 2 weeks.

      Yeah a little slow, but that’s not my bitch. It is the notice I have to deal with to go down to the post office to pick it up. Each and every time I was home all day!!!! Or maybe it’s my fault, I only hear the beggars or someone trying to sell something, never, ever the mail man.

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      or in the case of philippine immigration office,, they have gmail or yahoo mail, real professionals,, they are up grading their ”system”

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    Interesting how the side of that truck is quite similar to the US Postal Service logo, or more specifically, the logo used on the former Express Mail Overnight service?

    But this shows that the Banana Republic of the Philthappines is all about images. They create the “image” that they are a progressive, up-and-coming First World nation. They create the “image” that their businesses care about their customers. They create the “image” that they are civilized humans. And there are many many more “images” that they create….

    But alas, they are all illusions. Oh, how I wish I knew that 9 years ago, before I set foot on Philthappine soil….

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      Captain PFB

      Yep, one of the nicknames I have for FAILippines is “Land Of Illusions” I even wrote a series of articles named that early in the first year or so of this blog.

      They are so quick to tell you whatever they think you want to hear. But carrying out what they say or claim is a whole different thing. Like BDO’s slogan “We Find Ways”. In a sense, that’s true. They just failed to finish their slogan, which should continue by saying “…to make the simplest banking transaction take 5 times longer than it should.” or “We find ways…to make banking a complete pain in the ass.”

      They’re all about empty words, no action.

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        Sadly, I learned all of that the hard way–“They’re all about empty words, no action”, “They are so quick to tell you whatever they think you want to hear. But carrying out what they say or claim is a whole different thing”, and so many more things you and other victims of flip pride, ignorance, and stupidity have said on this and other forums. That’s why I had to bail out, and why I would encourage other westerners (at least, those who do not have kids over there) to do the same (thankfully, I did not get my idiot wife pregnant so it was easy for me to bail). They will never change in spite of the best efforts of those who would like to see things better over there. So tragic 🙁

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          This is absolutely the 100% truth. I’m not trying to change the world, but tried the best I could with my wife’s brother. Their father is completely uninterested in any form of responsibility for his children whatsoever, so I looked at it as my duty to work with the “kid”. He is after all my daughter’s uncle and maybe he deserved the benefit of the doubt. Well…after a few years – and countless head smacks – I can honestly say that at 24 years old I have never met anyone less interested or with less drive then this idiot. The highlight of my “project” was when after many failed attempts at getting him to do anything at all…I asked him the Tagalog word for “ambition”. He looked at me with the blank face and shook his hands before saying “wala ehhh…”

          Well that says everything I need to hear about what the hell is wrong with these people. No word for “ambition”!! WTF???

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        I stopped filling out the USD deposit date, 11am missed cut off and need new slip with tomorrows date. But 3pm in afternoon, need new slip because I filled it out with tomorrows date… I think they change the additional information they want on the back of the check every month. Luckily you can cancel a “lost” ATM quickly, but to replace it is a PITA, beyond the P150 replacement fee there is a P200 victims fee you pay to a lawyer you have to run around and locate to prove you are not lying you do not have your card (I guess).

        Avoid admitting being a victim of crime if you can, you never know when you will be required to run around and pay victim fees (aka Affidavit). Affidavit is useless, in every way, including the fact all they prove for a Pinoy is that they had enough money to pay a lawyer to say they are not lying (believe me, the money counts, the truth is optional… Grrrr

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    funny you should mention bdo. I got dragged out of my cave,, ventured forth onto edsa,, and entered the halls of hell known as a bdo bank,,we gave a cheque to a flip and told him we would notify him first b4 him going to the bank,, NOOOO what does the flip do??????? Go to the bank and try to cash the check,, , well, they have a desk for pregnant women, people in wheel chairs and old aged fucked up people,, (thats me)… well, the goat fuck that ensued about line ups and lazy people not wanting to stand in line was funny.. One young twat put her papers right on top of mine…. then walking into the gates of hell known as edsa the umbrellas came out in full force becos it was hot and sunny….
    One thing i do not see here is night boxes in the banks for nightly deposits???? too easy i guess and some flip would cry that is cash or papers are missing,, Do you still see that in normal countries???? just wondering???
    Has anyone tried online banking in the hellhole??? I tried tried to get my asawa to open an account just for bill paying only.. well,, talking to my dog would be easier,,,
    Eskimos are not afraid of snow, so should flips be afraid of the sun.. ???/
    I would like to see the look on a Japanese engineer when he sees the time wasting , illogical and wasteful business practices of flipland,,,,, carbon copy papers,,Do they still have pass books in north america????/,,, oh and the tellers count the money and then put it through the counting machine again???
    oh i got up feeling miserable becos some flip was playing his drums over in the sqautter area,,, I am poor but i can bang on drums,, do they get paid for that idiocy???/
    Also, PLEASE my friends ,, give yourself and your family a password in case some dick head phones your cel or home number and say your family got into an accident. I used to have a “”proof of life question and answer in libya in case we got kidnapped….of we had some flip tkext us and tell us our family member got into an accident,,,so he needed a 300 peso load onto another number.. my niece foned this idiot and asked him who he was.he hung up finally…..I am going to spread his number all over the place,,,, salesmen,, hookers,, etc.. haahha
    shoot me dead
    give em both barrels

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    I was warned in 1987, before my first trip to the P.I., that “mailmen are thieves” (I had a “pen-pal”). Looks like nothing has changed.

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    My favorite with these brain dead excuses for humanity, is when a package arrives from overseas and it has to clear Customs. I once had my mother purchase some earrings for my fiance, and mail them to me registered (before I knew better).

    We received a notification, telling us to collect the earrings from the Post Office / Customs desk – but of course the notification had no address telling us where that might be. There was of course no phone numbers either (like they’d answer that if there was), or any other information that might remotely assist with locating the earrings. After visiting five locations around Ortigas and Quezon City, we hit the jackpot and found the the place where the earrings were located.

    After the usual form filling and endless queuing were completed, I was asked to “step inside”. “Inside” was an open office area, where I was ushered to meet one of the fattest Pinoys I have ever seen. This fat, sweaty, stinking pile of dog shit them asked some seemingly reasonable questions, before asking for “duty” equivalent to just over half the capital value of the earrings. I politely asked to see a reconciliation, and asked to see how duty was calculated. The shit blob almost blew a fuse on the spot. I thought the fat prick was going to have a heart attack. He turned bright red, and started screaming at me about how I “… must obey the laws of the Philippines”. I said I’d be happy to do that, I just needed to know what those laws are, and see how he had calculated duty. I then said; “You didn’t just make it up. You can show me, right?”.

    The shit blob started huffing and puffing, turning ever more red – and reached for a photocopied page from what appeared to be the Philippines Customs Act (or whatever they call it). The page might have passed muster with an idiot. I then asked to see a copy of the entire Act, together with the current set of Regulations – and see a reconciliation for the duty they were asking me to pay “…for my lawyers to review”. Shit blob then pulled a piece of paper and a pen from his top drawer and started writing furiously. He made a list, containing bullshit items such as “service fee”, “packaging”, “handling”, “insurance”, “processing fee”, “priority fee” – and eventually “duty”.

    I asked shit blob to see a copy of the regulations or standing orders that listed these items and the basis of calculating their various costs, then started tackling him on each item on his list. “Insurance? You have insured my goods? How did you know how much to insure them for? Where is a copy of the policy?” “Packaging? I din’t know you had repackaged my goods. That package looks unopened.”

    The fat, ugly piece of shit had steam almost pouring out of his ears at this point. He almost leapt up from his desk and literally started screaming – telling me how disrespectful I am, how I don’t respect the laws of the Philippines, etc. Now I HOPED he would have that heart attack! Long story short, I paid shit blob his money, after insisting on an official receipt. I told him before I left that I’d be referring the entire matter to my lawyers for investigation, and to expect to hear back from me.

    Of course, the lawyer thing was an idle treat. We all know how well that would have gone. It’s more fail in the Failippines.