Pick Pocket Kids. Biting The Hand That Feeds Them.

I always see these homeless kids, barefoot, and barely clothed. When I see this and I can spare 20-40 pesos to buy 1-3 of these kids each for a hotdog and a bottle of water, I do so.

So I’m walking by this convinence store where there’s usually 2 extremely young kids along with a teenager begging passerbys for money. I’m looking around for them hoping I could buy them a meal, nowhere to be found so I continue walking.

The teenager I’ve given him free meals over a dozen times since I’ve been here, tried sneaking up while walking down a noisy main road to pick pocket.

I caught a glimpse of a figure, weaving between cars, leer at me. I watched his shadow creep up on me from the corner of my eye. I turn my head and caught him making a low reach for my back pocket. His eyes on the prize he didn’t notice my turned head, then when he does, He smiles and says “sir please pesos.” it wasn’t a friendly smile but one of those fake smiles flips make when you confront them about a problem.  I tell him to get lost. If he wanted a meal he should have just called out. Instead the flip wanted a chance at my wallet that I keep in my side pockets for this exact reason.

Am I a fool for buying these worst off kids meals? If I was a fool I would give them money so they can give it to their worthless parents or go find some other begger kids and play gambling games.

The audacity of this flip kid to even try. Im going to grant retribution by buying the younger kids meals while leaving him out. Will they share Food with the pick pocket? Nope because I’m going to sit my ass down and watch them eat it and give them no other option. Flip style retribution. Next time I’m in that area I’m going to point his ass out to the door security of the stores. The employee of the convinence store is going to get a kick out of this story when I tell them as I usually ask the employees themselves to serve them and I would pay for it.

More and more shenanigans the longer you interact with these people.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Jay

    I stopped giving and giving a fuck a long time ago you should do the same. They don’t appreciate shit they think you are supposed to give them something. Fuck them let their drunk ass parents feed them. They will smile in your face and steal your shit at the same time….ignore them and go on your way.

    1. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

      Jay i agree with you 100% im starting not to give a fuck about our 300 employees as well. I can understand why filipinos treat their employees like shit. You just cant trust them and being fair just begs for being abused.ive spent a long time in this country, to late given my age, to leave it but in hindsight i would never have come here. The values across all classes are a shame.

  2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Filipinos are a bunch of unappreciative little in-grits. Remember, they lack the brain capacity to recall anything done in past. Anything you do for them is completely forgotten instantaneously, just like this Filipina angry bitch I recently treated like a queen who had spat it all in my face with her pugnacious attitude. You can’t satisfy them with any amount of favors you do for them.

    I had a similar experience before with some beggars who I actually enjoyed giving money to, yeah I should’ve gave them food, but I don’t walk around with leftover food in my pockets. Almost every time when I stroll to the local SM, I give these group of beggars living in this abandoned house about 10-20 pesos. I like playing a game with them by holding concealing in my two hands two different amount of pesos, and have the kids choose between each hand individually. It was fun. But until one day one of them got greedy, and tracked me down inside of the SM. I was in they hypermarket browsing the electronics, then one of those homeless kids just happened to followed me inside begging me to buy him a bar of chocolate. For one, I wasn’t anywhere near the candy isle, and he would’ve had to wait until I was ready to check out. But he kept yanking me by the arm demanding me to buy him chocolate as if I’m just going to immediately go down the candy isle, get his chocolate, check out, and resume my shopping. Sorry, but it doesn’t happen that way. Apparently he didn’t appreciate all the other times I gave them spare change on a regular basis.

    Ever since that HyperMarket incident with that beggar, I refused to give them spare change for a month as punishment. Before the month of punishment was over, those kids had relocated and I had never saw them again. I guess their main purpose for straggling around that abandoned hut was to wait for me to pass by, but after noticing that I haven’t given them money for a while, I guess they had skipped town. I was probably the only person who actually gave them more than the regular 1 peso they normally get from strangers, but that teaches me that you can’t be too friendly with them. I guess they weren’t meant to get more than the standard 1 peso they often get from strangers. This occurred last year when I actually did gave somewhat a fuck about Filipinos. But in this day and age, I couldn’t possibly care less, and I would normally show more care and attention to stray cats than I do Filipino homeless children. It’s sounds evil, but that is my reality.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    to fafi and jay
    the only way philippines will ever change is for the western world and IMF to build an economic wall around this country boycott them.
    then,, if a typhoon hits them,, maybe they will have the balls to revolt and replace the leaders.
    any help they get,, goes into a whirlpool of graft and corruption anyway and nothing gets to the people that need it

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      They already have a raft of self-imposed sanctions similar to the ones slapped on North Korea, courtesy of The Constitution (which mandates self-reliance and minimal dealings with all those dirty foreigners) and the Bureau of Customs (who see their primary job as collecting as many bribes as possible).

      Certain things (eg., American food products) are allowed in because food price instability is one of the prime drivers of riots, but the lack of meaningful international trade is one of the things that keeps the country on its knees.

      Nobody, not the Americans, the Europeans, not even the Chinese are arrogant enough to think their country can stand alone – even though, in theory, they probably could. In a country where people think sitting on the side of the road and holding out a hand when a foreigner walks past counts as “employment”, self-reliance is a completely laughable concept. But they’re stuck with it, because a few criminals with the IQ of teenagers wrote it into the highest law of the land back in 1980something.

      A disaster boycott would be … complex. I don’t think they’d revolt because the propaganda machine would simply say: “See! Those fucking disgusting foreigners! It’s all their fault! Climate Change! Oppression!” – and there’d probably be mass lynchings of random American residents. Anyway, who would they replace the leaders with? Another bunch of thieving retards? Meet the new boss: same as the old boss.

      However, there would then be a mass exodus/evacuation of all foreigners and smart people – the only ones making any economic contribution – and a significant reduction in the number of people living in shacks. A multi-decade slide towards failed-state status would follow, and they would presumably be invaded and occupied by a smarter/richer neighbour – like, say, North Korea.

    2. Profile gravatar of Jay

      Maybe so…but you know the good ‘love USA won’t allow that, to me it’s like enabling an alcoholic or drug addict they will continue to do it as long as you keep helping them.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        no the usa will not do that becos the left wingers and miniority groups would rise in anger and not vote for the stupid candidate that would not feed this country.
        I remember Bridget Bardo from france went to canada and shut down the seal pup slaughter off the east coast of canada
        but she was smart about it.. she and her followers got the eu to ban fur imports…this has always stuck in my mind.
        then bardot got her ass thrown in jail and fined, becos she ”did not want those sheep eating muslims in her neighborhood.
        something all the lines of an internet blog about the conditions in this country might discourage fools from coming here. but i doubt it..

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    There is no solution to the philippines. When you have 99% of the population that are Narcissistic morons it is virtually impossible to change. Filipinos are egotistic idiots that derive satisfaction from arrogant pride.

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    Im pretty sure its ILLEGAL,
    They can arrest you because you may be trying to take advantage of them.
    Since I found that out.
    I give them nothing,
    Even if you don’t know a foreign language just get a few words together they wont know anyway, they are too lazy to even speak proper English at you.
    Look strange at them because they don’t know what you are talking about.
    Don’t try Spanish too much like Tagalog

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    I forgot about a few years ago a family of professional beggars who work between Subic and Angeles.
    Anyway, the boy comes up begging again , I ignored him , I heard the Tagalog slang and KURRIPUT,
    I had had enough then I saw his grandmother ???????????? I told what the little prick had said, and told her to tell her whole family never to speak to me again.
    They used to hit me up ten times a day.

    She called the boy over and BELTED THE SHIT OUT OF HIM.

    He broke the first rule of begging never upset the MARK.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      The disadvantage of understanding Tagalog is being able to understand dumb shit like that. Either if it’s an insult, compliment, or just them giving out information, the Filipino only have dumb shit to say. This may sound prejudice, but has been proven true on many occasions, but the most intelligent Filipinos are the ones who have a higher fluency at speaking English. These are the Filipinos that works at dealerships, high-end restaurants, Casinos, Schools, upscale Hotels/Resorts, and business offices (Foreign Affairs). These are pretty much the only Filipinos you need to communicate with during your stay in the Philippines anyway. Talking/Listening to any ordinary street Filipinos doesn’t contribute to any progress in life except to piss you off even more.

      Now that is not saying that Filipinos who speaks English are considered smart, because they still manage to fuck up simple shit. But you are more likely to get something done talking to them. So in other words, what’s the flying fucking point in understanding Tagalog? So you can understand the other dumb Filipinos around you? Yeah, it’s not worth my time or money to learn such useless language. Rosetta Stone wasted their time making that “Tagalog” edition software. It’s way overpriced anyway. I got by with English here just fine, and it’s been over a year so far. 🙂

  7. Profile gravatar of Charles Conrad Godinez
    Charles Conrad Godinez

    This article reminds me of what happen 2 months ago.
    I was going out to buy something in a near by store when one of the kids told me that his friends stole bronze metal on my backyard, then the other kids told me that he was also part of the stealing.
    I seriously ask them just who really did it, then they all out point at each other.
    I really want to slap their hands for their wrong doings, but there is a chance that they will tell their parents what I did to them. So I try to avoid them and never talk to them again.