Pinay Personality Disorder – Tampo

After being married to a Pinay for almost 21 years and reading other posts at this site, I’d like to warn those considering marriage to be aware of mood swings and especially tampo. When we married in the Philippines, she was 20 and I was 37. I really wish I had know about the manipulative silent treatments then, and especially the Filipino tendency to never take responsibility for conflict and to project everything back upon you, combined with the penchant to never forget a wrong and hold a grudge forever. They will accuse you of the very thing they are guilty of! My ex accused me of being emotionally abusive, early on, when I reigned in her spending. She would repeat the word “budget” as if it was a curse word: “Budget, budget!!”

Looking back, I see that it was part of the unearned entitlement she felt, and was reinforced by other Filipinas whose husbands bent over backwards to send money home, or lavish them with expensive but undeserved gifts and accessories.

One day soon after we wed, we were playing around, flicking water on each other, laughing, and I got a little carried away and poured the rest that was left in the glass on her. Sudden tampo! She didn’t speak to me for a whole week. Do not tolerate this, you need to nip it at the bud, or else she will continue and escalate it to get her way and punish you. Show your gf or spouse the door, and tell her it’s over if she does it again. Otherwise, you will wind up walking on eggshells for the rest of your relationship or marriage, especially if you ever have children. Which brings me to the next point. If you have a boy, many Pinay mothers will molly coddle them. And this will expand the conflict in your relationship, maybe even to the breaking point like it did with mine. Last, but not least, is that some Pinay are extremely touchy, or overly sensitive about almost everything, even good natured joking. Take this as a warning sign and stay away.

The thing that most attracts us to them, I believe, is their capacity to make us feel loved and desired. The affection and sweetness of Pinay can be like a siren song, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just be careful not to let it lure you in. I think some who have posted in here have said this before: that you have a better chance of having a good relationship with an OFW than a native Filipina. Of late, this has been my experience as well.

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    I concur to all you say here ken, I ve’got exactly the same experience. Also that affection and sweetness of pinay can be very tempting! It lures you in, and you have no idea whats in store for you!

    You believe you go to heaven but you end up in hell!

    Maybe OFW get more experience in normal behaviour.:-)

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    Phil Doh

    Embrace the tampo – it’s a good chance to go and play golf or have some beers with the boys. As said in the other tampo thread, this is not just a pinay thing, women the world over pull the silent treatment, the only difference being is that pinoys can be more sensitive than others. This seems to be a game which both filipino sexes enjoy in the philippines. The woman sulks, the man kisses ass, they make up and all is right in the world again. For a western man, obviously that childish moodiness doesn’t wash. The good news is that filipinos are very adaptable, look at how many quickly adapt to other cultures abroad. Make her realize that her tampo is not benefiting her or the relationship (ie: it drives you to golf and beers with the boys), and she’ll soon knock that shit off; preferably before you have kids .

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    I wont date filipinas. They are like a bag of rocks on a stick on your shoulders. One word – stupid. I was lucky to not marry and i dont know how i lasted up to 5.5 years putti g up with cheating and grovelling.

    That ignoring is what they do a lot when they dont like something. Rather than say
    “Fuck you cumt” and forgive and forget, rollover and go to sleep.. theyll sleep all night on the floor and dont want to talk.
    That communication style is weird.. Fucked up..the stuff of primates and intellectually challenged people

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      The quality of the women is just not here in the philippines.
      Good for a fuck then go. Beyond that they have low mental maturity ( i estimate the mental maturity of a 20-22,year old filipina is equivalent to a 11-13,year old kid in developed voumtries.
      Filipinas dont make the grade.
      Stick to sething like
      Japanese if you want quality asian
      .sri lankan or nepalese if you eant south asian.
      In fact many indonesian look down on filipinas .. How loose their legs can be opened fpr some guy and the babies theyll greely have out of marriage and EXPECT the rest of the world to help.them. this lifestyle is sething you see amongst red neck or bogan vommunitites on welfare.. Would you date women back home from these areas?,,the trouble is the vast majority of filipina have nothing to offer .. No job.. No assets.. A greedy family also hellbent on status upgrade.. No morals when it comes to YOUR generosity.. Dolloped in with guilt and shaming tricks..comsyany need and want. NO FUCKING THANKS.

      Imagine this—-
      Your sitting at your home town with friends about to keave for the Philippines..heres a conversation–
      ” hey guys.. By the elway im going to go (to the philippines) and find me a partner. She will have-
      No job likely
      No assets
      Kids to a local
      Out of work parents on no income
      Poor education
      Not speak english well
      Not have travelled and have much to say abaout things other than “have you eaten, dont skip your lunch, where are you, whos there with you now etc”
      I want to buy mom a store and dad a van for work. I want to renovate their house and buy the siblings trikes so they can work. Yes i want to help.these people out.of THEIR PROBLEMS.
      And.. After all.that if the money slows ..they may leave me ..but its ok..the family might say “we are ashamed. We have a foreigner here but nothing to show for it
      …Meanwhile you heard the saying
      How to make a small fortune in the Philippines (you go there with a much larger fortune)”

      What would your friends say…
      If you could predict history
      If they werentrue friends would they talk you out of going

      Many guys giing to the philippimes do it and history repeats

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        And if you catch her fucking someone else behind your back, it’s your fault. See, you did not buy Mum a sari-sari store, a trike for bro, a fishing boat for Dad. And even if you did, you’re still at fault coz you did not finance Kuya’s adventure (overseas work) abroad. Nothing is never fucking enough for these Filipinos!

        1. Profile gravatar of Ken
          Ken Post author

          Yes, it’s never her fault. I believe my ex started fooling around…but it was my fault…exactly. Coming home late while I’m sitting at home with my poor daughter.

        2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Of course! She must punish kuripot kano by gyrating her ass in other direction! If he is not “generous” she will run up the milage on her moneymaker to make him see that kuripoterie has serious consequences! A true businesswoman! Poor kano! Cannot win!

      2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Lol thanks for that great post foreign! One of the best posts on life in the Philippines!

        Last night I met a nice English kano here with a bitch of a wife. She says he’s kuripot but yanks give more money. Also said she goes for old men coz young men have no money.

        And what is she bringing to the table? Nowt! And she looks like a cheap domestic worker!

        ‘You have to give me!’

    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      ” intellectually challenged people”, actually it’s emotionally crippled people. I can’t roll over, it’s a fucking emotional rollercoaster, I’m still waiting for Al to shoot me dead.

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    Ken Post author

    Yes that mostly true. My ex did work hard, and both her parents had passed when she arrived here. We had some happy times, and I’m grateful for my children. Unfortunately, her personality disorder eventually got the best of her after she was prescribed psych meds. She alienated our daughter, who now stays with me. Actually, only one of her family was a deadbeat, her sister who had 3 kids she couldn’t afford. But her American Filipino friends were the worst, always bragging what they bought off of their poor husbands’ backs and what they were sending back home, and made my ex look at our glass as being half full. She’d often tell me “so and so is buying this, doing that, sending back money, blah, blah blah,” in an attempt to make me feel I somehow-we somehow–weren’t doing our part.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      Oh yes exactly right sirrrrr! The comparison trap. Might be an idea to pull out a photo of miss universe and say ‘my family are ashamed because you don’t look like this! ‘

  5. Profile gravatar of D-Dogg

    I consider myself lucky to be with my wife; she’s half Philippina half Japanese, but I have heard many many stories just like this one. As one person mentioned the majority of the Pinay’s are just immature and I also noticed they love creating drama; just like their faborite soap opera’s. They will create a problem that doesn’t exist and then believe it, even if you present evidence to prove other wise. Of course then once you prove them wrong they will get mad for making them look like fools so it’s a lose-lose for the guy.

    My wife grew up on Japanese standards and not Philippine ones like her three siblings and it’s very evident. If I were to say something as simple as, “I have a spoon” to her older sister she would immediately flip out saying that i’m calling her stupid, and that I have hidden motives behind my comment blah blah blah. My wife had a little of the tampo when we first got together but she was 18 at the time and I was 23, but she grew out of ot fast thanks to my stepping in.

    My point is there are really good, wonderful women in the Philippines; You just have to know where to look. I met my wife by chance on an online art gallery and because we shared similar interests it was easy to communicate. She grew up in the city and went to an American school her whole life. Her family had money so mooching was never an issue. You can’t go to the middle of the province expecting to find a down fo earth, well rounded girl. The people there are stuck in a kind of limbo where children are taught to beg and go after foreigners for the money. Like buying a new car, do your research first and try out different dealerships before jumping in.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Filipinos always say you have a hidden message. Why? Cause they never say things bluntly or directly. They will spend 2 hours talking about what you said than 30 seconds just asking you directly what you actually meant.
      I agree with you about the women part:
      I always said a girl with a car shows a better level of responsibility far apart from the others, and better financially as well.
      Next is the education level, but I also think a girl whose been outside of the Philippines at least once is another factor to add. At least she was forced to eat something other than freaking filipino food. I swear you could put a nice T-bone steak or rack of lamb next to a plate of fried lumpia and they will go with the fried lumpia everytime.
      – Sorry, getting off topic again, but maybe another indicator of a decent woman is one who has actually tried other foods.

  6. Profile gravatar of Ken
    Ken Post author

    I’m in contact with a very nice OFW lady now in Singapore. The main issue we have has to do with the jealous-possessive thing. It strikes me that Filipinas are very insecure in that regard, and it can generate a lot of drama. We’ll take it slow and see how it goes.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Indeed BLX2!! For those who are not in the know, here are the Cluster B traits. It is worthwhile reading up on them if you’re involved with a PInay.

      Cluster B personality disorders are a categorization of personality disorders as defined in the DSM-IV and DSM-5. There are four recognized Cluster B personality disorders:

      Antisocial personality disorder : a pervasive disregard for the law and the rights of others.
      Borderline personality disorder : extreme “black and white” thinking, instability in relationships, self-image, identity and behavior often leading to self-harm and impulsivity.
      Histrionic personality disorder: pervasive attention-seeking behavior including inappropriately seductive behavior and shallow or exaggerated emotions.
      Narcissistic personality disorder : a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.


      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Here is a layperson write up on the subject:

        Psychologist can only view from the outside, I’ve seen written in several articles that it is SUPPLY victims that realize wtf is going on that have a much deeper insight. This guy is right, it is all one disorder with four different “core” attributes. Some may be “core” NPD or HPD or BPD but have tentacles into the other 3 including ASPD (think psychopath). Understanding the 4 cores will allow one to spot the first signs of Cluster B, but being aware of the other 3 and that they can be mixed into the core will give you a better grip on what you’re dealing with. And why you should RUN LIKE HELL!!

        I discovered NPD with X1 and was suspicious of a hidden money problem from the beginning. My technique to avoid this was to stay clear of the slightest hint of money problems and obvious narcissistic behavior.

        I didn’t have a clue about Cluster B. X2 didn’t have the slightest hint of money issues and no outward signs of NPD. What a fucking nightmare, she’s HPD with NPD rage and ASPD and BPD traits. Some of the HPD that showed on the outside were actually kind of charming , some a bit confusing, nothing negative that happened seemed to be truly her fault. It was impossible to believe this sweet innocent girl was really the demon that she is.

        Never slept with another man while we were together, never demanded money or material things, willing to jump into bed with you in a split second, could even cook an excellent steak…..

        But what lay beneath was total emotional destruction and if any poor soul ever takes her to the first world total financial destruction WILL follow.

        She’s out there, the poor, sweet, innocent, hurt thing looking only for love with everything to offer and wanting nothing in return. Save the world to revolve around her.

      2. Profile gravatar of omg

        yes this disorders are most common to Filipinos, but no one would actually go see a doctor because going to a psychiatrist or psychologist is taboo .
        the stigma of having a mental disorder to Filipinos is so shameful that it is equivalent to being someone insane that walks the streets butt naked talking to themselves.
        I am half Filipina raised by a borderline mother who still denies of such disorder and still forces that no matter what she did I can never have a say because she is the mother.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          “the stigma of having a mental disorder to Filipinos is so shameful that it is equivalent to being someone insane”

          Another sign of narcissism

          Filipinos are completely anti-information. It’s all a “belief based” culture full of sheer ignorance about actual facts and modern science. On top of that, its totally class/social status driven. This is why minds don’t change or evolve. Being informed is at the bottom of Filipinos priority list. They don’t read things that are posted. They don’t read contracts they sign, they don’t even read little signs posted here and there. And they certainly don’t read all the “Don’t Piss Here” signs. Those that actually do read them, ignore them anyway, because they are special and above the rules.

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          How many Filipinos can afford Psychologists or Psychiatrists? Personality Disorders does not discriminate between genders and social status, although studies on PD indicate these conditions tend to afflict more women than men. Abuse or neglect during childhood, chaotic family life, family members, (usually a parent) with PD, are identified as some of the most common cause. Interesting that the above factors are present in many Filipino families.

          There is no cure for PD. Extensive psychotherapy MAY help, but expensive and the therapy could last many years. Psychotropic medications MAY help to stabilize the roller coaster moods. However, most psychotropic medications can affect the body’s metabolism. That is, they drive the appetite, slows down metabolism, leading to weight gain and development of diabetes even amongst young people. Really sad to see some of my younger patients prescribed these psychotropic medications destroy their looks (acne, weight gain, diabetes) just because they are unable to control their moods (& temper). PD behaviors burn everyone around them, regardless of the relationship. I’ve seen parents eventually disown their PD daughters/sons.

          I once worked with a Nigerian doctor a few years ago. We were discussing the issue of PD. He told me “in my country, PDs don’t exist. You know why? Because when a PD child threatens to jump off the bridge when she does not get her way, the mother would only say ‘go ahead, I have a dozen more’ ” 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            I rarely see mentally disabled children here in the Philippines, especially at malls.
            Has anyone else notice this???

          2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            As I understand in most areas south of Manila (Visayas and Mindanao) you wont find Psychologists and even counsellors. The counsellors tend to be religious based around marriage and the bible (not your real counsellor devoid of mumbo jumbo) and then the Psychs tend to be HRM around employment / employee relationships .. not mental health.

            A filipino would never admit they have a mental health issue anyway and say “not in this country, we talk to our family” etc and just live in denial as they do about most things. Its a stigma rather than seeing someone else has skills to help.

            Funny these stupid people believe anything. Take the use of advertising and people at chemists standing around in white coats. Thats meant to be someone who has passed some college course and has half a brain to be giving some medical advice right?

            They never really delve to deep into anything .. just ignorance passed down from one generation to the next.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      YEP @biggestloserx2 fucking sick of this low mental age they have here.
      Girls that are 22-24 years old have a mental age of a 11-13 year old in Developed countries.
      Most Filipinos are socially illiterate and don’t take no for an answer.
      They will wake people at 4:30am – Litrarrly turn up knocking at the door
      or the bread seller just ringing bell at door when asleep
      or walking past at 4am with loud hailers praying.
      Absolutely the stuff of what are considered “simple people” and we call
      morons, uneducated, assholes, impaired and more in the west.

      1. Profile gravatar of Lester P.
        Lester P.

        It seems that the only thing that matters to them is their life, their, wants and their pain. I learned this when my friend committed suicide and I didn’t even get a mention from my girlfriend. But, someone in her Province committed suicide and she was sad, and depressed. Wrote a Eulogy on the family’s timeline. I told her she was cold, and developed an attitude toward her. She told me that I was cold when I stopped being sweet to her. LOL! And, get this, she asks me if I am cheating on her with other women all the time.. why are you not online at this time, what is that noise on your phone….Then, recently, she is not saying anything at her bedtime, doesn’t respond consistently to my messages. So I asked her if she is cheating… “Mahal, I have been faithful since we met.” The only good news is that she is getting fat like her Bessy. Still she asks me if I would still love her if she was fat. I didn’t say anything, but she would not leave me alone about it. So I said, “At least you can do something about your weight”. Go on a diet and exercise…. I really feel like my IQ has dropped since I met her. These people really don’t respect intelligence. They just act like you don’t get how brilliant they are. What to do? They all follow the same beliefs, patterns of behavior, and especially when influenced by their friends. I explained to her that I know what she will do based on what her friends are doing. We will see if I am right.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Three, that’s the number for me and here’s why. Wife started a diary and it last 3 months but with maybe 4 entries a month max. She starts to exercise and that last 3 days before she stops (too hot, too cold, too cloudy, the grass is green). Then comes the diet, yes stops after three days. Buys a badminton set but it was never opened, just hung on the wall:
          Kano: So when you going to use the badminton set?’
          Wife: I will later.”
          Me: You bought it three months ago and only exercise you got from it was carrying it home and hanging it on the wall.”
          Wife: “I’ll use it later.”
          Note, she never took it off the wall.

        2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          @lesterp man that is so true about the suicide
          1. i had a friend that had helped filipinos with some small payments etc – he broke his arm. NOT ONE came and asked how he was, they avoided him. For some reason it must be a thing where someone who is sick they run as they are worried they might get asked for money. Meanwhile people who havent seen the friend overseas for 10 to 15 years werte contacting him asking how he was. Even doctors in another country (where he initially hurt his arm – but needed to leave as was booked on a flight) emailed him!

          2. I had a conversation with a filipina. she kept saying – so you dont want to meet me? so you dont like me – so i said no im depressed and sad at the moment – and didnt even acknowledge anything to do with that – just again, so you dont like me, why? etc

          3. i was in a hospital bed sick for 3 days – i still have the texts – i said i cant move get out. a girl kept texting me saying i need money, i need money. I said i am in fucking sick in hospital reply – im crying here. huh? i am fucking in hospital – reply – so when can you send the money

  7. Profile gravatar of tomas

    My asawa went absolutely insane a while back when I stepped in some shit while strolling… of course I stepped in shit on purpose! OMFG these women WILL drive you crazy.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Yes.. Psycho drama queens over nothing as theres so much space between the ears
      Especially if you finish a boytle of drink to put in your bag to take home for rubbish.. The drama and throwing it out on the groumd as if its toxic sludge im handling

  8. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    And then they will squirrel away anything of scrap value, until you search out that fucking stinking empty bottle or can they are saving for the brother to sell for scrap.Empty beer cans, bottles wine bottles soda, glass jars .
    Somewhere in there tiny minds must be the question, ???????? If I don’t throw this on the ground for litter, maybe my brother can sell it when he has enough. to take to the junk dealer.
    Maybe the brother will get off his lazy ass and clean up the streets and drains and river beds of waste that he can sell.
    Just maybe , HAH

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Did they have the lids on them, when I found the stash the child bride was secreting foir the brother they were full of rainwater and mosquito lava , then they bitch about the mozzies, they cant seem to make the connection about stagnant water and mozzies
        With regard to abnormal kids you want to visit Olongapo there are plenty. and they could or could not be Autistic I cant tell until they misbehave but I am no expert so I will leave that to Wombat who has personal experience. All of the ones I see are deformed and quiet apparent they have difficulties
        I have seen Kris with her son many times on TV, it is common knowledge, I am not sure if it is Autism though, Karen Davila has an Autistic son and that is well known too

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          1 cupboard was shoved full of plastic containers… another full of glass jars. It was inside so rain was not the problem,, but cockroaches maek a breeding ground of these places.
          They can never understand that if you have junk and you get cocokroaches.
          A;lso paper is like ice cream to termites.
          They never learn…
          They are soooo afraid another flip might make 2 pesos out of their junk.
          these morons are cheap ass clowns.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            JUST ONE???? Where the hell or who do you live with? Here it’s under the sink and shit stored behind doors that you cannot open them except maybe 1/4 of the way. Just the other dat=y they had so many clothes hanging up in a cloth closet that the bars bent and the whole thing fell over.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Tell you one thing serious though. Next time I hear “Don’t throw that away” I’ll flip my fucking lid.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            2 pesos huh? Here’s one for you. We would go pay our electric bill at Merelco on Commonwealth which always has long lines inside and out. Paying the bill would literally take 5 or 6 hours. So there they stand with a bill for say 565 pesos and they have a 500 bill, one 50 bill and one 20 bill. They will wait in line, in the hot sun for the 5 or 6 hours to make sure they get their 5 peso change. Yep, waste the whole day for 5 pesos.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          To Mike.
          I seriously wish i had shipped beiber in with a container.
          He is a serious idiot and an embarrasemt to the country!!!!!!
          I forgot about telling you about under the sink,, of course the counter top leaks so that makes a good home for the cockroaches and rats. ;it took me 2 days for the under the sinks,, full of rusted junk ,, bags,, then the top of the closet in the master bedroom ,, i had to take a shove to clean it becos yhe termites ate all the papers. that took 2 days..
          I went over in the am so i could throw crap out so the garbage truck could haul it away without a bunch of yapping.
          10 purses hanging on a bedroom door,, can not get into the bedroom!!!!!!
          Then i got an old FIL who loves rusted up crap.. He spent 6000 pesos on a stereo system,, but hoards steel scrap…
          “Don’t throw that away” I’ll flip my fucking lid.
          Same crap here.. no room for good stuff,, just piled and shoved into some space,,,,
          Your wife must be a sister to mine!!!!!!

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        My dumb as a bag of shits Flip Aunt hoards everything! bottles, plastics, old roofing, anything metal and even a (apparently new but unwanted) toilet bowl and sink!!!! The problem is, she hoards it on my fucking land!! I’ve told her so many times, “you want to hoard them? Hoard them on your land!”. Trouble is, she hasn’t got enough fucking land! Just about every year, my blood pressure goes up with the amount of trash on my property. A few years ago, I paid a low life rip off Flip (yeah, what’s new?) P5000 just to get rid of every junk on my land.

        When I returned the following year, my property looked as if it’s never been cleaned! What do you do with dumb as a bag of shits, thick as a brick Aunt? Oh, aside from shooting her that is. And the low life had the gall to ask me for fucking Pinaskuhan?????

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Back home once I rented a house from a man who owned a bank. This house had that alum siding all around it. I drove a truck cross country and home on weekends when one weekend I noticed the siding coming off and hanging loose at the top front of house. I called and informed him and told he would get it fixed. So I waited and two weeks still nothing but by this time it was hanging down enough for me to grab and pull off rest of the way.
          Still the owner was informed and promised to fix before it got worse. Nothing happened. So more starts coming off which I collected and stored in our garage for the repairs. After about 3 months I had about 12 strips of this stuff when I had enough. So I loaded it in the car and drove down to the bank during business hours. When I arrived I got this stuff out of the car and a guy coming out held the door open for me as I carried it in “I gotta see this” was all he said. I walked up to the teller and put it on her counter and asked for the owner. “He’s not in. Can I help you?” I told her what was going on and for how long and asked where his office was. “Why do you need his office?” “I figure since he won’t repair the problem every time siding comes off I’ll bring it down here and leave it on his desk, starting with this pile here.”
          What happens? The guy who held the door open is watching and laughing and the owner walked out of the office he was not in. Asshole standing out of sight listening and waiting for me to leave then appears when hears I’m going to put it on his desk.

          How does this relate to your hoarding aunt? Simple. Next time just pay a filipino to take her shit off your land and pile it back on aunts land. One nice big heap.

          Now, where’s my Pinaskuhan?

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            To Mike
            Better yet, get Sarah to ask if the junk is her aunts junk. Of course the retard will say yes. Then hire someone to pile it out on the road,, Somebody will pick it up

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Al, my dumb as a bag of shits, thick as a brick Flip Aunt won’t pile her junk on the road. Why should she when she’s got my fenced land to store them in? The old hag don’t care that I’m getting hypertension from the stress of having to pay someone every year to clean up my property from her junk!.

            Can you believe it, she even rescued someone’s unused toilet bowl and sink, then dumped them on my land…. just in case she needs it! WTF would you need a 2nd toilet bowl for? But then, knowing the Filipino’s expertise in destroying anything and everything, in making pretty things into ugly things, maybe she has the “seeing eye” of Nostradamus and could see that her toilet bowl will explode after XXX years!

            And she had the gall to ask me for pinaskuhan?? In hindsight, I should have made it a condition that she removed all her junk from my property before I sent her that pinaskuhan. Yeah, I caved in, the guilt factor got onto me…. 🙁

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            The guilt trip huh? Ok. Look into my big brown sad eyes, worry wrinkles on my forehead, skin and bones frame. Now send me 500,000 pesos.

            Actually my eyes are hazel. But big brown sad eyes sounds better.

  9. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    WTF did i move from my country to this one??? In my country,, a beer bottle can be laying on the ground for 6 months, but if you throw off into the bush,,, some idiot will say it is worth money?>>>!! They never think of the money wasted when they bought it.
    Buy enough hand bags for an army of hookers,,, but wash tin cans out for resale???? WTF

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Mike .
      I would not charge our fair lady Sarah one red penny if she took Justin Beiber and our Prime Minister Justin turdeau . I can pack them in dry ice…

  10. Profile gravatar of omg

    you rarely see mentally disabled children because parents are too ashamed to bring them to malls etc….. and check this out when a mother gives birth to a baby with deformities is believed that it is good luck charm WTF

    1. Profile gravatar of D-Dogg

      Did you know the “queen of filippine media” Kris Aquino has an autistic kid? You never see or hear about him because like you said she’s ashamed to show him in public.

  11. Profile gravatar of

    D-Dog, We have an Autistic kid. There are plenty out and about but you would never know 99 percent of the time. I suggest this is an area you know little about.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Back in the states I worked as a QMA, had out meds and do treatments. During that time I worked with Alzheimer, mental disabilities from mild to very severe. Since being here this long and observing filipinos I am convinced 86 IQ is borderline mild retardation. Yesterday my niece was riding a bike on a little used road. Mom in law told her she could not ride the bike as if she ran over a rock it would take her virginity..
      Not one to miss a grand opportunity I pointed out how filipinos just solved an old mystery. I simply said that would not take her virginity to no avail as they insisted they were right (imagine that huh). So I said then that is what happened to the virgin mary. She was riding that mule, it stepped on a rock and caused her to lose her virginity.
      I thought about going even further and saying that when mary was knocked off the mule the mule rode mary for a change and that is how she got pregnant.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Mike and Wombat.
        Some fool told my wife to unplug every electric a[ppliance becos it leaks electricty when not in use.
        Some how our appliances do not leak electricity in the western world,, but here they leak?????
        Good story about the virginity??? A true WTF story…..

        1. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

          Another mystery solved, why my filipina unplugs all the appliances, fans, and power strips. They were leaking electricity. I had to ask why they were storing their toothbrushes in the fridge. Never thought to ask if there was a reason for unplugging everything.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Then, they wash underwear in the sinks, and have a 1000 toothbrushes,, and shit load of plastic bottles around the sink,, Somehow they do not understand a sink should be clear of personal items that you shove into your mouth!!!
            I found 6 bottles of shampoo that only had a little bit in them,, NOPE, just shove into a corner

          2. Profile gravatar of omg

            they store toothbrushes in the fridge so cockroaches wouldn’t crawl on them at night

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          I was told by ass wipe Uncle it was because of fire risk… in case the appliance goes short circuit?? Maybe because everything you buy in the RP are rubbish quality. Therefore there is that chance?

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            My sister in Australia does it all the time to save power., I am sick of explaining that she has earth leakage , if one mico volt alters it will switch off the fail safe so how does it fucking leak.
            So not just the PI.
            Love my Solar Power , no bill for the last three months in fact I got a $179 credit, so hopefully the credit will build up further whilst I am in the Philippines for three months. with only the refrigerator going everything else switched of and unplugged. Get ready for winter in Australia.
            Fuck it Ill move back to Cairns, winter winter all year round sounds logical too me.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Don’t get too excited about another 3 months credit. Al, BLX and myself are squatting in your house and running the ac 24/7.
            By the way, you should have left more beer in the fridge.

        3. Profile gravatar of Mike

          About the unplugging thing. Here’s how you do it:
          1.) turn volume all the way down with the remote.
          2.) turn volume all the way down on the tv itself.
          3.) turn tv off.
          4.) unplug tv so the little red light is no longer on.

          Then leave EVERY light in the house on when no one in the rooms. I asked why they unplug the tv,
          “Because the red lights stays on and uses electricity.” was the reply.
          Me: So why not turn off all the lights in all the rooms that have no one in them?”
          Them: Because the light on the tv uses electricity so we unplug it. The lights in all the rooms do not use that much electricity.”

          I shit you not, true replies.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            I wonder if they tested their theory out by watching the electric meter. I doubt it. They are all college graduates. too

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            How’s the battle going?

            1.) Shitty internet.
            2.) Brown water from the tap.
            3.) church still blaring noise at 0600.
            4.) Helped out wifes step mother as someone trying to break in. So took over a cctv set up with 4 cameras, advised where to install, pointed out weak spots and gave them barb wire. Then spent the night as security so to speak. Then what happens? The bitch accused me and wife of being behind the attempted break ins. Yes, no good deed goes unpunished.
            5.) Tired of the noise. Why do they have to yell when talking on a phone? in a closed car? All the time?

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Mike.
      Finally got my water leaks fixed with a proper machine to do the job. I got PPR plastic pipe and it needs a fusion machine to heat up the joints.
      Also the ball and valve in the water tank had too small of a hole,, so had to change it out for a bigger hole in the valve. The ball and valve is a Maco brand??
      I bought a 4700 peso cut off switch for the 1 horsepower water pump. Well, it is technology and can not be adjusted. However if there is no water coming into the pump,,, it will cut out the motor. If there is no water,, the pump seal heats up and burns the motor up. It cut out at 90 psi and blew up the weaker plastic pipe on the line.
      Soooo we hooked up the old mechanical switch to the technology switch and all fine now …. what a mess!!!
      Did you take the cctv camera from the ungrateful bitch???/

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Told wife to get the set up back. Move into a bigger house on the 18th. Everyone (filipinos) say its haunted. So I’ll set it up inside to record everything. I will live in it for 30 days before wife, son and them come.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Wife had a sari sari/diner/boarding house/rooms and we had the system installed. She would sit in main area of store going through large amounts of gold jewelry, count large amounts of cash in front of customers and strangers, write checks for hundreds of thousands in front of them and then wonder why people were trying to break in. We closed, moved and took the system with us.

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            No wonder you got broken into Mikey. Last thing you do in the Philippines is to display your wealth. Yes, I am aware that that’s what Pinoys and Chinoys do, display their wealth even if they were on credit.

  12. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Get ready for winter in Australia.”

    Winter? We’re having 30 degrees here in Brisbane Don! Winter is 5 months away yet. We’ve barely had summer yet. With the Failippines off my holiday destination, the Whitsundays could be an option. 🙂

  13. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Winter in flipland now will be there next week, I have business to wind up, then back home here after Easter for winter here, I am thinking of relocating back to Cairns so my winter winters will be identical all year round.
    Bloody Gold Coast has been cold this summer so far, anyway I hope it heats up for you in Brissie.

  14. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    To Sarah.
    your shit for brains tita is just trying to piss you off so you sell her the lot.
    What about going to the baranguay captain? or is he shit for brains too????
    Well I woke up to the sound of dogs barking and 3 tumbuays tearing a roof apart on the small apartment???
    WTF is going on? Well, the So hired 3 carpenters to fix a new roof on it.
    Only problem, it has taken 1.5 months to move out of the old house and still not finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do these shit for brains ever finish one project and move on to another????
    Their excuse WE ARE TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have never seen anybody get so much rest in my whole life. Their face is stuck to celfone.

  15. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    To Sarah
    Send the cold hearted bitch a long email telling them you ar eon the street and ossie land has gone bankrupt and you need help immediately!!!
    When ever I ask for help for some minor think in Canada,, no reply no answer and it does not cost them anything to do the favour
    Fuck them and the horse they rode in on!!!
    My favorite redneck saying!!!

  16. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    The first time my wife tried Tampo on me was 2 days after we were married and the first day of our honeymoon. She was all upset because I had sent some wedding photos to a friend of hers on FB that was also on my FB. I gave her two options; either grow up and be an adult or in the morning she will be on the first ferry home and I will stay in the resort until my flight home and she can forget she ever knew me. She started crying and going on with “how could you do that”. Well my reply was that if this is married life I do not want a bar of it. When she got her visa and came to the West she tried it on me a few times and the last time I actually physically threw her out of the house and threw a wad of cash at her and told her to F off. The funny thing is I used to always ask her why she does the silent treatment thing and always got the blank stare. When I learnt it is called Tampo I ask her “Are you Tampo with me” and she actually gets really embarrassed and it is over, I feel I actually have put a lid on it finally. I have learnt so much about their shitty culture since we have been married, I can read really fast and recall everything I read. She is sometimes spooked how much I know when I talk to her about certain things and the way her and her family acts. Knowing how Pinoy pride (I call it Pinoy shame) works helps me to understand a lot and when I point out that she is only acting this was because of here shitty Pinoy shame she comes around real quick.
    I will not put up with it and neither should any red blooded westerner. Kanos are a rare commodity over there, the average Filipina will never date a Kano in their lifetime, they actually have better odds of winning the lotto than marrying a Kano. If they do marry one and he throws her out they will be shamed by their families and she will come crying back to you in no time. Play the game and let her run with it because in reality their threats are empty. Like a child they are just pushing the boundaries.
    Oh and here is one really awesome tip. The time I threw her out of the house because of the Tampo; since she has returned I have not told her once that I love her. This is awesome and will put you on top. She always asks me if I love her and I just laugh now and tell her I refuse to say it because I am scared you will feel all is fine and go back to your shitty ways. Another Trump card I have is I am not in my own country and am on a visa and so is she. One phone call to immigration and she is served with a notice to leave within 28 days and is forbidden re entry for 5 years. Next time she tries Tampo I will do it. This really is “The Lucky Country” hahahaha

  17. Profile gravatar of

    Tried to google the word tampo but cant find anything. What does it mean? (a small English lesson will not hurt me 😀 )

    1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      Tampo means Silent treatment. Say you upset your partner and she does not talk to you for 2 days, that’s Tampo. Pinoys are famous for it.

  18. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    I just found this nugget on the net.

    Sums up most flips pretty well. They only see people as tools!

    Known as detachment dysfunction, a narcissist may have had a profound childhood trauma that developed into an absolute mistrust of other human beings, and found the only use for them as tools. Extreme narcissists are trapped in childhood, and have never matured into an adult with empathy or the ability to share.

  19. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    exactly, I did live with such a woman together…I can not explain to you how this kills ur sanity, ur own mind. And guess what she was a pinay..but before some Filipino starts now to write here and answer * we are not all like that
    I answer all these years i m living in this country ive found max 3% of persons which are not like that. Its fuckin crazy , to use people as use them for money…but this the flips are

  20. Profile gravatar of Ken
    Ken Post author

    Right loco_loco, it is more systemic in the Phil. I know what you mean killing your sanity. No one is perfect in any relationship, though. Most pinay are very jealous and possessive, even if they are otherwise of good character (the 3%). Among their better qualities is that they can be very sweet and affectionate. I’ve read somewhere that females are reactive in a relationship, which means they generally respond to the man’s lead. That said, any marriage can be like a roller coaster if you let yourself be taken for a ride.