Pinoy Logic – Zero Thought Process

So I would like to talk about this one time that really stood out to me with regards to customer service and Pinoy logic, and ooh-boy it’s a doozy.

My current credit card had been scuffed up physically over time, and being an OCD freak I am about keeping my cards looking nice and neat, ordered a replacement card for it.  I went to my local bank to specifically give them instructions on what I wanted, which was a brand new duplicate of my current card, security numbers and all.  Since I asked this of the branch manager and had explained everything in detail, I imagined it would go somewhat smooth.

Fast forward 2 weeks later, I asked about a status update on my card replacement.  The bank said that it was still being processed; I took this opportunity to ask and CONFIRM that if I changed the address the new card would be received at, nothing would go wrong.  Of course the bank said no problem, and proceeded to change the receiving address.  I also included a list of 2 people who could receive the card for me in the event I was not present when it’s delivered (it’s an exact duplicate of my active card, so safety measures should be implemented.)

Fast forward 2 months later, and a few inquiries here and there about the status of my card in between that time.  I get a text out of the blue saying my card was delivered last month and was received by someone I had no idea who AT ALL.  You can imagine how I felt, knowing a duplicate of my card is out there with some random person.  I immediately called the credit card customer service to ask about the situation and what I got was the most logic-less shit I have ever heard in my life.

First off, the person tells me that the card was delivered.  DUH obviously I know since I got the text.  I proceed to ask her to what address and they kept repeating the address I told them to change it to, insisting that it was delivered there.  Strike 1.

Ok so they insist it’s at the correct address, I ask about the receiving person.  They insist I know the person.  Yes obviously I must be the one who forgot someone I know, who’s name I did not authorize to receive my card.  I proceed to ask why they gave it to someone I did no authorize to receive; no answer.  Strike 2.

Ok let’s forget about the stupidity above.  As I’m not a complete moron and track my card activity weekly, I of course did not notice any charges I did not authorize.  So I ask the lady if there’s a possibility of my card being used by that random person, and if I should deactivate my card and request a new one.  The following is one of the most stupid conversations I have had in my life.

I don’t think even 2 is enough for pinoy logic.

CS: “Sir no worry u  card will deactivated when we sent new one.”

Me:”Ok but how come I can still use it now?  You know it’s an exact duplicate right?”

CS: “Yes sir but when we send new card old card deactivate.”

Me: “Ok… so how come I can still use my current card?”

CS: “Sir let me berifi last transaction on the card.”

*Proceeds to list the last few transactions on the card to which I verify are mine from last week*

Me: “Ok how does that help?  How will you know aside from verifying with me if my duplicate card was used?  He could use my card for online shopping or something.”

CS: “No sir u current card was deactivate when we sent new one.”

Me: “Ok so you sent my new one a month ago.  How come my current card still works!?  And aside from my vigilant checking how would YOU know it wasn’t being used if I didn’t check my statements?”

At this point the above conversation and transaction verification happened another 2 times.  I only complied because I thought she would get it by the 3rd time.  Eventually I just said:

Me: “Look we aren’t getting anywhere.  Let me explain it clearly to you.  You said that when my new replacement card is sent out, my current one deactivates.  That makes no sense, seeing as they are the exact same card, same security number, same name, same everything.”

*Silence followed by “… yes sir?”*

Me: “Ok I’ve been on the phone with u for an hour, let’s make this even simpler.  We verified that the purchases last week on the card were mine.”

CS: “Yes sir.”

Me: “Obviously I don’t have my new card and I never got it.  Otherwise I would not be calling wasting  hours on the phone with you.”

CS: “Yes sir.”

Me: “So if I verified that last week’s purchases were mine, and I don’t have my new card, and my current card is supposed to already be deactivated, how am I able to verify last week’s purchases?”

Basically after her peanut of a brain somewhat understood that she made no sense, she hung up, maybe shamed at her lack of logic, but more probably laughing with her colleagues about how some dumb customer didn’t understand how credit card deactivation worked.  This happened with 3 other customer service reps until I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands and figure out what happened to my card myself.

Long story short, I found out they sent it to my really old address that I no longer live at for some reason, and gave it to the security guard there, completely ignoring my previous requests, confirmations, and security measures.  Holy.  Fucking.  Christ.  The sad part is, those Pinoy’s I talked to probably don’t’ know how fail they were; they’re probably thought I was just some dumb fuck who did not understand their irrefutable logic.

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    Had something like that with LBC. Daughter sent a box and told 30 day delivery yet sat in the garage of the filipino for 2 weeks after he told her was taking it to shipper that weekend. So we wait. Took dip shit over a month to get it on the truck to the ship. Mean while we moved to different city and followed the box on tracking and found out that it was going to CDO. We get on the phone and have them hold it at LBC warehouse in CDO and we will pick it up there, no problem we were told.

    EVERY week we called CDO and went through the same thing and they said no problem. Then the ship arrives CDO only to spend 2 weeks going through customs so we call EVERY day saying hold it there and we will pick it up,, “no problem sir”. So one day we call and find out box cleared customs but LBC was going to deliver it to our old address and was taking it to a ship. LBC said it had to go on ship to Cebu then another ship to Surigao, ETA 30 days! So AGAIN we ask them to keep it at the CDO warehouse and we will pick it up, “No problem sir. We will hold it here for you.”

    Wife calls to make arrangements to pick it up and told it’s on a truck going to Surigao and set to be delivered in TWO WEEKS!! I throw a fit on the phone, they stop truck and have box sent back to CDO warehouse where I can pick it up Sunday the next day. CDO warehouse said they will open it up and give the box even though closed on Sundays So give my guy written letter, passport and fare to go get the box and off he goes. Then a phone call from my guy, they refuse to open the warehouse and give the box, “Closed today sir, come back Monday.” My guy just pulled them aside and said they would give him the box or they would be found in a ditch Monday morning. He got the box.

    Now here’s the pisser. All this time wife and I would talk to the same people at LBC CDO warehouse!! From time daughter dropped off till in my hands? 4 MONTHS! If you want something fucked up then get filipinos involved in it. Daughter dropped box off at LBC shipper and told 1 month and taking the box to shipper that weekend. Two weeks later it’s still in the filipinos garage! Then 2 weeks to pass through customs. Then here’s what got me. They were going to put it on another ship from CDO to Cebu then another ship from Cebu to Surigao, said no trucks running from CDO to Surigao. Thenh they put it on a truck that did not exist and sent it to Surigao!

    Filipino motto ” We excel at failure.”

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    J Post author


    What pisses me off the most is that they take no steps towards improvement; if anything they take steps backwards to degradation. Also that the incompetent baboons we speak to most of the time don’t realize that they are fucking stupid, and presume that we are just some dumb customer who wants to shout at someone because something is taking too long. I didn’t even bother to lodge a formal complaint because I knew it would not make any effective change, it would just serve as some kind of amusement to whomever hears/reads it.

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      You probably mean the Confirmed Reservations ‘In Writing,’ that they know nothing about when you arrive! – Despite money being taken from a Credit Card! – Or having a Bank Receipt for a Cash Transfer! The ‘Hotels’ that open and close when they feel like it! The ‘Hotels’ where what you are given is nothing like what was offered! The ‘Hotels’ with Bed Bugs, Cockroaches! The ‘Hotels’ with Shit Food and Bibles – But ‘No Booze!’ The ‘Hotels’ that steal from the Night Safe! The ‘Hotels’ without Hot Water! The ‘Hotels’ with Brown Water coming from the Cold Tap! The ‘Hotels’ with a Bucket to ‘Flush the Bog!’ The ‘Hotels’ without Light Bulbs! The ‘Hotels’ that ‘Smell of Shit!’ The ‘Hotels’ with ‘Wallbanger Air Conditioning’ that is there purely as an ‘Ornament!’ The ‘Hotels’ with Weeds in the Shower Drain! The ‘Hotels’ with ‘Skid Marks’ and Semen Stains on the Bed Linen!

      And those are just the 4 Star National Hotels! All experienced at Banaue! Confronted with the ‘Smug Look’ and the comment “There are no other Hotels in the Area!” – I spent a comfortable night in the car! – On their Car Park! – Pissed in their Car Park, Shat in the Bushes, Got ‘Slammed’ with Booze from a Sari Sari Shop, Reheated some rather good Street Food on the Rocker Box of the Car Engine, and took a shower (Naked) using a ‘Garden Hose!’

      I know that ‘Expectations’ have to be limited, but at the very least I expect ‘Clean and Sanitary!’

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        Eau de Tourette

        Yep hotel corridor stinking of shit
        Towel holders falling off when putting a hand on it, silicone totally rotten and fungusinfected a bathroom like i NEVER saw it in a place that you live in except maybe the trailerpark-residence i once took a look at in the US that gave me chills…
        wanting to authorize my creditcard for whatever amount.
        i just know one thing: when western countries tend to have on many parts some decent kind of mannered way of acting in daily life the Philippines are missing it and even love to pick a lot of asian bad traits.
        Faceloss issue, feeding the stupid, loans have a 50% interest and the list goes on. it alltogether makes that country a fucking annoying place to live longterm. i doubt it will be better in 5-10 years.
        a taxidriver once said maybe in 50 years the minds have changed and it showsand develops seriously.

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    Everywhere you go, You will always experience pinoy stupidity in our country. (I am a Filipino so my apologies if using ” our country ” may sound misleading for some).

    It start’s the moment you step out of your house. Here some stuff I experience on a daily basis.

    I live in a small village or subdivision as we call it. Our house is unfortunately located on the far end of it. Luckily, there are ” Pedicab ” drivers who charge a small fee to transport you to the entrance. Convenient right? Haha NO.

    At first they are eager to go after you, and some of them are nice to be honest so I throw in a small tip heck even became friends with some of them. After a few days they began to avoid the spot near our place. There are times I tried calling or yelling but the retards pretended not to hear. The worst thing is one time when Im on my way home from work and it suddenly rained bad and my umbrella was broken. I approached one of them to get a ride but to my surprise they rejected me. I was like what? They replied ” Malakas po ulan and Malayo po kayo eh ” (Its pouring hard and you live rather far) I was furious and just walked away. Luckily one of the drivers I know was on his way back to the entrance and saw me walking in the rain. He then offered me a ride.

    Terrific ain’t it? : ))

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    Bob is Having a Rant!

    Jesus H Christ! – I have just had a ‘Bosing Explode Moment!’ One of my guys just reported that the Toilet Pan in the Downstairs Office Bog is Cracked! – How the hell can you ‘Bust a Bog?’ Sure enough there is a Hairline Crack in the Pan itself! – Has someone been ‘Shitting Bricks?’ – Or will it be attributed to another ‘Act of Dog?’ – Both God and my Dogs get blamed for lots of things! – How the Hell my dogs get on top of the wall cupboards in the kitchen, I do not know?

    I have worked in many places around the world. In India I could have accepted it! – Due to people ‘Squatting’ on the Toilet Seat! In Iraq I suffered an ‘Exploding Toilet Cistern!’ – The ‘Plumber’ connected the Instantaneous Water Heater to the Toilet Cistern! – Thank Dog I was not in there at the time! – Pieces of Porcelain were embedded in the wall, and I was never able to find the Ballcock! – Three Months and 4 Water Heaters later, I was still taking a shower in Cold Water! Just like The Philippines, Hot Water is NOT considered to be a ‘Essential of Sanitation’ in Iraq! – And, ‘Electricity’ is ‘The Work of the Devil!’ In Iraq ‘Ope Buckets’ are used to carry Diesel for Domestic Generators!

    So today, we have a ‘Cracked Bog!’ Someone did display some initiative and called our ‘Handyman!’ – A ‘Thread of White Silicone’ was applied, as ‘First Aid!’

    MEMO TO SELF: On Saturday Morning go and buy another Bog! – Then prepare for the ‘Saga of the Plumber’ on Monday! – With everything being done at least twice! – And, it will still leak!

    Two months ago, our Cleaning Lady touched the Stop-Cock Valve to the Toilet in my Bathroom with her Mop. The Valve parted company with the Wall Connection, and water sprayed everywhere! The cause was a ‘Bi-Metallic Reaction’ between the Valve Spigot, and the Wall Connection! – In just 5 Years, the Spigot had Corroded 100%! – Just a ‘Black Residue’ was left in the Wall Connection! (Incompatible Alloys)

    Why oh why, does it always take 1,000 Gallons of Cold Water (With no Detergent), to clean the Kitchen Floor? – Then at least 2 Electric Fans are required to dry it for several hours! Why does the Concrete Paved Garden Terrace have to be ‘Watered’ every morning at precisely the same time as when I am having a Cup of Tea?

    MEMO TO SELF: Bob, things are slipping! – Get some fucking order back into the household!