Pinoy Pride At The Bottom Again

Let’s face it we are not surprised that Philippines even fails to beat the average when compared to the poorest developing nations, in a survey when it comes to access and usage of affordable financial services. You know basic services most banks offer in developed countries.

Maybe it because failipino don’t know how to save money, and have no need to find out there is nothing in their bank accounts. Only to find that their partner has taken out all the money to buy more rum. That the banks don’t invest money to offer these basic services.

What is more dumbfounding is the local press running such a story trying to spin it like this is good news, pino all around should be proud, I mean they made it to the top 15 in this list, but then again most failipino can’t count past ten once they run out of fingers, so they just read it they they topped another useless list. Pinoy pride..

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    Captain PFB

    They are like dumb little children. All it takes is for them to start jumping for joy and gloating is to see “Philippines”, “Filipino”, “Pinoy” in print and without really reading or understanding what it’s really saying, and immediately they’re holding their fist in the air and shouting “PINOY PRIDE!!”.

    Such blind little idiots.

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      Reading the list did you notice that 7 of the top 15 were African countries, one being South Africa being the most advanced. Even Nigeria beat the philippines! Now since you are a man in the know on business and read the business section, I have a question for you.

      The other night about 11 pm I walked over to the local 7-11 where on the way I saw a GRO standing by a videoke shack holding a baby. Now the question, could a pregnant hooker be consider a business failure?

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      I was searching for a particular filipino politician when I stumbled upon this blogsite, LOL…
      I was so amused by your stupidity, lack of respect for others, your hatred , and most all, by your weakness. So I decided to leave a comment…

      Filipinos (in general ) are not dumb, there are Filipinos in fact, who are much smarter than you can ever be.. The most prestigious companies in the world employs us to gain advantage, our average students looks like they’re geniuses when they study at your schools… Filipinos teach your students how to speak your own language.. I’ve been sent to other countries by my company to train their people. In the news just recently, activist groups are expressing concerns about Filipinos getting the better positions in foreign companies instead of the locals… the list goes on and on… but I don’t want to talk about Filipinos in general because each individual person is unique so discussing whether we (in general) are stupid or smart is useless…

      So let’s talk about you. You throw so much shit in other people’s face and tell them to accept it because it’s who they are and you pretend that you just want them to change for the better and that you’re just doing this because you care.. but the truth is, you just hate them for not being like you, you hate them for being better than you, you are too weak to keep up with us, that’s why you go behind your computer and bunch up together with these other weaklings to stay alive and earn some money by writing these shitty Blogs…

      The Philippines is a jungle where its survival of the fittest and defeat of the welcome to the jungle you sissy…you go to the internet whining about us pissing in our wall, disobeying our traffic rules, electing corrupt politicians and pretend that these things makes you want to puke… but the truth is you are just weak, and incompetent and fragile…truth is you were having so much fun here until you start getting beaten by the game… your like a little fat boy playing with your friends and when you realized that your fat ass is too slow, then you go crying about how stupid the game is and that all the kids playing are uncool like you, and so all the other fat bitches comes to your rescue and you form a group of fat assed sissies and call yourselves smart…LOL..

      You’re a Filipino, your parents are Filipinos, they went running to another country because they we’re getting beaten by the game, and they raised you in another country thinking that you will not be a loser like them., but again they failed, because just like them, you turned out to be an even bigger loser…you may have more money than most of us, and you may be living in a better place than most of us but that doesn’t make you a better person…

      In all my years, I have never seen a single successful person have so much hate in him.. Great people don’t hate and run away from their surroundings, they don’t talk shit about their families and their own people, they celebrate who they are, they cherish their families and friends and the people around them..I see most of the people liking this blogsite are the foreigners who came to this country, not to take a vacation but to live here, thinking that their extra few dollars will cover for their weakness because they’re too dumb to make decent living in their own country but when things didn’t go their way, they just start crying and bunch up together with their fellow losers and blame the Filipino people for their sufferings…

      We have a happy life.., and you are pitiful…

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        Captain PFB

        “The most prestigious companies in the world employs us to gain advantage”

        Let’s get this corrected…. The most prestigious companies in the world employ you to TAKE ADVANTAGE…because you are cheap labor. Why are you cheap labor? Because you you’re not worth it. The most prestigious companies SAVE A LOT OF MONEY employing Filipinos to do the most MENIAL repetitive functions of their operations. The ones that DON’T REQUIRE A WHOLE LOT OF INITIATIVE OR THOUGHT, because you’re incapable of it.

        I could rip your entire comment to shreds, but honestly, you’re just another deluded, blind Filipino turning a blind eye to the incredible stupidity and ignorance of your culture, thinking you’re the greatest on earth….blah blah blah. There have been many before you, and there are plenty more to follow. You exemplify everything we say on this blog.

        So thanks for proving us right.

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          Pissnoy Allergy

          Arrrh, “pissnoy pride” alert. Allergy attack…… I can’t breed can’t see, ……. stumbling half blind looking for my medicine…….

          Where is it, where is it?…….. Ah, there it is, nice “red pill” from FiloFail ….

          I take it….. Ah relief!” 😀

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            Pissnoy Allergy

            “Can’t breed” oops “breathe” It must have been a Freudian slip while I was semi unconscious, and this is a blog about people who breed almost more then they breathe, after all…. 😀

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        Captain PFB

        “We have a happy life..”

        Great, enjoy your piss smelly streets loaded with dog shit everywhere, your filthy, polluted rivers, your unbelievably ignorant rude drivers, your endless dishonesty and lies, enjoy getting continuously fucked in the ass by your elected officials, then voting them into office again to continue fucking you in the ass.

        Glad you’re happy with all that shit. Being happy with all that shit is your way to say “I’m too fucking weak to fight it and make my country better, so I’ll just pretend it’s not there, and shout PINOY PRIDE like everyone else, and claim to be happy.” Which is why your problems never get solved, and your country doesn’t lift itself out of the dark ages. You’re happy living in stupidity and dog shit. So be it.

        I happen to have enough intelligence to NOT be happy with it.

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        Captain PFB

        And who says I hate anyone here? Just because I share real and true experiences of utter stupidity in Philippines, doesn’t mean I hate them. If I share what I experience, share the facts, why do you automatically equate that to hate? I’m just reporting what happened. Doesn’t mean I hate Filipinos. Just means I wrote down what happened. Duh.

        “Filipinos (in general ) are not dumb”

        uuhhmmm, yes, they are. You have proven it.

        “but the truth is, you just hate them for not being like you, you hate them for being better than you, you are too weak to keep up with us, that’s why you go behind your computer and bunch up together with these other weaklings to stay alive and earn some money by writing these shitty Blogs…”

        Honestly, I can’t stop laughing at this.

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        First of all Mr. Christopher Ace Caoile, nice job hiding your real identity. Second is could you please make some valid points instead of attacking FiloFail personally. Counter arguments and stuff, to prove your side. Your name calling and shit throwing is not helping your case. At all.

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          Captain PFB

          “I was so amused by your stupidity, lack of respect for others, your hatred , and most all, by your weakness. So I decided to leave a comment…”

          The feeling is completely mutual Ace.

          So funny and ironic that when a Filipino, who is stupid, commonly has no respect for others, behaves hatefully as a way of life, and is too weak to admit the realities of his country should say something like that.

          1. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

            hoooo hooo hoo.. stop crying you little cry baby!!.. you throw all this insults about us Filipinos and you try to hide your true intentions by pretending that you just want to see some changes with the way the traffic works and the way politics works, etc, etc… but in reality you are just sick and tired of living your useless life because even in a place like the Philippines you still find yourself not having enough money to live a decent life… hahahah

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Ace, I’m going to remove your rights to comment if you continue to act like a butt-hurt child. Offer some intelligent evidence to back up your claim that most Filipinos are amazingly brilliant. We have provided MOUNTAINS of evidence that Filipinos in general are brainless idiots operating on less than 3 brain cells, and your comments are certainly backing that up.

            Show your intelligence, instead of proving us right with your behavior. Idiot.

          3. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

            Oh come on now… why would you want to do that??? I was actually having so much fun conversing with a highly intelligent being like yourself… I mean, it was really such an honour for a poor and idiotic man like me to even deserve the attention of a highly respected foreigner like you… hahahaha

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            Captain PFB

            Been a little while hasn’t it? This guy is full on Pinoy Pride blinded. More entertaining than watching monkeys sling poo at each other.

          2. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

            Yes indeed.. debating whether I am dumb or not is much fun…ohh please don’t call us dumb!!! hoohoho

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            Captain PFB

            If you wouldn’t behave so fucking dumb, nobody would be calling you dumb. Is that a concept you can wrap your 3 brain cells around?

            Ask yourself this deep thought question (I know, that’s like asking a tree stump to think):

            Are we haters? Or are we simply sharing true experiences of daily life here? Are we just making all this up off the top of our heads because we randomly, without reason, hate Filipinos? Or are we really experiencing this utter stupidity, sheer ignorance, and corruption every fucking day of our lives here? If only a small portion of Filipinos were stupid, would Philippines still be a filthy, dirty, dishonest, corrupt, shit pit? Or is it a filthy, dirty, dishonest, corrupt shit pit because the general population is stupid?

            It’s not that difficult to conclude. It’s not that difficult to see. But if you want to just continue to delude yourself that you’re all wonderful, honest, intelligent creatures that the world has randomly decided to hate on, and pick on, and continue to turn a blind eye to the reality of your culture, then YOU are the reason Philippines remains a 3rd world country. You are the reason your country refuses to progress. You are the reason your country will not address it’s countless problems and failed infrastructure.

            You are the reason Philippines is such a shit-hole country.

          4. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

            If you wouldn’t behave so fucking dumb, nobody would be calling you dumb. Is that a concept you can wrap your 3 brain cells around?

            Ask yourself this deep thought question (I know, that’s like asking a tree stump to think):

            Are we haters? Or are we simply sharing true experiences of daily life here? Are we just making all this up off the top of our heads because we randomly, without reason, hate Filipinos? Or are we really experiencing this utter stupidity, sheer ignorance, and corruption every fucking day of our lives here? If only a small portion of Filipinos were stupid, would Philippines still be a filthy, dirty, dishonest, corrupt, shit pit? Or is it a filthy, dirty, dishonest, corrupt shit pit because the general population is stupid?

            It’s not that difficult to conclude. It’s not that difficult to see. But if you want to just continue to delude yourself that you’re all wonderful, honest, intelligent creatures that the world has randomly decided to hate on, and pick on, and continue to turn a blind eye to the reality of your culture, then YOU are the reason Philippines remains a 3rd world country. You are the reason your country refuses to progress. You are the reason your country will not address it’s countless problems and failed infrastructure.

            You are the reason Philippines is such a shit-hole country.


            I was being sarcastic so I really did not expect such a serious answer from you… LOL

          5. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            “The Philippines is a jungle where its survival of the fittest and defeat of the welcome to the jungle you sissy”. Spoken like a true predator, psychopaths do see honesty, empathy, kindness and sacrifice for others as weakness. They do see the foreigners as fools to be used because they consider anyone who really cares as weak prey to be devoured. Please let him post as much as he wants and anything he wants. The uninitiated really do need to see and understand what the vast majority of Filipinos really think about us dumb, stupid, weak foreigners BEFORE they ever get involved with them. Ever trusting a Filipino does make one unfit to deal with them. Treat them as the liars they are, very first sign of any shit kick the bitch out the door. Never, ever fall for the “You’re just a Playboy” shit. Never ever feel sorry for them. Know if you do they see it as a weakness and you a fool they will use over and over and over again while blaming you for it. That’s what’s so great about this blog, it warns others and this guy is admitting how they really feel about it. He could never go to the Pro Pinoy sites and speak the truth of how they really feel, let him do it here.

          6. Profile gravatar of Warlord

            I lol’ed at this entire comment war.

            Did not bother even reading the entire comment section.

            Ace_C sorry but it’s hard to accept the truth 😛 hehehehe. Can’t accept it? Then you can live happily on our pathetic country (My entire Family is planning on leaving for GOOD on this Frucking country, full of retards and tons of people which have no manners). Also you cannot just say Foreigners are weak and just need us, nope just nope. Most of all, it’s rare to see a intelligent Filipino overseas working and even earning trust and good money (example my dad, his company paid his entire trip, temporary money and hotel because of his intelligence and is good mannered. Also yeah all my family is like that, their foreigner boss send them overseas to do jobs and they do not fail them, never in my family that did we not do what we promise and what we want to do.) While on the other hand most Pinoys overseas are working and have works due to easy they are to pay, try asking the minimum wage of their local people then Pinoy wage, you’ll see quite a difference, and also that means we’re just cheap labor.

            Also back up your claims, and also stating something that is true is not a form of bashing or hating ^^, why do you think this blog is here? Just to hate? OR state what is really happening on our pathetic country?

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        Pinay Lover

        “groups are expressing concerns about Filipinos getting the better positions in foreign companies instead of the locals”

        That’s because they are cheap, are easy to lock into contracts and very easy to manipulate since they depend on all that income to send back home making them proud slaves without knowing it!

        “you just hate them for not being like you”

        Lying, cheating, stealing, ignorant, freeloading parasites is not something to be proud of and a good majority are this way. This obviously is unacceptable and not good human behavior. If Filo is a good person, doesn’t steal, freeload and do harm onto others I think he has every damn right to except others to live up to those standards. When the majority DO NOT live up to those standards, they will endure hate and rightfully so.

        “The Philippines is a jungle where its survival of the fittest and defeat of the unfit”

        LOL. O.K. let’s compare FiloFail to the masses of Filipinos. He runs a business and manages another business. He contributes to the community and acts civil, makes a good chunk of money and lives well. Meanwhile the majority of Filipino’s are breeding like cock roaches and asking for hand outs, pissing all over walls, lying, stealing and cheating. The list could go on and on. Well, I think it’s evident who is surviving dude!

        “You’re a Filipino, your parents are Filipinos, they went running to another country because they we’re getting beaten by the game, and they raised you in another country thinking that you will not be a loser like them.”

        If you look at the point I make above, it’s pretty evident who is a winner and who is a loser. So being a winner is becoming a lying, cheating, breeding cockroach, freeloading and ruining others lives for your own gain? That’s the Filipino culture after all!

        “We have a happy life.., and you are pitiful… ”

        Poor, useless breeders with no purpose and no money. Ya, sounds like a happy life……the only thing that make the Filipino native happy, are their free money handouts from their slave OFW children. That’s why you see some of them happy, while the OFW is suffering. But that is a part of your culture and your proud !

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          He thinks I’m a Filipino…LOL!!!

          Let it be known to all. I did pose as an American raised Filipino who came back to FAILippines during the first few years of the long life of this blog. This was to protect my identity, as well as, back when I was the only writer of this blog, to try to influence other mindless dumbfucks (Filipinos) to open their fucking minds and dump Pinoy Pride until there was something….ANYTHING AT ALL to be proud of.

          There is not a single drop of FAILipino blood in me. I’ll take a photo of my ass and show you just how white I am LOL!!

          Born, bread, and raised in America. Mother’s ancestors from eastern Europe, Father’s ancestors from the UK. I couldn’t be more white.

          This is a truth blog, not a hate blog. So there’s the truth.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            I knew you were too damn smart to be a Filipino. Looks like our blood is very similar. All UK as well.

      6. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Is this the politician you were searching for?
        Or was it this corrupt guy?
        Or this corrupt guy?

        It seems their whole campaigns are simply dancing and singing. God forbid they actually talk quickly about issues or what their plans are. Why? Cause Filipinos can’t understand an intelligent Filipino talking about serious issues facing the country. If Filipinos are not stupid, then why are they choosing candidates on their singing and dancing on TV? Oh yeah, its cause they sell their votes anyway. Selling votes, is that considered stupid in your eyes or pinoy intelligence?

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “It seems their whole campaigns are simply dancing and singing”.

          Singing and dancing….yes, that is all the Flips aspire for, to be a performer because it does not need working brain cells. Philippine schools impose “art” (in the form of singing and dancing, poster making etc, again activities that don’t need critical thinking) in their curricula. I stopped attending Filipino parties here in Oz because no one can/wants to talk!!! After meals are served, everyone grabs the fucking microphone and turns on the karaoke, regardless if they can sing or not!!!!!

          Even in FB this morning, someone’s news feed was about a Pinay domestic worker using a hair brush for a microphone, because apparently she has a good singing voice!! Big deal! So are 70 million Pinoys! They prefer to sing and dance because it is pleasure, and not actual work. Now, if that Pinay spends her time reading and watching something worthwhile, she might just get away from a lifetime of cleaning toilets!!

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, I was at my fiances place and the TV was on. It was political ad after political ad. It was simply some corrupt guy coming out to an entire squatter village filled with trash. Then some singing and walking along until the corrupt politician pretended like he was leading them. Oh, and one of the ads was for a guy named Romauldez. You know, the family that hasn’t helped anyone in the last 60 years,,,, except themselves.

      7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        By the way, where do you get the idea I’m a Filipino? Are you THAT stupid? I’ll admit that years ago, when I started this blog, I POSED as a Filipino raised in the USA. The purpose was for caution, because I know Filipinos just can’t stand hearing the truth about themselves. It makes them crazy, sends them over the edge…..just like you’re behavior here. And it would surely label me as “persona non grata”, because, once again, any foreigner here who allows himself to speak honestly and truthfully is not welcome here. You want everyone to praise you, despite your pathetic behavior.

        Filipinos just don’t want the truth about them to get out.

        But quite some time ago, after moving the blog to a host server outside of Philippines, I removed the “cover” and to be frank, I couldn’t give a shit if the idiots you call elected officials find me and deport me. It’s a free ticket back home.

        We will continue to share the truth about Philippines. I know it really makes you mad. But hey, too bad boy. Someone has to bring a balance. Someone has to counter the lies and delusions you idiots want the world to believe. “It’s more fun in the Philippines”……We give the truth, not bullshit. Sorry that it puts a bug up your ass.

        I can say that you can continue to ramble on and on with your childish tantrums, it’s not going to make this blog go away. That should REALLY piss you off. Let the truth be known!

        If you want truth blogs to pop up on the internet that talk about how smart, aware, honest, and what good drivers Filipinos are, then I suggest you grow some brains, become smart, abandon ignorance, become aware, stop your lying, cheating and stealing and become honest, and learn to drive like humans.

        When all that happens, I’ll take this blog down forever and replace it with “”, I promise. We’ll speak the truth, it’s up to Filipinos to change the truth.

        1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

          It’ll be a cold day in hell before anyone posts anything interesting to read.
          Someone mention a Folder for a “RP posts of shame”. Ace-hole needs to be included if you ever build it.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            At one time, I owned the domain, put up a blog on it with no posts and just left it there.

      8. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        The Philippines as an economy offers very little. Sure.. Worldwide filipinos are in demand ….as filipinos will work for the lowest salaries. Lower than africans and indians in cases!!!

        They are generally employed by world corporates as arse wipers and CR cleaners. Not in leading positions. Ive employed all types and found filipinos to be the laziest employees willing to try anything on to avoid work.

        Why do 10% of the population in this country extracate themselves overseas? As the local economy has failed.

        Theres nothing major to note apart from burger flipping jobs locally at SM and killing their boredom for being on “standbye”.

        Call deal..the staff turnover is 80-100% a year with Call centre jobs. Most people hate tue job bit whats left…nothing.. Prostitution? MLM selling..selling condo’s.

        Philippines has nothing domestically to offer people and the half smart filipinos trying to defend this failing country point to statistics which are clearly distorted or go back to …the foreigners… The foreigners will save us!! Bullshit. The PH constitution blocks anything to do with foreigners investing locally. Filipinos are xenophobic and fear foreigners taking over and mixing the filipino culture. Who the fuck would want to do business with a crafty, untrustworthy filipino company and race known for corruption..graft..plunder..
        Nepotism from the top down

        Filipinos want the cake snd it too…but they cant see life doesnt work that way. Sadly…the best minds have left this country … Many forever.. The ones left are defending “talk” and flimsy evidence the Philippines has something to offer….

        Whats left? Medical tourism.. Haah ask a local about hospitals and theyll tell you its a place where you go to die. Ive knkwn leople to go in for simple thingz and come out of a filipino hospital minus a leg.

        IT & HI TECH …sorry..aint gonna happen. The educatuin system is so so low they are still teaching units if english in IT diplomas… And i thought the Philippines was an english speaking nation.

        NEGOTIATION TRAINING SCHOOLS –LOL Just joking.. As you kniw filipinos are thick as scroats they dont understsnd irony.. Sarcasm.. They dont get any point and trying to use analogy during a coversation… Forget it!, youll end up having an argument with them and getting frustrated at their stupidity

      9. Profile gravatar of Rob

        This is my first comment, congratulations of the notoriety.

        Weak? I served 22 years in the US Army. While visiting my fiancé, I literally watched a Filipino General say on national television that provoking China is okay because if they threatened The Philippines, they would simply rely on the US to protect them.

        I had a very successful career in the Army and I do quite well here in the US. My fiancé is the travel agent who booked my first tours in Palawan. My experience with Philippines hasn’t been negative in any stretch of the imagination, but you are quite delusional.

        There is good and bad in every culture, but each culture has the responsibility to grow and improve. Not stagnate and expect the rest of the world to prop them up during crisis.

        You have Pinoy Pride? Stand up to China and don’t expect my brothers and sisters to save you. Don’t let your alligator mouth overload your mockingbird ass.

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Can’t count past 10 after they run out of fingers? I think you are wrong. Most filipinos wear flip flops so that give them an additional 10 making 20. So if a pinoy is standing there pissing on a wal he can count to 21.

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    “It said the Philippines has been very active in taking leadership roles in international organizations for increased access to financial services.”

    Vote for me! Another title to add to my name. Oh, I van just see it now!

    Atty Romy Dong Vilegas-Marquez Jr III B.Law, M.Law, Dip.Shit, LEADER of Access to Financial Services Committee!

  4. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    What banker in his right mind would invest in this shit hole? I mean, considering the Filipino masses are the biggest money morons in the world, what good is it taking the risk and making an investment in this country and the greedy money hungry people? You give them a dollar, they spend it on worthless shit and ask for more! You give them thousands of dollars to give them a future and they will do the same thing, throw it away and never pay it back. This is a country where I could see a BANK going BANKRUPT! LOL!

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      I am no banker or broker nor am I rich . But I have been a investor for around 20yrs.
      Believe me or not but I make as much or more on stocks than SSI. 68% of that is phil stocks. You will not see me turn away from 8.75% cash divs
      Very true that 99.98 % of the stocks in this county are in no way investment grade in my book. And I would never-EVER touch.
      But the 5-8 Co’s that are run by the oligarchs that pull the strings in this place… well now.
      One of my investments is the very same that Marcos stashed a good % of his loot in..maybe still ?????

      We here talk much of business/making money on this island of misfit toys. Keep in mind, business is not always made from brick and mortar.
      Just sayin 🙂

  5. Profile gravatar of marhead

    You are just another deluded flip hiding behind your ignorance and pinoy pride. Show me any evidence that proves your society is even remotely functioning on a normal level. The Philippines is absolutely the most pathetic country on the planet. Wake up you moron!!!!

  6. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

    As I’ve said, it’s down right pointless to call all Filipinos stupid, its as stupid as calling all Americans homosexuals, its as stupid as calling all Germans as Nazis. And that’s because each individual person is unique and will react to a given situation differently regardless of culture…

    But everywhere, really, there are people like you who just runs their mouths and complain about this and that and by running their mouth and throwing insults they think that it makes them more intelligent than the rest of the pack… hahaaaha, this is very typical attitude among people who are too weak to take care of their own asses..

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      So step outside, walk down the street, smell the air, take a look at your waterways, look at the people YOU elect. Now tell me you’re all smart. Tell me how fucking many SMART Filipinos it took to elect a president convicted of plunder into a position of power again.

      Stop your deluded STUPID shit, and offer some tangible evidence to your claims you typically stupid fucking pinoy.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        @filofailb This is got to FUCKING BURN! ROFLMAO! ”Stop your deluded STUPID shit, and offer some tangible evidence to your claims you typically stupid fucking pinoy.”

      2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        “too weak to take care of their own asses”, This is typical cluster B, especially when you get to the narcissist and ASPD side of the spectrum. It’s only their ass that counts and if fucking someone else up the ass gains them a peso they see it as smart and strong, not cunning and conniving.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “As I’ve said, it’s down right pointless to call all Filipinos stupid”

      You’re right. They’re too fucking stupid to know just how fucking stupid they are. That’s why they’re stupid. They just have no clue what intelligence is like. Very good point Ace.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike

      It’s not pointless to call filipinos stupid, they more than prove the point everyday. Now if filipinos are a brilliant as you claim then How come:
      1.) They cannot keep the electric on regular?
      2.) Can’t provide a decent internet?
      3.) Can’t provide water from the tap that you can drink?
      4.) Can’t plan a city layout with water, electric, sewage, roads and firefighting?
      5.) How come the education in schools is TWO YEARS behind international standards?
      6.) How come the national IQ is 86, low average and borderline mild retardation?
      7.) How come filipinos only score the national IQ of 86 even WITH all the cheating going on in the schools?
      8.) How come filipinos have made no progress to first world nation? With your claims the philippines should be a leading first world nation.
      9.) Why is the philippines a PROFESSIONAL beggar nation that cannot feed nor take care of itself?
      10.) Why do filipinos always run and BEG other nations for aid, defense?
      11.) Why does the philippines have just ONE combat ship in the whole navy?

      1. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

        haha… I see your little group been thinking plenty about me lately huh..
        And I see you prepared quite a long list up there.., how much of your sad and useless life did you spend researching that list???hahahah

        Are you serious? do really even think that I will spend time debating with your childish qualms here? ahaha…

        Generally, I don’t really spend time talking with fools like you because fools tends to drag people down to their level and then beat them with experience.., again very typical among people with weak minds…
        Another common thing I noticed about people like you is that you tend to bunch up, cling together and form a group…LOL

        As for this stupid list that you spent so much time writing… of course we are provided with a decent internet service, regular electricity, clean drinking water… all these services you can get, assuming you have the money to do so… Or do you want us to give it to you for free? do you want the Philippines to give you the same charity food stubs that you used to get back in your old place? get real man…you get what you pay for

        Discussing with your group is pointless and I really don’t have the time to discuss why the navy only has one combat ship… hahaha, I can’t believe I’m talking with a moron like you…LOL

        1. Profile gravatar of juan

          I am a pure born Filipino, born here raised here. My question to you my good sir, is how come we always say the we are one of the most religious country in ASIA ( specially when the pope visits) yet we are also the most corrupt country in ASIA, for me it does not makes sense? so do we pride to be the most religious and pride to be the most corrupt?

          1. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.


            Are you serious???? OK I trust you….

            But please be careful with what you say here… This is a hate blog in the first place so the sole purpose of this site is really to breed hate.. they want you to hate your country, they want you to hate your parents, your friends , your dog, your cat, they want you to hate yourself so that when your full of hate you will live a miserable life just like them…

            Don’t be fooled by these blokes.., did you read some of the articles here? none of them were aimed into providing any solutions, rather they are aimed at destroying the minds of however makes the mistake of coming here…

            There are so many people in our government, some good, some bad… some intelligent, some dumb.., none of them was able to solve this complex shit that we’re on… Did you really think that discussing the problem with this idiots will solve anything??? the internet is not the proper forum to discuss anything of this nature…

            So my advice to you is to just sit back have a good time trading senseless insults with these lonely group of losers… hahaha

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Ace, if the TRUE AND REAL EXPERIENCES OF UTTER FAILURE AND TOTAL STUPIDITY we share here were completely made up, untrue, and fabricated, THEN it would be a hate blog. But then that’s why your Filipinos are so fucking dumb. You cannot face the truth and reality of your country and culture. If anyone speaks the truth of their experiences here, you call them haters.

            Keep proving us right Ace. Keep making a fool of yourself here. Keep backing up what we say about Filipinos. You’re doing a fine job.

            We are not the haters. Just look at the way you treat each other. Look at the way you fuck and pop out children you can’t afford, then abandon them to the streets. The evidence is EVERYWHERE! And you’re calling US haters? Look at your own culture’s behavior. Look how you hate each other.

            And maybe you should pull your head out of your ass long enough to read the “About Us” page. This blog isn’t here to help solve the problems you idiots ignore. This blog is here for FOREIGNERS. Look at the tag line of the site. What does it say dumbass? This blog isn’t here to solve your problems! How fucking stupid of you to assume so. Solving YOUR problems is YOUR fucking job. We believe you idiots will NEVER solve your problems because you ignore them and deny them while claiming to be the greatest people in earth.

            We’re not here to offer any solutions to your problems. We’re here for each other as a support group. All us foreigners here that need to release the frustrations of DEALING WITH IDIOTS ALL DAY LONG in your country. The only solution we offer, and which you COMPLETELY DENY / IGNORE is for you fucking morons to GROW SOME BRAINS. That’ll be the first step, and the only solution we can offer you right now. Nothing will improve in your shithole country until you develop more brain cells and get your national IQ AT LEAST TO 90.

            Fucking moron.

        2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover

          Please show some counter arguments and rational talking points. You’re really throwing yourself under the bus here with weak arguments. Come on now, show us you’re not another “proud” idiot.

        3. Profile gravatar of Brass Doff
          Brass Doff

          Congratulations Ace_C – your comments have persuaded me to sign up to acknowledge your contribution to this site.

          I’m much older than you, and I have dealt with many nationalities over the years, and never have I come across someone like you. You are a champ – the most irrational, deluded sociopath who is way beyond my fertile imagination to picture – if they were Olympic events, without a doubt you would be the gold medal winner.

          Considering one of the purposes of this site is to forewarn over-optimistic foreigners to stay away, AVOID, the Failippines, you have single handed achieved far more than all of us other participants combined to prove that point, thanks to your inane ‘pinoy pride’ ravings. I take my hat off to such a profound depth of stupidity and marvel that you are able to function at all.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pissnoy Allergy
            Pissnoy Allergy

            Brass Doff: “You are a champ – the most irrational, deluded sociopath who is way beyond my fertile imagination to picture – if they were Olympic events, without a doubt you would be the gold medal winner.”

            …and that would actually be the first Olympic gold medal for the Philippines EVER, by the way.

        4. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Weak minds? I could not help but to notice you did not answer ONE question in my post. charity? Get real asshole. I worked since I was 14 years old and retired from the military. What did I do in the military? Weapons, explosives, small arms, communications medical, security and trained by the 101 Screaming Eagles. I did all that while YOU were hiding under you bed. As to dragging down, I think you got that reversed as not one of your post/replies has stated one verifiable fact. Now if you are as smart as you claim, why now research my questions on your own and then reply? Truth hurts huh asshole?

          1. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

            Uhh ok…

            Is this suppose to impress me?
            Ok then.. I’ll call you if there’s ever a need for additional street sweepers…LOL

            FYI: I was a boyscout back in 2nd grade, I can dance Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and I can let out some nasty fart in big crowds…

            Now we’re even when it comes to having some ridiculously useless skills….

            I also noticed your group got a little bigger.., you now have like 10 or so members…still a fairly insignificant group of disgruntled losers but at least your making some progress…

            And lastly.., I noticed most of you no longer use the subject “ALL FILIPINOS” when throwing insults and instead replaced it with “MOST FILIPINOS” or “MAJORITY OF FILIPINOS”… That’s good, your making some progress here., keep up the good job kids.., Daddy is pleased…

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Ace, are you a masochist? Do you enjoy dumbshitting all over yourself in public? Is it like a sexual fetish thing with you? The “humiliation fetish” thing? You like to humiliate yourself in public? Seems to be a general Filipino trait.

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            This blog is a bug that has crawled up Ace’s ass and it’s irritating the shit outta him. Some Filipinos walk down the street thrashing the whip on their backs till they’re bloody. Ace is one of those brainless turds that come to websites that speak the truth about his culture, and then humiliates himself endlessly, yet is completely clueless of it. It’s like he’s slamming his testicles (if he has any) in the door to get back at us.

            But I’m glad he’s here. Just gives this blog additional proof of what we talk about here. Thanks Ace!

          4. Profile gravatar of Angel

            “Now we’re even when it comes to having some ridiculously useless skills….”

            I guess being trained in weapons, explosives, small arms, communications, medical, and security are useless skills now. What planet did you come from?

        5. Profile gravatar of Mike

          You won’t “spend time debating” because you know the facts do not back you up otherwise you would have stated facts. Typical stupid filipino.

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            “I really don’t have the time to discuss why the navy only has one combat ship”, He hasn’t got the time to explain that they would much rather cry and whine for protection and support from the foreigners they feel they are superior to. Cry, cry, cry, to the U.N., to the U.S., the Spratley’s belong to us, poor us, protect us from the Chinese, they’re too big and we’re too weak and gutless, please protect us from reaping what we sow.

        6. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          “of course we are provided with a decent internet service, regular electricity, clean drinking water”

          Would love to know where you live because it doesn’t sound like the failippines I know. You must be either really wealthy and living in one of the very few places which offer these things, or just fucking out right deluded. It’s common knowledge filipinos pay way over the odds for the worst internet speeds in all of Asia, but hey if Facebook loads up who’s going to complain right? Regular (rotational) brown outs and water shortages everywhere.

          Every single time I see a pinoy get his butt hurt online the sentences always end the same with a hahaha or a LOL. It’s like reading the ramblings of a retarded teenage girl. Isn’t it about time, as a nation, you all just grew the fuck up?

        7. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          “how much of your sad and useless life did you spend researching that list.”
          – It’s quite easy to point out how retarded the Philippines is cause any time we point out a problem the USA fixed 10-50 years ago, people like you start yelling out “pinoy pride” for absolutely no reason and can’t back it up.

          For instance:
          “of course we are provided with a decent internet service, regular electricity, clean drinking water… all these services you can get, assuming you have the money to do so… Or do you want us to give it to you for free?”
          – My internet, electricity, and clean water in the USA was less than half of what it costs in the Philippines. It was 10x better quality as well. Most of us have never even heard of a brownout until we moved here. You’re paying more than any westerner for shit quality. I just got a Globe account of 6mbps for roughly $35 a month. $35 a month would get me 30 mbps in the USA. Get it?

          “do you want the Philippines to give you the same charity food stubs that you used to get back in your old place?
          – After living in the Philippines, I am quite proud of how my country treats the poorest of its citizens. Yes some take advantage, but we would never let any of our people fall to Filipino poverty levels cause that would make our country inhumane and just a shit society,,,, like the Philippines. We give our poorest citizens a chance for a better life, opportunity, education, and skills. Again, we are NOT the Philippines.

          “I really don’t have the time to discuss why the navy only has one combat ship”
          – You don’t have time to explain your country and military is so corrupt thus bankrupting any budget for a decent navy? That takes too much time?

        8. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          “Generally, I don’t really spend time talking with fools like you”

          Then why did YOU come HERE and start countering us with your unsubstantiated babber and butt-hurt reactions to the reality about your country that this blog talks about, which has obviously crawled up your ass like a bug and is obviously now driving you crazy?

          So far you have offered not a single counter argument, but only playground insults and typical knee-jerk, textbook Pinoy Pride 101 stupidity that we all read on any article comments that say anything against Filipinos on any website. Do you idiots have some kind of script you all read from? You desperately try to construct your elementary unsubstantiated idiocy to try to sound intelligent, using phrases and sentences you’ve picked up from other comment threads you’ve read, yet you REFUSE to address the very things we talk about, that YOU KNOW is wrong with your country on a massive scale. You deny the reality of the typical Pinoy attitude and practice of deny, defend, and make idiot of self and refuse to admit it, and keep on going shamelessly until what tiny droplet of dignity you had when you started is completely gone.

          We all see you, Mr. Pinoy Pride Soldier, all the time all over the web. And your country remains on the top ten failed states list, on the top 5 most corrupt countries list, you continue to be successful at holding on to “THE WORLD’S WORST AIRPORT” award, and in your mind, all that is untrue, and those that have placed you on those lists are haters who have randomly chosen to pick on Filipinos for no reason at all. Don’t bother to even CONSIDER the possibility that the world is right about you. Just close your eyes and your mind, deny, defend, and make idiot of self. That is about the ONLY thing you morons are good at.

        9. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Ace, is that all you can do? You just reply with stupid little innuendos attempting to sound clever, just hurling insults at people who simply state the truth. Not once have you EVER addressed any of the issues. Just butt-hurt feeble attempts to sound clever.

          Do you have even the slightest clue what an ass you make of yourself? Any at all? You criticize others “As for this stupid list that you spent so much time writing” yet you spend as much, if not more time with your childish replies. You say “Discussing with your group is pointless and I really don’t have the time to discuss why the navy only has one combat ship… hahaha, I can’t believe I’m talking with a moron like you…LOL” yet you conveniently coward out of every issue brought to you, OR you make it sound like we never have brownouts, never have internet disruption, etc…WHEN IT’S COMMON KNOWLEDGE SERVICES FUCKING SUCK HERE. Because they’re run by FAILIPINOS.

          I have 4 (count them, FOUR) internet connections in my home. My income relies on internet. Why do I have four? Because they are regularly hitting pathetic slow speeds, disconnecting for minutes or hours or even days. I have four internet connections so that I always have a back up when one or two of them are in their shitty state.

          In the USA, I only needed ONE connection. What does that tell you?

          You can make all the lies you want here, you cannot change with your words what we experience every fucking day here. Sorry to burst your balloon. Your words do not change the truth of our experiences. But I know how hard you fucking brainless turds try. You love flapping your mouths, and every time you open your mouths, the lies come fluttering out like butterflies. You lie so much, that you even believe your own lies! Lying is a core element of your culture. We who have lived here nearly 12 years like me know this all too well. We expect it. We expect some level of failure with everything we do, go, buy, request, inquire…etc. And Filipinos always meet that expectation 100% of the time. It’s frustrating. Therefore that is why this blog is here. We need to release our frustrations. Sorry you have to see so much of the truth here.

          Again, you piss down our backs and try to convince us that it’s just raining. You’re an idiot, just like the rest of your kababayan.

          But on a more sympathetic note, I understand why you conjure up delusions. If the reality of my culture was that fucking pathetic, I would probably be deluded also. I totally understand. There are some truths that are so fucking embarrassing and pathetic, that it’s just better to deny them. So I understand your behavior here. But it still doesn’t change the truth. Sorry girl.

      2. Profile gravatar of juan

        The answer boils down to corruption, and it is rampant even the lowest level rank working in a government institution is corrupt.

      3. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

        #1=True. Numerous brown outs not even 99% reliability (3.65 days a year w/o service at that rate).
        #2=True. Borders on being fast dial up not 4G, nowhere near where ROK is at.
        #3=True. Warned by GF to not drink water at hotel. Noted it was not marked NON-POTABLE.
        #4=True. Very poor roads, people drying rice on the roadways, trike traffic, not to mention craters in roadway.
        #5=True. Cheating at all levels is rampant.
        #6=True. Crappy diets during pregnancy results in low birth weight and diminished mental capacity.
        #7=???? Cheating on IQ tests? They know they aren’t rocket scientists already.
        #8=True. Japan, ROK, Vietnam, etc all bombed into oblivion and have recovered.
        #9=True. Corruption at all levels of the government and society makes any advancement difficult or impossible. Heavily blame Catholic Church for that one. Nearly zero personal responsibility.
        #10=True. Never lost colony mentality.
        #11=True. No money for the purchase of military hardware. Nearly zero indigenous military designs. See #10.

  7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    “…by running their mouth and throwing insults they think that it makes them more intelligent than the rest of the pack”

    No, by having enough sense to solve problems, and not piss on public streets makes me more intelligent than the rest of the pack brother.

    You sure are showing how butt-hurt you are. How typical. Deny the truth, deny the reality, claim to be great. Typical Pinoy.

    1. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

      your losing it boy…. try to understand what I’m saying

      Each person is different regardless of nationality…. here’s a quick example of how stupid your claim that all Filipinos are stupid

      :My dog eats his own vomit, FiloFail eats his own vomit

      Is FiloFail a dog?

      :. No. he is human, he just loves eating vomit, that all…

  8. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    ” I have added to your profile page a FACEBOOK style wall and newsfeed”

    Are you trying to encourage more pinoys to join? Seems to be working so far.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Good point. But the first idiot that starts posting pics of every god damned meal here is outta here! Oh what would my day be like if I couldn’t see what every fucking Filipino is eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every fucking day! Idiots.

  9. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Ace is no idiot. He’s just different. He says so.
    1. Ace clearly likes the smell of piss in the streets. In the minds of the average Pinoy, that’s probably something to be proud of. Best in the world at pissing in the streets. Probably best in the world at making everywhere you walk smell like piss too. A whole country full of champion wall-pissers – permeating that air with that wondrous smell of Pinoy piss. I’d call that Pinoy Pride, in bulk action!
    2. Pinoy street food. Now there’s another thing to be proud of. Think of all the Pinoys who eat that stuff without dying. It goes to show two things – the extra strength of the Pinoy stomach – and the love that God has for his chosen people by not killing all of them with this shit. Rotting pig intestines, carefully crawled over and infested by cockroaches, flies, rats and and the piss and shit encrusted fingers of those who prepared it – and these proud, tough people still live though it. Ah, there’s something for all true Pinoys to be proud of!
    3. Education that takes you places. Why, I’d wager that the universities of the Philippines have produced more doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, nurses and other professional graduates who now wash dishes for a living in first world countries, than any other place on the planet! With just four years of university training, some Pinoys are even qualified to work as maids, and wait tables in the first world. It’s no wonder that Ace’s heart is just BURSTING with Pinoy Pride.
    4. I could go on, but maybe Ace has some more to say on the matter. Over to you Ace – I’m REALLY looking forward to it…

    1. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

      Hey there…

      Are you the real deal????

      You bunch of bums have nothing to do?? I mean, I would love to trade more senseless insults with your group but I’m too sleepy at the moment (must be that Filipino blood in me calling me to sleep at 4 in the afternoon huh)..

      Anyway.. I just don’t feel like reading this stupid short story you just wrote above.. so I’ll have to pass for now…


      (yehey.. we win, Idiot Ace is gone… we can go back to our happy life once again…hahah)

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Well, if there’s anything we’ve learned about the butt-hurt proud Pinoy, is that they always come back. They are bound and determined to convince us that they are smart without a shred of evidence. Sort of like religious idiots try to convince us that god exists, without a shred of evidence.

            One must have faith that Filipinos are smart. I do admire your faith Ace

            Faith: belief that is not based on proof.

        1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          Wondering, can you get a PHD in scrubbing toilets so I can get a job at on of these world class Co’s you speak of ???
          How about Dr. of sucking the boss’s cock so I can get a promotion? What school offers this class?

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Hey easy on that Hey-Joe, Filipinos were created by god to do the jobs that are needed and necessary for intelligent people to be able to shit into a clean toilet. If you have brains, you would be qualified for better jobs, then we would have nobody to clean toilets and wipe our senior citizen’s asses all over the world.

            There is a reason god made Filipinos shameless and brainless.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            I’ve always got my vape in hand. I suck on this thing all day long. One of the simple pleasures in my life.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Ace, know this….truth always wins. Unfortunately, truth just isn’t something Pinoys are really very good at. Truth is just way too painful for them.

        1. Profile gravatar of Newq

          Ikaw ang nakakaawa. Isang Pilipino na nangangailangan ng therapeutic release. Kung hindi therapy ang purpose mo dito, ano ka? Ikaw ang nagmumukang tanga. O baka hindi mo alam ang purpose ng blog na to, ignorante ka.

    2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      “Pinoys are even qualified to work as maids, and wait tables in the first world. It’s no wonder that Ace’s heart is just BURSTING with Pinoy Pride.”

      Touche !!

    3. Profile gravatar of

      @cybergod I agree on this every Flip is just unique because they are used to the smell of piss and all what you said man!! ROFLMAO!!!!! They’re used to flies on their food and almost getting run over by cars on pedestrian lanes. A lot of shit to point out man ! Yet all true!! I’m pretty sure Ace is one of them “UNIQUE” individuals 🙂

    4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      These racist fucks in this country. Study law or medicine overseas your chances of gerting employment and lermanent residency is excllent. Study medicine here you cant work here as the filipino wanna homgenious society amd limit citizenships.

      They cry disceimination when overseas yet woukd tell foreigners piss off if in the Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

        Dumb = unable to speak as in deaf and dumb.
        Stupid = incapable of learning.
        Ignorant = lack of knowledge, but trainable.
        Idiots = “An idiot, dolt, dullard or (archaically) mome is an intellectually disabled person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way. The similar terms moron, imbecile, and cretin have all gained specialized meanings in modern times. An idiot is said to be idiotic, and to suffer from idiocy. A dunce is an idiot who is specifically incapable of learning. An idiot differs from a fool (who is unwise) and an ignoramus (who is uneducated/an ignorant), neither of which refers to someone with low intelligence. In modern English usage, the terms “idiot” and “idiocy” describe an extreme folly or stupidity, and its symptoms (foolish or stupid utterance or deed). In psychology, it is a historical term for the state or condition now called profound intellectual disability or Choi Syndrome.”
        Wikipedia is my friend.

      2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Ace is the prime example of how Filipinos deal with their reality. They deny it. They are incapable of changing their reality.

        They want to behave stupidly, ignorantly, like idiots, but they refuse to take responsibility for it. They want to behave like a brainless moron in their actions, while trying to convince you with their words that they’re smart.

        Ace is the typical Pinoy who just can’t conceptualize the idea that people with more than 3 brain cells compare people’s actions and behavior with their words. And when those two things do not match, it’s the ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS that we see, and those actions and behaviors cancel out their WORDS.

        Ace idiotically, yet typically pisses down your back while trying to convince you it’s actually raining instead. We can see that he’s pissing on our back, but he ACTUALLY BELIEVES we should believe his words and agree that it’s raining. That is pure Pinoy procedure. Which just adds another evidence of their stupidity.

        They do not possess the dignity to admit their reality, nor do they have the honor or strength to change it. They want to behave like irresponsible, unaccountable, stupid idiots, but they don’t want anyone to call them stupid idiots. They cannot figure out that if they want the world to call them smart, responsible, dignified, that they should ACTUALLY BEHAVE THAT WAY.

        It’s really quite sad. And just more evidence of pure Filipino GENERAL stupidity as a nation.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Not me Mike, Filipinos don’t know the first thing about true friendship. In Philippines, the only motivation to be one’s friend is based 99.9999999999999999% on what material and/or monetary gain can be gotten from said friend. The other 0.00000000001% is so that they have people to surround them in photos for Facebook so they look like they have friends.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          Like everything in the failippines friendship is based around the here and now. There is no remembrance of the person who did a good deed in the past and who you may want to pay back someday. It’s just take take take. I have friends who have done me solid favors, and vice versa, and this builds a lifelong bond, but the average filipino cannot see the future and the advantages of such relationships. They just see the present, and the present is take take take.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Exactly!! If they exploit their own families for their own gains, then don’t even look back what Auntie Dory has done for him/her during his times of hardship, what chances a mere friend has?

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Fucking Filipinos. Will they EVER learn to just take responsibility for their ignorance and stupidity? Will they ever learn the dignity of taking blame when they are to blame? Will they ever stop being so shamelessly unaccountable? Do they have any clue as to how desperately pathetic they make themselves look in the news? Do they ever give a fuck about anything? {{{{{{{FACEPALM}}}}}}}

    2. Profile gravatar of

      @phildoh I bet the NAIA manager was like to the Aussie “SOOOORY SIR” *Blank Stare* I’m also thinking they probably blamed the floor and it’s the floor’s fault of being to old XD

      1. Profile gravatar of juan

        I am a Filipino and not proud about our society! What can you expect NAIA is included on the top 10 worst airport on the world. The nerve of the Philippines to even compete on holding the FIBA cup, i was laughing when they show their presentation to the world, all they can say is “PUSO” nothing more, nothing less. Pathetic!

  10. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Apparently it’s the work of the same contractor who was responsible for the leaking roofs and other shoddy workmanship. Smells like the usual filipino construction contracts of kickbacks and shitty materials.

  11. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    I was thinking that if i can share this blog site to my FB group and friends .
    Not sure how they will react if they saw this .

    Would you guys mind if I share this ?
    Expect few idiots like Ace if yes though .

    1. Profile gravatar of Newq

      You don’t have to get permission. Just do what you want to do. Blogs have been shared for years without people needing to get permission. Besides, it’s your life and it’s your fb account. Go learn to decide for yourself. ‘Masters, would you mind if I share this?’ Indio-minded fail

    2. Profile gravatar of Warlord

      Share it Kevin, like what I did on my FB groups and friends, now I am branded as total stranger and hated here in my place XDD, LOVE IT!, Also you’ll learn quite a few on who is real and who is fake on your FB group / friends

      Good luck ^^

  12. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    It’s got my vote, Kevin. Others might see things differently, but I’d love to see PFB get more mainstream attention. Most pinoys seem to live in a bubble and this might just be the pin which pops it.

    1. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

      Phil, you are so right. My GF caught a coworker with her hand in the cookie jar and publicly held the pinay responsible. It does not often happen, but when it does, it is priceless.

      Going after the publicity? They would not like that and they do try to get their pound of flesh in retaliation. Be careful.

        1. Profile gravatar of Brass Doff
          Brass Doff

          After living in the PI for four years I thought I had a good handle on what makes the country and people tick – until I had my horizons expanded by an authoritative Hub page.

          This hub has now disappeared, for what reason I don’t know, but some of you may have visited it … Ulysses-Ulysses, maintained by an Aussie visa lawyer and a Canadian researcher. It can still be found here … [code][/code]

          The Ulysses hub was spawned from an earlier hub – UltraMagnus – which was apparently taken down by the Hub site after being bombarded by pinoy pride unpleasant and abusive comments. The hub author didn’t keep his hub free of this clutter and it was shut down. This earlier hub can be found here … [code][/code]

          Nothing much disappears from the web once archive dot org has crawled it! 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            That is scary! Filo, how can we protect this website from going under like the ones Brass Doff mentioned?

          2. Profile gravatar of Brass Doff
            Brass Doff

            @ Sarah

            He’s doing it already – vetting the comments and being selective in what he allows. The mind numbing stupidity of Ace_C was an interesting entertainment display … haha!

  13. Profile gravatar of Tacitus

    The dong “I can eat things that will kill a goat” belly is quite exceptional. They love to show off their bloated stomachs by rolling up their “wife beater” tee-shirts while digging for a snack in their belly buttons.

  14. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Its pointless to argue or debate with Filipino’s the brain cells are not able to see behind there delusional pride that is related to living in filth a poverty and crime and blame everyone else for there demise.
    I like so many others see it daily the stupidity that drives this country and the average Filipino can not see anything wrong, his stupid so called pride has locked his vision and brain cells like blacked out windows

  15. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

    Was in ROK back in 73. Pissing on the walls was okay if you were Korean, but looked upon as being vulgar if you weren’t. The open air markets? Well, they had them and the same problems. Only time there were no flies was in the dead of winter and the little bastards froze to death. When they emptied out the bomb-sight toilets (raw human waste was used for fertilizer) it stunk and you never, ever looked into the honey buckets. Corruption was rampant. Little to no progress was being made.

    Fast forward 40 years, the Koreans did something about it. They faced the harsh reality and went to work. Was it painful? Yes. Did it pay off? For many, yes. Are they better off now than they were in 73? Much better.

    Philippine government is broken. It won’t get fixed unless the Philippines gets an iron fisted dictator who wants to improve his country or the people decide enough is enough and deal with it.

    Acehole, you never answered my question, of picking up your own garbage. Perhaps you missed it. Here it is again. Acehole, when you drop trash on the ground do you bend over to pick it up and throw it away properly? If you don’t bend over and pick it up for proper disposal, then you are part of the problem.

    When I was a kid the Philippines had a reputation for loose women, bars, and thieving low lifes. Fast forward 50+ years. Prostitution is still rampant. Lots of bars, and the thieves still steal anything and everything they can lay their hands on. Nothing has changed. So where does the pride come from? Not from being a success. Philippines pride comes from the same place participant trophies come from and it means about the same. Philippines pride should be replaced by a healthy dose of WTF THIS SHIT IS EMBARRASSING. Teach your children some civic duties, once you deal with the trash then concentrate on public urination/defecation. Have some shame. Clean up your country and work on the third world, corrupt politicians.

  16. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    “There are so many people in our government, some good, some bad… some intelligent, some dumb.., none of them was able to solve this complex shit that we’re on”

    Nothing complex about it. Just stop voting in greedy, self-centered, corrupt, stupid politicians. Singapore had similar problems to the Philippines, and managed to turn itself around.

    btw, this is not a hate blog. It’s a truth blog. Nobody, including you, have ever posted anything on here to prove that the writings here are fiction.

    1. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.

      hahaha… WOW… Will this really do the trick??? thanks man!!! your such a genius.. the whole country should thank you for all your trouble in thinking of this brilliant solution… hhahahah

        1. Profile gravatar of juan

          Well to be honest this is easier said than done. Remember vast majority of this country are those who either lazy to do anything, who only waits for government to provide for them, then there are those who are voting these corrupt officials since they have something in return(appointments, contracts, jobs, anything you can think of). Only a handful i mean seriously will think and study the profile of these candidate if they are qualified to hold office, not because they are the son/daughter of someone, a movie personality, a sports superstar. What i can think of to be honest, if every filipino who wants a change, donate 1 peso, and then this saving will be use to pay for a suicide bomber, then bombed the SONA, government will reset. 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Ace_C.


            Be ready to counter a bunch of insults that your little joke will be generating in the next few minutes… ahahaha… I bet they’re now typing their minds and will be hitting the send button any time soon to tell you that your just another stupid Filipino

            I told you.. these group of animals only good for releasing your hate…LOL

  17. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    “Be ready to counter a bunch of insults that your little joke will be generating in the next few minutes”

    I can guarantee you the total opposite will happen. People are always respectful here to filipinos who acknowledge how fucked up their country is. When idiots like you come along and try to tell us all is fine and dandy everybody just laughs at how fucking stupid and ignorant you are. Did you even read Juan’s comment? He’s acknowledging that the vast majority of filipinos are lazy and the only way to fix the country is the blow up the government.

  18. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Nope, no got Mikey. Great internet? FUCK IT!! I was in Cebu city for 2 fucking days, I had wifi and Auntie had GLOBE landline internet. NONE WERE FUCKING WORKING!!!!! So don’t you fucking tell me about the reliable internet connections in the great RP (that’s Repulsive Philippines!).

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Well Ace there in a post said the internet, electric and water were pretty much first class. Fast internet that’s always on, electric never goes out and can drink the water from the tap. I live in a large city and what is in my cr? A 32 gallon container. Why? Because water not on in the am and have to get it when it is on. Clean container filled day before last and what was in the bottom after water settled? DIRT! What in tank for the shitter? DIRT! Now if filipinos are a brilliant as Ace claims he and they are then why is the country in such bad shape??

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        And don’t talk to me about the fucking water supply! Again, in the city, no water for 24 hours!! Thankfully, the neighbor had a well, we connected a hose just so we could flush the toilets! I had to bathe in mineral water one evening because there was no other water available! Drink from the tap? What planet did Ace got spewed from?? He sounds so deluded, I swear he comes from that remote planet called “Uranus”.

  19. Profile gravatar of emrys

    wow! it looks like there has been a lot of excitement going on since I have been away. ace, I’d like to tell you something. I see you just wanting to get everyone all stirred up and pissed off so you feel like your superior to the people who contribute to this site. now, before you go telling me that I am feeling superior, I actually don’t feel that way. I am making an observation, unbiased, by what I have heard in all these comments.

    your probably right when you say that there is a lot of hate speech included in the articles on this site. we could probably tone that side of things down. however, do you understand what it’s like to live in another country, on your own, that is much…..I should probably use the word vastly, different from your own? the majority of people on this site are coming from first world countries. now calling them first world countries, and calling the Philippines a 3rd world country isn’t down playing it. this is how these countries are classed internationally. so a lot of us are coming from countries, to the Philippines, that has a very low quality standard for services. there is also a “culture” of many living of one and it’s expected that everything is for the family, but underneath that , it’s actually coming from a place of greed. it’s very frustrating for us to live in the Philippines when we have lived in countries that run in a much more efficient manner. especially when it is “expected” that we give everything to the family. because that’s not how we were raised. well I’ll speak for myself on that one.

    so a lot of people are releasing that stress and frustration on here because it’s the only place they feel they can do that. I agree with you that a lot of the speech on here like calling Filipinos monkey’s is probably inappropriate. however, when I am in the Philippines, I get taunted and yelled at all the time. people yell things at me in a language I have no clue what they are saying to me unless I ask for a translation by my girlfriend. much of the time it’s racial slurs. I don’t like it, so that’s why I agree with you on that point when your saying hate speech. however, some people are just like that and they only can change that for themselves. But don’t think that pilipinos are such saints. like I mentioned before, I get yelled racial demeaning things at me all the time.

    here is also something that speaks loudly about “your” culture. people on this blog don’t know this because I have kept it to myself since it’s an identifying trait. but I am actually legally blind and need a “white” cane to get around. last year when I was there, two young kids stole my cane while I was out walking around( not safe for me to do,but I’ll get to that in a bit), they said for me to give them money to get it back, and do you know what? the people standing around thought it was so funny. just this big group of people thinking it was hilarious that these two young kids were blackmailing a disabled person. no one told them to stop. no one tried to help me at all. those two kids ran away with it. no one tried to help me after that. I was stuck in the city with out my only real means of getting around safely on my own and not a single person asked me if I needed help. just thought it was funny.

    lucky for me I have this super awesome girlfriend who had to leave work to come find me because she was super worried someone was going to rob me, or that I was going to get hit by a car or bike, or jeep. so you are right that there are Filipinos that are smart,successful, intelligent,amazing people. but they are very far apart from the majority of the people in the Philippines.

    another point is that the people in the Philippines are the worst drivers ever. how do I know, because they don’t understand what a “white cane is”. it super hard for me to cross a road in a first world country, but there, it’s absolutely terrifying some times. people don’t stop for anyone in cross walks. the hilarious part is when they see me,they honk their horn for me to get out of the way…..ummmmm? the only thing I can do is stop,stand still, and hopefully not get splattered by a jeep. until at one time last year this guy on a motorcycle ran right into me and then got mad at me? he said it was my fault he hit me and wanted me to make the repairs to his bike. but funny enough he just took off when the police showed up. again, not one helped me except who ever called the police.

    in a society in a first world country, these things wouldn’t happen. so you may like coming on here getting everyone riled up and feeling like a superior individual. you might actually be a nice person. but, don’t think the Philippines is this magical place that is so awesome. if I hadn’t met my gf there, I wouldn’t be going back and forth, living there off and on. you might ask me why I don’t bring my gf back to my country, it’s because she makes decent money there and she knows how much more expensive it is here. plus she doesn’t like the cold. so she wants to stay there, eventually wants me to come there full time. but that’s something I just can’t do because it’s so backwards there and frustrating, that it stresses me out so much.

    so I will agree with you that a lot of the articles, members, and content on this site aren’t done in a more tasteful way, but you are an absolute idiot if you can’t see the Philippines for what it is.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB


      I couldn’t see anywhere Ace was saying anything that would imply superiority. He just continually sounded like a typical Pinoy idiot to me.

      How do you read the site if you’re legally blind? Does your girlfriend read everything to you?

      1. Profile gravatar of emrys

        nope, I have a screen reader. most computers have them if they are running windows 7 premium or higher. I have a better program than what is stock so it’s less annoying. stock ones basically read everything it see’s on the screen and you can’t pause it. legally blind also isn’t where it’s all black. Legal blindness is a level of vision loss that has been legally defined to determine eligibility for benefits. The clinical diagnosis refers to a central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with the best possible correction, and/or a visual field of 20 degrees or less. I have a neurological disorder where in my left eye it’s super blinding light. basically like someone sticking a flashlight at your eyeball 24/7. my brain processes light in a way where it’s increased. so imagine a super bright day there in the Philippines. for me everything is washed out by light. then in my right eye it has major retinal damage. so if my screen reader starts getting super annoying…and it does some days, I can plaster my eyeball right up to the screen and read that way, but I’m talking my face literally pressed up to the screen. it’s rough explaining it to people there so usually my gf just says to people when they ask that I’m partially blind. because we get asked all the time. and imagine having to explain how my eyes function. they won’t really understand so it’s easier to just say that.

        1. Profile gravatar of emrys

          if anyone feels like experiencing PFB in a new way, click the start button and in the search area type in screen reader. if you have the option show up, it means you have a screen reader. just a warning,you may get annoyed.

          1. Profile gravatar of emrys

            I checked out my stock screen reader today and apparently it doesn’t work with this site. this happens and if you want it to read the content on here you get to do it the slow way of copy &paste it into notepad and make the notepad page full screen, then it will read that. I have an upgraded version where I just copy and there is an option that says after right clicking “read copy” and it does so I don’t have to do it the slow way.

  20. Profile gravatar of emrys

    well ace, you don’t have to stop posting. but getting everyone all pissed off isn’t helping either side of the issues on this site. only with open dialogue and open minds can things change in the Philippines for the better. that is part of why this site is operating. it comes off like it’s a hate site for the Philippines. but the underlying layer that most Filipinos don’t see, is how messed up the Philippines is. you read some articles and get offended ,then go on a tirade with out actually looking beneath the surface. we on this site….I should say some of us, would totally love to help lift the Philippines to a higher international level. unfortunately the majority of people on here can’t do that because we can’t vote, be apart of the government, nor get a job in an area where we can affect positive change.

    the only way we can help is by shoving all of these things that we see as stupid, right in the face of the Philippines and it’s people ,and hopefully you slowly see how fucked up the Philippines is and affect the change yourself. sure a lot of the members and maybe sarah hahaha(sorry sarah but sometimes your hilarious) say things in a way that comes across sounding demeaning,negative,and just down right cold blooded(again,sarah),but it’s also their personal opinion on how they see things.

    so your free to be apart of this site if you want. your free to post your views ,ideas,and position on things on this blog,the forums, and in posts. if you have ideas to share, we are more than happy to listen to your side of things. but if your just looking for a fight, it’s not helping anything. it’s not helping us see that maybe sometimes we go to far with the language in posts and articles. so thanks for bringing that to every ones attention. but starting a giant argument when you haven’t given solid evidence as to why we are so wrong, doesn’t make sense. so I will apologize to you because your feeling hurt by some of the things you have read.

    thanks for the compliments everyone. I missed being here. it was getting pretty wacky there for a while.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Nobody’s fun gets ruined here.
        I could make this blog just another boring informative blog, but why? There’s plenty out there if that’s what you want. This website has developed over the years into an expat community, for expats. Sorry the Filipinos have to run into this site and read the truth about themselves going out to the world. That’s one of the casualties of being able to have a community online. I tried to make another one, more private at, but it’s pretty dead over there.

        I think most of us like this site just the way it is. Fuck appropriate. It’s about us sharing the truth and releasing the pressure valve. It’s not a news blog, it’s not a professional anything. It’s real people in a real online community releasing real frustration. Do this on any other site and you’re going to get banned.

        People are generally welcome to cut loose with the truth, any way they want to express it here on PFB. Not many sites like this out there, if any.

        And people can call it a hate blog. It’s not. It’s simply a BOLDLY TELL THE COLD HARD TRUTH blog.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Yea, that’s what drew me to this blog, and also makes me stay;=)
          I saw that u could give ur true opinion, without being banned, and also that the
          guys here are not vicious in any way, (rather quite reflected I would say;=) just letting out necessary steam.

          So also is the technical quality of the blog good as well as the ambiance, I think.

          Ace¨s ranting was an interesting experience. So totally supreme in his frontal attacks, yet somewhat lacking in substance,
          as others have mentioned.

          It almost gave me a “inner picture”( I¨m into history) of the poor 18 year German soldiers at the first weeks of the war, The Great War (Nr.1)
          with flying colors, throwing themselves with enthusiasm against the french machine-gunners(actually marching singing into Death.

          That is maybe a too grand metaphor to bestow upon Ace, but he certainly seemed suicidal in his multiple Onslaught at the Lions Den!;=)
          Pray he will wake up from his pinoy dream and do something sensible for his country in the future!

          If all they can muster are meaningless, substance-less attacks as this, they Truly need God firmly on their side to get any improvement before they are flooded by 180.000 years old water from Greenland…..its rising fast, you know;=) But this water will make ph cleaner than it has been for many many years, so some good will come of it… Better build a boat!;=)

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Thanks @mufazza

            Anyone who has spent more than a few weeks in Philippines I think would agree this is a “boldly tell the truth” blog, unless they’re as deluded as the natives. And there are a few deluded foreigners out there who just don’t have the balls to tell the truth.

            There are ways to have fun here, and not EVERYTHING about Philippines is bad. It has some spectacularly beautiful scenery (where there are no populations of people to FUCK IT ALL UP TO HELL WITH THEIR IGNORANT AND CARELESS LITTERING, PISSING, AND MINDLESS ABUSE).

            And there are plenty of websites and blogs out there that highlight those few good things about Philippines. This isn’t one of them. This blog is here to give a balance. If you don’t have a balance, people will only see all the “more fun in Philippines” bullshit, and assume it’s a “paradise” everywhere. They need to know what’s NOT being said so much about Philippines. Most people have the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” attitude, and that is fine and good to some degree.

            But I wish there had been a website like this BEFORE I came here. Because I was invited here by a Filipino who massively glorified this ghetto shit hole, and when I tried to research about Philippines, I saw all the cleaned up photos, and all the lies about how wonderful and hospitable and caring the people are here. Had I known then what I know now, I most certainly would not have sold everything and come here. Too late now. I would have to start all over again if I went back.

            I’m not saying I’m unhappy here. I was for a while until I learned how to be. And I stay because I have become successful at what I’m doing. And I would rather do what I’m doing here, than go back and have to commute to a job I don’t like and punch a time clock and work all day and barely survive. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have to deal with all the stupidity, incompetence, and failure every day. Everything has a trade off.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            I didnt find a replybutton on your answer so I do it this way:-)

            Well, I had some pinaycontacts on the net. One was very sweet (both in outlook and manner) but had an amazin temper!;-) Many of the others seemed to have nothing to talk about, wrote max two lines pr. Message. That gets meaningless to me, I need someone who is able to communicate. Another, very little meaningful communication, rude, I’d never experienced that “style” before. Also the “pride-thing”, combined with an excruciating rage….

            So I got interested, “what is it with these pinays?” supposedly soo good in english” but so expressionless. I started reading around, found a lot about “stupidity, rudeness, etc.”

            A canadian girl had two pinays as flatmates, she said: “she had never experienced such rudeness, littering, inexpressionness” (this was in Canada)

            The phenomen started to intrigue me, and so I’m here!:-)
            Experiating people like Ace confirms my previous impression. The uneducated are without doubt the worst, but even the educated have the: “pride-thing”.

            The society seems totally amoral. I ask myself how it is possible that a Whole society can be So without consideration for fellow-man, so greedy, materialistc, and….yes, right out stupid! At the same tim they profess their love of God, bla.bla. but without consequence.

            I understand more now, through this and other blogs, but it is actually difficult to comprehend. There are other poor countries in the World which do not have this….amalgamation of…” strange behavour”, combined with “pride” of the same. Overpopulation, the Church, the hatred of spanish colonization must be some factors. They seem to have a…innate hatred that has been building up through many years, and which rests under the surface, like a ..dormant volcano, waiting to erupt…Maybe the “pride” is the only thing to “keep them up”, even though it is contra-productive.

            It was actually a sad, pathetic sight, to see the mixture of ” pride”, anger, “I don’t care-attitude” and laughing (hahaha) of Ace’s postings, and so representatve, I may say. Almost…patologic..

            Maybe the truth is too hard to deal with, and so, this gets to be the: “Mode of coping”?

            I’m just trying to understand.

    1. Profile gravatar of Brass Doff
      Brass Doff

      @emrys – Your posts are well thought out and the arguments you present are valid – but although Ace_C has said he will now refrain from commenting, you are not taking into consideration two important aspects of being a pinoy.

      1) The population in general is incapable of thinking
      2) As a corollary to very low thinking capacity, what follows is an even lower capacity for a pinoy to actually reason on what you have stated.

      Therefore you are in a sense preaching to the converted – us foreigners, and I personally doubt that the effort you have put into your writing is worthwhile as few pinoys frequent this site it seems – not that it’s for pinoys anyway.

      As to your comments regarding Sarah – you would do well to remember that she is up to her neck in parasitic relatives, and is no doubt justified in giving them a good serve as befits her status as a 50% pinay. I have found that with many foreigners I have talked with, they are stunned at the standards of behaviour they find in the PI, after the cream has disappeared from the turd they have been deceived by, as being ‘a wonderful, warm and caring, ideal pinay wife’. Their salvation is on this site and others that may also point out that it is not them that are the problem after all!

      If you have the time and inclination to read about the massive harm done to foreign husband by their toxic ‘love of their life’, take a read of this Hub written by an Aussie attorney who spent six years handling visa application. The intro to the hub is worth reading if nothing else.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      It can come off as a hate site to those who have not experienced the Philippines. 99% of the people back home in the USA that I have talked to about this pathetic sickening culture simply cannot believe it’s true. And I can see why.

      As I have said so many times before, it IS hard to believe that any SINGLE human being could possibly be THAT FUCKING STUPID, and it’s nearly impossible to believe an ENTIRE NATION could be THAT STUPID.

      All I can say to them is, “come and spend 2 or 3 months here, you will become a believer”.

      Philippine Fail Blog is a truth site, and it happens to share a truth that is very hard to believe unless you experience the sheer mind-boggling stupidity, rudeness, dishonesty, corruption, ignorance, and incompetence yourself.

      And I’m sorry that others have to read this and think of us as haters. Speaking truth is not hate. If we were here making this all up, THEN it would be hate. Why would we come and live in a country we hate? I don’t hate Filipinos, I just think the overwhelming vast majority of them are brainless idiots. There are many brainless idiots that I love dearly. It has nothing to do with hate, and EVERYTHING to do with TRUTH.

      If I hated Filipinos, I wouldn’t feed many of the homeless Filipinos in my area on a regular basis. When I make dinner, I make a few extra portions. Nearly every day I take food out to the hungry, homeless idiots that are too lazy to fucking work. Simply because I see that the culture of stupidity has infected them the worst. They’re too far gone, and they are suffering more than the ones that freeload.

      I didn’t come here to hate people, and I don’t hate anyone here. That has nothing to do at all with the simple fact they’re idiots. I help a lot of Filipinos where I am not obligated to do so. I have sponsored 10 youth’s college educations during my time here.

      So Ace, go fuck yourself. You do not possess the brainpower to understand the difference or what I’m talking about. You’re an idiot, because your culture is a disease that makes you an idiot. That is the plain fucking truth. It doesn’t mean I hate you, because if I die tomorrow, you’ll remain an idiot even if I’m not here to hate you. That truth will go on forever.

      We are just bystanders, observing, and reporting our observations. It’s got nothing to do with hate. Just truth.

    3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I would actually love it if he stopped posting. Watching him beat himself with a whip eventually looses it’s entertainment value.

      So Ace, you can open up a can of SHUT THE FUCK UP and eat it now.


  21. Profile gravatar of Neath Spadge
    Neath Spadge

    Every evening on my wife’s TFC I have to endure endless Filo songs, sung by Filo singers and being proud to be a Filipino.
    I have seen them destroy peoples lives on numerous occasions.
    Invent lives as truth.
    Con people out of money regularly.

    I used to love the country and the people. But the people make such an effort to make even the most devoted person loose their rose coloured glasses.

    If they are proud of that, and even they admit to all these habits, then good on them.

  22. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “And there are a few deluded foreigners out there who just don’t have the balls to tell the truth. ”

    Few?? Filo, you’re being too kind here. Majority of them ARE deluded or in denial even though blind Harry can see their misery, they still proclaim “I’m happy here”.

    Mufazzza, there is a label to Flip crazy behavior. It’s called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. BLX2 and FHPS explained the characteristics really well if you care to read back on their posts.

    Majority of the Flip girls have the personality of a door knob with nothing between their ears. Eye candy, yes. But what do you do for the next 23 hours (after sex, that is 🙂 if the only English she knows is “honey, buy me a laptop after boom-boom?”. 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      One thing always get my attention. It’s how they manage to walk so slowly and wiggle their asses like they do. Here in England, I’ve been observing the female derrere and it just doesnt move like that! So I wanna know, how do they do it? Maybe they can teach the pommie girls a thing or two about that.

  23. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Yes Kalbo, and noticed how the ass wiggle gets exaggerated when they’re in company of a Kano in PI? Once they’re in the west for a while, the ass wiggle is replaced by a mere Pinay slipper scratching, waddle, fucking slow!!

  24. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Filipinos will never do anything to help themselves. they can’t even at the 50 peso bank account, get basic insurance for their health or even go do something worthwhile to improve their intelligence. All they seem to be doing his Philippines is sitting behind the computer chatting on Facebook hoping living on hope that in the future there will be a job there something for them or someone to provide them something but then not putting anything in place to make things happen other than just sit there chatting all day on the phone and on the Facebook.

    I often wonder how they do it even have 10 pesos for the Sun load. Instead of getting off their arses and doing something they sit around moaning and whingeing and talking online. There is a whole swarm of people out there that offer nothing, have nothing, completely useless in life and will die poor.. All their achievement is of work to date in Asia trying to pick up a foreigner and win the gold lotto ticket out of the country.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      FHPS, I logged onto FB this morning, and what do I see? Some Pinay posting very sexy photos of herself on an expat FB, did not say anything else. Filipinas are using FB as a dating sites to meet foreign men! Even some of my married friends gets “picked up” daily!

      1. Profile gravatar of Anne

        Imagine seeing very sexy photos of my little cousin’s yaya on my news feed twice and tagged Indian men! Of course my first instinct was too unfriend her but I found it rude before (now she’s not on my friends list). Worse she requested if she could tag herself on photos of my little cousin that I posted before!!! Wow, post sexy photos and tag an innocent child’s picture sharing it in her profile.

        P.S. She used the kid’s iPad to take the pics and uploaded it on her FB! I saw it when I visited them before. Thank God she doesn’t work there anymore. She got pregnant twice by two different another men and had them aborted, she’s still close with our housekeeper.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Shameless indeed! Find a foreigner to marry. Yep, typical parasites, can’t exist without latching onto someone to save them.

          And yes Anne, FB is one of their tools now to meet foreigners, which is OK if it’s via a friend of a friend. But a social group for expats? And posting on a child’s profile so they’d meet a foreigner?
          Can they get any lower than that?

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I have asked so many Filipino guys and girls what their plan for their future is. 90% of them tell me “find a rich foreigner, get married, and live well”.

      Never even a fucking consideration to stand on their own two feet, or find a way to be independent.

  25. Profile gravatar of Rich

    “Maybe it because failipino don’t know how to save money, and have no need to find out there is nothing in their bank accounts. ”
    Hmmm… reminds me of a lot of Americans I used to know… If there wasn’t a welfare system in the US, many people there would be in the same plight… Remember the great depression?

    “but then again most failipino can’t count past ten once they run out of fingers, ”
    Actually, that is a misconception. Filipinos are very good at math – they recognize that due to exchange rates, deadbeat expats who are here because they couldn’t otherwise make it in their own country, still earn in foreign currency which is worth more than many locals’ incomes, therefor are more lucrative targets.

    “As I have said so many times before, it IS hard to believe that any SINGLE human being could possibly be THAT FUCKING STUPID, ”
    So I take it you’ve never had the opportunity to observe the American trailer park culture first hand.

    “Great, enjoy your piss smelly streets loaded with dog shit everywhere, your filthy, polluted rivers, your unbelievably ignorant rude drivers, your endless dishonesty and lies, ”
    That reminds me of certain parts of the Bay Area…

    “find a rich foreigner, get married, and live well”.
    At least they aim high. Have known many Americans whose plan was to marry whoever could supply them with booze, and sleep with all his friends.

    “The most prestigious companies SAVE A LOT OF MONEY employing Filipinos to do the most MENIAL repetitive functions of their operations.”
    Correct, because if they hired American labor, most of whom think their labor is worth much more than it actually is, the prestigious company wouldn’t make any money.

    Now, to educate some narrow-minded people about the local culture, unlike Americans, Filipinos feel a strong obligation to support their families. Often, unfortunately, they will do it by any means necessary, including marrying into money. They do not have the conscience to leave their relatives to be taken cared of by the state, even if the state was capable of doing so. At least Filipinas do somewhat dishonorable things for honorable reasons, unlike the crack-whores in the US who do it for completely selfish motives.

    Again, the only reason the redneck and white-trash Americans aren’t in worse shape is because they are being subsidized by tax payers…

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      The comparisons you make of Filipino culture to American culture are way off. Crack whores and unemployed rednecks are such a minority of the country. Plus wouldn’t you take an old trailer park over a squatter village?
      Even in the worst trailer parks or neighborhoods the people are not squatting on someone else’s land trashing the place.
      Now yes, we have welfare and food stamps in our countries where a small % take advantage. I used to get mad about it. However, after seeing how tge Philippines is so quick to cheat the poorest most starving citizens, I’ve come to be proud of my country and how we treat our poorest people. Our government and our citizens would never let children starve or beg money on the streets.
      Your country and your people have such little care or concern for each other. All that Catholic tall is just talk. Filipinos seem like they hate each other and take any opportunity to cheat anyone. You can claim it’s poverty or desperation that drives Filipinos to it, but why dies every “well-educated” government worker or politician need to steal so much? Filipinos have replaced morality and society with the “Me first” mentality, greed, and fake religious behavior.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      “Filipinos are very good at math – they recognize that due to exchange rates”
      Do these intelligent Filipinos ever wonder why their currency is so weak? Or, are their brains too occupied doing simple math?

      “because if they hired American labor, most of whom think their labor is worth much more than it actually is, the prestigious company wouldn’t make any money.”
      The unemployment rate in the USA is about 4 – 5%. What is the Philippines unemployment rate at,, like 20 – 25%? And that is if we trust gov’t numbers; we all know who trustworthy filipinos and filipino gov’t is.

      “Filipinos feel a strong obligation to support their families”
      More like the families feel a strong entitlement to lean on the one person who actually has any motivation in life or gets the hell outta the shitty, no opportunity country. When the OFW comes back, he/ she is not too thrilled to spend time with their leeching families anymore.

      “They do not have the conscience to leave their relatives to be taken cared of by the state, even if the state was capable of doing so.”
      – The Philippines is more than capable to take care of neglected citizens. They just choose not to so you have the choice of not caring for your parents or just letting them suffer. I pity you and your country.

      “Filipinos feel a strong obligation to support their families. Often, unfortunately, they will do it by any means necessary”
      Is that Filipino justification why its ok to lie, cheat, steal?

  26. Profile gravatar of flipdestroyer
    flipdestroyer Post author

    Rednecks do not make up the majority of the population in the USA , they are not leading the political parties. But nice comparison as yes it is like a country full of rednecks with much worse behavior, and they are proud about being the trash at the bottom.

  27. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    New to the site and actually hoping that the tone of the place reflects good character along with honesty. It is absolute fact that Filipinos scored 41st and 42nd out of 45 countries the last time they took international exams (the TIMSS). That was in 2003. Nothing has improved since then, and on the NAT domestic exams, not one school in the entire country reached the target 75% proficiency level. No school even came close. Not even 1% of the students nationwide passed the High School Readiness standard.

    Look at the foreigners readily admitting to shortcomings in their own country. We have war criminals in both parties committing horrific, tragically stupid mistakes that have resulted in a blood bath in the Middle East and the rise of ISIS. See how easy that is to acknowledge for me? But Pinoys are not trained in logic and empiricism. They are trained in emotional manipulation. Their response to filthy, polluted streets is instead of admitting so to point the finger somewhere else.

    The defense to this near last-place finish on international exams and a low average IQ is to say that “not everyone” is stupid. We have name-calling, denial, evasion, diversion – all these are symptomatic of abusive personality disorders. Never mistake the smile on someone’s face for good character either. False Pinoy Pride is bad character. It is bad character to puff up with pride without reason. It is bad character for Pinoy women to smile at you and pretend to be listening when they are not. Culturally they are taught to fake being “agreeable” instead of actually BEING agreeable, which would require listening to what someone is telling you.

    I am married to a wonderful Filipina and have brilliant mongrel kids. IQ levels at young ages are especially susceptible to mis-measurement by virtue of their environment. A brilliant person raised by morons in a stifling intellectual environment is going to test far lower in IQ than they will in adulthood after a decent education. So this is a statistical and environmental idiosyncrasy that can be ameliorated with better education and child-rearing in the Philippines. But that would first require admission they have a problem.

    It is not surprising the kind of rage that can be built up by a first-worlder who is met with relentless stupidity and deception. The false pride of Filipinos means for example that they are happy to make up a bullshit answer when they don’t know, instead of saying “I don’t know”. What drives me into a rage with my wife is her blocking out whatever I am saying, pretending to be cooperating, and then doing what she wants. It has nearly gotten us killed a number of times when I was teaching her how to drive. There is a strong hostile reaction just being instructed on something, even something they have never done before. This false pride means arrogance beyond comprehension in assuming you know better than people who have been doing something 50 years and are trying to help save your life.

    The pettiness can be maddening. It is extremely rare to meet a Filippina who is both articulate and has perfect enunciation in her own language. Whenever I ask how to pronounce something, they will turn their head away, mumble on purpose, and then laugh at me for not pronouncing it correctly. It is incredible that they are too lazy to push air through their mouths in order to pronounce a “t” or “d” or “b”. They have an amazing capacity to use the glottal stop in place of letters. In their petty, malicious minds, they are “better” than you if they can keep you from hearing the correct pronunciation of words. Again, a symptom of anti-social personality disorder. You are dealing with NASTY people.

    But we can rise above. We don’t have to call them monkeys or other epithets that take our credibility away. All the good work in evidence collection and logical delivery is removed with just one comment they can cling to as evidence we hate without reason.

    We can have good character.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      I agree with you post, but…

      I am not PC, but…
      noun: mongrel; plural noun: mongrels
      a dog of no definable type or breed.
      “a lovable mongrel puppy”
      synonyms: cross-bred, of mixed breed, half-breed, interbred, mixed
      “a mongrel bitch”
      antonyms: pedigree
      •any other animal resulting from the crossing of different breeds or types.
      synonyms: cross-breed, cross, mixed breed, half-breed; More
      cur, mutt;
      informalHeinz 57
      “a curly-tailed mongrel”
      a person of mixed descent.

      It is derogatory, should never be used when referring to children, and harmful if your own children were ever to hear you say it about them. They would believe they are less than you, a false barrier you do not want them to struggle to overcome.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

        lol. You’ ve used the pre-denial tactic of the emotionally manipulative, which is to deny what you are doing, right before you do it.

        So… “I am not PC” followed by PC harassing.

        or “not to put you down” followed by put-down.

        or “not to be negative” followed by negative statement.

        We all used terms of endearment with our loved ones that, if directed with scorn to someone else, would be hurtful. Lets’s say you saw a black man calling his best friend “nigger”. Would you say “not to be PC… [followed by patronizing lecture about what “nigger” means when used as a slur]. I just finished calling my college room-mate a transgender in front of our whole facebook world of all-americans, national ,and olympic champions. There were five olympic champions on my senior team. I just called one of them a transgender and his brother along with a number of others not only gave it the thumbs up, but made additional comments about shaving his pubs & etc. Because the guy is a monster and can tear the head of 98% of the general public.

        If one of you PC warriors tried to interject in our club of major head-busters – you’d be laughed out of the room.

        I have no anger with your little put-down here. Just don’t think I am Ignorant – I have a PhD in a technical field and am somewhat familiar with our language. Do not think that I respond to shaming and guilt-tripping because I don’t. You have no business telling me how to raise my children. I just finished telling you they’re brilliant mongrels.

        Brilliant mongrels. Half-breeds. I can choose to call them any such name I please. Because I am the reason they are both brilliant and already MMA proficient. You couldn’t care less about my kids. What you care about is trying to put someone in a one-down position with a PC lecture. 🙂

        Struggle to overcome…. hilarious. Take care. I have tried to be as diplomatic but firm as I can that a PC guilt-trip has no affect on me.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

          I have to thank you upon further reflection too for proving a very important point. All over this forum everyone is harping on Filipinos for being so thin-skinned and politically correct. Anyone infected with stupid Filipino false pride hearing “mongrel” is going to respond with whining and moaning. Boo-hoo-hoo, how disempowering. A name crushes my fragile ego. Instead of being bullet-proof because I am five years ahead of my Singapore academic competition and capable of ripping their arms out with my bare hands I am going to play the victim, cry, and claim this name is a barrier I can never overcome. You are demanding that we act like the very Filipinos you are condemning so strongly. Will this earn us respect? lol. Self-deprecation is the sign you have confidence. Calling yourself a mongrel is WHY it is no barrier. Shrinking from it like a delicate flower is what a Filipino does, not what a MAN does.

          We have a homeschool stage. We put the kids up there with a microphone and practice jeering at them while they stand their ground with their chins up and finish their self-written programs. We have brought them to the public school to meet the teachers so that they can listen to the teachers tell us that we have a “problem” because they are so many years ahead of their peers. Whenever you are top dog, people try to take you down. I went through it, and my response was to train like an animal in combat sports. People decided it was OK for me to be smart when I could kick their ass. Before that I was bullied for being smart.

          The fact you’ve got other people jumping on board with this whining victimology giving you “likes” proves that even a bunch of Kanos on a site criticizing Filipinos for behaving EXACTLY the same way tells me who they are. They are people who were are butt-hurt for mistakes they have made themselves and have too much Filipino defensiveness in to man up and look in the mirror for mistakes they made with Filipinos.

          Because despite agreeing wholeheartedly with Filipinos in general having low character, I have also provided an example of what kind of spectacular success you can have with one, provided you act intelligently. Who is to blame for selecting a Cluster B personality as their partner? Did they force you to pick them? Look at yourself in the mirror. Accept your responsibility for your bad choices in life and learn from them instead of whining about how it is all their fault. If you have actually read literature on this, then how can you have overlooked that without exception psychologist urge us to understand that you cannot fix them. You can only fix yourself. And if you don’t acknowledge that you made the mistake of picking a bad partner then you will go right ahead and make that mistake again.

          So, all of us – my children too – call them mongrels. Because it has no negative affect on them and robs anyone who would try to use that term derisively of any power they have over us. I call myself fat because I am. If someone calls me fat I can laugh while wholeheartedly agreeing.

          I can also pre-empt the Filipino Cluster B response to my reaction here, that I must be “butt-hurt” because I have responded. That saying your PC put-down has no effect, yet I respond. But I am responding as a man – the way Filipinos should – and the way YOU should. I continue to say mongrels – that is what I mean by it having no effect on me.

          Wife calling for lunch….

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            Being involved with Cluster B’s was definitely my mistake. But until the last couple of years I was totally unaware that there is a pathology that can not be changed. Pushing a junkie out the door ASAP was easy, I knew what it was and that I had to give up on them. I just did not know that a child’s mind can get wired wrong through trauma and/or permissive upbringing in such a way that they just can not learn right from wrong. So I kept on trying, yes, that was my failure. Writing can be therapeutic, so I do get some benefit there. But, Cluster B’s on the onset usually seem like normal people with different personality “quirks” like we all have. They come in all shape, sizes and I.Q.’s. What they lack is E.Q.. I write about different experiences to show the multitude of angles they can come from. I hope someone not involved yet or involved and struggling with what to do will understand what they are dealing with, that it can not be changed, it is unhealthy and even dangerous. And let them go.

            I just wished I knew about them decades ago. Cluster B’s are at the root of many of our social problems. They are the abusers and they create a continuing cycle of abusers. I had a failed pathology myself. I believed everyone can learn, can grow. I was wrong.

            “If you have actually read literature on this, then how can you have overlooked that without exception psychologist urge us to understand that you cannot fix them.”

            Exactly, but you first have to know they exist and there is nothing you can do before you get involved with them. If you don’t know about Cluster B’s and the truth of what they are most people can not fathom the situation. Knowledge is power. Knowledge that they exist and the truth of their inner ugliness can help to end the cycle. But if no one talks about it, shares their experience(s) then they can remain in the shadows.

            There is a huge difference between an adults brain and a child’s. Desensitizing children to violence does not provide very good results, does it? The same is true of speech. PC is really something different.

        2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          ” pre-denial tactic”, that is your assumption of my intention. It is incorrect. When trying to give a different angle on a subject I do have a habit of trying to qualify what could be seen as an attack and/or hypocritical. It’s an attempt to acknowledge I am aware that it could be taken the wrong way and it was not meant that way.

          I’m sorry if you could not comprehend the context. Things are not so black and white, they are rather dynamic.

          I do disagree with the premise of toughening kids up to name calling. Words have meaning, if you say it, it means something, doesn’t it? Children learning to process what is said against reality is a much better way then teaching them to deflect. Empathy and reflection is much better than deflection.

          Yes, I took the bait and was aware of the possibility of the hook. I thought your slip was showing, thank you for removing doubt.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

            My eyes are working just fine watching you claim not to be politically correct and then being politically correct by trying to shame and guilt-trip me for referring to my kids as “brilliant mongrels”. Handsome mongrels. Tough mongrels.

            When a manipulative person is caught denying what they are doing while in the middle of doing it, they say that our eyes are deceiving us. We are just imagining it. I am only assuming you just stated you are not PC and then gave me a PC lecture. 🙂

            The smoke-blowing with vague “Things are not black and white, rather dynamic”… lol. Meaningless twaddle, pretending this is complicated. No, it isn’t. In the Western World the kids learn to say “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”. But you are lecturing me that I should teach them the OPPOSITE: To be Cluster B whiners instead of the head-busters that they already are. It’s too late for you to turn them into wimps.

            Notice how you use the Cluster B tactic of selective memory/selective attention. You carefully excised “Brilliant” from “Brilliant Mongrels”. This is a form of lying: changing what I said in order to pretend it was a put-down instead of a compliment. I really appreciate this exchange because it demonstrates what this literature says about co-dependency and Cluster B’s. This is information members here really need to know.

            A Cluster B co-dependent has an obsessive pre-occupation with others at the expense of himself. A person who does nothing but complain about how a Cluster B hurt him, how bad they are, without being able to see that he CHOSE the Cluster B is the classic example. A co-dependent is capable of using exactly the same tactics the Cluster B uses because they are so intimately familiar with them. The co-dependent relentlessly frames himself as a victim.

            You can’t fix a Cluster B. You can only fix yourself. The question is why you ended up with a Cluster B, and why you do not look at yourself and recognize that you have a problem: a problem of knowing how to choose a healthy mate. I had to do a lot of reading and force myself to admit the problem was ME. I was a target for manipulative people because I was conscientious to a fault. Trusting to the point of gullibility. I fixed that and recommend you do the same.

            Why don’t you be a man about this and call my kids helpless little victims, damaged psychologically, and incapable of accomplishing anything in life instead of being so coy with your insinuations here? Because it is absurd. Category 5 genius level academically. They started MMA training at 3 years old. They call THEMSELVES mongrel butt-kickers. Will you choose to lie about that and excise the “butt kicker” portion of that description in order to change it from a powerful statement about their self-confidence into a whining, sniveling statement of self-doubt?

            I’m trying hard to be careful about not doing as you are – to manufacture deceitful put-downs such as quote-mining only one word from the statement “brilliant mongrels” or “tough mongrels” or “handsome mongrels” – in order to erect a straw man to put down. A pretense that I said “mongrel” and mongrel alone. Cluster B co-dependency is a pretty important subject for anyone considering a Pinay wife. A Cluster B co-dependent can look at someone else’s children and frame them as victims because he is such an expert at doing so for himself.

            But they are in my hands, not yours. They are already serving as examples for their cousins in the Philippines and have for many years. They see how hard we work on school when we are there. We have a heavy bag and timing bag in the yard outside. People see them training. They see what kinds of things we say while training: “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.” This is what got me to many sports titles myself and five straight state championships on the high school team I coached.

            It is not just amusing irony to see you insisting I produce Cluster B children. It is a pretty important demonstration that people who choose Cluster B Pinays have a personality deficit they need to train themselves out of. The way you do it is put down a list of virtues you want in a wife and a list of boundaries or deal-breakers. If, within the first five minutes, a Pinay breaks a rule, dump her. On to the next one.

            Take care. I am no better man than you. I prefer to think of this in a team context. When you see a team-mate with something to work on, it is a favor to him that you point it out. He can become stronger and win against the enemy which in this case is being sentenced to a Cluster B Pinay.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

            I apologize for missing your first response above, and it contained something VERY good: the acknowledgement that it is our responsibility for choosing a Cluster B.

            The literature on a whole spectrum of personality disorders disagrees with you about Cluster B’s usually seeming like “normal people”. (With the caveat that Cluster B’s know to be on their best behavior when they first meet you.) All of this literature teaches us that we need to pay attention to our gut instincts, and that our radar goes off with Cluster B’s. People who have a deficit in radar performance usually have some kind of childhood exposure to manipulative personalities. They make excuses for the Cluster B’s behavior, and even seek out re-creation of abusive childhood experiences. If your mom was a Cluster B, you can have a warm feeling of familiarity wash over you when you meet your Pinay Cluster B whereas a normal person would RUN from her.

            A lonely person will excuse their Cluster B’s red flags. A fat old man too blinded by the teen body will excuse the Cluster B red flags. So lets list them:

            First red flag is the relationship moving along too fast with overly dramatic characterizations of the deep love: hello, my name is Katelyn, I love you more than anyone my whole life… sometimes called the Love Bomb.

            But you notice a weird dichotomy of idealizing with devaluing. One moment you are a God and the next moment scum of the earth.

            Pay attention to her relationship history. Does she paint her other relationships black? Is she a damsel in distress that needs to be rescued? Or is she a pretty healthy gal who has had decent relationships but just weren’t quite right for marriage?

            Does she give you “shit tests”? Showing up late? Breaking promises? Showing a lack of gratitude with things you do for her?

            Can she admit faults in herself? Can she apologize sincerely for something? Does she show empathy for others? Is she kind, modest, and polite? Does she ever show a mean streak with others, especially those viewed as lower on the social status order?

            Does she have a good relationship with her father? Does she have good relationships with friends or does she say she can’t get along with other women or speaks disparagingly about other classmates, workmates, etc.?

            Are things always “complicated” with her? Does she need to “explain” a lot? Does she have missing “holes” in her background? Does she have unexplained absences or mysterious secretive things she does?

            Does she keep people from comparing notes? Saying things about people so that you will not want to talk to them? Does she say things that sound odd and then say “I’m just kidding”?

            There will be more, but the most important thing is to trust your gut instincts with people. If something seems a little off – pay attention. That is your radar. Do not explain it away. We need the girl where everything goes smoothly. Nothing needs to be explained away. A steady, even temperment.

            I gave you a +1 for the post about accepting responsibility. Desensitizing my kids to violence? Lol. What is that supposed to mean? We follow the theory of Peaceful Parenting. We do not spank. We do not yell. We train MMA and we train public speaking/public performance. When we are preparing for an antagonistic crowd we talk through exactly what we are doing: that we are preparing them for an antagonistic crowd. You have probably never seen children like ours that were trained in public speaking starting at three years old. They get nothing but love and support from their parents. They know exactly what we are doing because we explain it to them.

            But I understand the game here: take someone who is obviously dedicated to their kids, out of unbridled love for them, and accuse them of being abusive. Try to put them on the defensive. But the discussion is quite pertinent to the difference between how Pinay kids are typically raised and how to raise kids that are super confident because they have good reason for it.

          3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            “trying to shame and guilt-trip me”, is that what you think I was trying to do?

            As everything is not black and white I will concede it is possible to use a derogatory term in a way that is not harmful depending on context and dynamics of the situation.

            In general it is not a good idea to use derogatory terms when dealing with young minds.

            ““Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me””

            Stupid, idiot, ugly, nigger, jew, polock, guinea, wop, retard, dumb fuck, spic, woosy…

            A childrens rhyme as a defense mechanism, why do you think it exists in the first place?

            “teach them the OPPOSITE: To be Cluster B whiners”, No I am not. How would not using derogatory terms in reference to children in proximity of little ears make them whiners?

            Them learning to process the emotional response in the logical brain, comparing it to reality and discovering it as invalid is a better approach then using a Achilles Heel technique. Cluster B’s do not reflect. And not all Cluster B’s are “whiners”.

            In the Philippines the majority of Cluster B’s may be low I.Q., poor, powerless…. But they can just as well be of very high I.Q., rich, fearless. Psychopaths in fact are fearless.

            Cluster B’s can be charming and charismatic. They can fool the outside world and it is only the ones closest to them that see their dark side behind closed doors. Just how much have you read on Cluster B’s? Flying Monkeys is a term used to describe those who are unwittingly fooled into aiding the Cluster B attacking their target.

            “I was a target for manipulative people because I was conscientious to a fault. Trusting to the point of gullibility. I fixed that and recommend you do the same.”, correct, not co dependent, but conscientious to a fault, although not trusting to the point of gullibility, feelings of being too rigid in being suspicious I would lower defenses to give a chance. Now that I am aware of Cluster B’s it’s pretty much fixed. But I have not thrown empathy out the window. And in certain cases I do test the red flag against paranoia.

            I actually hate the victim word and do not think of myself as such. A heavy duty learning experience lasting decades that my boundaries are my boundaries, who I am, and enforcing them does not make me mean or rigid, they keep me who I am and allow be to treat others better. If someone else doesn’t like me because of them, fuck them.

            Victim is used often in the ligature referring to those who have been gas lighted, brain washed and twisted by over exposure to Cluster B’s. I think part of the problem is many of those exposed do NOT want to call themselves victims. They tend to think it is something they are doing wrong although confused at what it is. And what it is, is not throwing this sub human out of their life. Empathy, which they have, but these sub humans do not have, can create a catch 22 in highly empathetic people.

            There are multiple reasons someone can be pulled into the gravity of a Cluster B. One size does not fit all. Co Dependents, High Empathy, NVS, most does have a relationship with childhood trauma and/or brainwashing, but not all (High Empathy…). As with anything there are exceptions to the rules.

            “I’m trying hard to be careful about not doing as you are “, oh well, keep trying….

            “It is not just amusing irony to see you insisting I produce Cluster B children”, that says more about the reader than the writer. I was saying it was a poor practice. It could create obstacles. The name calling alone would have to be pretty brutal and consistent to create a Cluster B. Name calling can and does have negative effects on the developing personality of a child. Synaptic pathways are being built. Telling a child they are bad all the time often creates pathways that programs the child to believe they are bad. They can become what they believe.

            “The literature on a whole spectrum of personality disorders disagrees with you about Cluster B’s usually seeming like “normal people”.”, You haven’t read enough then. Often to the outside world they seem like nice, good people, they can even be very altruistic. It is only behind closed to those closest to them that their true colors are shown.

            “Desensitizing my kids to violence? Lol. What is that supposed to mean?”,
            It was a rhetorical question creating an analogy to desensitizing children to name calling. It had nothing to do with spanking.