Pinoy Pride is a Racist Double Standard

Those of us that live here in the Philippines have gotten more than a bit used to the double standards that Filipinos hide behind their fake smiles to the rest of the world while they hold their hands out for money.  In fact, we tend to just get numb to it.  It’s easier to just accept the little examples of it we encounter from day to day.

But every now and again, we get an example that’s larger than life…literally.

As any foreigner who’s here and relatively sober can attest to, the media has been pushing this JEFFREY Laude case (yes, had to capitalize the fact that he WAS a male, and not “Jennifer” like the media wants you to believe). The Filipinos have taken pure umbrage (great insult) that an American allegedly killed one of their own.  Of course, we’re not supposed to pay attention to the fact that Jeffrey was engaged to marry, yet was a prostitute as well.  Those details are unimportant.  We MUST think that Jeffrey was an innocent “Filipina” who was brutally murdered in the flower of “her” youth.  Lately, the prosecution even insists that it has “overwhelming evidence” that it was pre-meditated murder, rather than the lesser charge of homicide.  In Philippines law, that’s a difference of 20 years in prison vs. 40 years in prison.  In short, they want to ram it hard up this American’s ass, whatever it takes.

Now, as much fun as we can have going back and forth over that headline again and again, a completely NEW view of Filipino “me first…I must be treated special!” comes into play.

Some may remember this event from back in 2012…others may not have heard of it.  So I’ll just repost the story below.  If you’re rather skip the quoted story, I have the nutshell version right below it:

MANILA, Philippines — The husband of a US diplomat stabbed dead in an early morning altercation at the gate of a posh Makati village just so happened to have hurt the egos of his four attackers when he gave the silver Volvo car they were riding in a hard tap, police said.

George Anikow, 41, an inactive US marine officer, died on Saturday morning after he was mauled and fatally stabbed at the back and left shoulder in an event so random he and the other men hardly knew each other, Senior Supt. Manuel Lukban, Makati police chief, said in an interview.

The suspects identified as Juan Alfonzo Abastilla, 24; Crispin dela Paz, 28; Osric Cabrera, 27; and Galicano Datu III, 22, have been charged with murder.

Covering their faces with towels to avoid television cameras, the four underwent inquest proceedings at the Makati prosecutor’s office on Sunday afternoon.

The four were arrested by the Makati police on Saturday moments after the fatal stabbing and when they were about to flee.

Abastilla, Dela Paz, and Cabrera are profiled as businessmen living in Makati while Datu is a student of De la Salle University in Manila. The four are believed to be from well-to-do families, according to the police.

“There was no deeper reason why they attacked the American. Nakalalake lang. (Their egos were just hurt),” Lukban told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The Makati police said the four on board a silver Volvo (TOJ 886) were being checked by a security guard at the gate of Rockwell Center along Kalayaan Avenue when Anikow who, then appeared to be drunk, broke into the conversation.

“You need to present your ID, the guard is checking you,” Anikow told the men in the Volvo car, the Rockwell security guard said.

The men ignored him but the driver Abastilla asked for the name of the American before he rolled up the car’s window.

But the Volvo-riding men lost their cool when the American gave their Volvo a tap. They alighted the vehicle and ganged up on the victim.

“The victim was able to run away but the attackers caught up with him and mauled him again,” Lukban said.

Witnesses said the victim fell to the ground, bleeding from the stab wounds in his body.

Before fleeing, one of the attackers even threatened the on-duty security guard saying: “Wag kang magsusumbong. Huwag mong kunin ang plate number namin, gago yan (You don’t report this.  Don’t take down our plate number.  That guy’s no good).”

Chief Superintendent Benito Estipona, director of the Southern Police District, said the policemen on three mobile patrol cars, upon getting an alert from Rockwell security guards, were just in time to block the suspects’ path along Estrella St., in Barangay Poblacion, Makati City.

A bloodstained tactical knife was found at the front passenger seat of the suspects’ vehicle.

Lukban said the US Embassy officials have been in constant contact with the Makati police after learning about the killing.

“They are looking forward to the immediate filing of the case,” Lukban said.

The victim, a dependent of one of the officers of the US Embassy, was awaiting order from the US Marine to be called to duty, the police said.

Lukban said the Makati police opted to file murder, a non-bailable offense, instead of homicide since the attackers chased the victim “with the intent to kill.”

So basically what we have here are 4 rich kids who don’t even live in the subdivision trying to take a shortcut through it.  The Marine, security minded about his community (as you’d expect) tells them they have to show ID to the guard (who was checking id’s, as was his job).  These guys get out and start a fight with the Marine.  The Marine, being older and outnumbered, takes off.  But that’s not good enough for these punks.  They chase him down, beat him up some more, then one of them takes out a tactical knife and stabs him multiple times, including the fatal blow to the neck.  This is murder in its pre-meditated form.  These assholes could have just stayed in their car and drove off.  They could have gotten back into their car when the Marine ran off.  No.  They chased him down with the intent on killing him.

Ready for the punchline?

Only two were charged (out of the 4).  Of those two, NEITHER served a single day in prison.  Their final sentence?  Parole.  No days served….just occasionally check in with a parole officer!  WHAT BULLSHIT IS THIS?!?!  The court’s reasoning is that…get this….the prosecution didn’t show that this was intentional!  According to the court’s understanding, this was just some guys that used “abuse of superior force”.  Here’s what the American Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg had to say about it:

In an interview with ANC, Goldberg said nobody “served a day for that brutal crime.”  The diplomat is referring to the murder of US Marine Major George Anikow’s killing on November 24, 2012 at a security checkpoint in Bel-Air. The incident was partly captured in a security camera. Charged were Juan Alfonso Abastillas, Osric Cabrera, Galicano Datu III, and Crispin de la Paz.

Goldberg noted only two suspects were convicted of homicide “but were given probation” by the trial court. The two others got scot free from any charges. […] He said it’s been hard explaining to the family as to “why this happened in a case of very brutal murder.”

So, my question is…if this is the standard that rich Filipinos live by, then why not apply it to Pemberton?  Can’t prove he intended to kill Jeffrey…so how about some probation?  How would Filipinos feel about that?

You don’t have to answer that.  We already know the answer.  “This is differrrrreennnttt sirrr…this is a Filipino!  We are a poorrrrrrr country,,,,,we need special treatment!”  In other words, Filipinos only apply their laws to the poor and the foreigner.  The poor simply because they can.  The Foreigner because it’s a charity waiting to happen.  In the case of Pemberton, it’s being used to threaten the existence of the VFA…unless the US gives up more money.  I guess the decline in donations is finally being felt by the politicians, who are the only ones making money from it anyways.

So there you have it.  Racism, double standards, and a new level of Filipino hypocrisy for you to enjoy.  I’m sure there isn’t a finite number of “Sorry po!”‘s out there to make that Marine’s wife feel any better, and I’m sure the Filipinos won’t rest until they milk every dime they can from the Jeffrey Laude case.  It truly is more fucked up in the Failippines.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Alicia Cummings
    Alicia Cummings

    To be truly honest I have no mercy for this Jennifer & even for the real female supposedly raped before by an American military during some excercises in Subic. I’m sorry but if someone is also at fault, I don’t have mercy. What would you expect the reaction would be if you are in a motel & you find out you are w/ a dude? In the case of the real female supposedly raped, why the hell did she go to a room together w/ all those men?
    For the story about the rich boys who got away, obviously you can pay for justice in the Philippines, everyone knows that. Actually I recently read another article like this, about Jeffrey & referencing this Anikow murder as well. The news was that the story keeps on changing, obviously coz “they got paid.” The original story was that these 4 boys were being assholes to the guards, trying to get in even when they don’t have the car sticker, the American was simply defending the guards, so he was the good guy, not drunk, did not start the trouble, only trying to do good. Obviously he did not know that in the Philippines it’s all about “who you know” & “EVERYTHING can be bought w/ money.”
    Too bad for this American, he simply should’ve mauled Jennifer, he must be drunk or something, I don’t think the US govt will result to bribes, but his family can definitely contact someone in the govt/power in the Philippines & simply pay this off.

  2. Profile gravatar of Penance
    Penance Post author

    I decided to write Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago on this issue. I doubt I’ll get any kind of response, but that, in itself, says a lot as well. here’s what I wrote:

    Madame Santiago,

    I hope that this letter does reach you, as I’m aware that intermediaries are often used to compensate for busy schedules. It is my belief that you may be able to provide insights for me into a recent matter that is troubling me to no end. As this matter has had such a “lopsided” presentaton to the public at large, I need a broader view to help me understand.

    In my five years of living here as an American in the Philippines, I’ve come to admire most, yet not all, of your views. They are progressive and forward-thinking. They apply not only a “common sense” approach to issues, but a “spare me the garbage” stance on issues of corruption and malpractice that seems to run rampant in this country. In some ways, you remind me of my idol in the US, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

    Recently, as you are well aware, the murder of Jeffrey (Jennifer) Laude occurred, whereas Mr. Pemberton has been identified as the top suspect. We’ve all seen the flurry of media surrounding this murder, with the Filipino justice system (and Filipinos in general) ready to “hang ‘em high”. This issue has even grown to include the move to remove the VFA, citing that it assaults the sovereignty of the Philippines as a whole. I, however, fail to understand how one event, however tragic, calls for the removal of a very valuable military pact that keeps China’s aggression at bay, at least somewhat. But that is not where my troubled concerns lie.

    In 2012, a Marine was brutally murdered by 4 individuals for simply ensuring that they lived in the same gated community as he did (they did not. They were attempting to use the community as a shortcut). For simply informing them that they had to show their IDs, he was attacked, chased down, and stabbed repeatedly with a tactical knife. Police found the tactical knife with his blood on it in their possession. However, of the four, only two were charged. Two years later, without having spent a day in jail on what was supposed to be a non-bailable offense (murder), the final sentancing for those two is simply probation. This is the first part of what I cannot understand. The presiding judge stated that the prosecution failed to show that the murder was intentional. I cannnot understand how CCTV footage of the 4 individuals and the sworn statement of the guard on duty can fail to show intent to murder, or how a knife can “accidentally” appear in someone’s hand and stab a man repeatedly “by mistake”. In the least, I fail to understand as to why, if somehow this could be construed as an accident, there wasn’t any time served for what would equate to manslaughter in the Philippines (I assume that is homicide).

    Secondly, what eats at me the most, is the utter lack of exposure to this problem. The Filipino media has sensationalized every aspect of the Jeffrey Laude case. I’ve even seen a headline that stated that Jeffrey Laude was the symbol of an oppressed nation. Knowing Jeffrey’s profession, and that he was engaged and continuing that profession, I was appalled at such a statement. However, in every instance where an American is killed by a Filipino, there is little to no action done, and barely a mention in the media.

    I am here in the Philippines because my soulmate cannot leave. The lack of a divorce law here keeps her a prisoner of the Philippines against her will, depsite being abandoned by her husband more than 15 years ago. To be happy, and to make her happy in life, I must endure this place, and the lack of safety it carries for every foreigner that lives here. But must it carry such a double standard in matters where justice should be applied? What consolation does that Marine’s wife (a diplomat, even) have upon hearing that the man she loved will not have justice, and that his death is barely a footnote compared to the alleged crime committed by Pemberton, and the Filipino media’s and assorted politician’s words to punsih him to the fullest extent of the law before he’s even found guilty? Where can I find my sense of security in a place where justice only falls on the less fortunate, while those of influence find little to no confidence? Where is the exposure that perhaps might make a would-be murderer think twice before taking my life? There are other Americans that have been murdered here as well. They barely get a mention in the media. I wouuld hope that such stores aren’t deliberately suppressed for mere tourism-related reasons.

    Is this really what the Philippines has become? Is it really only “Filipino first” when it comes to justice?

    A very concerned American

    Whatever response I get, if any, I’ll be sharing.

  3. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    It is brutally fucked up here and I understand what you mean Kaine. The rules and laws that they pretend to enforce around here never applies to a pinoy. If anything, they intentionally break every rule/law that has been enacted. Sometimes these civil laws that are frequently broken will then be mistaken for a common law that can be mistaken without any consequences in a foreigners eye.

    Example: I have a buddy (not my buddy anymore, but that’s a different story) who drives here. He sees how ass-backwards they drive here and assumed that it was ok to drive the same…….. WRONG! He told me how he got pulled over and the PNP officer demanded a 500php bribe to not confiscate his license.

    So apparently, he found out that driving erratically was against the law here the hard way, but how often do you see this on a everyday basis? Driving like an idiot is second nature to a pinoy, but it’s not allowed for a foreigner of course. He never told me what he got pulled over for, but it has to be for reckless driving or speeding, and pinoys happens to do both all the time.

    I don’t really give two shits about the JEFFERY Laude case, I’m sure there is more to it than what is being exposed on the media. I’m well aware of the mentality of pinoys and I’m sure Jeffery did something to provoke the Marine to do what he did. I haven’t met many prostitute transexuals, but in my experience running into a few I met while I’m out bar hopping near the red light districts in Malate and Las Pinas. I found them to be very relentless.

    One put me in a situation of forcing me to touch his junk downstairs (keep in mind, this was out in the open on the streets of Malate), then demanded me to pay him 2000php when I had no interest in him in the first place. I even tried to put up some moderate resistance in trying to escape him, but he ended up chasing me down and tried to steal my wallet. I had to drag him to the police station (since he wont let go of me) for him to finally take off running in the opposite direction. By the way, this guy looked exactly like a girl; huge breast, heavy make up, long hair. But the distorted voice, adam’s apple, and stubby fingers gave it away. Honestly, it didn’t matter if he was a girl or not, I just wasn’t interested at the moment.

    In the second situation while strolling down the bars of Las Pinas, I mistakenly made eye contact with a very slender transexual who was just idling smoking a cigarette. When eyes locked, he quickly bolted towards me asking me random questions. He was obviously a hooker, so there was nothing he can offer me. After I told him to fuck off for the 5th time, he got to the point and offered me a blow job. I had to tell him no over 10 fuckin times! I’m not the kind of guy to change my answer after the first time. After that, I quickly sprinted to get away because he just wont leave me the fuck alone!

    I’m not saying that they are all that way, but with those two experiences I had, they were pretty desperate. Out of the many girl encounters I had, the situation had never escalated that far. Since girls have all the natural born qualities of a female, they don’t possess the manly strength to put up a fight and get what they want. I wish when these guys under go a sex change operation, that they are deprived of their masculine strength, so I wouldn’t have to resist as much the next time one try to give me a hard time while I’m out drinking.

  4. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    I follow advice of pinching my eyebrows and having a mean look on my face when walking through junk infested areas of Manila. And it works, the lesser of the pinoys don’t bug or beg from me.

    Judging by the many public cases of foreigner murders, its probably best to stand your ground and take out as many flips as you can before going down yourself i guess right?