Pinoy Pride is About Self Preservation Through Vengeance & Sabotage

Pinoy pride is something that is talked about a lot here on Philippinepinoy_pride Fail Blog. And many displays of Pinoy pride, when viewed by anyone NOT native Pinoy, is just like watching someone shoot himself in the foot.

I know this well, as I am¬†partnered and live with one for the past 10 years. Catch a Pinoy in a lie or underhanded act, and first of all, they are not mature or man enough to admit it. In their mind, they have full justification for their idiocy, therefore it’s acceptable, wiping clean the lie, as if it never happened. Pinoys think you’re as fucking dumb as they are.

When there’s an argument between us, there’s always some kind of sabotage that follows. And he’ll sabotage the very thing that I do that brings us income; the internet. He’s a real idiot when he gets pissy. Like on a level higher than the average dumbfuck Pinoy. And this is why I’m completely convince that there is not a Pinoy with a pulse that can be fully trusted. This is why I’m convinced that the shit-for-brains Pinoys hold self preservation higher on the list of priorities than, say, MAKING A LIVING. I can understand preserving one self if you’re truly innocent. But these fucktards will reak vengeance and issue sabotage on your ass if you catch them doing something corrupt, as if you have infringed on their right to be a lying, sabotaging, childish little idiot.

Resolution, honesty, and working things out like team members should is the furthest thing from their mind. It’s denial, revenge, and sabotage that makes them walk away proud, like a sleazy little worm. Even though they may have fucked themself in the ass in some other way. They are incapable of seeing “the big picture”. They are only concerned with what just happened, and making sure they feel they have given some twisted illusion of superiority through vengeful reactions.

No wonder the pathetic turds are so poor.

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    I can confirm this. My x was caught RED HANDED lying. NO way at all she could deny it as the evidence was all in my hands. Instead she attacked me in every way she could. When I got a new girlfriend who had kids, she called ME and said she would have the children murdered infront of her and then have her raped. When that didnt work, she went to attacking my business and telling lies to all my clients. When that didnt work, she resorted to having her mamma email my mother and ask my mother to ask me to return home from the Philippines. My mothers response was that I was my own man and would do what the fuck I wanted to, when I fucking wanted to and if any threats were made against me, they should expect 10x in return.
    It didnt stop there. She set up an utterly pathetic excuse for a competing company given that she has ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE in this industry and targeted my largest clients whom she got as she and they are pinoy. Fuck them, their projects are all dead or dying now.
    Utterly pathetic. What more would you expect from an x whore heroin addict alcoholic?