Pinoy Traffic Problems – it’s all the cars at fault stupid!

An article titled “To DOTC: Move people instead of vehicles” (see full article here) made me see red.

The article starts by stating that “You cannot put ten pounds of manure in a five pound bag” and then goes on to offer up the nonsense that there are just too many cars competing for space on Manila’s busy roads. As usual, Pinoy idiocy, dishonesty and self-delusion lead the way – followed by more seemingly plausible – but (of course) ill-considered Filogic as to the cause of Manila’s traffic problems. Never once was the primary reason for the problem put forward. That reason is; the complete unwillingness of Pinoy drivers to obey, and the complete unwillingness of the Philippines government agencies charged with enforcement to enforce, basic road rules.

Jeepney drivers are fucking idiotsThere has already been plenty said on about the extreme discourtesy, and outright fucking stupidity of Pinoy drivers. What about the stupidity and corruption of those charged with enforcing the road rules? I wonder how quickly all of those inconsiderate, asshole fucks of Jeepney drivers might quit stopping anywhere they God damned feel like if they were slapped with a big fine every time they did it!? What about the idiot shit sacks who drive down the wrong fucking side of the road to be “first at the lights” – completely blocking traffic coming the other way? And what about the moron fucks who weave in and out of their lanes for no reason, beyond “being first”?

In the”land of entitlement” you can apparently drive down the wrong fucking side of the road for no better reasons than; “My brother met a guy in a car park whose cousin was a Senator. I only have to make one phone call…”. End of argument. Road rules will of course be selectively enforced (often custom made on the spot) if you happen to look like a Kano – meaning you are obviously rich and probably don’t know the guy in the car park whose cousin is a Senator. You will of course be required to pay an “on the spot” fine, with no official receipt issued. It’s apparently the Pinoy way of doing things – or so I’ve been told when being stopped by Police and fined (or is that skin-taxed).

Pinoys are too fucking childish, inconsiderate, selfish and outright stupid to be trusted to just obey the God damned rules. They have to be supervised like small children atPinoy traffic problems all times, and provided with real consequences as a disincentive for their thoughtless, self-indulgent, dangerous, idiotic behavior on the roads. Regrettably, those charged with making and enforcing the rules are too fucking stupid to even recognize what the problem is, and in any event are too God damned lazy to do anything about it. Halve the number of cars on the road and nothing would be any different. The lunatic, shit for brains, Pinoy stupidity induced chaos would just continue – just at a faster and far more deadly pace.

Another Philippines fail!!!

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    “Regrettably, those charged with making and enforcing the rules are too fucking stupid to even recognize what the problem is, and in any event are too God damned lazy to do anything about it.”

    It is approximated that the PNP has 150k officers on payroll and the Chief of Police has gone on record saying that 90% of the force is ON THE STREET at all times. HAHAHAHAHHA!! I dont know whether to call him a liar or delusional..or a delusional liar. I have never seen a law enforcement agency promote its members as often as the PNP – and for doing what?? I’ll leave that for another post…

    Anyways…great post dude. It all comes down to discipline or the lack thereof. Its really that simple. I told that to my wife and she said in one of her flashback Filipino moronic moments – “Look this is not the US ok?! Its just how it is in Philippines!” –> AHH..i love when their brains explode like an old computer blue screening. They all say the same thing don’t they? haha

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      I hate the bullshit PNP visibility. They literally have cars that say police visibility improvment program. Which is basically so the morons will see the police and assume they are doing something. Thats why you see all these stupid road signs “PNP checkpoint” but sometimes its no one or just like 5 dudes standing around with AKs acting like something important is going on. Its all just pretending we all remember the hong kong bus, we all remember the dip shits taking pictures in front of the bus afterwards, pogi pogi, pinoy ako, morons! People died because your entire force of “officers” are handicapped monkeys with guns and a name tag!

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    The word stupid doesn’t do justice anymore. Failipinos are zombies, brain fucking dead, what we are seeing is just a knee jerk reaction. I was sooooo pissed off last time that I told my wife that the cockroach has more complex thinking that the Failipinos.

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    The MMDA is proposing double coding. Meaning each car would be coded twice a week. Insane! 10 years ago there was like half the number of cars and believe it or not traffic was worse then!! So its not the number of cars. It is as this author said the idiots behind the wheel. If only there was an IQ test to go along with the license examination!

    Seriously if they would enforce the existing traffic laws harshly for one month. I mean impounding jeeps and buses, suspended licenses I think they would get the idea and straighten up like spanking a child. Then again it would probably only last for a couple weeks.

    I try to enforce some rules myself. When jeeps stop where they shouldnt I get so close that no one can get in or out of the jeep. When someone is driving over the middle divodong line I deliberatly drive as close as can to the line to push them back over. When motorcycles try to pass between you and the curb I get as close to the curb as possible. I am spiteful, and you better believe I am honking at every motherfucker who is walking in the street or who tries to run across.

    One last note Im one of the guys speeding back and forth not because i want to be first but because most of the time people are driving like 20 kph with no one in front of them, or worse is the jeeps and taxis driving so slow trawling for passengers, the fucking taxis OMG honk honk do want to ride in my piece of shit car that says aircon but isnt reallt oh no are you sure? honk honk! OMFG! So I take offense to the weaving comment unless of course you mean the idiots who change lanes the second the other lane starts moving instead of waiting five seconds for the lane they are in to move thereby causing a clusterfuck of more traffic then I totally agree.

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      Sometimes those sorry excuse for drivers just need a healthy dose of a car horn – made out of rockets!

      Worst are the motorcycles that overtake on the right side of the vehicle at high speed! 1st time you look at your right hand side mirror nobody’s there – you signal a turn and check again and there you see a FUCKING SKELETON MOTORCYCLE WITH A LOUD-ASS MUFFLER SPEEDING TOWARDS YOU ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR VEHICLE WHILE YOU ARE ACTUALLY TURNING, SOMETIMES HONKING HIS FUCKING HORN TO ANNOUNCE “I’M THE KING OF THE ROAD BITCHES!”

      Also with the weaving part, I think he means the guys who move in and out of lanes at high speed without signaling. I usually change lanes especially when there’s blockhead driving at 10mph on the fucking left lane! PEOPLE SHOULD LEARN SIMPLE TRAFFIC RULES AND ETIQUETTE but hey unless we overtake these idiots we are getting nowhere!

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        Yeah motorcycles do that shit all the time, sometimes I’ll be on C5 and on the far left lane and some douche on a motorcycle will try to squeeze between me and the median on my left side. Are you kidding me?! What if I move like 2 inches your ass would be driven into that concrete median dead as hell, why do all motorcycles think they are fucking superman here. There are 2 motorcycle related deaths per hour in the Philippines, most caused by showboating, and stupidity.

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    It is impossible to drive anywhere in the Philippines without feeling like running over some of these idiots. Not only can’t they drive, these fucking idiots don’t even know how to cross the fucking street. My favorite traffic jam is when all lanes of traffic end up facing each other. For example. There is a 4 lane road. Two lanes in each direction. Traffic slows down to a crawl. So these impatient idiots start to pass to get to the head of the line. Pretty soon you have 3 lanes going in one direction blocking oncoming traffic. Then before long, these idiots continue to pass until all 4 lanes are going in the same direction. The same thing happens with oncoming traffic from the other direction until no one can move anywhere. I have sat for hours in these self made idiotic traffic jams. Most traffic problems here are caused by the impatient idiots driving and they are so fucking stupid that that can’t figure it out.

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    Not sure if any of you drive at night on long trips. If you do I am sure you know that it can be very dangerous. I live in Bulacan but also have a beach house in Bicol in Cam Sur province. In order to avoid the terrible traffic jams in Manila we usually leave for Bicol around mid-night. That allows us to get through Manila in about an hour but then I have to drive thru the night. Naturally you have to deal with the normal idiot drivers. They are just as stupid at night as they are during the day but added to that is the unsafe conditions of the vehicles and roads. It is amazing how many vehicles do not have any lights. These fucking idiots driving along the highway at night without any fucking lights. Even vehicles with lights many times do not have brake lights that work so you always have to watch out for these assholes. Do you think these fucking idiots have any clue what is the proper way to use their high beam lights. Fuck no. They continue to blind you no matter how many times you flash your brights at them. Then they will follow close behind you with their high beam lights on. They don’t give a fuck that they are blinding you with their reflections in your mirrors. Then who was the fucking idiot that thought it was a good idea to have a spot light on their truck pointing backwards to blind the person behind them. Then the roads are in bad enough condition as it is but the problem is compounded at night. So many roads have no lines painted on the road or any type of lighting so it is like driving thru a black hole. This problem is only made worse when it is raining which causes glare and makes it worse. Any of their idiotic road work is not properly marked. Forget about any type of warning lights. Many times they don’t even have any reflective tape marking dangerous road construction. And where are the police to apprehend these dangerous vehicles with no lights etc. No where to be found. They probably collected enough bribes during the day so that they are spending their nights at the beer house. Of course these idiot drivers continue to drive like idiots at night. Passing on curves that they can’t see around and since traffic isn’t as heavy that means they can just drive faster. Between Bulacan and Bicol it is not unusual to see Four or Five accidents caused by the stupidity of these asshole drivers. They just can’t learn. Have no capacity to learn. They just continue to act and drive like idiots with no hope to improve. There is no hope for these complete fucking stupid ignorant asshole Filipino drivers.

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      We have a beach house in Mindoro and have to drive around 300km from Calapan to San Jose. I have done this trip and back around 5 times, since living in Phils.

      I have had everything you listed in your post, happen to me also driving anywhere is a frickin nightmare.

      The situation has got so bad now, I no longer dip my headlights for oncoming traffic. This is not done to be bloody minded about things, but is a matter of self preservation.

      On a recent trip, I had dipped my lights, (a common courtesy in any civilised country), which was met with the majority of oncoming traffic not bothering. So anyway on this one particular occasion, I had dipped my lights and when the oncoming traffic had passed, I quickly put on my full beam again, only to be faced with one of these multitude of Steel Frame Chicanes that they have outside schools, PNP Stations etc, which I nearly hit and had a major accident.This has also happened with roadworks and trikes without lights etc.

      Now, I no longer dip my lights, as my life is more important, than potentially scorching out the retinas of an oncoming Filipino driver. Which now of course that makes me no better than the average local!? However, needs must.

      Whilst, the average Filipino Trike Driver in Mindoro does not have any form of lighting at the rear, and only occasionally at the front, it got me thinking that whilst they are Fucking Stupid, it is actually the responsibility of DOTC to ensure that these vehicles are roadworthy(as quite clearly they are not). Traffic violation tickets should be issued and say a 50Php fine for all non working lights should be issued, this would surely focus the drivers mind on their responsibility and provide more revenue for DOST. Also at the time of the Annual Vehicle Test, the vehicle should keep being rejected until proven to be roadworthy.

      The problem with the Philippines is that no one enforces Laws and carries it though, the Government needs to sort this out, (but I know they wont) because they just cant be bothered.

      Then of course during the day, the rice is being dried every 200m on the main highway, causing delays and road blocks etc etc. No one seems to give a fuck! I feel like driving over all the shit in the road but seldom do.

      If the Police and DOST and every other Governmental Department did its job and did what was right, the Philippines would be a much better place than it is now….but then….no one seems to care.

      Cheers from a frustrated Brit

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    I left the Philippines in 89 and didn’t come back until 2004. Since 2004 I’ve been back about 7-8 times. I still have lifelong friends and a handful of family that live there that I care about. Otherwise, I’d never go back. I’m Filipino by birth but have since become a naturalized US Citizen. I love the country but fucking absolutely hate what it’s become and where I se it headed.

    IMO, the main fucking thing and the most fundamental aspect of a fully functioning society is it’s roads and the ability of it’s citizens to get from point A to point B at a reasonable amount of time. Traffic in this country is the stuff of nightmares!! Be Fucking WARE!! Nobody follows the rules, and those that do will get fucked. Forget about it if you’re a pedestrian trying to cross the street, you are a non entity. Hope your affairs are in order.

    It will take you 2 hours to travel 6 miles (MAKATI to QC). I would have walked if I wasn’t fearing for my life from bandits and thieves. There are more people with bad intentions per square kilometer than anywhere else I’ve been. They will definitely know you are not from there. You look different, you walk different, you talk different and you even smell different. I speak the language fluently and I don’t even see that as an advantage.

    I spent the first 17 years of my life in the Phils and I couldn’t wait to get the fuck out.
    We weren’t well off and had no “connections”; two factors that determine your life’s comfort level in this country. I remember going to a private school early on and being surrounded by connected kids and I knew I was already at a disadvantage. I had no chance. I needed a plan. I was five years old at the time. Thank God for sesame street that I was able to catch a glimpse of another world that’s out there. That’s where I had to go, find my own Sesame Street. Where there is order and fairness. I thank my mother for insisting that my brother and I attend private school otherwise going to public school would have almost been a death sentence. I have to say, I actually got a decent education, enough to be able to formulate thoughts on going and striving for a better place to live.

    I regress, let’s go back to traffic.

    This is at the heart of all that ails this country. Everything stems from how fucking horrible the road infrastructure is. Hey, let’s build a 100 story building over there, right next to the fucking highway. Urban planning be damned! Traffic impact studies? What’s that? How much money are we all going to make? That’s what matters.

    I have an idea, let’s not regulate the bus companies. Anyone that has enough money to grease the right people can have their own bus lines!! Oh and let’s stack up on the jeepneys, because god forbid some of these poor people not have a job. Results? 70% of the traffic is made up of these half empty busses and jeepneys. Tricycles on the main highways? Why the fuck not? Throw it in there! While were at it, let them clog up the residential neighborhoods. We don’t regulate shit around here!! YIPEE!!

    Yeah, my last trip there was probably my tipping point. I had fucking panic attacks sitting in traffic. I honestly think that it’s going to reach a critical mass and the place is just going to fucking explode. Might not be such a bad thing to start all over again.

    And how the fuck do the stewards of this country sleep at night knowing that they have failed miserably and keep failing. But they don’t see what we all see from our vantage point. Fucking little kids roaming the streets, poor people everywhere, squatting everywhere, floods because of an archaic sewer system, roads not equipped for the 200% population growth in 20 years. Oh but let’s not use birth control. That’s bad! The list goes one. The Philippines was a commonwealth ages ago and it should have been a state or
    or maybe even a territory like GUAM. But NOOOO, the ruling oligarchy at the time couldn’t possibly have the Americans fuck their racket up; so disguising Greed for National Pride convinced the pheasant majority that they were in better hands with their fellow countrymen than with their blue eyed overlord. How the fuck did that work out? I’ll tell you how, the ruling oligarchs class are still ruling and the pheasants are still pheasants with barely a place to live and a living to earn. Great Job assholes.

    My poor country and countrymen. I still love you guys but y’all need to wake up and admit that it has all been a failed experiment and start all over again. At this point it may be unfixable.


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      Captain PFB

      peelking, thank you for that clear and honest insight. You painted a clear and true picture of the imbalance and sheer disregard that those elected to serve have for the people. As Nicholas Longworth, an American politician in the early 1900’s said to The House of Representatives after a 1905 visit to The Philippines, “The average Filipino mind can form no conception of the duty of officials to the people, and it can form no conception of the dignity of labor. The very fact that the Filipino is so shiftless, so worthless, so untrustworthy, and so helpless is all the more reason this Nation should reach out the helping hand to him.” Nothing has changed, nothing has developed. The Filipino people cannot govern themselves. This is about all they have proven they’re capable of; selfishly stepping on each other to try to climb to the top. They don’t get there on their own merits. They get there at the full expense of their brothers.

      And this is what makes the Filipino “so shiftless, so worthless, so untrustworthy, and so helpless”. It’s sad and pathetic.

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        Yeah Man, I am definitely proud of my ethnicity but I am embarrassed of what my culture and society has turned out to be.

        I’d like to think that there is hope but not with the cast of characters that the Philippines currently puts out.

        It makes me soo angry cause I can see there still a lot of hardworking, honest to goodness citizens but they just can’t and won’t be able to get their day in the sun the way it is now. The deck is stacked. Change needs to come from the top. Sadly, I don’t ever see it happening in our lifetime. We are really fucked.

        The keys are education, perspective, humbleness and respect for each other. Without these things, we, cause I still count myself as one of them, will continue on the downward spiral where greed, lawlessness and evilness continually gets rewarded over honesty and hard work.

        It’s fucking sad, man. I appreciate your blog. More Filipinos should read this and take these comments and opinions as valid observations and do something about it instead of spouting blind, aimless and misguided proclamations of Filipino Pride.

        Filipino Pride is doing the right thing and not just always looking for the easy way out, everyone else be damned.

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          peelking. I have enjoyed your comments. Especially on the traffic problems here. I think that is one of the things that drives me the most crazy over here. Just trying to get from point A to point B is a major logistics headache. Even when you are outside of Manila driving thru every town is still a pain in the ass and takes forever. I am with you on the panic attacks. The stress just builds up as you watch these idiots continue to cause man made traffic jams that wouldn’t happen if they just had some common sense and half a fucking brain. I do drive a motorcycle and use it whenever possible instead of my car which does make traveling much quicker and less stressful but no matter what you drive or where you go you are always going to be surrounded by stupid Filipino drivers that only care about themselves and would fuck over their own mother just to get to the head of the line.

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    Yes,,, the fearless leaders are blaming the economy for the traffic jams. But on the u tube link I have the perfect plan. Watch me clear the sidewalk vendors,, parked cars,, trash from manila roads with this machine. The Israelis have the military model for urban renewal in Palestine.

    They are coming in a container soon.

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      Would love to use a Caterpillar on the roads of Manila! Them monkeys would just stare and can’t do shit about it. LULZ!!

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        I saw in the news few weeks ago where some guy in Germany had a WW2 Panther tank in his garage he used to clear snow. My question, where can I get one?

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        The Isrealis used the D 11 ;s for bulldozing Palestine houses. They are bullet and bomb proof. Perfect for manila urban renewal.
        Also Cat has high reach excavators for tearing down buildings,,
        I seen our finest police force were trying to evict sqautters,, the morons had the gate welded shut.. I wonder what part of tear gas and gas masks do they not understand???
        Of course, we all know it is just a show to make some head lines.

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    Hello to Mike!!!!!!!
    Of course I will give a discount to Sarah, flip style,, increase the price by 50 % then put a big sign up saying discount at 20%.
    Keeping Canada Clean.
    Container Al

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      Hey Al, how do I know my shoes will be shipped to Oz and not back to Flip mountains? ? And don’t you give me warranty Pinoy style “read the fine print Ma’am”. Not worth the paper it’s written on, suitable only for toilets!

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        To Sarah.
        I give an 100 % percent money back guarantee!!!! However you have to pay for freight insurance with an ”Act of God” clause. P/S there may be a certain amount of ”leakage”
        Anything can happen between the failpinnes and ossie land!
        Container Al.