Pinoys on the Internet.

I’ve noticed this trend among filipinos making posts on popular websites like youtube and facebook. Filipinos aren’t actually aware of whats really happening in international politics and history, but they still feel the need to comment and make up their own biased nonsense.

The South China Sea has recently been under high debate and observation then i came across this Jewel of an argument where this American charity relief worker in Manila lays the smack down on this random trolly filipino on the web.

Essentially the Charity worker was ranting about how he was being discriminated against while staying in the Philippines. Then this failipino responds with a bunch of inaccurate claims about history as if his fabricated history is a just reason for harassing foreigners.

I’ve looked up all of the Charity Worker’s claims aside from what i learned in K-12 and his words are legit. While the failapino is just nonsense.


Unaware Pinoy on the Web: 

“what happen to you man ? you getting out of control . do you think  that you made a balance opinion ,comment and views about Philippines and its people, try to review your comments.GOD BLESS AMERICA for helping PHILIPPINES after the deadly devastation of typhoon haiyan.  WE deeply appreciated all the assistance that we received from UNCLE SAM.  but don’t tell us that we owe everything to US just in case the conflict between china and Philippines erupt now ,US ARMY could use their former military base more often because Philippines is allowing them  due to those help that we received, its able to soften the mind of those who opposed to their comeback. Philippines is really good strategic base for US bases because it is in a center of asia pacific. because of UNCLE SAM so many

Filipino died and suffered when they invaded Philippines during world war 1 and involving us to 2nd world war. manila was declared as open city ,just to fulfill the I SHALL RETURN PROMISED.MANILA WAS BURN TO ASHES.even though the emperor of japan ask his generals tosign the surrender of japan to US in USS MISSOURRI. US also involved Philippines in Korean war and Vietnam war. WHY? because UNCLE SAM AND PHILIPPINES HAS A MUTUAL DEFENSE TREATY signed in the mid-50’s . who initiated this ? AMARICA .WHY?  to protect his interest to asia  pacific .now for you Philippines and Filipino is junk, full of corruption which is true,basic commodity is too expensive ,full of crimes  and poverty, people is arrogant and disrespectful ,I don’t know what makes you keep staying here . nobody push you to do your catholic charity works. why don’t you come to your best friend china chinks may be there, Is the opposite of the Philippines , you could live the lifestyle of modernized country, you could eat your bacon ,cheese, and ham with fresh milk.and you could get the respect that you deserve. just leave the Philippines ,get lost, goodbye, sayonara and astalavista we don’t need you . PERIOD……….”


US Charity Relief Worker’s repsonse:

“Whats this got to do with Wars, America, China, Korea? CATHOLIC RELIEF WORKER. I feel God has given me a mission to help the needy. Not trolly filipinos that have internet and enough free time to write their own biased propaganda on youtube.

Dragging you into WW2? No that was Japan. Japan Attacked America at Pearl Harbor which began the war between America and Japan. JAPAN brought that upon the Philippines. Even if America wasn’t occupying the Philippines during WW2 the country would still have become a target for Japanese Imperialists. They invaded every Asia Pacific country with a sea border. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE PHILIPPINE PESO WAS 2 to 1 USD BEFORE THE JAPANESE INVADED? Then Japan plundered the gold and silver that backed the PHP, gold and silver that the US Congress issued, essentially American gold and silver. The Philippines was a territory of the US during WW2. China is contesting Philippine territory, im sure you understand by now.

Selfishly dragged Philippines into the Korean War? No. The filipinos that fought in Korea are known as Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (PEFTOK) a United Nations Command task force. Nations that participated in UNC to combat the communist North are South Korea, USA, United Kingdom, Philippines, Thailand, Canada, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Greece, France, Colombia, Belgium, South Africa, Netherlands, Luxembourg. Despite that combined strength of arms the Korean War became a stalemate in favor of China and the North. The Philippines willfully answered the United Nation’s call to defend South Korea, the PEFTOK worked very closely with the US Army in that terrible war that the world has forgotten. South Korea honors the Philippines every year by participating in every memorial service held in Manila for PEFTOK. How dare you belittle them by saying they were “slaves to uncle sam.”

Vietnam war? you made it sound like ALL of Philippines was engulfed in the war. Less than 2,000 troops that only served as Civil security and medical relief were present in Vietnam. This force was known as the Philippine Civic Action Group-Vietnam “CIVIC ACTION”

The rest of what you have to say is garbage and not even worth responding to. You are pulling garbage out of your ass or you are taught biased history in school.

You dishonor all the great Filipino soldiers that have stepped forward to fight communists by claiming that they were “slaves to uncle sam.” SHAME ON YOU. It’s people like you that give others a bad reputation. YOU SHOULD GET OUT.

Come at me with real information bro.”

Unaware Pinoy on the Web’s panic response: 

hey (charity worker username) what did you call your self ? cocksucker!!!!! oh man what have you been told to me is a reflection of your shit attitude. look at you ,what is mean by (charity worker username)? Gaylord fucker. stick your bullshit to your buddy (another user) your both a great pretender a great missionary but great asshole, trying to manipulate someone’s opinion and belief and conviction , unfair judgement between two nation’ and society . Philippines is not for you freak!!!!

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  1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
    Richard aka Dick Head

    I am the least surprised. “Unaware Pinoy” can’t even get his grammar and syntax right, how can we expect him to get his historical facts right ? He is just another faceless swellhead who likes to engage in another pointless debate on an

    1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

      Typical ignorant Filipino response to criticism. Can’t accept the truth or learn from their mistakes. Continue to think they are the best but in the worlds eyes are at the bottom of the totem pole. They act like pouting misbehaving children.

  2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    I have come to the conclusion Flips are utterly insane. Could it be some kind of weird brain worm from under cooked pork? Perhaps some strange fungus that causes a person to become bat shit crazy? Or, could it be some other parasite? Such things have medical and historical facts to back them up.

    A lot of the behavior I see in Filipino people is very similar to people with extreme personality disorders. I’m half way joking. But, at the same time I’m serious as a heart attack. Likely however, its probably just genetic. (if that’s even possible.) Epigenetics maybe, I dont know, I’m no scientist, just have too much time on my hands.

    Spoiled brats, might as well call people they don’t agree with poo poo heads.

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      >> “A lot of the behavior I see in Filipino people is very similar to people with extreme personality disorders”

      I’ve wondered about this myself. How does something like that persist and become so widespread? Is it bad parenting? It’s entirely possible that certain cultures have adopted widespread parenting habits that fuck up their children: I’ve seen quite a few parents who are simultaneously indulgent and draconian disciplinarians, which is guaranteed to produce little assholes. Is it genetic? A parasite? Did aliens land and infect them all with Centaurian brain slugs? Are the normal ones (there are some .. really!) the ones that got away? You’d never be allowed to even investigate it, because it’d be “disrespectful” to the great Philippine nation.

      1. Profile gravatar of Eric

        “Is it bad parenting?” –> ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY

        You all see it in the malls and wherever you go here. Filipinos make horrible parents in my opinion. They spoil the boys, who just grow taller and not “up”. You should meet my wife’s brother. He is a useless sack of shit who couldn’t spell “ambition” if you handed him an index card with the word printed on it. But his mother continues to coddle him at 25 years old so there is no hope for any type of correction at ALL.

        I don’t think Filipinos are insane nor do they have personality disorders. I honestly believe the “diagnosis” is far simpler. Regardless of age, size, or economic status – Filipinos are children. If you treat them as such then things get infinitely better to deal with and understand. You see it at the checkout counter in any mall or supermarket when they blue screen in front of you at the slightest issue that requires any type of troubleshooting. Replace the all too familiar image of the blank-staring Filipina with that of an 11 year-old – and think of how they would handle whatever the issue at hand is – and then it all begins to make sense. Do the same when you see the traffic enforcer doing whatever he is doing, and think about how a child would guide cars at rush hour – VOILA!

        It’s like when you go to watch your kid’s elementary school rendition of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. You let out a few awwww’s every now and then when they do something cute and you chuckle when somebody flubs their lines. But at the end of the play you knew what to expect right? Just chuckle and clap, then pat them on their collective heads at the end

          1. Profile gravatar of Eric

            @Mak true story –

            I am fascinated with my wife’s family and conduct all kinds of social experiments on them. I went to the mall and bought 10 coloring books and 10 boxes of crayons. I then spread them out on the dining room table before everyone came over for the daily semi-random visit to suck up TV time, internet, and aircon. When they came in saw the books they immediately got busy coloring and stayed busy for the REST of the day. When they went home all of the crayons were broken and they took the books without asking. It was a like a child’s birthday party activity – exactly what I expected. My experiment was a complete success

          2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            wait .. what? You mean the whole gaggle of them, parents, grandpa, kids, uncle-not-actually-related-but-hangs-around-anyway, all sitting at the table drawing with crayons and colouring books?

            Can you post photos?

            The sad part of the problem is that they’re not really just kids. They’re more like 12-year-olds who just discovered their dicks and don’t fully comprehend what “pregnancy” means.

          3. Profile gravatar of Eric

            @Marius – SOO funny. I actually have no idea how Uncle Dong and his four teeth are related to anyone in my immediate family. For sure he was the boyfriend of someone at some point in time years ago. This lummox has a modified tail pipe on his moped louder than a fucking atomic bomb and insists on revving it no less than 6 times after starting it and before turning it off. WTF…

            The coloring book experiment only involved my wife’s siblings and two of their aunts. Grandma is an angel and typically spends her time actually being productive when she comes over. She is an excellent cook and cleans non-stop.

            Grandpa can’t tear himself away from his bottle of Tanduay long enough to leave the porch of his own house, but I think he and Uncle Dong share a wifebeater t-shirt and matching flip-flops so…sort of a catch22 there

          4. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            @ Eric

            Don’t you just love how they say removing the muffler on their motorcycle some how conserves fuel? I would like to find the source of this concept and kick him in the balls with a golf cleat.

          5. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            I the golf cleat concept has great potential. I wonder if it would be possible to start some pseudoreligous meme: having your bollocks repeatedly hammered with a golf cleat is a kind of penance, and will secure instant forgiveness and a place in heaven? Voila – instant population reduction, and the dumbest will self-select for “treatment”.

          6. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

            I think that is their same concept why they don’t use their lights on their vehicles at night. Saves fuel. Fucking idiots.

        1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

          It seems like every family here has them. Older unemployed children at home sucking the family dry. Then even though they are jobless they manage to find a spouse and produce children which adds to the family burden. Not sure if spouse is the correct term because they usually aren’t married. They live off of their parents or a brother or sister that actually has a job. Or if they are really lucky they have an OFW relative that works their ass off overseas and supports them all. Or a relative abroad married to a foreigner that sends them money every month. They can find any excuse why they can’t get work. It seems like here the kids want to spend their whole lives in their parents home along with all of their offspring and the parents let them get away with it. Seems like back in the States when kids get out of school they can’t wait to get out of their parents house and be on their own so they can be independent. Am I missing something?

          1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
            L. "Dead Man Walking" K. Post author

            Yes, in the case that a teenager doesn’t want to be independent in the US, the parents just kick them out. This is what happened to me the moment i graduated high school and it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

            Im 25 and i have the opportunity to travel around the world for projects. Every now and then i get stuck in this shit hole of a country, but it all leads to retirement within 15 years so i deal with it.

            I meet flips around my age everywhere here and they are still living with their mommy and daddy, or worst, living with mommy and daddy that are living in their grandparents house, their grandparents being OFW that have decided to permanently reside in either Canada or the US. Either a wife and a boat load of kids that run around barefooted with dirty ass clothes all day, or single with no experience, both 99/100 times with no job. etc etc etc

          2. Profile gravatar of Eric

            NOPE! I think your analysis is on the money Joe. The parents here have created monsters with total disregard for responsibility and accountability.

          3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            how come hot looking broads attract the most useless twats is one thing I will never know
            a job,, wats that… money,,, dunno,, never ha any,,, my own house,,, nope,,,, just square off a section of a dump and make babies there,
            I do not know how they accomplish making babies with 2o0 p[eople in the same shack???
            can anybody tell me that???????

  3. Profile gravatar of Maamsir

    If there was a way to filter out their comments on social media, my blood pressure would probbaly have been lower than what it is these days.
    I have noticed some unique Pinoy traits when it comes to commenting on social media

    1) Lack of maturity; Even 40 year olds trash talk like “^&&$^ you, you Chinese are stupid, you Indians stink, you Europeans are ugly etc”

    2) Insistence on using their entire 3 or 4 word real life name, and what exotic names at that: “Neophyte Domingo Jhacks”, “Flora Ponce de leon”, “Kyle De la cruz” etc.

    3) Using every instance to stress their superiority and others’ inferiority. The most ludicrous comment I read in recent times was a Pinoy mocking the Japanese and how Filipinos are better as “Japanese cannot speak English as well as us”

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      #3 is actually funny because I have noticed, that while they say they can speak English and love to stress superiority over others for that ability; they will often times resort to speaking in Tagalog almost inevitably when two or more get together on a comments board.

      The Philippine’s is the smelly kid who’s being picked on and stops washing or having any self respect in order to repel others. A vicious little bastard, seething with vitriolic commentary, while frothing at the mouth. A prime example of passive troll.

    2. Profile gravatar of Eric

      #1 is awesome and so true. I also love when they quote lines from popular dramatic movies or lyrics from sad love songs when they are arguing or have emotional meltdowns.


      Just hand out Oscar’s for all 100 mil of them STAT

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        LMAO!! Oh my god dude, that’s so funny and true.

        Saw this congress woman a few years ago on the news in some scandal, she was on camera and yelling. “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED..ARE YOU NOT,… ENTERTAINED??”
        Gladiator 2000

        And much much much more. Damn man, even their thoughts are plagiarized. LOL
        This really made me laugh.

  4. Profile gravatar of Jack

    How quaint of a Flip to call an American a cocksucker, when it was their kind who had been sucking American cock (literally and metaphorically) since early last century.

    Projection much, balut-munching vermins? LOL!

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    keep me posted on the social experiments, the trap of crayons and books was brilliant.. of course ,, what they did not steal they broke,

  6. Profile gravatar of Maamsir

    We all know Pinoys love to get offended over anything that depicts them negatively. What has made news recently is an antiPinoy blog in Singapore.
    many Singaporeans dislike Pinoys for their loudness, arrogance and misbelief that they are better workers than Singaporeans and speak good English.
    What has been hilarious in this episode is those westerners who are going out of their way to praise Philipinos for being smart, happy and “having good quality of life” .
    The comments section is overwhelmingly against this false glorification of Pinoys though

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      I’m sick of that kind of shit. Jesus Christ! Pinoys make such fucking retarded statements as I have ever heard in my short 35 years on earth. Call a pinoy out for being shitty in anyway, suddenly they pull ” We are the superior race!” concept straight out of their ass. Hilarious..

      Doesn’t matter how impossible their statements or how stupid those statements are, they utterly believe their own fucking bullshit!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      They removed it because they own the domain. It was a free hosted blog on which is owned by google. Fortunately, THERE ISN’T ANYTHING GOOGLE OR PHILIPPINES CAN DO ABOUT THIS SITE. I own the domain, i pay for the server it’s hosted on, and the server is in Europe.


      The ONLY thing Google can do is remove this blog from their search index, THAT’S IT. They can’t touch my blog, nor can the disgruntled Philippine govt who will do anything in it’s power to prevent people from sharing their experiences in Philippines, which consequently just happen to end up as stories of mind boggling stupidity, failure, and ignorance as core to their culture. And it’s obvious that Filipinos ONLY want to continue their culture of illusion. Instead of progressing and growing some brains, they want to continue in their stupidity and corruption while pathetically trying to fool the world how good and wonderful they are, and work so hard at preventing others from speaking the truth about them. How fucking idiotic.

      I dare them to even TRY to remove this site. This site will continue to deliver the TRUTH about Philippines to the world.