PLDT: A Communications Company Who Can’t Communicate

PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone) has made me laugh so hard so many times, simply because they are so stupid it’s funny.  They provide my telephone and DSL internet connection. All providers here can’t maintain a decent connection, and they’re all crappy, but PLDT least crappy of them all, so I go with them.

Ok, the mechanical push switch to the modem breaks. I call them to ask them to send out a new one. First question from the moron PLDT rep: “Sir, how many computers do you have?”  WHAT THE FUCK?? WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH A BROKEN SWITCH ON THE MODEM????

These idiots say, “it’s SOP sir”

Well my reply is, “don’t they allow you to think? I mean think about the fuckin question!! I’m calling to report my modem switch broke and I need a new one!! Why waste yours and my time asking questions that are completely IRRELEVANT to the issue!! I need a new fucking modem, that’s all!! I don’t want to go through your stupid little list of SOP questions to determine the issue! I already know the issue, I’m telling you the issue, and I want you to fix the issue without having to play 20 fucking questions with you, ok?”

When you call tech support at PLDT, you don’t get a technician, you get some robotic moron reading from a book, unthinking, just treating every call the same robotic way, with the same robotic questions. Mindless…totally mindless. Makes you feel like you’re talking to a machine, and not a person with at least a measurable amount of intelligence.


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    Well, you are talking to a machine!

    The spanish was so afraid of rebellion, they developed a virus that removed every last ounze of intelligence in the flips, the light switch has not been touched since!

    Filo, you are asking for the impossible! Intelligence where it has been biologically removed!;-) Blame the spanish, the flips are blissfully unaware of the existence of any kind of intelligence on planet Earth, as you may well have noticed!;-)