PLDT Incompetence

PLDT has to be the most incompetent bunch of dumbfucks on earth. Uninterrupted internet service is provided all over the world with ease. Why not in Philippines??? Because, once again, they are all a bunch of incompetent dumbfucks. They hire old mechanical engineers to be network engineers. Might as well hire a fucking nurse to engineer the network!  It took 2 YEARS of fighting and demanding rebates for service not provided due to multiple connection interruptions daily. They charge nearly DOUBLE what you pay in the USA for internet service, yet actually provide very little service. They get away with it because every dumbfuck filipino who subscribes just takes the ass-fucking from PLDT without complaining. They’ll just sit there and wait for 5, 6, 10, 12 hours until they get their internet connection back without a singel phone call or complaint. What a bunch of dumbasses!! I fought for 2 years untill I finally got a stable uninterrupted connection for a year, then I had to move to cebu and start all over again. Right back to daily connection interruptions, and the “follow up in 24 to 48 hours” bullshit, and all the dumbfuck filipino incompetence I’ve come to expect from this nation of idiots. They just continue to insist on primitive methods, cutting corners, shortcuts, and thinking they know it all, when they know little to NOTHING!  These people are poor because they are: #1 LAZY… #2 STUPID… #3 INCOMPETENT… #4 CORRUPT
Filipinos are poor because they are too stupid to be anything else. They have little to no brain activity and I find it amazing they can even wipe their ass after taking a shit.
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  1. mydsl

    Yep, PLDT sucks but I hope you complain only to product services and not the Filipinos! If you hate us so much, why are you here in the Philippines! Get out of here!

    1. filofail

      Who said I hate you? I love you. That has nothing to do with the fact I think you’re all a bunch of mindless dumbfucks with no logic, reason, and ability to think.

    1. filofail

      Thanks man, yeah I hope so too. That’s how bad I want to get the fuck out of this idiotic country of mindless idiots. You have no clue as to how stupid you people really are do you?

  2. filofail

    funny thing is, you have no defense. All you can do is say “get out of here” because you know how very correct I am in every word of this blog.

  3. plutocopy

    you fucking racist! go back to your sick country, where bunch of HIV positive lives. You keep on complaining and youre still here in our BEAUTIFUL AND GIFTED COUNTRY? The nerve! get lost you idiot! uncivilized and a sick foreigner like you is not welcome in our country… Insecure much? not our fault if we are rich in natural resources unlike your motherland, you’re here in our country to see beautiful places. Yeah, at some point you are correct but you have NO RIGHT to call us in any word that your uncivilized parents taught you. Im so proud to be a Filipino because of the loving and caring culture of the Filipino people, do you have that kind of culture you?~! Lets see, once you get old, you will be thrown to the home of the aged because thats the American culture, so disgusting! LOLS! poor filofail! get lost you uncivilized, trying -hard genius and a insecure old creature! moron.haha.

    1. filofail

      Who’s talking about natural resources here? I’m certainly not. Yeah, you have plenty of natural resources here, too bad you’re all too fuckin stupid to use them and help yourselves with them. You waste them. Hell, you people can’t even figure out how to generate enough power! Brownouts all the damn time, sheesh! And how do you call the severe corruption as loving and caring culture? You’re all too fuckin stupid to be honest. Too gutless and fearful to stand up and fight corruption, and too fuckin lazy to do things right. You have no standards of safety, you don’t even have an address system!!! Christ, when are you dummies gonna get yourselves out of the dark ages???

      Nah, when I get old, I’ll have someone to care for me in my mansion. Just like I have now. And I am not a foreigner, I was born here, raised in the states, and now I’m back, 100% filipino and so fuckin ashamed of it, as you all should be (and many admit to being ashamed of their country as well, because there is NOTHING here to be proud of). Yeah, there are areas of visual beauty, but YOU PEOPLE did NOT have anything to do with that. It was already here before you dirty filthy people stinked it all up.

      I approved your comment because I wanted to show how NOT caring and loving you are. Keep poorly representing your dumbfuck people you seem to be so mindlessly proud of.

    2. filofail

      I am 100% Filipino and it really fucking hurts to admit that. So I can’t be racist. I can’t believe I come from such a bunch of mindless unsanitary idiots. But I can say due to the fact I was raised in a world of smart people with common sense, logic, reasoning, and intelligence, I didn’t end up as fucking filthy, dirty, scummy, stupid, ignorant, dishonest, and lazy as you natives. THANK GOD FOR THAT!

  4. plutocopy

    oh well, you’re a Filipino huh?! well, WE are not proud of your western culture because it sucks! why live here? why suffer here? go back to the country where you lived. We dont need you here! you keep on saying we are stupid, disgusting and YOU? how about YOU? 100% Filipino, and Filipinos are stupid, disgusting and blah de da de da…its just like you’re saying that you’re one of us hahaha! dude either change your attitude or have yourself check to a Psychologist because i think youre a psycho! hahahaha…OR i’ll drag you to shutter island, see if they can heal you there! hahahaha

    “I approved your comment because I wanted to show how NOT caring and loving you are. Keep poorly representing your dumbfuck people you seem to be so mindlessly proud of.”

    ==> lols, were just the same but youre worst! hahaha…speaking about poor parenting? well, filofail is one of the product! haha cant believe you’re such a delusional, feeling-like American! hahaha yeah im proud of my people! why? arent you proud of Charice Pempengco? Nicole of PCD, Vanessa Hudgens and many more? you’re acting like that when to think you’re just nothing compared to them and yet these people are proud to be a Filipino and/or proud to have a Filipino blood! the nerve! have a regular check up to your Psychologist, okay? and get well soon! hahahaha! chickenhead!

    1. filofail

      This is exactly why you’re so stupid…you THINK you’re smart, and don’t need smart people. YES YOU DO need us if you ever hope to progress beyond your failed state status, and clean this filth hole up, and progress into modern times.

      Secondly, YOU had nothing to do with the successes of a few filipinos. Being proud is something related to your OWN achievements/successes. You had nothing to do with Manny Paquiao’s success, or any other FEW filipino successes. So take your false and minimal pride and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I find it hilarious when I hear a filipino make such A HUGE deal about the rare instances of a filipino’s success, as if they had something to do with it. Filipinos make a big deal of it because IT HAPPENS SO FUCKIN’ SELDOM! It’s like, wow! A filipino succeeded! That’s a major accomplishment, because its also a very rare accomplishment. So I understand why you people grope for credit in the success of one of your countrymen. You like to think it’s because they are filipino that they succeeded. But the truth is, they succeeded because the abandoned the normal filipino mindset of laziness, stupidity, ignorance, and hopelessness, and adapted a western mindset, and succeeded. They succeeded because THEY WERE WAY SMARTER THAN THE AVERAGE FILIPINO.

      Bottom line, look around outside at the filth, neglect, total disorder, disorganization, absence of logic and reason, dishonesty, etc… and compare it with the the US and other industrialized nations. That should very simply show you the difference between smart and stupid.

      Put that on your plate and eat it. And I’m here for one reason only. To care for a relative who is sick. When my job is done here, I will go back and once again enjoy order, intelligent people around me, organization, cleanliness, and people with logic and reason.

      1. filofail

        “WE are not proud of your western culture because it sucks!”

        Well, we don’t stop anywhere and piss on the street like a fuckin animal in western civilized cuture. We don’t ignorantly cut off pedestrians crossing the street. We don’t bypass people in line and go to the front of the line and cut in front of people who had the sense to wait in line and consider others. We don’t neglect cleanliness and wallow in filth. We don’t expect people to pay for internet then deal with constant disconnections and slow speeds. We don’t ignore lane lines painted on the streets. We don’t offer warranties then not honor them when the stupid thing stops working a week after buying it. We don’t hire inadequately trained people to run systems they know little about, thus making things like internet and power full of daily interruptions and failures. We don’t have what looks like spagetti hanging from power poles, and overloaded with wires making them lean and fall over. We don’t have standard operating procedures that make no sense at all, simply because the power hungry boss thinks it’s a good idea.

        Shall I continue?

        With every word you speak, you continue to show the reason why Philippines is a big fuckin failure. It’s your denial of your own ignorance and stupidity, thinking you’re smart and don’t need help. That is why you all have isolated yourselves from the modern world. You all claim to be so moral, and catholic, yet at the same time, being amongst the most dishonest, untrustworthy, most corrupt nations on earth! You will not accept help or learning, because you think you know it all, and to accept help, you think it would make you look like you DON’T know it all, therefore you do not welcome help or teaching from outside. You people just fuck yourselves over day after day, wallowing in your false pride, trying to claim credit for a few successes you personally had NOTHING to do with, and then you think a rare success makes your country great. WAAAAHAHAHAHA that is stupid in itself! You think the rest of the world is as stupid as you (or to put it another way, you think the rest of the world isn’t any smarter than you) And so you think you can spout off pride, and morals, and bullshit with your mouths and think people will believe it. Well, smart people see with their eyes, and there is NOTHING you can spew from your mouth in words that makes the rest of the world believe what you SAY. Because just about everything you say completely contradicts what we SEE. Action speaks much louder than words, and it’s too bad Filipinos have not even come close to learning that.

        I have actually had many personal and honest conversations with natives here, and when they trust me, they become honest. They tell me how ashamed they are of this country, and how ashamed they are to be a Filipino. They open their honest heart to me, and tell me their true inner feelings and pain but outwardly, they spout off the “proud to be filipino” bullshit because who really wants to show their shame in public? It’s really a denial of reality.

        I share with them that it is that way because you feel you have no power to change things here, and that cannot be further from the truth. This IS a free democratic society, in which the power is in the hands of the PEOPLE. The problem is, the people are too fuckin timid and weak and stupid to realize that all they have to do is band together (like in the 80’s People Power). But they need to keep that mindset, and NEVER be afraid to challenge the government. NEVER be afraid to make their elected officials accountable for every piso of the people’s money. Until you all grow some fucking balls and develop and learn that the power is in YOUR hands and actually make this country something to be proud of, instead of your crab mentality of dragging each other down, seeking childish revenge for every tiny offense someone does on you, and stand up to the government and let them know the power is in the hands of the PEOPLE, and band together as brothers, and make the government know you will not stand for corruption, and you are willing to die for it (this ideal is how America was founded, and became the greatest, most powerful nation on earth), until you all grow enough balls and brains to do this, you will remain pathetic, oppressed by your government, and stupid.

        You can get angry and pissy and deny the very obvious truth of what I have just said, or you can do your part and stop pathetically carrying on the mindset and disabling thinking which has kept you people down for centuries. The power is in your hands, and you don’t even realize it, nor do you have the brains to make a change. That’s why you remain in the dark ages.

        Now THAT is what SUCKS!

      2. justjabari

        @filofail this thread here is probably the best on your entire blog. I have many of the same feelings as you on the topic and have not outwardly spoken on them until now. Mainly out of respect for my wife, but I was raised under the “mind your own business” mantra. However, enough is enough….

        I only wish that the politicians of this nation could read the posts on this site and my hope is that if only ONE or TWO of them had any semblance of brain activity and made a move in the right direction…then we would see some progress. But sadly I doubt that will ever happen. Every night I watch ABS and GMA and every night I’m left shaking my head as I watch the media feed the citizens of this country NONSENSE – and they eat it up like a bowl of fruit loops. So many of the real issues are covered up or just not reported on…instead we are treated to an endless procession of variety shows and over dramatized soap operas that hold the nation hostage for hours at a time while the politicians, police, and everyone else are robbing this country blind.

        Driving around Metro Manila it boggles my mind how many massive malls are being thrown up..some right across the street from each other!! – And I’m quite sure the budget/books on these massive structures are straight and honest (chuckle…)

        Please help me understand one more thing….Last night while watching the news at home with my wife, we were stunned to see the mass migration of people from Mindanao and Visayas coming to pay respects to Dolphy (RIP) at Heritage Park in Taguig. They were interviewing people on the street in region that were begging for money to come to Manila for this. How is it that these same people that can barely put food on their table find their way to Taguig to pay respects in this manner? Dude…I am at a loss for words on this one. Im not saying DONT GRIEVE…but do it in the privacy of your house! If you can’t afford to take a pedicab into the city of your province…why would you try to come to Taguig??

        I think the politicians and businessmen here know what you know about the vast majority of Filipinos and therefore expect to get away with what they are doing.

  5. filofail

    “arent you proud of Charice Pempengco? Nicole of PCD, Vanessa Hudgens and many more? ”

    No. If I was their father, yeah, I would be proud, because I was directly involved with the person they became. Why do you try to steal credit from the few filipino successes and act like it’s your own achievement? You had nothing to do with being a filipino, neither did I. How can you be proud of something you had no involvement in? Especially being filipino. You were just born as a filipino, and it was nothing of your doing. So how can you be proud of that? Same goes for anyone. I don’t say, “I’m proud to be an American”. It’s stupid to say, because it’s no achievement of my own. I had not choice or control or doing in becoming an American immigrant because I was just a baby at that time. Pride comes from something you have achieved. Did you teach Charice to sing? I seriously doubt that. ONLY the people directly involved in making Charice a success has the right to pride in her. Not JUST BECAUSE SHE’S FILIPINO. Man, your thinking is so twisted!

    Filipino failure on a national level, as well as a global level surpasses any rare successes by leaps and bounds. C’mon, take a look around. You have WAY more to be ashamed of.

    Now instead of staying in the stupidity and denial that keeps you corrupt, stupid, and poor , why not make the change inside you and spread it. You CAN as a people band together and turn things around here. Will you? Well that’s up to you.

  6. plutocopy

    oh hi there, defensive much? hahahahaha yes! thats it, though we are not involve directly to that person, knowing that he/she is a Filipino it has something that is worth walking down the street with your head held up high. Can’t you see the logic? Or do i need to introduce Logic 101 here? lols anyways, you claimed to be a 100% Filipino and acting like an American, that truly sucks, reality bites dude. You are just telling blunders to us but the truth is, it also involves you in the first place. You keep on saying Filipinos are idiot, stupid, and all that crap and YOU? how about you? ur a Filipino dude 100%, you claimed it yourself, so you’re one of us. You cant deny it. YOU ARE A FILIPINO thus, you are also stupid and idiot, were now even. Stop pretending that youre an American because you’re not even smart.. Even when the world comes tumbling down, you cant change the fact the you are a Filipino. You dont even have that American spirit, you’re not even worthy to be called American, you were just born there and legalized (perhaps) as an American citizen through papers only but the truth is you’re still a Filipino- the race that you hate most. Poor filofail. hahahahaha

    If i were you, move on and just live in reality.Dont pretend and dont be a feeler, okay? Dude, no matter how you deny it, it will still follows you. weeeeeeeeeee! Instead of throwing words that would add to your sin, why not try to do something for a change? nice idea isnt it? you’re ‘smart’, right? and yet you didnt realized it? anyways filofail, prove to us that you really have that American spirit, just try harder and harder and then we will consider you a true American, otherwise, don’t do even a little step towards it because you only prove how stupid you are. But you know what? I’m impressed with u, I’ve never talked to such a small mind inside such a big head before. ^__^

    1. filofail

      Once again, you have just proven everything I have said. Bottom line, your words spewing forth from your mouth are the opposite of what the rest of the world sees.

      Now instead of claiming greatness and pride in a few Filipinos who have succeeded in something that requires very little BRAIN POWER and INTELLIGENCE, why not address the real issues I’ve stated that are, in fact, absolutely true, and you can see it as soon as you step outside your door; the filth, the disorder, the incompetence to deliver reliable and quality public services. Check this exerpt from an article, which proves everything I’ve said:

      Since the FSI ranks countries from the perspective of “most failed” (Somalia has occupied the top spot for the last several years), the change in the Philippines’ position from 2009 represents progress in the wrong direction. It is part of a depressing trend as well; the country made significant improvements from the 2005 to the 2006 FSI, but has declined ever since. That is certainly not welcome news, but it would be wrong to ignore the value of it; and given what it implies about the outgoing administration of Gloria Arroyo, it’s a bit surprising that the incoming president and his team have not taken notice. There might, however, be a good reason not to – at least from their point of view. To understand why and to understand how the FSI can be helpful to the rest of the country, a brief primer on how the Index works is in order:

      What is a Failed State?

      The classical definition of a State comes from the early 20th-century German sociologist Max Weber, who described the State as an entity which holds “a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence.” In the wake of last year’s Maguindanao Massacre, I made the assertion that based on Weber’s definition, it is appropriate to regard the Philippines as already having failed as a state. Other conditions that can be indicative of failure, according to The Fund for Peace, are the erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions, an inability to provide reasonable public services, and the inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community.

      Clearly, the Philippines as a State has already lost or is losing the fight to maintain control over these four essential conditions. Warlordism, persistent insurgency, and largely uncontrollable crime prevent the State from having Weber’s “monopoly” over the use of force. Collective decision-making, represented by the conduct and output of the Legislature, is inconsistent at best, as is the provision of public services.

      Essentially, the statistics show Philippines is just a big failure. So stop acting and responding like some child on a playground saying, “I know you are but what am I?” and look at the reality of your pathetic condition, and grow up, and put your energy into changing things into what you are currently deluded in thinking it is.

      The only thing you have and respond with is false pride in a few singers. And you don’t need any brains to sing well.

      Keep digging yourself a hole, and keep proving me right with every stupid denial in your ridiculous replies. If you people had even a measurable level of logic, you would have at least a measurable level of order and common sense, and AT LEAST a bit of cleanliness. YUCK! It’s fuckin gross here! You know it’s common knowledge that cockroach infestations are a direct result of filth, rot, and decay. And the cockroaches surely thrive in this country. Doesn’t take much intelligence to at least have a little cleanliness. The filth that is Philippines proves the rampant stupidity. Now tell my you like it that way and make it sound smart. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


    2. filofail

      “…you claimed to be a 100% Filipino and acting like an American, that truly sucks, reality bites dude.”

      This is a prime example of how native filipinos HATE to see other filipinos who are more intelligent than them. They pathetically attempt (laughably) to sound like they have the upper hand in logic, when they just only dig themselves a deeper hole in the pit of utter stupidity. They think that if they try to say it forcefully and convincingly enough, others will believe them. Unfortunately, they have NO IDEA what thinking and making logical sense really is. I see it every day, I see it with my native filipino partner whom I live with, I see it happen with everyone single filo I argue with (arguing with a filo is like arguing with a 2 year old, they just don’t get it).

      These truly are pathetic people. My god.

    3. filofail

      “oh hi there, defensive much? hahahahaha yes! thats it, though we are not involve directly to that person, knowing that he/she is a Filipino it has something that is worth walking down the street with your head held up high.”

      This cracks me up. Let me just ask any American person if they walk down the street holding their head up high because of Brad Pitt, or Tom Cruise, or Angelina Jolie…etc.

      You’re funny Plutocopy!! Thanks for that jolly-good belly laugh! Idiot. LOL!

    4. filofail

      Plutocopy is offended and pissed off because I don’t present myself as just another stupid, ignorant, deluded, in-denial filipino. Sad, isn’t it?

  7. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    i came from the future and seen this.
    mydsl(obviously an another name for pldt) and plutocopy .

    funny how mydsl respond with “hope your grandma dies”
    another reason why we are famous on esports as “peenoise”.
    answering a non-related topic just to shut you up .

    plutocopy , this fellow gentlemen is just saying what he experienced living here.
    so why dont you just think what he is saying ? i know that you know what he is saying .
    oh . and please , dont act like you’re a civilized filipino coz you are not . so am i .

    but i am aware of what is happening around .

    again ,im a 100% native filipino but this country is really a bullshit .

  8. Profile gravatar of Angel

    I have come from an even more distant future!

    Amazing, FiloFail, you’re like the next Jose Rizal or something. It’s like all of you Filipinos and half-Filipinos are the ilustrados (or ilustradas, sorry Sarah) of the past, during the Spanish occupation, working for the betterment of the Filipino nation as a whole. One cannot see the wrongs if one has been brought up to see them as the norm. Only by looking from outside the box will one be able to see their own mistakes, from the eyes of another.