PLDT Mindset: Label Service Failures, They Are No Longer Service Failures

After 5 years of dealing with consistent, ongoing service failures from PLDT, I would say I am well versed in how they operate. They operate Filipino style; with failed logic, non-accountability, irresponsibility, and with no sense of obligation to provide their customers a fair value for the money paid (much less to provide the service they promise and advertise).

I experience several DSL disconnections and extremely slow speeds consistently every month. As one who relies on an internet connection to generate income, it certainly negatively affects my income. So I pretty much fight every battle, and consistently call and report and complain and demand rebates for non-service.  PLDT has come to learn how I operate as well. I have filed several cases with the DTI (Dept Of Trade and Industry) when they have failed to give me a rebate for non-service.

Last night, my DSL connection was lost, and it’s now 11 hours later and still no connection. This is just 1 week after dealing with an entire week of extremely slow speeds (I have 10Mbps connection and my speeds did not go above about 500Kbps for an entire week. That’s 1/2 of 1Mbps.

As usual, when I call to report and complain, they tell me, “Sir, there is a major trouble we’re dealing with and we’ve issued an advisory”.  Well that is the problem. PLDT seems to think that if they label their shitty, crappy, inconsistent, unreliable service with labels like “advisory” or “major trouble”, it just makes everything ok, and I should pay my bill in full. And as always, I have to explain to their very limited minds that I really don’t fucking care what label they put on their stupidity, incompetence, and failures. I don’t care that there’s an advisory, or major trouble. I just care that AGAIN, I have no connection and I want these on-going service failures to fucking STOP!

That is what I’m calling to complain about. I don’t need them to tell me there’s “major problem”. Isn’t it fucking obvious? Isn’t that what I’ve called about? I have no connection AGAIN, and that is a major problem. What a bunch of fucking idiots.

No matter what label you put on shitty, inconsistent, unreliable service, it’s still shitty, inconsistent, unreliable service.

I’m paying for a consistent quality internet connection. If I don’t have an internet connection, THAT IS A MAJOR PROBLEM! Why does PLDT need to respond to my report of my major problem with “We have a major problem” thinking that makes it ok?

Anyone with a slightly measurable level of intelligence would recognize the consistent and numerous service failures, and figure out that is an indication that their network is fucked up and needs major fixing. A major problem requires major action. PLDT takes no major action.  The only “major problem” PLDT has is the fact they are doing NOTHING to improve their service. They just continue to respond to people’s complaints with telling them the same thing they are complaining about by labeling it. What a bunch of fucking idiots.

My question is, when will PLDT look all the “major problems” that happen every single day nationwide, and see that as an indication they are doing something MAJORLY WRONG?

Consistent, good quality, reliable internet service is not hard to achieve. It’s old technology! It is achieved in nearly every country on earth. All you need is properly trained, competent technicians and engineers. So what is PLDT’s lame excuse?

I have spoken to many internal sources at PLDT who reveal that the majority of their field technicians are not formally trained. They are simply trained in-house by other idiots who were trained in-house. Obviously this saves PLDT a lot of money because they don’t have to pay ordinary Filipino idiots off the street the same as they would have to pay field-specific formally schooled and trained professionals. I even talked to their “Network Engineer” who is in fact NOT a network engineer, but a mechanical engineer who has not had any ongoing formal updated education in any degree whatsoever since 1971. That is like asking a massage therapist to perform brain surgery!

This is why they have consistently shitty service and constant “major problems”. Because they have people who DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE DOING out there fucking up the wires, fucking up configurations, and just guessing and hoping they get things right. They get one idiot to fuck something up, then they have to send another idiot to try and fix what the first idiot fucked up who fucks it up more, and then they get a group of idiots together who do this and that and hopefully odds are one idiot will happen to make the right guess, and fix the issue until another idiot fucks it up again.

So when you have one dumb Filipino who calls to report a service failure, and the dumb Filipino PLDT Representative responds by telling the dumb Filipino what he already knows, then the dumb Filipino caller accepts the lame excuse and hangs up and pays his bill on time. Make a change and instead of perpetuating stupidity, choose to NOT be dumb and figure shit out! Stop accepting lame excuses and labels!

If every PLDT customer would simply keep a log of all the time of non-service and demand a rebate as regulated by the DTI, for every single minute of non-service, and if they don’t receive the rebate in a reasonable amount of time, file a case with DTI, this would hit PLDT very hard where it counts, and where it matters most: their profit margin.

Stand up for yourselves and stop letting them bend you over and fuck you in the ass.  When you are not getting what you pay for FILE A CASE WITH THE DEPT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY HERE

If 1000’s more people would file cases when they are being mistreated as a customer by any company, Businesses would be forced to improve their services and abide by the law.

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  1. Fred Chesbro