PLDT: “Remind Us In A Week”

pldt-brainlessYes, PLDT, probably the largest communications utility in the country, completely dumb-shits all over themselves again. It’s not at all shocking, being that it’s comprised of typical dumb-fuck Filipino idiots. Honestly, they can’t get through 1 hour without dumb-fucking themselves in the ass. But hey, I need blog content, and you all need a jolly good laugh at the continuing saga of utterly mind-boggling Filipino stupidity.

So anyway, I’m relocating (because of PLDT’s and Globe’s mind-boggling stupidity of telling me they could provide a connection at the current place I’m in, then after renting and moving in, they tell me they can’t, so I’m stuck using some shitty wimax (wireless DSL) device that isn’t worth a shit, and I can no longer deal with it, so I gotta move to an area where I can REALLY get DSL).

So I’m moving in about 10 days. PLDT was supposed to call me Saturday (because they said they would) to confirm the install date at my new location. Well of course they didn’t call. Not that I expected they would. Neither PLDT or Globe seldom ever do what they tell you they will do. It’s up to you to call them and scream at them, call them dumbfucks, idiots, unprofessional shit-for-brains who have no concept of customer service whatsoever, before you finally get them to do what they said they would do.

So I call them back this morning and lay down the insults and bitching, and ask them to confirm my install date. And what to they tell me?

“Sir, call us 1 week before you move and remind us please.”

So I reply,

“Remind you??? You’re a communications company! You don’t have computers, with some kind of system for scheduling, then FOLLOWING THAT SCHEDULE??? REMIND YOU???? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????”

This explains why they seldom to never do what they say they will do, until you have to call and remind them that they were supposed to call, or come yesterday.

This is why I say Filipinos are like a bunch of 2nd graders pretending to be a country. They are pretending to do business. They are pretending they’re a society. But like young children, they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. They’re just trying to mimic the adults.

And this is why Filipinos are such stupid mindless imbeciles.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    There are just no words to adequately describe the mindless, imbecilic nature of the staff at PLDT. To call them a pack of complete fucking morons would be an insult to a pack of complete fucking morons. I feel certain that anyone wanting a job with PLDT must first FAIL a basic IQ test, then prove themselves to be utterly incompetent fucking liars before starting work.

    I’m guessing that staff training is conducted within the confines of a sheltered workshop, using the infinitely smarter retards who reside in the facility as trainers. This training is obviously followed up with a full frontal lobotomy, and installation of a robotic speaking device the precedes every customer service related statement that come from their worthless, imbecile mouths with one of the following;

    “follow up”

    It doesn’t matter what else the fucking drones say as long as they use these words. Everything before, and everything after these words are uttered is complete, and carefully crafted bullshit. Ignorant. Stupid. Lazy. Incompetent. Mindless fucking drones.

  2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I rely on Philippine monthly services as much as I trust a Filipino with my wallet. I don’t have PLDT, and I refuse to sign up with them. My prepaid internet USB gets me around just fine, or bumming off of free wifi in public installations. In most cases, it’s usually not free, or you gotta go through the hassle of obtaining the password to connect to their wifi. I’m gonna invest in a mobile Hotspot a.k.a. pocket wifi, I’m tired of wasting a USB port just to connect to the internet when I have a mouse, cooling, and sometimes an external hard-drive to deal with at the same time.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      My work demands high bandwidth. When I move, I will have the highest PLDT DSL plan, the highest Globe DSL plan, and a 25mbps cable internet connection.

      I have several work stations with people using internet and uploading large files. I gotta have bandwidth. My business has suffered greatly at the utter stupidity of Globe and PLDT telling me they could provide DSL at this location, then I go ahead and move in the place, only to have them later tell me they can’t. It has been a nightmare that will end in about a week.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Yes I remember that story when you first posted it. Wow, that was a ton of hell you went through. I hope you were able to fully recover from that experience.

    2. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      Very difficult when you run an internet based business FAFI. There is just no plausible excuse for the mind boggling incompetence, breath taking stupidity, transparent lies, obscene overcharging, lack of customer support, failing infrastructure, and all-round mismanagement of this organization. I’d go to Globe, but know that the same imbecile shit awaits me there. I’ve now had a relatively stable, high speed (only by Pinoy standards) DSL connection for about three months. To get there, I had to end up threatening to file a writ against the NTC, to cause them, to cause PLDT, to deliver the service they had contracted to provide. Before I got to that, I’d long before turned into the customer from Hell (and I really do mean the customer from Hell). I never should have had to go to such lengths, just to get these worthless fucking imbeciles to do nothing more than the job they are paid to do. As FiloFail said, I was being waaaaaaaay to kind on them with what I said before. The staff at PLDT made me understand for certain that there are just no know boundaries to Pinoy ineptitude, stupidity or dishonesty. They also taught me how to deal with brain-dead fucking Pinoys – something which I now do with relative ease – and generally get acceptable result in a timely manner.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        Yes, it took me about 2 years to work my way to the president of PLDT to finally get what I was paying for. Since then, many PLDT staff nationwide all know me by name. Since then, they jump when I bitch.

        Since then, I’ve been able to get a pretty good (by Pinoy standards) connection.

        I haven’t had PLDT since I moved here for reasons explained, but now that I’m getting them again, they haven’t forgotten me, and other than having to “remind them in a week”, I’m sure I’ll be getting some decent consistency with my connection, as I had them save my connection profile from before.

  3. Profile gravatar of Waipahukanu

    PLDT bugged me yet again with their promotions. I’ve told them 1/2 a dozen times I am not interested in their promotions, but they keep calling me once a week. “Please, put me on a DO NOT CALL list, and only call me if you have a good reason, such as me not paying my bill which I do every month”. I get really pissed off, and annoyed! I know it is them before I pick up the phone. Useless $%@$@

    1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      Just last week some fliphead pldt rep rang the phone 10 times. She said that PLDT were going to give me a free “quadcore tablet” if i upgrade my internet to 3.5 Mbps. I replied with “I’m already paying for a 8Mbps connection that never goes past 4Mbps, what shens is this?”

      “Oh po, to redeem your free Quadcore tablet, please stop by our branch, with a photo ID and written authorization that you are already a 3.5Mbps plus subscriber”

      “What’s the catch? does this increase my lockin period?”

      Silence for a good 10’s with lots of sudden background chatter on her side.

      “Yes, this will extend your lockin period another 36 months”

      *hangs up*

  4. Profile gravatar of jm

    PLDT is owned by Smart. ALL of smart’s services are contracted out to subcontractors, from the little stores that you pay your bills, buy your phones or attempt to straighten out a billing or performance problem along with the online internet or phone in “trouble call” including the tech’s that come out to check your connection.
    So in essence PDLT (SMART) is very smart as they just blame their contractors for problems if at any time you could even get to anybody that actually is a part of the company.
    I had smart account with “canopy” antenna start out in Bicol province more than 12 years ago. Down there outside Naga City it was very good and fast, especially after I built a new CPU. The problem there was there was problems with the power. We had so many power outages that it was impossible to even freeze water to make ice. Even the city got to the point that almost everyday they also had power outages so most places had generators.
    Problem with the internet connection is that nobody maintained the towers emergency power back up so without power and with a generator there still was no internet.
    After a major power outage (and water) outage that lasted for more than one week and was supposed to last for at least 1 more week (actually lasted for a total of 3 weeks) I said screw this and went looking for a place in a more civilized area closer to Subic. I rented a truck and moved before the power ever returned.
    My biggest problem with Smart for all of the years was that they advertised 10MB (and showed) but in actuality with testing my speed online I was lucky to be able to get 0.03 down load and about the same or less upload. even when they sent contractors to my area and even no matter to what location I moved to to pick up different towers the same speed.
    The contractor told me that was because there has been no update on any of the towers for years.
    When I attempted to take them to court it was pointed out to me that according to the fine print in the agreement, “The speed is UP TO 10 MGB” not a guaranteed speed at that rate.
    Shortly after Globe came around and gave all in the area a promo deal, for 1k peso they would instal and one month free and all f the other bull that comes with promo’s.
    * of us in the area had Globe install their antenna. Mine about worked for less than one hour along with the rest.
    I was lucky I had not cancelled Smart as other had as all of our “lock in” periods had already expired thus we wanted to change to something with better
    The other immediately went to Olongapo office to get their money back and cancel the contract for G;obe which they did not do even though the

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    i am waiting for some tambauy to fix the pldt fone… wha they do when u fone for a repair,,, they forget to put down the date,, so you have to pay.. always get the repair code number, for your billing, so you do not have to pay them.