PLDT – Typical Poor, Unreliable, Inconsistent Service

PLDT really has no interest in customer service. My internet package is supposed to give me 10mbps speed. Lately I’ve had frequent disconnections and ridiculously slow speeds.

I’ve been dealing with PLDT for years. Their “technicians” are under-qualified and pretty fuckin’ stupid. Ever wonder why PLDT reports record profits? BECAUSE THEY SAVE MONEY BY NOT HIRING FULLY EDUCATED AND TRAINED TECHNICIANS AND ENGINEERS, THUS OPERATING A FAILING, PATHETIC INCONSISTENT SERVICE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS.

How very typically Filipino. Idiots.


Look at these absolutely pathetic speeds. I am supposed to have 10 mbps download. I only currently have a fraction of 1 mbps.

Translated: PLDT a company of filipinos, a company of stupid fuckin idiots = fail!

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  1. [email protected]

    Smart Bro

  2. J-p Lemaitre

    How true you are…!
    This is a mail that I sent PLDT recently after having no email service available from them whatsoever for more than a week…(but did they receive any thing is everybody’s guess…).

    As usual every time PLDT engage in so called “Email Server improvement”, everything falls apart…

    After struggling with various means and jumping from “Zimbra” to “Horde” two days later, I finally succeeded in changing my password from the arbitrary “PLDT1234”, and it seems that I could receive some mail then.
    BUT I could NOT send any new mails using my account “…”, this situation remained until Monday Nov05 evening.

    Now the problem worsened as I can NOT even receive any email on my “…” account.

    This state of fact is lasting for way too long, and please, please, don’t dare using some words like [our ongoing commitment to provide our clients with continuous service], your blatant disrespect for the heavily charged Customers is outrageous and only surpassed by your level of incompetency.

    Don’t you perform any dry runs before implementing such devastating changes on the eve of an extended five days week-end?
    Do you need more than eight days before reverting to/restoring a working status?

    Maybe you should remember this motto “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken”.

    Could you publish all the settings necessary to use a … account with other mail servers like Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird?

    As nobody answers the 171 phone, I look forward to a sound and swift reply.

  3. Zaku Zaharina

    PLDT??? REALLY???
    -Customer Services
    -Internet Speed
    -Lazy technicians/installers
    (minsan ako’ng nagpakabit ng line sa bahay, ang sabi “wala po’ng linya sa area nyo ma’am, kung ok po sa inyo gawa tayo ng linya pero need 1 month for approval” Are you kidding? Harap ng bahay namin may internet cafe, PLDT MyDSL!)

    -Promoting 3rd party connections (dati [email protected])
    -Pro-rating charges
    -Passing company taxes to consumers
    -Maningil ng bill, 5 days delay putol agad.
    -Saka malakas sila manakot ng consumers using collection agencies Threathening to file charges to unpaid bills being cut off.

    My friends has received about a dozen letters from local to national.collecting agents.

  4. justjabari

    I have a good story for you…so, my wife’s brother just moved into a new place and inquired about PLDT myDSL service. They said it’s available and his area and for him to pay 2300 pesos for the modem and they will come and install everything. A week passed and one showed to install. So he called them and was told that service is not available in his area and that they would – get ready for it – “follow up” and call him the next day to let him know when he could expect service…which of course came and went with no contact from PLDT. He then went down to the office in Mandaluyong to get a refund for the 2300 pesos and was told NO REFUNDS allowed for services rendered. WHAT SERVICE???? He was then told to come back in 24 hours blah blah blah blah….and round and round he goes. I sent him your blog BEFORE he inquired about PLDT service but he was hell bent on using them since his beloved internet cafe is a subscriber. So now he’s another victim of the biggest racket in the Philippines. Not trying to rub it in..I told him to file with DTI and call everyday demanding to speak to management until he gets his money back. Let’s see if he does that..i will definitely keep you posted

    1. filofail

      Typical. So very typical. I honestly think it’s sad how unbelievably stupid these people are. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter what you buy, nothing goes right, there’s always people who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, and just utterly illogical, unreasonable, and just plain fucking idiotic stupid beyond imagination.

      1. justjabari

        UPDATE: My bro-in-law filed with DTI and and went back to PLDT in Mandaluyong with his newly found set of kahunas and actually got his money back in full. All he did was inform them of the filing and a manager magically appeared with his cash and an apology. There are folks that might not like your blog or agree with your position…but dude you are 100% correct. If folks stand up for themselves, these poor excuse for companies – and the con artist methods they use to separate you from your money – will cease to exist. Great advice