Please Fall In Line

Almost any time there is a line at a counter, or entrance to a mall, or any given situation that would require waiting your turn, there are several idiots who feel that common sense, common courtesy and consideration does not apply to them.

My friend went to the polls to vote yesterday, spent over an hour in a line that did not move one inch. He discovered people were cutting in line, and to make matters more stupid, the poll officials simply turned a blind eye, or were just typically ignorant to see that it was wrong. My friend began scolding people and demanded officials to monitor the line so that a first come first serve rule would be enforced.

It’s pathetic that filipino adults have no common sense or courtesy to the point where they think they can just go ahead of everyone else.

I remember traveling by ferry one time, and we had to pass thru security to get on the boat. There was a crowd of over 100 ignorant filipino dumbfucks who apparently had no capacity to behave or conduct themselves like a civilized human being. They just crowed the single doorway, pushing and shoving, cutting in, and I was trapped in the middle of it all, squeezed and nearly suffocating. I saw old ladies and old men trapped in, and also old ladies and men going around the side and doing the cutting and squeezing in also.

I have never witness such a stupid, ignorant, SELFISH, discourteous bunch of GROWN MEN AND WOMEN in my life.

Filipinos should just go back into the jungle and stop trying to pretend they are civilized people. They cannot even begin to have the maturity and competence to conduct themselves like a civilized society.

Filipinos are truly the most stupid idiots on earth. I’ve seen more order and organization in a colony of ants. Even jungle tribes who live in the wild are more courteous and civilized.

When will filipinos ever evolve? I don’t think they ever will, because they don’t have enough brain capacity to do it.

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