Please Give Me Balato

Balato (n.) – money given away by a winning gambler as goodwill

This is just going to be a quick rant as I can’t contain my annoyance anymore. So first of all, I am a Filipino born, raised, and currently residing in the Philippines. In this post I’ll have to specify that I used to live in an average subdivision before my family sold the house last month. Since then, we have moved to an area which is only a few hundred meters away from our previous residence.

Inevitably, my mother has been running into old neighbors. I am starting to think that moving to a nearby area was a mistake. Here are some remarks that should justify my annoyance:


Old neighbor: Your house been sold?

Mom: Yes.

O.N.: My god, you didn’t even give us balato.


“What a snob, I didn’t even receive balato from her.”


“She left without giving balato.”


A friend of my mom’s giving her the “silent treatment” (“Because I feel so tampo! You should have given me balato before leaving. My husband is too lazy to get a job so I work minimum-wage but still you must give me balato so I can buy useless shit like Gluta.”)

I knew Filipinos were stupid, but I didn’t know that they were as stupid and as insensitive as to think that selling a 1.2-million-peso house was equivalent to winning 300 million pesos in the lottery. The amount of “heat” my mother is receiving baffles me. We never promised anyone anything, and they’re aware that we sold the house for the debts we accumulated when my father fell ill. Even my own aunt tries to extract more money from us by bringing up non-existent debts.

It’s okay to love money, I mean we all need it. But if you love money and choose to beg for it rather than work for it then you should reevaluate yourself. I love helping people, but these people are perfectly capable for a job. Laziness is their only problem.

Do you have a similar experience? Have you ever given in to a Flip asking for balato?  

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Hell, they all ask for christmas presents at christmas time also.

    They’re always asking for something. Always got their fucking hand out for any reason they can find. And somehow they think their grandmother’s hospital bill is MY responsibility. It’s really fucking pathetic.

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I have walked into stores to buy a soda and the help keep asking me to buy them a cell phone or give them mine.

    “Where’s my gift?”
    “Hey Joe, give me coin.”
    “Hey Joe give me money.”
    “Hey Joe, give me your watch.”

    What is missing?

    “Hey Joe, do you have a job I can do?”

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Believe us, we feel your pain. Standing in line to use the atm with 15 filipinos ahead of me and here come the beggars standing near the atm. The filipinos make their withdraw and leave without the beggars asking for anything or saying a word. But as soon as the Westerner walks away from the atm they are on him before he gets 10 foot from it.

      Then you have the ones that follow you 2 blocks down the street “Give me money. Give me money” while tugging at your arms, pants for the entire 2 blocks.

      1. Profile gravatar of Eau de Tourette
        Eau de Tourette

        i tend to enter a taxi on that and rather withdraw money in a mall where there are not beggars. just not even dealing with the shit but i know how that annoys. experienced it myself.

    2. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

      @oldnavyfart I have a great idea. The Philippines should have some mass military draft for these useless individuals. They can have these people work on the infrastructure and pick up trash. I’m sure tho everyone in the PH would hate that because that means putting country first and self second for everyone..

    3. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      For fu#^ sake you can’t even back out of a parking space without some retard flapping his arms around thinking he is “helping” you.
      Hey!! give me money.

  3. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

    @tempuraballs 99.9% of Filipinos have their hands out asking for money or they expect money. You say “I’m annoyed ” “Filipinos are stupid” my question to you is why don’t you change this in your people? I know one person can’t change a country but I always here Filipinos say the same crap that you saying above. Why don’t you guys put action to your words? Us expats can’t slap any sense into you people but with a glimmer of hope a few Filipinos like yourself can grow some balls and put your foot up these retards asses. Talk to your buddy @tomlimjucohrn so that both of you geniuses can come up with a solution.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I disagree. One person can change a country. History is filled with such people for have done just that for the better or the worse.

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        @oldnavyfart I’m giving the Guy leeway.. I’m giving him a chance here.. Yes in America we have had great leaders that have changed our society for the better. I just don’t put the Filipinos up to those standards. Maybe one day they can have that one individual but at this present time I don’t think they’re capable

  4. Profile gravatar of Tomlimjucohrn

    @tempuraballs Yes, this has happened to my family several times before. I think with more education and awareness we can start to fix these type of problems. Unfortunately there are a lot of stupid pinoys but in time I believe we’ll see some type of change.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      As long as Pinoys keep thinking like you (totally out of touch with reality), you’ll never see any change. You all just leave it up to the “heros” you elect.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      When Pinoys develop enough common fucking sense to obey traffic laws (like stopping for pedestrians in pedestrian crosswalks), staying between the lane lines, etc, you then can move on to understanding bigger and better change.

      You morons refuse to understand the change must begin within yourselves. You just succumb to the campaign promises of your current hero and expect them to wave their magic wand and make the change.

      Politicians can’t do a fucking thing if the people refuse to change their idiotic, ass backwards ways of thinking, or rather, not thinking at all. When you idiots stop thinking that you’re above the rules, and the exception to the rules, and just fucking obey the rules, maybe change will be possible. But again, until YOU change, there isn’t a single President or government that can do a fucking thing to make a change. NOTHING. You all just want others to do everything for you.

      1. Profile gravatar of Nik

        actually i’m starting to feel some basic changes have to come from above. singapore style. these ignorant people spread over islands just can’t change themselves, so they need someone duterte-like to tell them what’s good and what’s evil. maybe after some generations of people who are used to let pedestrians cross it’ll be easier to adopt more of common sense vaccine.

        take toilet seats. imagine you never had toilet and you were only squatting over some hole in the ground. then you come work to the office or some other decent place with beautiful white toilet bowl in it. common sense of “sitting on the seat” instead of squatting on it just can’t spark in your mind because there’s no background for such nonsense. that’s why there should be penalties and suspensions and maybe physical punishments for those who disobey – only then people can learn that it’s better and more safe to use seat for sitting.

    3. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
      Rice Ganda

      The only change that I have seen over time is that the population has become larger and even more retarded, and the mountains of trash have become higher. Because – as with everything else in life – you’re all sitting around waiting for change to be gifted to you, rather than doing anything about it for your lazy-ass selves.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Got one on YouTube telling me that filipinos do not beg. SO I told them to return all the money they get in foreign aid to the countries that gave it. SILENCE.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        That I don’t understand myself. I have made it very clear several times that I am in favor of the U.S stopping any and all forms of aid to the philippines and scrap the mutual defense treaty with the philippines. As long as the philippines keeps getting welfare from other nations the filipinos will never grow up.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          See, it’s like a chat on Youtube where I said filipinos never repay any money they borrow. You know what I was told by filipinos? “The filipinos that borrowed the money tried to pay i back but foreigners refuse to take it back. Filipinos always repay money borrowed.” Yes, that’s what I was told and how they justify not returning money they borrow.

  6. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I recently bought a house and lot for the wife, see no childbride mentioned.
    What I found out later was who had their hand out for commission. NOT THAT I PAID ANY.
    But I am sure it was calculated into the price whilst I was negotiating the price I will bet.
    How I found the house was, I was having a beer with a Canadian mate in the VFW , he told me he was moving out of the rented property and the owner wanted to sell it.
    He supplied the owners name and phone number and the price he was offered to buy the house but he could not afford it .
    Now here would be the commission any normal person would think .!!!!!!!!!
    BUT NO !!!!!
    A hanger on at the local Sari sari store got some , what did he do !!!!!!! He rang the bride when the owner came home to let her know the owner was back from the province.
    I had spoken with the owner in the province, he spoke fluent English. I knew where he was and his time frame to do the deal as he was going to Europe to work.
    Another hanger on in the street got 10K for what I will never know app;apparently she knew the renter who was moving out.
    The same person I will be polite then tried to hit us up too. WHAT THE FUCK FOR.
    All this for a house that will never be in my name., even though the contracts were in both names the city refused to put both names on the title as I was NOT a FLIP. So even with Joint names on a contract you can not get a title.
    Down to the solicitor to draw up a will.

    I have had a Govt. staff employee show up for her commission , when as part of her job she introduced a buyer to us for our house on SBMA. A email to her boss to clarify the commission to staff doing their job, got an immediate response. Never heard from her again.

    My mate who gambles has to be escorted from the casino if he has a big win, to keep the Balotos off him, this is pre-arranged before he even starts the night. After his first big win a few years back when he was mobbed. NO PROTECTION NO PLAY.!!!!!!!


    1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

      @donquiote this also happen to me at resorts world . The flip goblin even asked if she could trade me chips at The roulette table.. It’s not luck flip it’s knowing how to play! Lol give me 500 peso because you won lol errrrrr

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        @oldnavyfart I had to walk away from the table because I had four goblins eyeing me like I should give them money… One said ” the Kano should give us some of his winnings this is a Filipino game” how in the fuck is poker a pinoy game? I didn’t know A monkey invented poker

      2. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        Filipinos in a gym would make a great story on here lol they throw shit around, they don’t put anything back.. They all stare at you and talk in monkey to eachother. They’ll try to be tough guys around you.. I swear they’re all like 15 year old kids… They all feel insecure

  7. Profile gravatar of Don Lugo
    Don Lugo

    I dated one for a while. We went to a casino together and she lost about $40 USD and I won $150. As soon as I told her she, her brother, and her brother’s girlfriend started pestering me for balato. It caused a big argument and really turned me off.

  8. Profile gravatar of JoeSmith

    I won close to one million pesos in Filipino Casino and you have not seen “balato” requests until you have 200 people follow you around for two hours with their hand out yelling “balato”.

  9. Profile gravatar of bidama

    Have you ever given in to a Flip asking for balato?

    1) last time I won some money… immediately harassed beyond belief that I didn’t even knew where to hide myself
    2) Had no more patience. Gave up. Put some of the money in hand of some woman
    3) Turn my eyesight away for a quarter second
    4) Look back at her, she’s stretching her hand again asking balato
    5) I was like: WTF?????? Did it evaporate into thin air? I dunno if she hid it in her cleavage or in her purse or what
    6) She kept asking but I refused to give a second time
    7) Asked her what she did with the money I just gave her, she pretended not to hear my question and instead began shouting “he doesn’t give balato! he doesn’t share his blessing!” to put me to shame