Positive Forecast For The Philippines – Proof ?


Heres a forecast for this great country for the next 2 years…..

Omg.. i see great things for the Philippines.

Im pumped … yea baby!!!

PS – I wonder if this lady has ever visited the Philippines.

PS2 – I wonder if its a “beat up” video to pump up her flock.

….. oh and when you finished laughing at this video at the end, all donations are welcome.

Meanwhile back to reality ….


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    The very first thing she said, the philippines will either rise and become a great nation or fall into the abyss. Damn, talk about covering your bases right off the bat. Then she says that people in the philippines will rise because all people North, South, East and West will come together and fast. Well she’s half way right about that, they are fasting. But hey bitch, what you call fasting the filipinos call starvation. Shit this woman could be a mouth piece for Mindanao Bob. Maybe it’s his mother, I mean they both look retarded.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I noticed that too. She forgot to mention they might just stay the same. I love when these religious people make these predictions. They either do what this lady does to cover all the bases or they make a prediction that never comes true.
      I remember in like 2005, Pat Robertson made the prediction (after speaking with God) that many hurricanes were going to hit Florida. Of course the 2-3 year prior had a few hurricanes already hit so it wasn’t like a bold prediction. He was simply playing the odds on his prediction,,,,,, except the year he predicted had zero hurricanes. It was completely the opposite!!
      Remember the guy in 2010 who predicted the world would end in Oct 2010 with a very specific date? The dude had something like $50 Million USD in his accounts, but got all his followers to sell and give away their shit to prep for Rapture. Obviously nothing happened, but the funny part was there was a bar across the street from the “believers” where the non believers were drinking and partying all day while the believers prayed and prepped. It must have been really awkward when the world did not end.

      Another story is the story of Cagsawa ruins in Bicol. It was an old church built in the mid 1700’s. Well, in 1815 the volcano erupted nearby. The believers ran to the church,, those with some sense ran to the beach. Well the lava and mudslides buried the church and hundreds inside leaving on the church steeple above ground. Freaking amazing.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I remember some of those. But how about this one to top all of them. The poop came to visit the philippines last year remember? Well he decides to go to Tacloban to comfort the victims from hurricane Yolanda, remember? Then as soon as he heard their was a hurricane that was going to hit Tacloban while he was there what did this “Man Of God” do? He beat feet to his plane and got the hell out of there faster than a heart beat. Guess he did not trust god that much huh?

        Now on the other hand we have Sid who is the pope right? So Sid is in Tacloban comforting the victims of hurricane Yolanda when he hears there is another hurricane going to hit within a few hours. Sid see a golden photo op, news releases and all kinds of great free publicity and what does Sid do? He STAYS in Tacloban to ride out the hurricane with his faithful followers. Well, that is what Sid told me he would have done. See, Sid would make a great president. VOTE FOR SID!!!!! But send your donations to me.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I remember that and I cite it often. It showed he was full of shit too. Of course, the devout figure out a way to keep from seeing it as bullshit.
          He was leading over 100,000 in prayer. Then when another storm was coming he didn’t pray to redirect the storm or ask god to divert it. The most connected man to god couldn’t ask for a favor? What about the 100,000 devout CAtholics? All those years of prayer, donations, and blind faith yet god couldn’t do them a solid and slow down the storm for a few hours?

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            But even if he has a thumb Mikey, Sloths are the slowest animal on the planet (after snails and worms that is), that it would take the next blue moon before he can get a hard on. As for jacking off (assuming he can get an erection on time), it would be winter by the time that comes, his “cum” will freeze mid-air! 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Edit… Sloths are the slowest animal on the planet after snails, worms and… Pinoys! 🙂

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    FHPS Post author

    I loved that bit about
    “God the Lion of Judah” and she is shaking her ass at the same time with her mouth open wide enough to attract flies.

  3. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    I don’t think she has been to the Phils or even knows anything about the place. I remember one time travelling to the province up North and driving through one town and there were stickers everywhere, as in you could not turn around without seeing one, that said “God with us”. I remember thinking God is not with you people, if anything he hates the lot of you. I have a theory that God gives them Typhoons to clean the place up, just like I use the hose to wash the leaves and dust off my patio.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I have another take I use on that. I go back into history just a little bit. I tell them that Australia got it’s start as a penal colony by Britain when London would send their criminals there as punishment. Then I tell them that the criminals made Oz into a first world nation. All fact so far. I then tell them that the UK got the idea of a penal colony from god (now I get blank stares). How is that they ask? Simple says I. God knew what filipinos would be like so he created the philippines to be his penal colony for filipinos. Then more blank stares.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Hey Mick,
        Stop quoting Australia all the time we only got established because they could not send any more convicts too the Colonies of the USA, Look at the dates 1776 then Aust settled 1788.
        Only you guys used to call them indentured servants, fucking snobs!!!!!!
        Once America stopped the trade in Indentured Servants the Jails tarted to fill up again in London so they had to find somewhere to send them,
        Hey what about that Australia place that Cookie found a couple of years back when he was checking out the transit of Venus and the ladies in Tahiti in 1770?????
        The Americans had to actually do some work then , after a time the Indentures ran out , so what did you do.
        Hey what about those Blackies the Arabs use as slaves!!!!!!!!!!
        Fuck what a good idea.
        We can own them and their children for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Then along came Abe, fucked that idea up again.
        Back to the drawing board again.
        Fuck the rish are starving.
        A short history of the world from a Convict and Proud of its view,

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          If you heard the blacks in the states you would think the states was the only country to have black slaves. Check the history about that. There was a plan to send them back to Africa and you can see that on a map of Africa. Look on the West coast and there is a country called Liberia and the capital is Monrovia. Liberia taken from liberty and Monrovia after president Monroe. The blacks in the states use slavery as a crutch all the time and yell racism. Not served fast enough in Dennys? Yell racism. I heard one white guy get right to the core of the problem, “If I had known the blacks would be so much trouble today I would have picked my own cotton.”

          A joke I heard that has a ring of truth to it.
          How come blacks don’t like aspirin?
          It’s white, it works and you have to pick cotton to get to it.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Yup Mick,
            I knew that , that is why when they had the Ebola outbreak there, everyone shouted racist when they had to get a visa and health checks for the first time to head to Merica. Apparently they had free access until recently.
            The first dead man on Merican soil in Texas come from there I thunk, infected two more in the hospital with his Ebola.
            But we cant have racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            We had a similar situation I am not sure of the facts and cant even be bothered to research them, a group of Disgruntled Aussies left Orstarlya and went to live in Paraguay, they reckon living in a fourth world shit hole was better than Orstalya.
            And now I live in the fucking PI.
            Paraguay mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Don, you don’t want to go to Paraguay. They’ve got spiders the size of a plate! 🙂

  4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    I agree. She has never been to the Philippines. She just knows they are a very Catholic country. From there, it is not the people who are at fault for the failings of the country, but the evil corrupt gov’t oppressing the poor, innocent Catholics. I’d venture to say there are shit load of them in her current church or she has met a bunch of them during her church tours so that is where she gets her impression from.

    Its so funny they pray so much. At this point it should be obvious god doesn’t like them very much or he simply doesn’t care. Every time I see all those floods I think its like he is trying to “cleanse” the place of all the filth and evil like Noah’s time. Except he can’t seem to find one decent, good hearted Filipino with enough motivation to build an arc.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I disagree about finding a filipino to build the ark, there are plenty. But what has god worried, in my opinion is:
      1.) Getting overcharged.
      2.) Substandard materials.
      3.) Substandard workmanship/quality.
      4.) Finding an honest filipino “Moses”.
      5.) Keep the filipinos from pissing on the bulkheads.
      6.) Filipinos stocking it with Red Horse and fighting cocks instead of 2 of each animal.
      7.) Keeping the filipinos from eating the animals. “But God, really there was only ONE baboy to begin with. Honest!”
      8.) Getting the filipinos to keep the ark clean.
      9.) Keeping the filipinos out of the videoke room.
      10.) Stalls for the animals being used as stalls for sari sari stores. (all selling the same items of course).
      11.) God hire this filipino to build the ark only to get charged and arrested for illegal recruitment.
      12.) God getting charged and arrested for illegal logging. (wood for the ark).
      13.) The filipinos selling the building supplies claiming they were stolen.
      14.) The filipinos stealing the building supplies to build his hut by the beach.
      15.) God paying 1,000 pesos for copper plumbing pipe and getting 50 pesos a meter plastic PVC pipe.
      16.) God getting the world famous filipino blank stare.
      17.) Self inviting filipinos (aka The tribe)

      THEN as if that is not enough headaches for the almighty here comes the philippine government:
      1.) Bribes to mayors, DENR and governor to name a few just to get the building permit.
      2.) Bribes to customs for the export fees to take the animals out of the country.
      3.) Bribes to BI so the filipinos can leave the country.
      4.) Bribes to DENR to let the animals leave the country.
      Don’t forget he still has to deal with the coast guard, navy, port authority wanting their kickbacks.

      Then we get to my personal favorite. Smiling face posters all over the ark saying:
      1.) “Through the efforts of Mayor Dickhead”,
      2.) “From the office of governor Asshole” ”
      3.)”Brought to you by congressman Dew Wi Dickum and How.”

      Please feel free to add more. Biut I think god don’t ewant to deal with filipino bullshit. He’s sitting around eating popcorn, drinking a cold beer (not a filipino made beer) and watching the dumbfuckery that is known as filipinos. He’s just waiting for the climax self implosion.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Mikey, there’s only one problem with the above…. See, I have “God”, “Jesus” and even “Elvis Presley” in my ward, 🙂 and I’m the only one who can order their release. So far, no one’s come forward claiming to be the Virgin Mary though. I’ve got a couple of HRHs though. 🙂 Besides, how do you know God is not a Flip? Pinoys would ask God “can we build an Ark?” and God would ask in return “sure, but what’s in it for me?”. Or worse still, as tend to happen with Pinoys, they’ll just build the bloody thing with no permits, no planning and hope for the best that it will float!!

  5. Profile gravatar of Denmark2


    Totally agree – this is a perfect follow up and show that the the heated argument in that post (Religious) was spot on.

    Religion – and particularly the church in FlipFlopLand – are some of the riches organizations in the world.

    She’s all about money, nothing else – and naturally; she’s never been to Philippines.

  6. Profile gravatar of John

    Prophets (aka charlatans) like this lady exactly know who to target and where to invest. Since Pinoys are greatly infected by RCC’s prophecy, they’re considered as easy preys!

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    This is typical for those who like to scam money from “believers”. Of course, you always want to say what people “want to hear” (We care about you and will help you out). Then, you single out an area that has been hit hardest by a tragedy (typhoons, earthquakes, floods, etc.) and tell them to that things are “going to get better” for them. Then tell them to pray. Of course, the scammers will be “praying” along with them – so it just stands to reason that you should “donate” to them. Now, if things DON’T get better, then it’s YOUR fault, because you’re not praying “hard enough”. So MORE money is needed, to support the entire organization that is “praying” for them. It’s a standard so-called “religious” scam. Am I right?

  8. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    There are now several channels of this bullshit on “Cignal” in the Philippines, and many crazy white ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ from the ‘Church of Christ” who seem to have suddenly discovered the Philippines as a new revenue stream. Makes me want to throw the idiot box out of the window.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I remember a lot of those anti-gay Christian preachers (who the USA never took seriously) really found some of the african countries like Uganda and Kenya to be huge market for their bullshit. They were like rockstars there at times. This was a while ago so I’m not sure how it is anymore, if they figured it out, or it got oversaturated with greedy preachers.
      The Philippines is a huge market for them. Like I said, the RCC might be losing its influence, but its not like Filipinos would ever wake up, just means they would go to INC, Baptist, Protestant, Mormon, etc. Their belief in God is too strong, which I can admire sometimes, but its not like they follow what Jesus’s teachings were or anything moral like that.