Pride of The Philippines

Here is short one. I read earlier on this site different things about Pinoy pride. I thought I could add a few to the long list of things the Pinoy can be proud of!

1. Be proud of Manny Pacman Pacquiao. The Philippines national hero! Oh wait that was Rizal right? Sorry to burst that empty bubble sitting between your ears pinoys. Pacman is a congressman from Mindanao. You know that bread basket in the south that has been trying secede from the country for the last 50 years? That place where almost everybody refuses to speak Tagalog, hates the Philippines, and claim they are not part of it. No wonder Pacman doesn’t want to pay his taxes; he probably knows deep inside hes from Mindanao and therefore NOT PINOY.

2. Be proud of Metro Manila. The most congested city on the planet earth. The Philippines denied this for the last couple years. Last week BBC confirmed it. It might be a good thing that all these monkeys flock in from different provinces hoping to find work. In the province they have farms and food; in manila they starve and eventually die.

3. Be proud of the MV Dona Paz! Worst maritime disaster ever recorded? Nope, not the Titanic. The MV Dona Paz had about 1500 official passengers who died on that ship. Official Government investigation stated 4,385 people died. On a ship that was supposed to have 1500 passengers they some how found a whopping 9,400 bodies in the water. Six times more than the safe amount of passengers. 26 survivors because in a country that is covered in water nobody knows how to swim.

4. Be proud of President Aquino. What makes him better than the last 2 presidents? He welcomed foreigners to the Philippines. He allowed to foreigners to at least play some part in running the Philippines. That is the only reason why we are seeing more progress these years. How can he run a country when he is too busy being one of the highest rank Call Of Duty online players in the world? (That is a popular video game for those who aren’t familiar)

5. Be proud of your Asian smarts. Because the adult Pinoy has an average IQ of 83. The lowest IQ in Asia. One of the lowest in the world. There are a few countries out there with lower IQs. Like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the Congo, and Ethiopia. Countries where all the adults are freedom fighters involved in civil wars so they can only measure the IQ levels of children. Your average 4 year old starving malnourished child in Africa is about as smart as full grown adult Pinoy.

6. Be proud of your Shabu. Your addiction to crystal meth has done many great things for your country. Forget about the rapes, murders, theft, and so on. Lets focus on the good things crystal meth has done for the Pinoy. Lets all brag about the world titles in bowling, firing, billiards, and darts. All precision tweaker activities. Now if meth could make you hobbits taller; you could play basketball too. Cheers!

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    Manny there’s a true representative of a “hero” in the Philippines. Where else on the planet will you find a guy who found his fame and fortune busting heads in the boxing ring and using that fame qualifies him to run and win in the political arena as a congressman, put out a CD, and now he’s going to be a baskeball coach for the PBA. He’s also a certified preacher from what I hear.This boxer is even seriously considering running for Senator and I bet he wins since all his voters would get a free lunch! Pride? Well, as mentioned on other posts, Filipinos base their pride on other famous people since there’s no other basis of pride to work off of-so all his minions, fans, and minders can only emulate his successes. A pathetic leech mentality as far as pride goes if you ask me.
    Ask a filipino what they themselves are proud of and they will blue screen on you.

    1. Profile gravatar of Tapusnako

      Love your screen pic. BTW in Australia there is an ex footballer called Glenn Lazarus who is a senator, and Jesse Ventura (a wrestler,therefore a REAL person)was the governor of some state in US. Not forgetting Arnie. Just saying that political parties in our part of the world are now looking for popular people as opposed to thinking people too. Whilst I agree Pacquiao got there because they love him for boxing, we should be careful that we aren’t going down that slippery slope too. After all that, I think Lazarus, Ventura and Arnie could probably add up 46 plus 56 – not sure about Manny.

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        Yes there are some former celebrity’s and sports figures in western countries that have been elected to office but nothing to the degree as here in the Failapines. Basketball stars, movies stars, media people, comedians, the list goes on and on. For Filipinos somehow they think a popular person is qualified to lead the country. Look where it has gotten them. Into a bottomless pit of corruption and dysfunction. But they never learn. If Manny was able to run for President tomorrow he would probably win. It doesn’t matter that he has had his brain beaten to a pulp in 60 fights and never made it out of high school. That’s why there is no hope for this country. The electorate are nothing but idiots. Even they get fucked over time and time again they will re-elect the same guy that has fucked them in the ass and be happy about it. But in reality there are probably no honest politicians to elect in the first place because most Filipinos are dishonest crooks to begin with. So the cycle of getting fucked goes on because they aren’t smart enough to figure out that they have a problem. Even the educated Filipinos have no chance because there are so many of the ignorant massa that they are outnumbered. Can’t fix stupid.

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    When it comes to politicians most people can name a few things that the elected official has accomplished.
    Here’s just a few things I know off the top of my head:

    Tony Abbot – Lead the liberal party of Australia, very active member of parliament and was promoted to cabinet minister with tons of experience before becoming prime minister

    Barack Obama – Experienced politician, former senator of Chicago, known for his healthcare reform and president of harvard law review

    David Cameron – Leader of the conservative party, Oxford graduate, decorated member of parliament before he even turned 40.

    Now for the Fails…

    Joseph Estrada – Made some cool movies before becoming president

    NoyNoy Aquino – Has accomplished absolutely nothing before becoming president and has accomplished nothing as the president. Known for his famous parents and the cool story about the assassination

    Manny Pacquiao – Has never been interested in politics, the guy is more into basketball than politics, and before that he was a great boxer..

    Eh, my point is that this country is fucked beyond all repair. The monkeys that live here nominate, vote, and elect, their fellow monkeys.. SMH

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      cooll movies,,,,, ?????/ they make them in the middle of the nite when there is no peons around,, some fighting,,, lots of guns firing.. one hero ,, one bad guy… some dopy broad all shot with a cel fone camera,,, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
      please,, if u see me watching flip tv or movies, SHOOT ME,, I am senile,,, I will leave a not e to the police sop they wont charge u

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    Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez was born in San Diego, California on August 4, 1995 to parents, Edita (née Bugay) and Gilbert Sanchez.[7] She was raised in Eastlake, Chula Vista along with two younger brothers.[8] Her father is a Mexican-American originally from Texas, and is in active service with the US Navy. Her mother is a Filipina from Samal, Bataan in the Philippines.[9] As taken from Wikipedia.
    So what does ”Filipino Pride” have to do with the above person???? These flips just get on any badwagon and start howling!!!!!!!

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    Louie Post author

    You dont see all of Africa screaming “African Pride!” everytime Denzel Washington or Jay Z go on Television. So why do Filipinos do that dumb shit?