Problems Here. Problems There. Solution Nowhere

So i found this blog a years ago. Just reading stuffs, rants and so whatever. This is the first time I registered and participated here.

I’ve always been a loner. infact I only have at least 10 friends in my whole life. im just different with them. They dont like me coz they think im odd. I was always a quiet child. quietly observing the things around me and learning from it. All things that you have said are true about them. I dont consider myself like one of them. So here is the things are the rants that I have been keeping for myself.

1.) Very noisy people.

I hate it when they noise around too much especially in the school library. They are very open with their gossiping about other people’s life. I hate too much gossip a total waste of time.

2.) definition of intelligence.

I have always been fond of writing filipino literatures- poems, short stories . However all of your skills are irrelevant unless you have a good english. i dont get it why they keep bashing about the grammar and spelling. I admit that I am not good in constructing my sentences but as long as I can deliver the message to my listeners then im fine with it.  I love presenting and I want to earn my Ph.D someday and to teach in a university. I am practicing in our class however i just became a laughing stock. Is it about the contents? No, I researched thoroughly before presentation. Is it because of lack of confidence, I doubt that. My delivery, I doubt that also.They are laughing because I quite have an accent american accent. The reason I got it is because I have a short tongue which makes my words a bit slurry and smooth. I supposed its a blessing in disguised. I am not like them saying “Wan mor taym” “pak yu” “yuchoob” “nyuws”. However im still a laughing stock.

4.) Pollution.

Just why oh why? There’s a trash. Why on the floor people? Why on the sea? Why on the drainages

5.) Loans

Up to now my classmate havent paid me the money she had borrowed its been a year she’s my classmate we see each other everyday yet she forgot. As much as possible I return the money I borrowed a day after he lend me it is my first priority.

6.) OFW’s

Why do they expect too much from their families abroad. My family was notlike them. Were and average family with some relatives abroad but we dont ask for them to send this send that. Earn your own keep. I have a grandfather his 2nd family migrated in the US.  He has been there for decades but we dont ask for gifts or money and he doesnt give also. However I hate him so much I hope he’ll die in misery. So my grandfather earn atleast $22k monthly he has 4 children with my grandma and a child on the second. He doesnt have a grandchild on the 2nd. So I said we dont ask however there’s a little expect on having a small gift from a family on a very special occassion. Its human nature. Its the first time I would be asking a gift from him because its my 18th birthday a very special occasion. However I have the feeling that he wont give me anything coz  he didnt give anything on my cousin’s debut. So I dismissed the thought asking. Such a selfish old man. He’s a pure filipino

7.) TV/Idols

The reason why the country is poor its because people are lazy. 24/7 on tv. worshiping actors. Bullying people who hate their idols. Stupid. There’s a lot of thing to do like work, schools, hobbies.

Filipinos Are Hypocrite

8.) Hypocrites

Pakitang-tao. Hospitality all are BS. They claimed they love their own race but they are the one bringing each other down. Thats the reason i dont have much friends. I hate hypocrites.

10.) Jejemon

…c4n y0U. Und3rst4nd wH4t I s4y? D03s it lOOk Gud in da Eyez…

9.) Pinoy Pride.

His achievement, their achievement. Narcissism. I hate my prof for having this one. such a pain in my ears hearing only good things about PH.

There’s a lot more. But i’ll stop here. I hope I can fastforward time and on my graduation. Find myself a decent job and save for a plane ticket out of this place. I already have a savings of 50k as a 17 year old economic student. Im saving it for a plane ticket. I wont be having a debut party like my other cousin only 8 days older than me. both of us is turning 18. She will be having a party. ready to splurge 200kphp on a single night. I on the otherhand ask for money to be put on my account. I dont know where to use as a plane ticket or a business capital. Time would only know. To all the members here I hope you can return to your country. Because once im out of here i’ll never be returning back. Im not including my family in my dreams. They have almost all filipino bad habits. their such a pain in the ass and I hate them. They would be a hindrance to my success. Dont worry I’ll try to  support my siblings acadamic expenses if i can as a responsibility of being the eldest. have a good day!!

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    Captain PFB

    There is nothing more rare, or more appreciated than a Filipino who can be honest about their country and their people.

    Several have come here starting out the same way you have on your post; with honesty, admitting the wrongs, the stupidities, and saying how true this blog is. But with most Filipinos who have engaged here, sooner or later they are in total defense of their country and people, by the time they hit the middle of the post, they’ve begun making the typical lame excuses and justifications, and by the end, they are almost completely defending the Philippines.

    You have not done that. And I just want to say that we appreciate your courage, which is so very rare in Filipinos, to look brutally honestly at your people, express your utter shame for them, and see the problems that your elders REFUSE to see or do anything about.

    That makes you a rare jewel among the jagged rocks.

    But I just want to address something you said at the very end of your post:

    “Dont worry I’ll try to support my siblings acadamic expenses if i can as a responsibility of being the eldest. have a good day!!”

    Who supported YOUR academic expenses? This is a horrible, wrong, and manipulative thing your culture has established. In the rest of the world, It is THE PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY, and if the parent cannot do it, THEN IT IS EACH’S OWN RESPONSIBILITY to see to their needs for the future.

    Why are YOU responsible for your siblings???? Did you insist to your parents after you were born to keep having babies they can’t afford? Was that YOUR fault???? NO! So WHY ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM?????


    And it is another pathetic trait of your culture for parents to have babies and raise them in hopes they will get a good job and support them when they grow up. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE!!!

    You do not decide to have children for the purpose of supporting you!!! That is idiotic! And you certainly DO NOT lay the responsibility of the siblings on the eldest sibling!!! Yes you can say “that is our culture, that is the way we do it here” all you want, but it STILL DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT. It is WRONG.

    And if you look at THE VAST MAJORITY OF INDUSTRIALIZED NATIONS, It’s the PARENT who sends all their children to college, BECAUSE WHILE THEY WERE YOUNG, THEY TOOK THE RESPONSIBILITY THEMSELVES TO SECURE A DECENT JOB, so that they can support the children they have, so that they can have a good and successful life and BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES!!!!

    What kind of model of responsibility is it to a child when the Parent is a lazy fuck who pops out children with hopes one of them succeeds enough to support them?

    Lazy, fucking Filipinos. That is the most WRONG and IRRESPONSIBLE way to raise a child.

    Question EVERYTHING, and apply logic and reason to EVERYTHING, be it religion, what your parents teach (or brainwash) you, or what your government does and says. QUESTION EVERYTHING. And teach your own children to do the same.

    DO NOT teach your children WHAT to think…..Teach your children HOW to think…..FOR THEMSELVES.

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      imyoursweetestnightmare Post author

      You see my sisters are very young. Ages 4, 8 and 14. We’ve been living with my grandmother since I was 11. My youngest sister never live with my parents. My parents are only 100kms away a 40min bus would do. Its as if were given away. They don’t want us. If my sisters was going to live with them then they just end up facing violence from my insane mother cowardice from my father. My 2 young sisters were not really supposed to live they were supposed to be aborted by my mother just like my other supposed to be siblings. Its just that one of our relatives wanted to adopt them. We have a business earning a lot. But my mother only gives me 500 php weekly when in fact she can give more. 500 weekly there is where I get all the stuff I need like small school expenses my fair etc. Her reason she wants us to learn to handle money yet she can’t handle hers. Our business is failing because of her. She spends her money on other people while me and my sisters having a struggle on budgeting that very small amount. She is the typical filipina who is boastful and prideful. My father is under-de saya. So you see its not about traditions its about a sister’s love towards her siblings. A sense of responsibility because we can’t depend on our filipino parents who are both dumbass and stupid. I don’t want my siblings to do such bad things just to have money.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        I understand that, and I applaud you for taking care of what your parents should take care of. That is honorable, and certainly nothing wrong with that. And you are so very correct in saying your parents are dumbass and stupid. They want to use some kind of lesson by NOT providing what they SHOULD PROVIDE under some selfish, bullshit disguise of teaching you.

        God damn Filipino worthless smears of pond scum. At least you have the dignity to stand in the place of your worthless, shit-for-brains, selfish, uncaring, greedy mother fucking parents who belong in prison.

    2. Profile gravatar of TiredFailipino

      “What kind of model of responsibility is it to a child when the Parent is a lazy fuck who pops out children with hopes one of them succeeds enough to support them?”

      Hi, I can’t help but comment on this one, this is very true among Filipinos. Parents who are not able to secure themselves financially, often becomes a burden to their children who is also having a family of their own. I have a Filipino co-worker who told me that having kids is the best because his kids will make him rich, filogic at its finest. I just laughed at him but deep inside I want to knock his head and tell him how stupid he is.

      1. Profile gravatar of imyoursweetestnightmare
        imyoursweetestnightmare Post author

        Almost all of my childhood friends are actually a mother now. Being a mother at 15 or 16 or 17.
        I have no plans yet on getting on a relationship. Spending hours of texting that person and them having the TAMPO waste of time.
        And stupid people to have a relationship with. I have a lot of things to do in school rather than those things.

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    I’m a Filipina. Let me tell you my story in the shortest possible way.

    Dad is an engineer, worked in the Middle East and sometimes in the Philippines too. Earns good money yet, we, the children, don’t know where his money is going. Most likely spent on supporting his sister and his nephew.
    It’s all right. We’re not greedy little children and we never asked for more than he can give us. And did I mention that he still doesn’t own a house up to now? An engineer with no house, is what my deceased mother used to say.
    Because of my father being abroad most of the time and my mom died when I was in grade school, my two sisters and I lived with my maternal grandmother, who also had sons and daughters working abroad. Yes, I am from a family of OFWs. It’s funny how others can say that they came from a family of lawyers, or doctors, and I from OFWs.
    Grandma has 8 children. First works in a cruise ship, earns really good money, but spends lavishly. First’s children also spends like their mother. Now they’re in and out of employment.
    Second is my late mom, who was hardworking (I’m not biased) and business minded, but she had a short life. =(
    Third used to work in the Middle East, and for some reason, decided to stop and be unemployed since. His wife who’s a teacher supports the whole family I guess. I don’t think they have any investments.
    Fourth was a seaman who also earns a lot of money by being one. He has a house and a car, which are all gone now, because, well, he just decided to go home. I cannot understand how one can leave a life of prosperity for the shame of unemployment and dependence.
    Fifth was a housewife with a husband who also worked in a cruise ship. She was taken too soon. =(
    Sixth is the one who takes care of my grandmother and the most dependable one. Because of this, he was never employed, but he’s the one who does everything for the family, and never asks anything in return.
    Seventh is the same as fourth, only more arrogant and acts like he’s still the balikbayan he was a decade ago. He keeps his seaman memorabilia in a glass cupboard in the living room. It’s ridiculous. I am most disgusted by this uncle.
    Eight is probably the most successful. a lawyer. She also has the same frustrations about her brothers (fourth and seventh) but can’t do anything about it.

    I, however, am a nurse who’s currently an OFW as well. I send a monthly allowance to my grandma, just enough for her needs. Fourth and Seventh lives with her. Fourth is into cockfighting whenever he gets the money and seventh is into card games.

    This is what an OFW like me comes home to. However, I don’t send all I have because I know where the money will probably go. I know that my grandma can’t say no to her freeloading sons. I don’t send more than I should. I also don’t spend beyond my means and have always been debt free. I live a comfortable life and promised myself to do everything I can just not to become like some detestable members of my family.

    I have seen how countries can be beautiful and livable if the people have discipline and values, and my country is not one of them. I have always hated “pinoy pride”, have never watched a single Pacman game. and this false pride hatred is what actually led me to this website.

    I am sad that I have become the OFW that I hear stories about when I was younger, the OFWs who hated to go back to the country to the point that they don’t even wanna be recognized as Filipinos anymore. Now I know how it feels. I have become one of them.

  3. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    so sad for you .
    im a pinoy .
    yes, majority of us is a retard / stupid , i admit .
    but dont lose hope on trusting SOME of them .

    theres still SOME ATLEAST good pinoy out there.

    by the way ,if i were to meet you somewhere , its an honor to be a friend of you .

    (the LOAN part , seriously , i got so angry that i can flip my keyboard by 360*)