Proof That Filipinos Can’t be Trusted

You know, I know, and we all know how dishonest and irresponsible and untrustworthy Pinoys/Filipinos can be.  Regardless of the task, promise, or whatever word they are obligated to live up to, they inevitably let you down almost 80% of the time, or whatever percentage above 50 you have personally experienced.  This story is primarily being stressed out towards the Filipinos who are in denial of the dishonesty, therefore I am providing this blog a series of evidences stating why I believe Filipinos can’t be trusted.  These sources of evidence derives from the country itself, therefore it would be damn near impossible to contradict my statements, unless you are in the highest state of delusion to the point where you would even deny that fire is hot.

This is a quick list I have personally came up with based on what I see here on a daily basis:


1.  Security guards armed with shotguns guarding both sides of a Goldilocks restaurant at Mall of Asia – Really now, is that necessary?  It’s only a fucking bakery!  Is stealing cupcakes that popular these days?

2.  Hypermarket Employees – How many times have you stood around the entrance of a Hypermarket with a security guard stationed there.  Almost every time right?  I don’t know if this applies to all Hypermarkets, but at least at mine, the guard posted inside checks ALL who passes her (normally a female guard) by, customers AND employees.  When ever an employee enters or exit the sale floor, they are ALWAYS pseudo-frisked at the waist.  For God sake!  They can’t even trust their OWN employees?!

3.  Attendance for College Professors – OK, I get the point of clocking in to start off your work day, which is completely normal, and then clocking out at the end of the day, but here they step it up a notch.  Within the first 15 minutes of every fuckin class, some student-slave (or student assistant they call them) barges into the classroom, interrupting the lesson, just so the professor can sign a clipboard stating that they were present to teach that subject.  Then the student slave continues his spree of interrupting classes all day within the first 15 minutes of each class.  Again, is this really necessary?  They can’t trust their teaching staff to show up to their own classes on time either?  I guess it’s common for teachers to play hooky too.

4.  Cashiers – Needless to mention, but cashiers are not even granted the authority to void their own transactions when a mistakes arise, which is very ironic being the fact that they make mistakes very often, especially at fast food restaurants.

5.  Rationing condiments (Sugar, Ketchup, Syrup, napkins…etc) – Must I really say more?

6.  Inconvenient Bathrooms/ C.R.’s – As mentioned previously by another member on here, bathroom utilities are rarely seen in public bathrooms in Philippines because if it’s not bolted or chained down, they don’t provide it.  It’s common for Filipinos to steal toilet paper, toilet seats, paper towels, and they even abuse the privilege of having free soap / hand sanitizer by filling their personal vials with it.  This is why bathrooms are poorly furnished with the hygiene equipment needed for customers.

7. 24 Hour Security guards at ATMs and Condos – Bad enough we see these molesters at the entrance of every mall, but being the outgoing type that I am.  I like to take nightly strolls, and as I walk down the street in the middle of the night, I notice security guards being posted to guard unattended ATMs.  Yeah, even ATMs are guarded at night, especially if they are online.   Sometimes I wonder why, isn’t the inbuilt security system not strong enough to prevent tampering.  Never have I seen guards posted at idle ATMs in the states, not even at the busy ones in broad day light.  Well I do appreciate the 24 hour guards posted at my condo entrance gate, those sleepy-head fucks keeps me protected every night 🙂 (sarcasm)

8.  Buying appliances – I really shouldn’t have to clarify this, but for the sake of those who haven’t bought appliances before, I will briefly explain.  If you are the type of person who likes to do your shopping, and having all your purchases be consolidated into one payment, you can forget about that when buying appliances along with your every week shopping.  Being a credit card user, there have been times where my credit card had been temporarily suspended for over-usage, which is contributed to going to the Hypermarket, and being forced to pay for my appliances, groceries, and liquor at 3 separate counters, instead of ‘ALL AT ONCE’ at ONE fuckin counter!  That rings up 3 separate transactions on my banks statement in one day, which caused my paranoid bank to shut down my credit card for suspicion of fraudulent transactions, because I’ve been using it too much.  Lately, I’ve learned to do my appliance shopping, liquor shopping, and grocery shopping on separate days, I no longer go for all 3 anymore unless I am paying with cash.

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    FAFI Post author

    The point of the appliance part which I failed to elaborate further in detail, is that they don’t trust you (or a any Filipino) to stroll around the store with unpurchased appliances. They have this paranoid phobia of customers stealing appliances, or somehow not paying for them at the register. This is the point I was trying to get across in number 8.

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    To add to the list of proof why they don’t trust each other because they all know that everyone of them is a thieving piece of shit. Anyone with any money at all puts up a 6 foot high fence with pointed grills shaped like spears or broken pieces of glass along the top of the fence all around their property along with steel grills on their windows. Why? Because they know they can’t trust their neighbors or any other Filipino that may be in the area of their property.

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      FAFI Post author

      I totally forgot about the reinforced houses with barbed wiring and steel grill-guards on the windows. I have actually seen a few of these in my area, especially on the nice house that are not protected by 24-hour security guards.

      It pretty much defeats the purpose of buying a nice house when you gotta make it look like a maximum security prison. I see some of these nice houses that beautifully built, but the extra anti-Filipino security features deteriorates the beauty of that place. It’s quite a shame how untrustworthy Filipinos are. This country needs to start from scratch and reassess their resources and way of thinking.

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    Richard aka Dick Head

    A.) Security Guards at Goldilocks –

    >>Armed and dangerous crooks in this country will take on any establishment that has CASH piling up in its cash register. Some weeks ago, motorbike riding gangsters robbed at gunpoint several roadside eateries (carinderia) in Imus, Cavite. Now, how much money does a greasy spoon/unsanitary eatery make in a day? If there’s CASH to be grabbed, crooks will make a beeline to it, even if its just a few thousand pesos.<>Of course they won’t and they don’t. Some Pinoy employees are experts at pilfering and have elevated their techniques to the level of an art. I personally know of a restaurant that had to continuously replenish its inventory of stainless spoons and forks, cups and saucers. Seems like it was diminishing every week. Until the proprietor discovered that the lowly “kanin-baboy” (left-overs) collector who visited the restaurant every day to collect the “kanin-baboy” was in cahoots with the dishwashers who were putting the spoons and forks, cups and saucers into the large pails of “kanin-baboy” being brought out by the left-over collector. Brilliant !<> Most employees are overworked and underpaid. This situation builds an atmosphere of distrust between the employer and the employee. You cannot give authority to one you don’t trust. Employee: My boss is exploiting me, he is not paying me enough. Employer : My employee is stealing/will steal from me because I am underpaying him.<> Pinoys have that annoying attitude to taking more than they need. I think this is a sub-conscious reaction to the perennial shortage problems experienced by low income Pinoys .“Kumuha ka na ng marami, baka ma-ubusan” (Get some more, the supplies might not last). At a KFC branch some months ago, I saw a middle aged lady literally fill an empty plate with gravy at the refill counter. She must love the taste of gravy.<>I think the guards are there to protect the ATM from installation of unauthorized devices and from vandalization and not really to protect against theft. Sometime back, there were cases where syndicates were surreptitiously installing card reading devices into ATM’s that captured sensitive credit card data like PIN codes. Some years back, a group of stupid crooks attempted to cart-away a stand-alone ATM at a gas station somewhere in the southbound lane of the NLEX. Now that’s what I would call a “stupidly audacious” or “audaciously stupid” attempt.<<

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      FAFI Post author

      Remarkably well-said Richard, you have thoroughly re-examined my thoughts with appropriate explanation as to why most of these events occur. Obviously, it still doesn’t defeat the fact that they can’t be trusted. But as for the armed security at Goldilocks, C’mon dude, it’s fucking Mall of Asia, the most heavily secured mall in the country, do you think it’s necessary for a cake shop to be THAT heavily armed? Not even the banks are that well protected.

      Being that it is restaurant located on the perimeter of the mall, and not outside like most of them, plus it’s located almost near the side road, I can somewhat understand. Yet again, I doubt other countries have their bakery shops this heavily armed. This by itself just proves the trust level of Philippines as a whole.

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        FAFI Post author

        “and not ‘INSIDE’ like most of them” *typo, I said the wrong word. I meant ‘inside’ instead of ‘outside.’

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    I just stand back in amazement at how they defend their country’s rating.
    they are # 90 in some such rating,, but that is okey becos 70 more countries are below them so it is ok..
    maybe with a little effort and money, they could pull themselves a notch or two.
    That is just like saying my roof leaks,, but 40 other houses leak,, so it is ok to have a leaky roof.
    Good thing i found this blog,, I thought i was being too hard on these peeps.

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    FAFI Post author

    I forgot to annotate this one in this article, it just came to me while leaving SM after my shopping today.

    Keeping record of taxi drivers – I ever wondered why taxi drivers at some SMs (MOA is a good example) needs to have their license plate number jotted down by some self-appointed law officer. At least I have some reference in case if anything fucked up were to occur with my taxi driver. With that being said, this is giving me the impression that something is likely to go wrong with these crooked drivers, well I’m glad to have some insurance in case something does happen.

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    usually we get the same taxi driver from moa all de time. they have a booth outside the hypermart at moa
    yes, yes, it is 3 x more expensive ,, but you do no have to put with blaring music,, no aircon,, rough rides, etc,,and you know you are going to get home without fighting with these idiots about ”traffic”, ”can not go down that street”,,, etc
    does anybody know of a good resort or b/b 2 hrs away from manila,,??
    I like nature,farms, seashore,, no karokes to to listen,, i swear that crap can go through 10 walls,,, lots of resorts let the massa in to boost income,, so you get all noise too,

    1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

      Trying to find a place without karaoke somewhere around might be difficult. Usually 2 hours out of Manila isn’t far enough. You might want to try Tagaytay. It is nice there and the weather can be cooler. That is where Taal volcano is located. Whenever we go there we usually do not stay in Tagatay but go down to the lake and find a hotel by the water. I have always liked it there.

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        One other thing al. Not sure if you have your own transportation. It does make it easier. There are 2 roads heading down to the lake. Both pretty drives. One is more travelled and cement all the way. The other is not used much but it’s very pretty going thru the jungle. Also it is only a single lane much of the time and it had some rough spots the last time I was there. I usually go down one way and come back the other. Also lots of good fruit there and tons of nurseries that sell exotic inexpensive plants.

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    I don’t think this is unique to Philippines. I knew this Singapore woman who earnt good money, like $60K per year, and she’d steal plastic bags from the fruit dept and sugar and salt from mcdonalds, and various things like that. I asked her why she bothered, and she said something about it being Singapore culture to take free stuff or some rubbish. And Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries. So for Philippines to ration condiments isn’t very surprising.

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    Yuck about the restroom issue. I am totally dreading our visit next year cuz we will be bringing my by then 2 1/2 year old with us. i am not looking forward to having to search high and low for a clean bathroom to change his diaper in, let alone one with a changing table. come think of it, do they even have changing tables at all in Manila? lol. I’ll be bringing bottles of freakin sanitizer, I swear (to combat the no water/no hand soap situation).

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric

      There is nothing family-friendly about any amenity in Manila or any other city in this country for that matter. My wife and I change our one year old in the car when out and about, then have to search for what seems like miles for a trash can. The ONE time I asked a security guard where the trash can was – in Tagalog – he blank stared me then stepped out in the middle of the street..stopped traffic…and waved us to cross to the other side. Well done indeed

      1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

        I have 2 twin babies on the way, i thank God for living in areas that are somewhat civilized (currently in Bonifacio Global City… Moving back to Davao next month). There are actually changing stations in most of the malls in both locations. So not terrible, but outside of my areas, diaper changes will be wherever we can lay them down. Trashing the diapers… well thats a whole other adventure in finding trash can/dumpsters in the Shitlippines 🙁

          1. Profile gravatar of Eric

            I knew what you meant 🙂 Congrats are in order my man! Wishing all the best to you and your family with the arrival of the twins. I also live in BGC and i have to say its on par with most high-end living in the US so we are extremely happy there. Its getting crowded but being from NYC it doesn’t bother me as much as it does my wife.

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        FAFI Post author

        He gave you that blank stare maybe because he was surprised that you would go through the trouble of finding a trash can, most Filipinos would’ve just tossed it in the pavement by now. But in reality, most Filipinos can’t afford diapers for their baby, they just let them roam around half naked with their toothpick hanging out. No decency whatsoever, but afterall, it’s only a child.

        1. Profile gravatar of Eric

          Couldn’t agree more. You should see the stank-faces I get from customers when I bus my tray at Starbucks. The barista girls however are ready to kiss me on the mouth when I hand my tray over the counter. They are absolutely shocked that someone would actually clean their crap from the table and push their chairs in for the next customer. But in all honesty Im trying to teach my nephew to always leave something better than you found it. Unfortunately he suffers from the same interminable disorder that most Filipinos have and has no respect for things that don’t belong to him. He’s not a thief yet – but I am holding out hope. Call me an optimist but..

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    regarding off loading of pinoys to bangkock, dubai, etc.
    the airlines are notorious for selling more seats than the plane has..
    so,,, if the immigration stops the flip tourists from boarding the plane,, the airline wins big time,, immigration gets more money,,,
    just a hunch that they are in cahoots with each other